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How can I change the sensitivity on a 360 controller for the pc?

I'm trying to play fps games (Marathon with the Aleph One game engine) on my computer using joytokey and a wired 360 controller. Unfortunately, the sensitivity is so high that by accidentally tapping one of the joysticks, the game responds much faster than i want it to. That, and the joysticks don't always go directly to the center, so after i press the joystick one way and I release it, the controller keeps going that way. It's really irritating, and i can't seem to figure it out. Thank you to all who read and respond.

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I connected my 360 pad to the pc and can use it as a mouse. How can I use the messenger pad as a keyboard? I usejoytokey

Like the title says, I can now use my 360 controller as a mouse. I'm able to use the buttons but there aren't enough to cover all of the keyboards keys. So I purchased the messenger for the 360 pad, but I'm unable to use it as the keyboard. Are there any programs or steps I could take to use the 360 pad and messenger combo on my PC to browse the net, chat, play games etc. in place of keyboard and mouse? Thanks in advance.

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cabelas top shot elite pc use sensorbar crosshair?

I have got to use all the buttons,dpad and thumbsticks of the "cabelas top shot elite" lightgun though the "Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver" except the sensorbar crosshair can i be able to use it on pc somehow? ps. using joytokey ( cant find the axis for the crosshair at all. any suggestions?

Question by bubbadamage  

is there a better program i can use with my xbox controller?

im currently using joytokey with my controller  but i cant use the d-pad or a couple other buttons, is there a free program that lets me use all of the buttons?

Question by coldpsyco91