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JU hair instructable?

Has any one and will anyone ever post a how to on jimmy urines hair of msi

Question by In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida  

Buried at 45 degrees...

As I type, Sir Jimmy Saville is lying in "state" in a golden* coffin in a Leeds hotel. According to his wishes, he will be buried at an angle of 45 in Scarborough, "so that he see the sea". What odd burial wishes do you have? Mine are simple - a cardboard box under an oak or horse-chestnut sapling. BBC Story. Just in case you don't know who Sir Jimmy was. *Golden, but not gold.

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Presidential Weirdness

Proving the only thing weirder then presidents are presidential candidates:Dennis Kucinich admitted during a debate that he witnessed and communicated with a UFO. Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico) then called for the federal government to "come clean" on UFOs.In vaguely related history, Jimmy Carter was attacked by a swamp rabbit. Photo courtesy of the Jimmy Carter Library.

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DC transformer? Answered

Transformers work with AC power, but can you use pulsed DC power to run one?

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video not showing

I made a new instructable and on the last step I put a video but when I publish it there is no video!

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2n3055 flyback driver? Answered

Is there a better transistor to use instead of the 2n3055 because those things break easily and are somewhat expensive. 

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What fuzz pedal can do Fuzz Face and Tonebender?

I'm about to get my first fuzz pedal and I was wondering if there are any pedals that can do  a Fuzz Face sound and a Tonebender sound. I know the Barber Trifecta is pretty versatile and can definitely produce a Tonebender sound but can it produce any Fuzz Face sounds? Any suggestions? Thanks! -AG

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AC or DC? Answered

Is there a way to tell if something i AC or DC power if you dont know, my multimeter will read ac on the dc setting and vice versa.

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searching/viewing an Ebay account? Answered

How can i search for an ebay account, or how can i see someones account who has not sold anything?

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wont let me comment

Every time i try to comment its sais my session has expired or something so it takes me to a log in page and when i log in nothing comes up.

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Food grade silicone in Auckland

Can anyone tell me where to get food-grade silicone in Auckland, New Zealand? I've been looking for it online, and the nearest I can get is Australia.

Question by St Jimmy  

how do i break into a bedroom door?

I am constantly locking my keys in my bedroom, and having to climb in through my window! how do i jimmy the door latch to get inside, so i don't have to go outdoors to get in? i know about the methods with credit cards, knives, screwdrivers, etc, but have NO clue what to do with them! and yes, i know the obvious answers are "don't lock yourself out" and keep a spare key somewhere" but neither method has worked, so i'm going to the next option! please help!

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pocket knife sharpener

I have just published my  Homemade pocket knife sharpener .Please let me know what you think .                                         Thanks   Jimmy                            

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Motion detecting recordable sound device

I would like to incorporate a motion detecting recordable sound device in my sculptures - does anyone have any idea how to or where to get such a thing??? thanks Jimmy

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how to clean up oil from a carpet? ? Answered

I recently was cleaning up my room and i spilled a container of mineral oil on my carpet, is there a way to get it up without replacing the carpet? 

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how to reduce current with out affecting the voltage?

I have a 12V transformer and i want to hook it up to my NST but it has a current rating of 8A but my transformer is to powerful and the lowest voltage is 12V.

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PSP digital picture frame?

I got a busted psp...and i was wondering if i cud turn it into a digital picture frame jus dosent read the games..but ti think the lcd shud still be valuable...instructables anyone?!!

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Are printing press letters suitable for embossing?

I'd like to emboss the cover of my Moleskine notebook with some printing press letters I bought recently. Would they be suitable for the task, and if so, what method should I use for embossing the notebook?

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lowering the voltage of camera flash circuits? Answered

I have some camera boards on eBay and someone asked me if there was a way to lower the voltage with a resistor, I would imagine that a resistor wouldn't work, but is there a way to do so, maybe use a different capacitor? 

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PNG pictures dont show up

I just published a new instructable and when I click on some of the pictures its just a black square, and some of them shows a black background with white lines when it should be vise versa. 

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Does Cl2 gas destroy plexiglass?

I'm building a sodium hydroxide generator and I'm planning on building the cells out of plexiglass, but I know that chlorine gas has effects on some plastics, so does chlorine destroy plexiglass?

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I made it

I notice a few days a go the "I made button" on the comments below each instructable. I got to use it today as I just finished my Micro slicer. Just a big thanks to Silver Jimmy and Groover for  posting their projects, you guys a re awesome! Microslicer

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Animated preloader in Flash Answered

How would I make a preloader with a symbol that moves from left, rather than having a rectangle scaling? Or would it work the same? I don't want the symbol to warp at all when it's moving. I am using Actionscript 2.0, with Flash CS4

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Which paint should i use in order to paint glass vases??????

Dear friends i have to paint a big quantity of glass vases. It would be more than helpful for me to know which type of paint i should use!!! Thank u for your time!!!

Question by jimmy-man    |  last reply

dog food recipies

Does anyone have a good, homemade dog food recipe? my dog has food allergies. She does a lot better when she doesn't have any sugars or grains. I still haven't figured out what she is allergic to, for sure. I am willing to try anything!

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Turning a hard drive into a USB storage device?

I have a couple of hard drives and I was wondering, can you turn it into a portable USB storage device? I saw the instructable about putting thumb drives inside the case but what about using the hard drives disk's?

Question by Jimmy Proton    |  last reply

May I draw everyones attention to the plight of Sheffield Halam student Richard O'Dwyer?

Hi everyone, yeah sorry if this seems a bit spammy, anyway Jimmy Wales leads the call to stop his extradition. Petition Interesting times we're living in. Thanks for looking and maybe signing too! Bosh

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Microwave oven metal foundry?

Can you melt steel scraps in a heat resistant pot hot enough to mold or pour with a rewired MOT? What if you put multiple MOTs in series/parallel? how could you make into three phase (i want to know weather this works or not)?

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Return Ticket in Spore

I just started a new game in civ stage, and progressed into space. I notice that I have a tool which is the Return Ticket, which allows me to return home in one move. I also noticed I don't have this tool in my other space stage game. Why is this, and am I missing anything else?

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How Should I Organize Electrical Components

Like most electronics hobbyists, I have hundreds of different tiny electrical components lying around.  I've been looking for a simple and relatively compact method of organizing them, but I can't find any that I like.  Any ideas/suggestions?

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where can i buy a NTP12N50 power transistor? Answered

I am building a solid state tesla coil and i cant find the NTP12N50 or NTP12N40 transistors, does anybody know where i can get some? here is the website i am using to build it

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Stopping a helicopter from spinning uncontrollably

My little brother just got a model helicopter for his birthday, and it works all right, except it only gets to about 2 metres up, because it spins around uncontrollably when it flies. How do you stop this from happening? We've tried adjusting the trim, but that doesn't seem to do anything.

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Can I tweak, jimmy, hack or reconfigure my Echo Indigo sound card to sound better than it does now?

but I don't know if I'm getting to use all of it's potential. Is there any way to reconfigure, hack, or tweak this thing for my laptop? I mean I thought, from all the good reviews I read, that I'd have the epitome of good, strong bassy sound, but the sound I get is actually weaker than the DFX plugin I installed months after, at one quarter of the price! How do I use all this card's features to their fullest extent? I mean, I listen to a lot of Lounge, downtempo and drum/bass on an XP, so maybe I'm expecting too much, from this laptop card, I don't know. So, please if there's a way to use this thing to full capacity, either by adjusting something on the card or my laptop, let me know! Thanks, Carlton

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Which New Zealand coins are best for hammering?

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. This in itself is awesome, but the only problem is that most Instructables like this or this call for American currency, and I seem to be running out of it. My options are to go to America again, or to find an NZ alternative. Obviously the latter is cheaper, so I was wondering which of our coins to use. Anyone?

Question by St Jimmy    |  last reply

laptop charger, please help fast! Answered

Im going on a plane trip on the 11th and there isn't a place to charge my laptop on the plane and im sure my battery will die. i need a portable way to charge my laptop on the plane, i was thinking of like something with a 9v batter with a dc to ac inverter to step it up to 120VAC but iv'e never used an inverter for a project so i need a schematic or something, please help me!  

Question by Jimmy Proton    |  last reply

how to make an electronic relay switch? Answered

So I'm making this thing for my friend and i wanted to flash 27 LEDs with a 555 timer, thing is, you cant power 27 LEDs with that so i was going to use a relay switch to turn on a different power supply but it cant even power my smallest relay switches so i was wandering if anyone could tell me how to make a simple switch that can be turned on by a 555. 

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Looking to build a remote controlled mic stand

Want to build a remote controlled mic stand. Needs to have ability to hold 2 lbs and somewhat accurately make movements in increments of 1/8" at a time. I have no skills in building such a device. Looking to pay someone to build one for me immediately. I am very serious about this. I have seen others who have built such a device, but none worthy for sale as of yet. I wouldn't be past investing in marketing of such a device if something working comes of this. Jimmy

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Can you make a super small waterproof prototype mp3 player?

I am looking for someone to build a prototype mp3 player that would have the following specifications.  - circular housing and no larger than a U.S. nickel in diameter. - top of the housing would have an insertion for a 1/8 headphone jack. - the height could about 1/4 inch to a 1/2 if need be.  (the smaller the better) - the housing must be waterproof. - the player will autoplay one song when headphone is inserted. Please feel free to contact me here: Thanks, Jimmy

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Help Making Papercrete Garden

Hello, I was thinking about ripping out all the rotted wood in my backyard garden and replacing it with basically a waist high garden area to grow herbs and I stumbled upon papercrete one day. I've never used papercrete let alone concrete in general. I was just wondering if I could get some general help on where to start. I'd like to make this out of papercrete block and papercrete mortar if all possible but I don't know what amount of newspaper, water, and portland concrete I need... or even how to make molds. -Jimmy

Topic by rexdino5    |  last reply

Is anyone here interested in making a super small waterproof prototype mp3 player?

I apologize if this isn't the place to post these sort of requests, but I haven't been able to find a community like this to help me with a project.   I am looking for someone to build a prototype mp3 player that would have the following specifications.   - circular housing and no larger than a nickel in diameter. - top of the housing would have an insertion for a 1/8 headphone jack. - the height could about 1/4 inch to a 1/2 if need be.  (the smaller the better) - the housing must be waterproof. - the player will autoplay one song when headphone is inserted. Jimmy

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Can i use a solar panel to charge a cell phone?

I made a call phone that looks like a calculator so i can use it in school and what not and everyone thinks its super amazing but the battery dies really fast, i checked my connections and nothings touching so i think the batteries defective but my friend gave me the idea to use the solar panel from the calculator the charge it. I get about 1 volt under normal lighting about about 2.25 volts under a bright light (directly under a light bulb).

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Power supply for ZVS driver?

I just built a beefed up ZVS driver to handle a large continuous current, however, I now lack a power supply that will allow me to reach its full potential. The biggest thing aside from my variac that I have is two xbox power supplies in series (24V 29A). I would like something around 40-50V with at least 5A. I could rewire a mot which would take a very long time and weigh a lot so if anyone has any schematics or pointers on how to make one electronically it would be much appreciated! 

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70-100V powered ZVS?

So I was playing around with my ZVS driver and I turned up the variac to 40V, getting roughly 100kV and boom the flyback caught on fire and my ZVS driver fried. So I want to build a new one that could handle around 70-100V input. I know that for higher inputs some component values need to be changed but for voltages that high, I do not know exactly what would need to be changed. I was thinking of using two STY34NB50 MOTFET's, but wasn't sure if they were the right kind.

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Printing your 3D file (5€ start price) !

Hi everyone, I'm a french student and I created a 3D printer. I can print a lot of objects (like prototype part). I want to do that for improve my stuff, and in the future I would work in the 3D printing. I can print in Yellow ABS and Grey PLA. Price; Only 5€ per part + 0,35 per cm3 of plastic. (+ shipping cost) (up to 20cmx20cm) You can use my hub to order or ask me question ! Thank you and have a nice day

Topic by jimdu62100  

information being deleted from unpublished instuctable

I am working on a new instructable and I'm almost near the end, each of the steps has a lot of information on it, some that I put up a few moths ago, and all the text from random steps is being deleted. I allowed two people to collaborate on it and Iv'e never had this problem before, I also edited it on two different computers at the same time earlier today which is the same time I noticed this. When I was on he other computer editing an entire step was gone, I assumed it was just the computer because it was DELL and when I got home it was back but other steps were deleted. 

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recovering data from or saving a failed hard drive?

The hard drive got pulled out of my computer while it was on sleep mode and when I tried to turn it back on, it seemed like it was gonna work but a few seconds after windows (7) loaded it crashed, now every time i get the blue screen but it wont show long enough for me to get any info off of it. As far as I can tell it seems to still work but it cant load windows. If i can't save it, is there any cheap way I can recover data off of it? (pictures/music/minecraft saves)  It is a WD Caviar Black 500gb Model is WD5001AALS

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iPhone app For Making an Instructable

An idea I have is for an app, for iPhone or Android or both, which is used to make an Instructable. This would mean using the built-in phone camera to take the necessary photos, in order, for each step of the Instructable. Then the user would be able to add text, photo tags, and other things included in the Instructable-making process, without having to transfer their photos to a computer and upload them to Instructables. They would simply upload the finished product directly to the site. I would make this myself, but my knowledge of the required software is very basic. I might be able to do it, as long as I had some help, and information on the formatting used on this site i.e colors, logos, basic layout, etc

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A way to step up 30uV-300uV to 1mV+?

So I'm working at a TV repair shop but really we fix and work on almost anything electronic. In this situation we have a NEUROSIGN 100 which is used to tell the surgeon when he's near the nerve, but he needs the voltage spike to be recorded on paper when he touches the nerve. The problem is that the machine only gives out around 30uV-300uV as he is working and the electronic ghraph we have only startes recording at 1mV. We need a way to step up that voltage coming out the machine so that ghraph will record it. We tried a small audio amplifier but that didn't work at all so we're back to the drawing board.

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