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joystick wireing ? Answered

Hi , i need to wire a small joystick extracted from a toy remote control. It is life a ps2 joystick. it is working with 2 potentiometre. if you can make a picture It will be very nice

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joystick to mouse

I don't like computer mice and touch pads, so I've bought a joystick. What's the best software to make it do a mouse's job? It's a "Thrustmaster" joystick, and my laptop is running Firefox in Ubuntu, because my dad won't pay for Windows to go on my laptop. Thanks, Conker-x.

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Joystick Stiffness

My joystick which i have been using for the past two months now without any issues just suddenly stopped working and i don't know what to do right now. Please i need assistance.

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Joystick stickshift

I have been using a joystick stickshift in my sports cars for years. Just recently i was asked to share how to do it.  A joystick from a computer aracde game can be hooked up to your stickshift to allow you to honk your horn, wash your windows, pop your doors, change radio stations, dim your lights or a number of other  neat things. I am new to this group so I am not sure about how to do stuff on here so bear  with me. Find a joystick that has enough buttons to do what you want it to do, dis assemble the joystick, isolate the different switching circuits, solder new leads, route thru to a relay board,  wrap the stickshift lever with blue painter's tape,bondo the  shaft of the stickshift to one half of the joystick case, pull stickshift lever free and re do on the other joystick handle.   The relay board  allows the small circuit capacity of the joystick to operate higher circuit loads.  Joy sticks will handle 1 amp max load thru their contacts.

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Wheelchair Joystick

Has anyone ever conected a wii nunchuck to a electric wheelchair as a secondary controller and speed control if so does anyone have the instructions on how to achieve this please Allan

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Arduino joystick to act as 2 joysticks

Hi guys hope some 1 can help me out I've made a 3 axis joystick for my computer using an arduino Pro micro which works perfect however ide like to be able to flick a switch which would then make that joystick work as another joystick so would turn a 3 axis joystick into 2 3 axis joysticks if that makes sence I've seen it done but can't find any info on how to wire it or how the code needs to be altered as I'm new to coding so not the best any info would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Read a Joystick in Processing?

I am making a Bluetooth controlled spy robot. I need to be able to read the joystick to control the robot and the little analog stick to control the pan/tilt system. I am not that fluent in processing, so I don't know if there is a joystick command or do I have to use a library.Thx

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Tactile / Joystick Switches

I'm looking for small, four-directional (with or without center-push), "joystick" style switches, like the SKQU series (PDF), except perhaps a little larger, through-hole, and with caps, like here (PDF). (see item "G").But more importantly, I'd like to know if there's a better way to refer to them, or more exact terminology I could use while searching. Does anyone have experience with these?

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Using Gamepad Joystick

Hi  I have a gamepad. And I want to drive a car with it. I uploaded photos. I want to use but they arent button what I will use it

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wiimote joystick for pc?? Answered

I know i seem to ask alot of questions, but is there a way to use the wiimote and nunchuck combo as a joystick on pc? really appreciate it.

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Embedded joystick in Laptop

Hey guys :) On November 22nd I had a bike accident in which I got my left hand caught in my front disc rotor and I lost my ring finger, pinky and top middle finger. I've had my middle finger and pinky reattached, but my pinky is permanently pinned so im getting it off anyways... Basically i'm an extremely avid biker riding trials, dh, freeride and slopestyle, My other passion is my computers and newly arduino and robotics. Im new to arduino though and do not have enough experience to take on this project (Plus the amount of morphine i'm on doesnt help either :P   ) Since I have no effective ring or pinky finger I cannot do my excessive gaming on my laptop (As any 16yr old...), For christmas I got a Razer Nostromo allowing me to game again but not very portable as I use and am getting a gaming laptop (Celvo P170EM) The laptop has 2 hdd bays, so I was thinking about using a PSP joystick in the left alt key space.  How could I go about connecting it to the motherboard or internal USB? To act as either analog or digital joystick?  Would this be able to convert into all games as a form of W,S,A,D keys or Arrow Keys? How expensive would it be? And what are the chances someone can make this for me and I can simply install it and solder it to the inside usb legs? Im not sure of how hard it is to build this into the 2.5" hdd bay, I'd prefer not to take up the whole bay and if even be able to keep whatever the minimal chip and wires in a space in the case. I know this is a lot to ask considering I cant do it myself and I do not have the laptop to say where good spaces are. But I would appreciate any and all help or ideas, thanks :)

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CNC Mill From a joystick.

Hey so iv got this slightly damages USB joystick sitting around my house and it struck me that it could possibly be fun to turn it into a little CNC rig. Figure since its already got usb control to some degree it would simplify things alittle. So what I was wondering was is there some complication that makes this a bad idea that I am not seeing. Thought I would ask before rip the thing apart.

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help me to wheelchair joystick hack

I wanna circuit diagram of the connection between the 2 joysticks and ardunio....the interface circuit...any information about hacking jc2000 joystick of wheelchair will help me in may project pls....waiting for your replay

Topic by dany151  

Kit for wireless 8-button joystick?

I have an application where I need to transmit 8 buttons of information to the computer.. I figure the best way to do it would be to use an 8-button wireless joystick kit (or similar).. The software it will interface with will be an educational game on a PC, so a joystick interface is perfect and I shouldn't have to code anything specific.. Are there ready-made kits to do this? I am fairly tech savvy.. Thinking down the road, bluetooth might be a plus since I could compile the program for phones and use the wireless controller with phones as well..

Topic by 3DPiper  

Thrustmaster F22 Joystick to control servos

Hi there, I'm thinking about trying to use a microcontroller (AVRMega128) to read from an old Thrustmaster F22 port and then move some servos to eventually make some small "rocket turrer" for the office, like those that u can buy at thinkgeek. The fact is that I've searched for the specifications of a 15 pin joystick port and it says they were originally made to support two two-buttons joysticks, that means, two pins to control X and Y axis and other two for buttons, and the same for the eventual second joystick...funny, because mine is only one and it has 8 buttons, 4 ordinary and 4 to control the views...Do u know were to get the specifications of thrustmaster F22 joystick port? thanx

Topic by pingo wellman  

What to do with a not working USB Joystick?

Hi I have a Thrustmaster USB Joystick and it stopped working, probably because of the USB cable.  I'm going to buy a new one so I don't need to fix it (the usb cable has already been changed but it only worked some days), what I really want is to pick the pieces and build something. The problem is that I don't know much of electronics so it has to be something easy to construct. I'm open to any kind of project so please, tell me your ideas! Thanks!

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convertin a 10 pin joystick to a usb ?

So i came across the sidewinder pro 3d pro joystick, at a local recycling depot it is the old ten pin connection , i would like to know if it is possible to convert the connection from the ten pin to usb. any suggestions would be helpful. many thanks

Question by scottys1972    |  last reply

How can I using a MAME Joystick (Happ Joystick) with a reverse polarity motor?

I'm trying to use a Happ Joystick to control 2 reverse polarity motors. (But for this will just talk about one motor) If the joystick is pointing up the motor should go clockwise (+ -) If the joystick is pointing down the motor should go counter-clockwise (- +)I would like to use the Happ Controller because it's an 8-way joystick. Because of the happ joystick is meant to work, I know I need some sort of realy somewhere, I just don't know where. This will be connected to a 18 or 12 volt DC power supply. This is something very similar as the Simple wired 2 motor control joystick. But I'm looking for something a little more larger, robust, and can handle abuse. Thanks for any help.

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4 Axis joystick on 2 motors. HELP!

I got a 4 axis joystick that i want to hock up to 2 motors, so when i push it forward both motors turn in one direction (the same for backwards) and when i push to one of the side the motors will turn different ways? can anyone make a schematic?

Question by mberg86  

4 axis Joystick on 2 motors. HELP?

I got a 4 axis joystick that i want to hock up to 2 motors, so when i push it forward both motors turn in one direction (the same for backwards) and when i push to one of the side the motors will turn different ways? can anyone make a schematic?

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Hi. change 2 channel (joystick) RC transmitter into single dual axis joystick

Hi All, i'm a newbie to electronics, so bare with me!Im trying to connect the two potentiometer joysticks from a two channel RC transmitter into one dual axis joystick. I've tried using a 5k ohm joystick from a playstation controller, this was mainly to try the wiring, but it doesn't work. The finally project (if possible) would ideally use something larger/industrial if possible.any help appreciated

Question by cameron11888    |  last reply

Can i connect xbox 360 joystick to pc with receiver from another pc joystick?

So i have joystick that uses wireless receiver so i wonder if i can connect my xbox 360 joystick to pc through that receiver. I watched people on youtube get wireless gaming receiver and put xbox 360 wireless joystick driver into them and it works fine but thing is i dont have option to chose that driver because my devices shows up in "Human Interface Devices" in "Device Manager" but their shows up in "Other Devices" group. If i can somehow transfer my devices in "Other Devices" group i could make it work, maybe. Blue arrow is my receiver, and red is where i want to transfere it if possible.

Question by LOTRotaconLOTR    |  last reply

Combine 2 (or 3) Joysticks to make one?

Okay I got 3 old Joysticks and lots of games that would be awesome to use DUAL JOYSTICKS. The joysticks use that old Joystick Port. So my question is if there is a way to join them into ONE set and be able to plug it into my computer. And if possible make it into USB?

Topic by itstemo1  

Is there a way to make my pc detect my keyboard as a joystick?

I just received "x-wing vs. tie fighter" from my uncle and I don't have a joystick! Is there a program out there that can make my pc detect my keyboard as a joystick? Please Help!

Question by tvsamuel    |  last reply

how can I replace a rc controller with a joystick?

I have a panther lord joystick and I do not use it anymore and it is making my PS2 crash so I want to make it a rc controller, If anyone knows please answer.

Question by yonex    |  last reply

I found a old joystick in the garbage, what can i do with it? Answered

It is a Mouse Systems Bogeyman. I am not sure what the connector is.

Question by qwerty29    |  last reply

How can I turn my PC Joystick into a controller? Such as for SNES, GBA, etc?

The joystick is a Saitek ST290 Pro: I don't need to retain all of the buttons, it doesn't matter to me. I'll probably wait awhile, then bust this thing open myself and go crazy :D Thanks for any help in advance!

Question by Jakaris  

does anyone know how to build a manual arrow keys to joystick converter? or know of where to buy one at?

I am wanting to build a arrowkey pad to joystick converter for my computer. i have a pretty good idea of what the finished thing will look like thanks to google images, but i am unsure of how to go about building it without the aid of special tools. i was wondering if anybody has ever made there own converter or if you know of where to buy one

Question by LeviMc    |  last reply

anyone ever convert an old atari joystick into a mouse

Anyone ever convert an old atari joystick into a mouseLike this joystick write an Instructable?

Topic by gregdove    |  last reply

Can anyone plz tell me how to wire this 3d 6 pin joystick to dc motor?

I brought this switch for controlling my rc car which contains 2 motor will i be able to control 2 motors using one switch ???  

Question by yip555    |  last reply

I need XP software for Gravis blackhawk controller.?

I have a Gravis Blackhawk Digital Controller and a gameport to usb converter  but the computer doesn't even detect it. The software also can only run on win 95. Can Someone please help me?

Question by tvsamuel    |  last reply

Help with electric wheelchair motor-controller?

I recently bought an old Invacare wheelchair to use the motors and controller to integrate with a computer. However, the "MKIV INT" (i'm assuming that's the manufacturer) motor-controller is an all-in-one with the joystick in it. I removed the joystick, hoping I could connect to a DAC and my computer via parallel port, but the joystick has a small circuit inside of it. I'm assuming the circuit gets 5V from the controller and sends pulses of the analog joystick position. I was thinking about de-soldering the 4 wires from the joystick (2 wires for x-position and 2-wires for y-position) and first try to replace the joystick with an old PC-joystick--just to see if the controller detects different resistances of a different joystick, etc...

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Wireing joystick from PS1 controller to USB for PC

I would like to wire a joystick, taken from a PS1 controller, to USB and be able to use it for my PC. The joystick has two Potentiometers ( three wires each, of course ) and a single push switch ( two wires ) I am unsure how this may be done, ( I'm sure it can be ) and also wouldn't know much about writing software for it, should it be accomplished. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Topic by jacob5680    |  last reply

How to connect two joysticks to a raspberry pi 3?

Hello, I'm building a Handheld raspberry pi console with  two micro joysticks ( ).  I  was wondering if any one knew how to connect two analog joysticks to the pi? Thank You.

Question by mderton    |  last reply

how to prepare a car steering joystick for my computer?

Well i want to drive a car or play the car game not with the help of a keyboard but i want a steering infront of me;accelerator,brake ,clutch at my foot & gear's beside me as it would give a real car driving experience on a computer ;                        so ,please tell me or guide me how to prepare it at my home..plz

Question by naveen71    |  last reply

Can I use a thumb style joystick without a microcontroller?

I've been thinking about using a thumb-style joystick in an upcoming project (like this one) and making it go digital instead of analog (like this) but the only things I can find on such joysticks are with microcontrollers. I planned on using it to send a key stroke by using the guts of an old keyboard to make a diy emulator controller (like this) and I was wondering if this were at all possible or if it needed a microcontroller.

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Playstation 2 Joystick (totally removed) connecting to Arduino UNO board...etc.

Hello all... Been working on this for a while now.  I purchased a generic playstation 2 (ps2) gaming pad, hand or controller (your preference).  I completely removed BOTH the joysticks from the unit as the native state of how they were, would not work for the project.  I DO NOT want wireless, and that first off is all I am finding online. My question is this: WHERE do I connect the SEL (My understanding is this is where the pushbutton operation of the joystick would be wired) Do I connect the SEL of the breakout board to the actual Arduino, or do I connect it to the breadboard.   To both, just give me a location as in 3 thru 13, A0 through A5, Now then, I have power, ground, left (left3), right (right3) figured out. Am I totally off my mark, I have attached my fritzing diagram as a jpg with notes to assist. For reference purposes please see these links for further info: Breakout board: Joysticks: Thanks  in advance Tony

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Servo Position

Hey i was trying to control the servo using joystick(potentiometer). i am but stuck at a problem when joystick is at center servo is at 90° when i move the joystick to left, servo sets at 0° and when i release the joystick it came back to its 90° but when i move the joystick to right, the server does sets to 180° but does not come back to 90° on release the joystick, it sets to a little more than 90° like 100° what could be the problem ? #include Servo servo; int sp ; int js_x; void setup() { servo.attach(3); } void loop() { sp= map(js_x ,0 ,1023, 0, 180); servo.write(sp); }

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Axis value to angle conversion

Hello all,So I have been trying to convert the values obtained from pygame joystick value (ranges from -1 to 1) and convert it to angles between 0 to 180 to drive servo motors. Can someone help me with this cuz I have no idea how to do it. Thanks in advanceCheers.

Question by Bhabeshr    |  last reply

hello, anyone know how you can make something like a joystick for iphone?

hello, anyone know how you can make something like a joystick for iphone? Here you will find a project in development.

Question by zatanclauss    |  last reply

Im looking to make a joystick controlled panning and tilting camcorder?

I work at a company that does video taped conferences, and its one person working a sound system, a recording device(captures video and audio, as well as slideshows) and a video camera. It can get kind of hard to work all 3 devices at the same time depending on where i can actually set up.I would like to use a joystick or something similiar, any ideas for the best options to do so?I asked this earlier this week and it would up under photography. for any assistance

Question by Z1ggy    |  last reply

How to control 4 DC motors using 2 Joysticks?

Hi, I'm trying to find a circuit/multiple circuits that will allow me to use two joysticks like this to control four different DC motors. Each joystick basically has two potentiometers which are 5K or 10K on most, so each joystick should be able to control two motors. When the joystick is in the centre position I want none of the motors to move. If the joystick is moved a small bit off centre I want the motor to move in that direction slowly and if the joystick is moved a large amount off centre I want the motor to move in that direction fast. If the joystick is moved in the other direction I want the motor to move in the other direction with the same variable speed proportional to how much the joystick is pushed. When the joystick is let go I want the motor to stop where it is. Two of the motors need to be able to rotate 360 degrees and that's one of the reasons I want to use DC motors instead of servos. One of the motors will have a small gear and be driving a large gear, another will have a worm gear, and the other two will have small gear boxes built in like this.  The power supply will probably be 6 V from four AA or bigger batteries. I'll be assembling all the circuits and I can make PCB's but I want to keep everything as simple as I can and the costs as low as possible. I haven't used an Arduino before but if thats the best way to do it then that'll be a good excuse for me to start using one, but I'd probably need help programming it.. I found quite a few different circuits and instructions and loads of great instructables on how people did things similar to this but none of them were exactly what I want mine to do. This seems very similar to what I want but I don't know how well it works and I don't want to buy it and it's also very expensive. This seems like it could work well and it was one of my first possible solutions if the potentiometer on the circuit was connected to one of the potentiometers on the joystick and it's one of the few ways that seem like it could do it without a microcontoller like the Arduino or something similar but again I don't know how well it would work and I'd need to make four of them in total, one for each motor which if there was a more efficient way that didn't require four circuits exactly the same I might prefer, but it does already output a PWM signal so I don't think I'd need any other circuits if I used these. A similar one is also available here. This Instructable seems very similar to what I want to do too but the only difference is that it uses servos instead of DC motors.  If there was some way to convert the signal going to each servo into a signal that would work for DC motors then this might work but some sort of motor driver like a H-bridge would also probably be needed as the Arduino wouldn't be able to power the DC motors by itself, I think.. This one is close to what I want but it only has one motor and I don't know how to make it control more without making the whole circuit again, and I don't know whether it would be able to drive two or four motors and whether they'd each need a H bridge motor driver. This one also is similar to what I want but it uses servos too. This is quite similar too but I think its only for servos This one uses servos too This one seems similar but it also uses servos too and whenever the joystick is moved the arm moves but when it's released the arm also moved back to the centre position which isn't what I want. Here are a few more which are all a bit similar to what I want but all not quite it..

Question by Hydrocerium    |  last reply

How do I go about hacking a wheelchair joystick? Answered

I have a wheelchair and would like to use it as a base to a autonomous robot. I wonder if it would be better to hack the joystick or strip everthing away leaving the motors and frame and control it with Arduino or something similar. I have only used Arduino with small hobby motors. Looking for any suggestions.

Question by Paul Fjare    |  last reply

Im looking to make a joystick controlled panning and tilting camcorder?

I work at a company that does video taped conferences, and its one person working a sound system, a recording device(captures video and audio, as well as slideshows) and a video camera. It can get kind of hard to work all 3 devices at the same time depending on where i can actually set up. I would like to use a joystick or something similiar, any ideas for the best options to do so?

Question by Z1ggy    |  last reply

How would I go about interfacing an arduino with an old joystick from a wheelchair?

I have obtained a joystick module from an electric wheelchair.  The board says DYNAMIC CONTROLS (C) Mar 2011 GPC80830 REV E.  On the underside of the board, there seems to be test pads labeled the following: +5, MOSI, SCK, MISO, RST.  Slightly to the right of +5 is a test pad that says 0V.  Below are pads labeled SBL and SBH.  Slightly more to the right of 0V is a pad labeled SB+D.  Finally, furthest to the right are test pads BCN, BC, and BCP.  On the top side of the board there is an ATMEGA8A AU 1114 Micro-controller and an empty 5 pin through hole connector. Also soldered onto the board is a joystick that consists of a coil and 4 smaller coils soldered to the board in a + configuration around it (Some sort of EMF sensors?), a weird 4 pin connector and a 3 pin programming port resembling an XLR connector. Any ideas?

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PS2 to USB!

I would do it myself, but I am poor. Get this $5 adapter from Dealextreme and do the xbox to usb thing! bang, PS2 with DirectX Feedback on your pc!

Topic by willrandship    |  last reply

Trying to create a James Bond car, but having trouble with the machine guns....?

Okay, so this is my problem:  I'd like to operate two of the mini m-16 style airsoft full automatic guns using the trigger on my old salvaged joystick.  So what I have done so far is purchased a battery box for four D cells with the thought that since each worked off of four AA batteries, the larger batteries would run both and they dowhen I connect the wires directly from the battery box to the two guns.  The problem comes when I try to use the button as a switch.  I've already used a continuity checker to verify that the switch is working and from the correct wires, but when I put the switch in line, all the guns do is make a faint strain sound, like the guns aren't getting enough juice for the motors to run.  I've taken apart the joystick and the bottons are very much like the ones I have here shown on the cuircit board, they are like the ones in the base sets of old wireless telephones and such.  So if I'm correct, the switch is limiting the amount of electricity going to the guns so I was thinking about using the joystick to operate a relay that connects to the battery box maybe but I'm totally lost when it comes to which relay to use, where to get the relay, if this will even work, etc, also I was thinking about running 12v car accessories from the other buttons so how might I do that.  Thank you very much in advance, I love this site!! : )

Question by AKSchonscheck    |  last reply

Stuck analog stick?

Whenever I try to play with one of my original XBOX controllers, the left analog stick seems to be stuck in a down position. Physically, it's fine, but ingame my character is always moving backwards. I've tried multiple games and xboxes, but i can't get it to work. Any help?

Question by LiquidLightning    |  last reply

is there a way to use a joystick from a ps2 controller to move a rc motor forward and reverse ?

 i just wont to know if i can use a  joystick  for forward and reverse on the motor i put a picture of the sort i meen  like useing it like a dtdp switch its for a electric telescope focuser im making i have it set up mag with 2 microswitches for forward and reverse but just wanted to see if i could solder one of the joystick in place and not the microswitches and without a  arduino if anyone can help that would be great thank you  

Question by swilliams66    |  last reply