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Cup of Joe!

Just made a group just for coffee, Im surprised one hasnt been already made. thought I should spread the word!Im going to make some more instructables next morning

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how to put a g i joe parachute on correctly?

I just want to know how ok

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Any americans coming to the UK.

You better visit this website beforehand.Joe

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New Picture of The Robot Found!

A new picture of the Instructables Robot has been found. He appears to be wearing a T-shirt with the words "Joe Rules" on the front. Seeing as that happens to be my name, it is now the image for my persona. Haha.

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How can I make a bender? Answered

I always thought benders where always cool and I had one a long time ago. How can I make my own ?

Question by Quest for Questions    |  last reply - Google web shell

The unix geek in me loves this , it is an Ajax front end to google that looks like a unix shell window written by Stefan Grothkropp.-Joe

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help with missons

If anyone needs help with a misson, comment below.

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Fess up! Who's on there!Follow me here if you wish.

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how do i use the inbox/outbox to send messages? Answered

And by the way, what is a PM

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Here is the list of rules: 1.) NEVER disrespect patapon3, this group or it's members Any suggestions and/or disagreements of these rules should be posted on the comments

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Small LCD Display 6-8 inches- recommendation needed.

Hello - I need a recommendation for a small LCD display for my headless linux box when it crashes, or if I wanted to use the linux box and the small monitor as a digital photo frame since I leave the linux box on all the time anyhow. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, -Joe

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Looking for a switch, with return to center, like the knob on an RC car remote.

Hello - I am looking for a switch to control volume. Essentially I am looking for a switch like the kind used on RC Cars to control left/right movement. Its the kind of rotary knob that goes two directions with some sort of spring that makes it return to center as off. Anybody know where I can find one? Thanks, -Joe

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The Same How To?!

This morning I put up this how to on how to cure the hiccups and there is already this one and this one. So what should I do?ThanksJoe Rowley

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Pizza toppings! Answered

Going to be making some pizza with my friends and having some drinks Wednesday. I made pizza loads of times before but would like to hear what toppings you like and can be made at home easily.Try to think of one meat and one vegetarian.The one that tickles our taste buds and that we make (Or as near to it as we can) will get the best answer! Thanks everyone! =DJoe'"(Oh and pictures will be posted, But not a full ible)'"

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how to connect game consuls to a smart tv

I have a samsung led smart tv and want to connect games consuls to it, can this be done?

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Cool Tool - Basic Stamp Logic Analyzer

A month or so ago Parallax had their basic stamp logic analyzer on sale for $30, so I picked it up. Its a slick little tool . It is handy to use when testing your wiring and software. If you have a BS2 and see it on sale again over at Parallax check it out. The only downside is the software is windows only, so mac geeks like myself will have to use a VM. -Joe

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I Dont think KipKays should be allowed in?

I dont think kipkays should be in this contest because it was submitted before the contest started. Am I wrong? Thanks joe

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how do you make a yugioh cards?

I need to learn how to make a card for my brothers b-day  and i need to know.

Question by joe dirte    |  last reply

Got any Burning Questions about COFFEE!?

Post em' here, and I will make one for ya!They will be entered into the new group, Cup of Joe

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Make Magazine Facebook Group

Hi,just wanted to left you know I started a Make Magazine Facebook group.

Topic by joejoerowley  

My first Ible' - Sausage rolls

Https:// do you think of it?Oh and merry christmas!

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how do i recruit people to my group? Answered

I've had a group for awhile now, and i am the only one in it. BTW it's a patapon3 group.

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Good Places to go to in London

Hi, I know that this is a completely unrelated, but I am going to London for two days and was wondering what places I should go too. Thanks Joe Rowley

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machine machine has a small oil leak.

The RCA Whirlpool washing machine is 10 years old. It works perfectly, but it has a small OIL leak at the left front of the washing machine. Joe.

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Giant skateboard

Joe Ciaglia made this massive skateboard and then took it outside with a few friends for a group ride and then went solo for an ill-fated trip. Would love to know some details about how it was made. via digg

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my nes system dont stay down after i close that the reset pin and how do i find it? also need to clean

I need to know how to tear this down to totally clean the nes system aparrt and fix it so any help will be deeply appreciated.this kid im giving this to is really bad not working other wise id just buy him a new one.but im not so i want to fix this one if i can to get him over the long hall thanks joe bell

Question by joe bell    |  last reply

Illuminating Experience

Thanks to Andy-b and Joe for the 12 volt light ideas. I wanted to illuminate dug bottle shards embedded in home-made cigar box guitars. They have given me the means. Companies are selling similar lights for $29.95. Crazy!

Topic by trampart  

DIY Ipod Amp Kits

I have all put together all the parts to make your own iPod Amp as seen in ReadyMade magazine issue 23 and Instructables.The kit includes:Velleman Amp kitSpeakerArmy Surplus Case1/8" Stereo JackWireLEDResistorNuts and Bolts to secure speakerPower Switch6AA Battery Holder w/ snap connectorThe price is $45 + $5 for shipping. You can follow the step by step instructions at:,-JoeYou must pay with paypal and I will only ship to the US, sorry I just end up losing money any other way.

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Robot250 Festival

For all the instructablers in the PGH area be sure to check out Robot250 Robot 250 is a massive city-wide community art and technology program culminating in a two-week festival in July with exhibits, workshops, outdoor displays, movies and other installations throughout the Pittsburgh area. It was launched by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh with program support from a host of local community groups and financial support from The Heinz Foundation, The Grable Foundation and The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. The mission of Robot 250 is to foster creativity, build a sense of community and raise the technical literacy of our entire region, while coinciding with the city of Pittsburgh's 250th anniversary celebration.Check out their page for more.-Joe

Topic by joe  

Whats Your Ride

What do you have? We got a 1990 T25 (vanagon to the Americans) pictured below and her name is Rusty. The daily drive is a Vauxhall Astra. The car that I would love to own would be a Volkwagon beetle.

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reverse test repair circuit boards?

Need  good procedures on repair (locate defective parts) without board schematics.....Im a welder tech and many board schematics are withheld by oem's...i need a good tutoral,thanks,joe

Question by n2diesel    |  last reply

Best Pick Up Lines

Hi, Please share your funny/corny pick up lines on this forum. Thanks Joe 1.If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. That one was lame but i want to here yours.

Topic by joejoerowley    |  last reply

One time video camera goes aloft

Joe Manico at Kodak built an aerial video vehicle with a $20 one-time-use video camera -- and some clever backyard engineering with soda pop bottles, a golf bag cart, and duct tape.Have a look:

Topic by davekny    |  last reply

I have been unable to start a new instructable. Is the site not working?

When I go to publish the first step is to enter a title.  At that point the web site does not respond as the previous dozen times I have done it.  What's up with that?

Question by Dr. Joe    |  last reply

What size Mig welder would i need to buy to weld 5 mm sheeting & fill pitting in hull of boat ? [mild steel] Answered

I will be preping the hull with wire brush & Needle descaler , cut and grind V for patches.

Question by Joe Pryor    |  last reply

Can you allow users to use mathjax to add nicely formatted equations?

Http:// Users can use Latex-like formatting, such as $\sum_{i=1}^n \frac{1}{n}$. See for example. Thanks, Joe

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I am Going To San Francisco Today!! What places should I see?

Hi, I am leaving for San Francisco/bay area but specifically Stinson beach today. Are there any maker friendly places I should see while I am out there? Thanks Joe

Topic by joejoerowley    |  last reply

a good way to capture hydrogen and oxygen from electrolysis?

Well I've managed to actually seperate the hydrogen and oxygen from water, but I'm having alot of trouble capturing it. I want to capture the hydrogen and oxygen together, in one container. Anyone have any ideas? thanks, Joe  

Topic by thecoonskin    |  last reply

contest prizes? Answered

Hello everyone, I know someone who won a contest and they still have not received their prizes. It has been a little over a month and I was just wondering how long does it usually take . He does not want to ask because he does not want to bug anyone.  Thank you. Billie Joe 

Question by billiejoe    |  last reply

Two approaches to making recycled cardboard furniture (YouTube video)

You may have seen this video, featured on YouTube recently. It's prime Instructables material, building furniture from scrap card.There are two totally different approaches to meet the same goal with the same materials, and enough information to make them reproducible by Joe Public.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

push button precise timed Syrup dispenser

Hello all i have a "Burning Question" i have very little electrical experience and i suppose therein lies my problem, in the past Instructables have helped me out of a lot of binds, so here goes... i wish to make a liquid dispenser with adjustable settings eg: 1 sec; 2 sec; 3 sec up to 12 seconds i suppose now in this i know a potentiometer would enable this function, coupled with a 555 timer and a solenoid .( gravity feed ) now here is the real challenge ( for me at least) the circuitry and connections elude me a lot. would any of you smart people take pity upon a noob and guide me through this project? any and all help very welcome and appreciated Regards Joe pixie

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What is the best 9 mm you can buy for under 300 dollars?

I am selling my llama 9mm and buying another 9mm hangun. i need to find one for under 300 dollars. it needs to be modern...(no revolvers) i know there are modern revolvers but none of those.

Question by average joe 1999    |  last reply

I keep getting a redirect loop error message, how do I clear the cache for this site to see if that is the problem?

I used to be able to view all the instructables but lately I keep getting the redirect loop error message. Please help or I will jut delete the whole site from my email. Thanks. Joe

Question by joek833    |  last reply

jrchefs: Kids Can Cook

Shouldn't there be a limit of how many ibles you can post in one day, All the ibles people have put work into are now not seen on the recent feed (The one I've always used), I really don't think this is very fair for other users as the first page is really where people first see it and it gets it's page views. Discuss!

Topic by Joe Martin    |  last reply

Meeting or Get Together

Hello, I have been thinking that it would be a good idea to start a local meeting or get together like Dorkbot or San Diego Make group. It would be open to all forms of art and technology where local people can get together and share ideas, creativity etc. Post any interest in such a group. If there is enough interest, maybe we could take it to the next level. Thanks Joe

Topic by jpitz31    |  last reply

Stylish birdfeeders - art and function

I came across these stylish birdfeeders via Notcot. Abstract, architecturally minimalist, functional... ... copyable. These are welded and painted steel, and presented as "affordable" (although I think it's a bit cheeky to call a bird table "Cheepie" and then charge $125...) - if you need a new bird feeder, have a look at Joe Papendick's Etsy shop.  If nothing else, you'll get inspriation...

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Could a file cabinet be insulated from fire with, say, a fire blanket? Saving money and weight?

File cabinets are increasingly needed by the average Joe in this information age. And fire safe file cabinets are a great protection for hard copy. But they are so expensive and heavy. A 4 drawer will cost at least $1000 and weigh at least 500lbs. I was wondering if anyone has tackled this question.

Question by Set271    |  last reply