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Ok so im a Finalist in the El Wire contest and i was just wondering, how does the judging work on contests. I was in second for votes but now it says im in 6th and i just wanted to clarify how judging works. It would be nice if an admin posted an answer on this but anyone is free to comment.

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Ok It's the first of october. 3pm my time or central. and still no post on who won the laser contest??? what up with dat homey...... when are they gona post the winners? I am all stressed out here lol.

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In recent contests I  have noticed a trend of seriously weird judging. At first I thought perhaps it's a one off. But now I see that it is consistant and it is seriously worrying, and makes me wonder if there is any point in these contests other than the one with a fan club winning!   Let's start with the Grand prize winner of Valentines contest. Seriously is that the best? It's a basic card. Granted it's nice. But nothing unusual. There are other entries that are way better. Cards and also entries that are not cards. And finalists? ? How can a tea bag get in when some entries that didn't make the finalists are so much well thought of! The same Tea bag is in is slightly adjusted. Again is it the followers just voting for their favorite fan irrespective of the quality of the instructable.   Moving on to the papercraft contest. This I'm happy to say the grand prize winner is well deserved. The first place was also good!The rest? Let's see; Decopage flooring over a lamp?No way.Lamp deserves the 2nd prize.   A book sculpture where the instructions are pretty basic. Infact there are no documentation of the process of all the main components except for one, where the formation of the tree is shown. For all we know the author could have taken the already made pieces from a bought sculpture and just add it. While simply writing the instructions below. Sorry but I don't think that deserve a prize too (especially the explorer). The Origami Dragon was much better! With propper instructions. The swirly flowers? Again not second prize, perhaps runner up?This persons most projects end up  winning prizes only through her followers votes.I am sorry to say this ,but thats the reality according to my judgement.   Let's see the runner ups! How in the world 2 book binding and a card and the birdcage made it?I don't know! Lets see. Bird cage,loads of precut motives just assebled beautifully. Book binding? Isn't that like so basic compared to some amazing quilling techniques shown in some entries?  The doctor who card? Well I guess there has to be something of doctor who as everyone is so crazy about it!   Now the latest crazy judging.  The Pie decorating contest! That is definitely not deserving for decorating!  Read the comments! Not one comment about the beauty of the decoration! ! Just the recipe. Perhaps you should change the the prize name and make it 2 Grand Prize for recipe.  It is obvious which should win the decoration prize as it stands out! That is what decoration is about. Perhaps the judjes don't understand. This latest madness in the pie contest has forced me to write this.   I think sometimes giving the judging to be done by members might seriously damage the fairness of judging.  What if the judges are devote followers of the finalist? Perhsps then it's an automatic 10? Instead of a yuk   Employees of instuctables please take note of these. It will be so sad if the integrity of the contests are suspect now.There should be impatial judgement.

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Voting and Judging

Im kind of new to the contest scene, but how significant is voting in comparison to judging? or vice-versa? What decides the winners, and is there anything i should know about either? thanks

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Amount of Judges? Answered

About how many judges, judge one contest? Thanks...

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contest judging?

When it comes to the contests how does the judging work? do the people like me vote on the entries? or is it admin people from the instructables website?

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Contest Judging?

It seems that all contests have the same "Criteria"  originality, usefulness, simplicity, and clarity of instructions. I have looked at some of the past contest winners and wonder how these "Criteria" were applied. Some of the past winners have been anything but simple, and the instructable may have many questions in the comments about what is meant  in the instructions or asking for clarifications. Also the "usefulness" of some of the winners is very questionable. It looks like the more complicated and outlandish the instructable the better chance it has to win.

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judging(how much TIME JUDGING takes)

Does any one know how much time judging takes when voting is finished 

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Contest Judges Needed

Hi everyone! We need to update our judge list with some new names!To be eligible to judge, you must have posted at least ONE instructable. Let us know which contest categories you're interested to judge in the comments below: CookingWorkshopCircuitsCraftLivingOutsideTeachersThe judging process is fairly simple and involves looking at contest finalists and rating them on a scale from 0-9. Judging is open Friday afternoon through Monday night. Time spent judging is around 30 minutes to two hours - it all depends on how thorough you are!If it’s not a good time for you to judge when we contact you, no worries. We always try to assign more judges than we need in case something comes up.You can find out more about the judging process here.Don't worry! Judges are selected after finalists are selected, so volunteering to judge will not affect your chances of being a finalist in any contest you enter.Thanks for helping us keep the site awesome!

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how are the contests "judged?"?

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Contests being judged

Seems like there is a lag in announcing winners of current Contests being judged that ended on the 20th.

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Who Judges the Contests ?

Who judges the contests ? The Sponsors or Instructables ? I ask because I noticed that the Little Bits contest and the Microprocessor contest both have 8 of the same finalists. Does that mean one instructable can win more than one contest at the same time ?

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Judging the contest is hard!

There's so many awesome entries! Judging the Laser Cutter Contest is going to be near impossible. Here's canida slumped over her laptop at the kitchen table going through entries.

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What are judges looking for?

I'm curious about the judging process for contests. Most contests seem to have pretty loose rules and are judged without clear criteria. I put a lot of time and effort into my entries, and many of my instructables get featured, but I've only been a finalist once. If I knew better what judges were looking for, I could target my efforts better. Any suggestions, or could judging criteria be posted somewhere? Like are they looking for the most off-the-wall ideas, best photos, clearest explanations, etc.?

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Judge the Instructables Staff!

**EDIT: JUDGING IS NOW CLOSED!** Hey guys! Have you always wanted to judge the Instructables staff upon what they make? Or find out what it's like to judge our contests? Well, do we have the opportunity for you! Halloween is our busiest time of year, and we do our best to go all-out. This year we ran an internal Halloween Contest, and now we are inviting the community to judge us, and our Halloween costumes, decorations etc! If you are interested in this opportunity, give me a shout in the comments, or in a PM, and I will get you a ballot. Yay! -aO

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Tinkercad Judges' Prizes

So I was just wondering, how are the Tinkercad Prize winners selected? Are they chosen before, after, or at the same time as the other finalists? Are they chosen the same way? Let's say I entered a project that uses Tinkercad and I end up being selected as a finalist and end as a finalist, recieving an Instructables Prize Pack as a reward. But technically speaking, as long as I qualified, if I had been selected for the Tinkercad Judges' Prize instead, I could've gotten something much better. Or let's say I made an outstanding Tinkercad project and could potentially win the Grand Prize, but instead get chosen for the Judges' prize because I was one of the best Tinkercad entries. Still awesome, but not nearly as awesome as the Grand Prize.If a project excels in both the contest's category and does a great job using Tinkercad, what decides where they end up being put?Is it possible that using Tinkercad could actually limit your chances at the Grand Prize?How's this work? Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance,A befuddled idiot =P

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iRobot Scholarship Judging

No, this isn't the much awaited results of the iRobot Scholarship contest, it's just a calming, soothing message from Instructables HQ. The deadline for the iRobot Scholarship submissions has passed and we have begun working on the judging process. Put your brains to rest and enjoy some 4th of July fireworks. We received many great submissions and we are going to take a few days to work through them and make sure that we take a look at every one of them. Expect to hear something back from us about the contest early next week. Thanks for all of your great submissions and all of the supportive comments.

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Judging Criteria concern...

I was just looking at the Finalist in the Coded Creations Contest sponsored by Microsoft. There are very few where the main part of the project they built was "programming" based, One I read even stated right in the instructable that they just "copied the code from somewhere online which they could not remember were". Another showed how to install software which did involve programming... While the finalists chosen were definately cool and Great instructables were they really "Coded Creations"? Of the entries submitted there were several that did not make the finals that took advantage of thing specifically mentioned in the contest description:  "use of Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Kinect/Xbox, Windows Phone apps, or any Windows app". One entry did a phone app that even had voice control.. it was super cool and showed great programming tecniques and cool features but again did not make the finals.  Should the judging not have looked closer at the theme of the contest when picking the best to be finalists? It is like if I build an awsome Jet car from scratch and as part of it I programmed the clock by using code I found online... would that deserve to be in the finals? Sure a Jet Car is awsome but copying code for a non integeral clock while technically it is "coding" but it is not what makes the jet car awsome. I bet if it was stricktly a team from Microsoft doing the judging it would be a totaly different list. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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How does the judging work?

 How is the judging for this contest going to work? I am confuzzled. I assume that Mikasaurus has it figured out, but I'm just wondering what will happen. 

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Judging for Let It Glow! Extended!

The judging for the Let It Glow! contest has been extended to Midnight July 1, which is one day later than originally planned.Just for any of you who were clicking refresh every minute to see the results.(You know, not that I was.)

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Newbie Anxious About Judging Deadlines

Hi all! I am a new contributor, and have entered some contests. While I don't think I am going to win a prize right out of the bat, (but MAYBE!) I still am anxious to see results of the judging (which is fun in itself, and will give me more feedback on how to do an Instructable better!) for one I entered that the judging deadline keeps changing. I know the judges are volunteers and such, and I don't want to complain because this is an awesome site... but I've noticed one that had a judging deadline in December that results aren't posted yet - I was wondering if that happens often?  Or maybe because of the holidays things got wonky?  I think I'll go to the judging thread and volunteer also - so I can help out when I'm not in a contest.  I really dig Instructables!   Leslie

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Contest Judge Volunteer Info

Please use a different method to take contest judge volunteer info. While it's great that so many people have been volunteering to judge, it's really frustrating to consistently see a new comment in the contest category only to find that it's just someone volunteering to judge contests. I know a google form has been used in the past. Perhaps that's an alternative?

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What is a Judges Prize in contests?

I was looking at the prizes in the Coded Contest, and I saw the Judge's Prize. What does that mean?

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question about judging process

I entered the art of sound contest, i am wondering exactly how the judging works, i cannot find any info on this. i am also wondering if for some reason my entry did not qualify? any help would be appreciated, thanks, Kendall

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Is the iCreate scholarship judging finished?

. I haven't seen anything on the results of the iCreate Scholarship. Did I miss something?

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"Contests being judged" disappeared

I can't find the contests who are currently closed but open for voting in the new contests page. it just me? Right now I think there is the Fashion contest only, but I can't find it anywhere. The only way for me to go to the Fashion contest page is going to one of the entries and click on the Vote! button. If I am not the only one who doesn't see it, it's hard for people to vote. This is how it looks to me...

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How to judge the quality of PCB

After the circuit board design is completed, it needs to be output to the board factory for processing production, patching, and assembly.In the face of fierce competition in the market, the cost of PCB circuit board materials is also rising. More and more manufacturers are monopolizing the market at low prices in order to improve their core competitiveness. However, behind these ultra-low prices, they are obtained by reducing material costs and process manufacturing costs. However, devices are often prone to cracks (cracks), easy scratches (or scratches), and their comprehensive factors such as precision and performance have not reached the standard. , Which seriously affects the solderability and reliability of the product used.In the face of a variety of PCB circuit boards on the market, distinguishing the quality of the PCB circuit board can be started from two aspects; the first method is to judge from the appearance, and the other is to judge from the quality requirements of the PCB itself.The method to judge the quality of the PCB circuit board: First: distinguish the quality of the circuit board from the appearance. Generally, the appearance of the PCB circuit board can be analyzed and judged through three aspects; 1. Light and color. The external circuit board is covered with ink, and the circuit board can play the role of insulation. If the color of the board is not bright, and less ink is used, the insulation board itself is not good.2. Standard rules for size and thickness. The thickness of the circuit board is different from that of the standard circuit board. Customers can measure and check according to the thickness and specifications of their products.3. Weld appearance. Because the circuit board has many parts, if the welding is not good, the circuit board with the parts easy to fall off will seriously affect the welding quality of the circuit board, the appearance is good, and the interface is stronger, which is very important.Second: High-quality PCB circuit boards need to meet the following requirements 1. The copper surface is not easy to oxidize, which affects the installation speed. It will be damaged soon after oxidation;2. It is required that the phone be easy to use after the components are installed, that is, the electrical connection must meet the requirements;3.The copper skin is not easy to fall off under high temperature;4. The line width, thickness, and spacing of the line meet the requirements to prevent the line from heating, opening, and shorting;5.No additional electromagnetic radiation;6.High temperature, high humidity and special environment resistance should also be considered;7, the shape is not deformed, so as not to deform the shell after installation, the screw holes are misaligned. Now it is all mechanized installation, the hole position of the circuit board and the deformation error of the circuit and the design should be within the allowed range;8.The mechanical properties of the surface must meet the installation requirements;The above is the method of judging the quality of the PCB circuit board. When choosing a PCB circuit board, be careful.

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Good Luck All!

OOOOO!!!!!!! Judging ends today for Party Like It's 1929!! Good luck everyone!!

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"Summer Sewing" or just "Sewing" contest

As an un-indicted co-conspirator on one of the finalist entries, I hate to seem like a sore loser, but I think the judges missed the boat on a few of the winners. Considering it was a "Summer Sewing Contest" that was looking for "Summery" projects that were "celebrating summer", Upcycled Quilts and Pokemon Snuggie Costumes, without even a hint of summer theme, seem a little out of spirit. Fine instructables to be sure, but best saved for the next iterations of SEW SCARY and SEW WARM. To give credit where credit is due, the Grand Prize winner could not have been more appropriate. It was unquestionably "Summery", most definitely a sewing project, and very well done.  I hope the judges will weigh more heavily the theme of the contest in the future.

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How do I know if I made it into the judging or not?

I entered into the Halloween Contest but how do I know if I made it into the Judging stage, and how do I know how many votes I got? -PyroMan99

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What are the criteria for judging in instructables contests?

I have an instructable entered in the pocket sized contest and I was wondering , is your instructable judged by views, rating or just on the quality of the instructable in general?

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Skewed Contest Judging? Better Feedback?

Hello all, In recent contests, I've noticed that the judges seem to favor entries that require more expensive equipment, parts, or tooling, e.g. laser engraved parts, CNCs, and 3D Printers to name a few. As an entrant and community member who has none of these tools nor the budget to get them, I feel this is a bit skewed and not true to the open source spirit fostered here on Instructables. While I do agree that all of the entries that use the above should have an equal chance and are just as good as low-tech entries, I believe that more emphasis ought to be placed on projects that anybody can create without such tools or skills. I admit, I am a bit biased in this area of discussion, however, my point stands. Please tell me if I am making a wrongful accusation here.I would also like to see a feedback system put in place where the contest judges give a few pointers so entrants that did not win can improve their future projects and understand why their entry did not achieve a winning status. I feel that this would give an even more positive, community-friendly atmosphere to the site overall, instead of discouraging people who put a lot of work and time into their project and yet didn't even finalize. Has such an idea been considered? If so, why was it not instituted?- Dangerously Explosive

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Judges Needed for Maker Family Contest

Hi everyone! The Maker Family Contest just ended on Monday and judging will start on Friday.  If you would like to help judge, let me know! Remember, to judge a contest you must have published at least one Instructable.

Topic by Danger is my middle name  

Arduino contest started judging early

I was looking at the arduino contest yesterday and it said judging started on feb 3 but today (the 29th) the judging started. Why?

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when will the judging for kit contest end? Answered

When will the judging for kit contest end

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Judging ended 3 days ago

How long after judging are the winners announced?

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Better way for contests that are being judged

When the contest are being judged, they are showing the recent instructables first, more people are more likely to choose those than the ones in the end or middle. I posted one of my instructables in the beginning of the contest, and I don't want someone else to win because they are the last instructable to be posted. It should be rated by the rating or views instead of automatically recent

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whose car is better? you be the judge.? Answered

Well, whose car is better? Mine, or Selizona's? heres a link to Selezoina's Slideshow. heres a link to mine

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Hungry Scientist Contest Judging Deadline?

Maybe I've been hallucinating, but wasn't the "Judging Ends" deadline the tenth? I swear it was an hour ago... Then again, I did think I saw two yip-yips in the sidebar. Yes, I've read the rules: "6. Instructables reserves the right to modify, cancel, postpone or end the contest at any time as necessary..." I'm just curious to see how everyone (myself included) came out.

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Does use of a sponsor's products affect contest judging/winner selection?

Hi, My understanding of contests (from the few that I've entered) is that how exactly judging occurs and winners are selected can vary a bit. The judging panel can be make up of Instructables staff, respected members of the community, and/or staff from the sponsor - with the ultimate decision about winners being up to either Instructables or the Sponsor (please correct me if that understanding is misguided). My question, then, is whether use of a sponsor's products in the Instructable being entered in the contest affects any stage of the judging process (selection of finalist, judges' scoring criteria, selection of winners). To give a concrete example - I have a current entry in the Microcontroller Contest, which is sponsored by Radio Shack; but my entry almost exclusively uses parts from SparkFun. It seems like this would create a conflict of interest and make it difficult for a Radio Shack employee to be an objective judge - ideally they'd want to promote their own products and not a competitor's. I tried to dig through the rules and small print for the contest but couldn't find anything definitive either way - nothing saying that this is included as a judging criteria, but also nothing saying that it isn't. Any and all straightforward answers would be appreciated - not speculating about conspiracy theories here or accusing the site of selling out - just curious how this process works!

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How Do Contests Work?

How does the member voting influence the contests? I thought that i was the driving factor, but after reading the rules I can't tell if it is even taken into account because of the way the judging is described.

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contest voting rules

I am still new to this site and enjoy it very much, I log on every day more than once and utilize 'ables by others on a regular basis. I recently entered the Mothers Day Contest and monitored it closely by votes, hoping, of course, to be a winner. By votes, I finished about 12th (YAY!!) As I waited for the results from the judges, I was a bit confused as to how an instructable (a very good one) from ranking by votes around 30's got to be the winner?? How does the judging work with the votes of the users?

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Judgement Dates Past Due

Hey, I like to watch the contests and all because I'm interested to see who wins (plus I'm rooting for one in particular, but that's neither here nor there). But the Epilog and Pocket-Sized challenges judging end dates keep getting pushed back. Is there a reason for this? Can someone pretty please help me understand? Thanks! -Me

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Prizes Announcement

I am a finalist in the 'Made with Yarn' Contest, and the Judging closed Midnight Nov 21, and I have been going crazy with suspense wanting to know who won the prizes.. Little help?

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Audio Contest Judging 3 Days Late

Does anybody know why the audio contest judging time has lasted three days later than expected?

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Homemade Holiday Contest - When will Judging be finished?

Does anyone know when the judging for the Homemade Holiday contest will be complete? Thanks!

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The Judging Criterion Originality n instructables contests?

I saw that there is judging criterion of originality in the instructables contests so , IfI take inspiration from other projects and execute it in a different way does it fulfil the criterion.Like if I Make a LED throwie talkie in a different way like if I use a different microcontroller  and different coding

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