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Jump Box

While the autoparts place was testing my battery(projected to take 1.5 hrs) I drove home with just the emergency jump box running the system. Probably not factory recommended for long durations, but it was just a mile or 2. What's the worst that could happen?

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Landing jumps

Does anyone have some useful tips on landing a jump on a dirtbike? How about landing onto a rough, washboard track, any different? I've become very good at landing... on my face...

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Jump rings for jewelry? Answered

I recently bought a jump ring maker at hobby lobby but the best wire i can find it aluminum wire. i need something that i can make small jump rings with, not expensive, can be bought in a store, and is stiff. any help here please?

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Powerisers/Jumping Stilts

Powerisers or Jumping Stilts.....They are a specially designed pair of shoes that you wear that have spring-kind-of-things on them. You can jump six feet high with them and run up to 20 mph! Pretty amazing! But my question is if anybody would know how to build them, or where to get them cheap, or what are the spring parts made of? Because the springs have to be under enormous pressure to withstand the bouncing. So if you know any material that would to the same trick please let me know.Here is a link: here

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I play handball,im not very high,and i play right-back....i need to jump higher to be able to shot better...please help

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amazing base jumping!

This is a really amazing thing to see somone do and is probly even more amazing to do.

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Can dinosaurs jump? Answered

I know 4 legged ones can't but does the T-rex have a spring in his step?

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I like jumping

A few days ago my friend challenged me to leapfrog a parking meter, and i did and now im just jumping over everything in sight. It's actually pretty fun erm dangerous but being a little bit of a energy drink adrenaline junkie jumping wrestling and stuff like that is always fun, are there any other adrenaline junkies on instructables?;=24081209

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Piston jump boots

I dunno if you have ever seen this guys 'rocket boots' (not really rocket powered) but they are sort of neat. They do not get the same results as simple mechanical leaf spring sort of moon boots I see, but the concept is pretty interesting for those of us who are fans of combustibles.  this is a video article Now my question: How would you improve this sort of unimpressive piston powered boot? I was thinking if one could double or even triple the chamber size of that piston, or use multiples of them, maybe use a more potent combustible than gasoline.

Topic by ThorsMitersaw  

Kite surfers jump pier

A story for Eric... Two kite surfers from West Sussex took advantage of strong winds on the south coast to realise an ambition to jump over Worthing pier. Jake Scrace, 25, and Lewis Crathern, 24, had been planning Monday morning's jump for three years but had to wait for perfect weather conditions. Carpenter Mr Scrace, who makes kite boards, and professional kite surfer Mr Crathern are both from Worthing. Between them they have 16 years' experience in the sport. They took off from Goring to the west side of Worthing in gusts of wind that were more than 40mph, and had two helpers on the beach.     Link to BBC story, with video.  

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How to safely jump a transistor? Answered

So I want to default the fans in this Xbox 360 I'm fixing to run at a faster speed.  Some people just borrow 12 volts from someplace else on the board and wire it directly to the fans.  I'd like to avoid this, since A) it seems like kind of a hack job, and B) I'd like the fans to run somewhat less than full bore since it's noisy, maybe 7-9 volts.  I've seen some vague mentions of either jumping or grounding transistors to achieve this, but I don't really know that much about transistors to do it safely. This thread here says that by grounding Pin 1 of the transistor (which is on the far left I believe?) with a resistor, you can change the voltage of the fans safely.  So where should I ground to?  Or does that simply mean bridge Pin 1 and Pin 4 with a resistor?  This guy here just bridged the pin on the far right to the top pin (Pin 3 to Pin 4 I believe) with no resistors involved.  Would that method be better? And if so, how could I step down the voltage, just a simple resistor as well? Also, I've figured out that B, E, and C refer to Base, Emitter, and Collector.  But what does that really mean in terms of practical application?  And the BCP51 transistor that is used in the Xbox has two pins labelled as "C".  I'm confused.  Here's the datasheet for the BCP51 for reference. Anyways, any help is appreciated.

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Japanese tyre ski-jumping

Having seen a few good videos contributed by fungus I thought I'd add this one: happens when you roll tyres down a ski-jump?How fast do they go, how far do they get?L

Topic by lemonie    |  last reply

Incredible Fuel Economy Jump

Okay - so I recently read this article (Article) about this auto club - the hypermilers.My lady friend got sick and I had to take her home - we were a 30 minute highway drive away at the time. At the time, I was driving a 2006 Altima (31/24mpg for the mtx drive train).Applying some of the things mentioned in the aforementioned article, I got a consistent 41.5mpg averaging 50mph and when I parked at home after some city driving and a lot of stop signs - the meter read 40.2mpg! For about 5 minutes on the highway, I was getting 43.4mpg.Impossible you say? Here's a picture off the dash from last night ;) Mind you, this was with an atx gear box! So those EPA estimates should be lower than what I posted above. Now that's damn near Prius territory for the average everyday stop/go driver with a 2.5L engine :PAt no time did I draft anyone or shut off the engine while en route. AND, I didn't take anything out of the car. There's a road kit, some umbrellas and a case of water bottles :PSo does anyone know where I can buy a meter to measure my fuel economy like this? I found Scangauge but the $170 cost comes with a bit of sticker shock :P Like the article said -- it turns into a game always trying to beat your last high score :P

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My age keeps jumping years

At least 3 times a month, my age in my profile will go up a year. I'm 15, and I change it to that, then a couple of weeks later it jumps to 16. If I leave it for long enough it'll go to 18 or 19.

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How to tighten nut with bolt in jump rope?

  well im trying to make my own jump that have bearing and more similar like buddy lee jump rope, i using eye bolt and old jump rope handle to make it look a like, so my questions is how to tighten the nut in the small jump rope size(inside the jump rope), if you can see from the picture let say i took the rope from that jump rope and replace it with the eye bolt, so put nut inside the jump rope handle, but the problem is right now to tighten the nut from the inside. any suggestion.

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Something you might want to jump on.

Just wanted to inform the Instructables team that Chromium web browser (a Linux port of Google Chrome) Has marked the site as a source of malware. 

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Soldering sterling silver jump rings

Hello. I started working with metals, stones and beads in the summer. I think I am ready to solder as I am tired of some pieces falling apart. I make large jump rings and need to solder them. I saw the instruction on soldering on this website and bought all the tools today. I suppose I am a bit nervous about working with a flame. Could anyone share their experiences when they started to solder? Thanks. Tracey

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Need to build a device to measure verticals

What i need to do is possibly use lasers, i need about 30 of them around a half inch apart inside an aluminum pole or something. then i need a light connected to each one which will be at the bottom of the pole. After the beams are broken i need a sensor to light up to tell me the beam has been broken. this way an athlete jumps and once his fingers break the beam i know how high he has jumped without having to deal with the vanes in the current device. just push a button to reset it all. no messing with the pole or vanes or anything.

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how do you make a ski jump ?

Can somebody give me an instructable or video on how to make an awesome ski jump????

Question by taterbond    |  last reply

i'm looking for dog agility jumps instructions?

I am looking for knowledge on how to build a dog agility jump out of pvc?

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Suggestion: "Jump to top" button on new layout.

After taking some time to get used to the new site design, I've decided that, overall, I like it a lot. It's cleaner and leaves more real estate on the page for the content when reading an Instructable. But. (you knew that was coming) When I read an instructable, I reach the bottom and usually want to go back to the Instructables homepage. This may not be the flow everyone follows when cruising the site, but it's what I do. The top banner scrolling away but leaving the 'ible info there as a "ribbon" is a neat trick, but I keep expecting to see a link to the homepage up there that will save me from having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the page. What i'd like to see is a "Jump to top" link, either at the very bottom of the Instructable, or in the "ribbon" where the title and voting, etc. reside. The "ribbon" would be slightly more useful, since I could click it when I reach the comments if I don't want to read them all. Again, it may just be me, and I'm not asking you to redesign the site just for me, but I find myself noticing it often enough that I thought it might affect other users as well. Thank you for all you do, editors!

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Google Jump/Re-direct "Virus" Help!!

Has anyone else had issues the last few days, with an Adware/Trojan which re-directs links and addresses? I have delt with them before yet this one seems particularly nasty. Not only does it re-direct every link in all search engines to random sites it also blocks many if not all sites associated with adware removal tools/tech support etc. Example: HJ this is not attainable to send techs logs. I can't get to my email because wont open. It begun as just a simple re-direct script but it seems the sites which I have been re-directed to are flooding my comp with ad-ware/fake virus removal tools/security warnings. One of the spawning virus's has managed to remove my "task bar" and "My computer" from the desktop. My comp is just spawning trojans and adware at the moment, every time I do a full scan there is atleast 40 more spawned by the time it is finished (15min). At the moment the only thing I have is Super Anti Spyware, which the guys there are obvious on this as their 15min updates seem to be catching the new creations... But I'm fighting a loosing battle here... I know it is probably beyond most here to help me, yet I was more interested to see if any one else has been affected, as the site that I can get to for tech assistant is flooded out with... "Another Google re-direct Virus Help!" in their forums... Google has to be PO'd about this one.

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What can you do on a bike?

Awkward position, what can you do?

Topic by Evil Bike    |  last reply

I need help with soldering copper jump rings

I need help with soldering copper jump rings with silver solder. The copper jump rings melt before the silver solder melts. Help!!

Question by wendyjag    |  last reply

Is it possible to fix or revive a car jump box starter?

I have 2 dead one's at home and can't find anywhere on the web that describe how they work...

Question by kimxtc    |  last reply

Instructables Company Retreat

We all went out to Cloude's cabin in Bear Valley, CA, last weekend to hang out. Here's a video of the ski jump we made and subsequently fell off of, repeatedly.

Topic by nagutron    |  last reply

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe?

Hello! I am wondering if anyone knows how to make a skateboard halfpipe for under $300? Please give sensible answers. Thanks, Gerrit

Question by GerritSmith11    |  last reply

I need help with skateboard pop shuvits.

 I'm having trouble tring to pop shovit on a  skateboard. I can spin the board but I don't even go the direction of the board and my board flys out from under me and goes a foot or two away. How can I jump towards it while spinning?

Question by awesume    |  last reply

Is it possible to make a small surveillance camera out of an old cell phone camera?

Like most people, I have a few old cell phones lying around. I need a small, portable surveillance camera and was curious as to whether or not I could use my old RAZR camera for this. I have some extra jump drives too, but I don't know if that is large enough to hold video memory. I would like to make a small camera with ten or fifteen minutes worth of memory (I think the camera on the RAZR V3m is 1.3mpx). Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Question by a23kiki23    |  last reply

Soldering Sterling Silver and/or Sterling Silver Plated jump rings?

What tool should be used to solder ss and/or ssp jump rings - torch or iron?

Question    |  last reply

can you jump start a dead cell phone battery? Answered

Is there a way to recharge a dead cell phone battery? or too put a charge back in to a cell battery?

Question by bigmark    |  last reply

Photoshop is Awesome

My friend has Photoshop, and he is awesome with it. Here is a picture of what he did. That is me on the bike.

Topic by jollex    |  last reply

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe?

How do you make a skateboard halfpipe for under $300? Please give sensible answers. Thanks, Gerrit

Question by GerritSmith11    |  last reply

Stats pages still running?

Hey can anyone get the stats page to appear or has it been taken offline again? The only reason I ask is that out of nowhere one of my instructables has been speeding up in pageviews, overtaking one about sex and chasing the jet engine up as well but the referral URLs are all just the usual searches from google etc. Either way, anybody any notions on why people may have a sudden renewed interests in Zippos. 

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how to make triple jump spikes from normal distance spikes?

I have distance spikes and i do alot of triple jumping. it would be great if i could make my distance spikes be suitable for triple jump as well like adding extra cushion or something like that.

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Dude plans to jump from a plane and land on his belly. Really.

Jeb Corliss has leaped from buildings and other places in a single bound. Now, he plans to do it without the aid of a parachute.Corliss, who is a base jumper, has made jumps in 16 countries and five contents, more than 1,000 in all, from the likes of the Eiffel Tower and Golden Gate Bridge.His latest venture is trying to jump from a helicopter and land without using a parachute.Corliss says he’ll wear a wing suit, which makes him look like a flying squirrel. He plans to landing on a specially designed runway he designed. It will cost up to $2 million. Once he gets the funding for his project, he says it could take up to four months to actually pull off.He added, “A wing suit, basically, is fabric that goes between your arms and between your legs and it changes the shape of your body. So you become, in essence, a flying squirrel.'He explains that he plans to land on his belly, suggesting, "œImagine an aircraft. Aircraft don't land on their tails, they land on their bellies. That's exactly what I'm gonna become. I'm gonna become an aircraft. I'm gonna be landing on my belly.Why in the world would Corliss try this?"œI wouldn't say I'm doing this because I'm a thrill-seeker. I'm a person who has dreams and my life is based on making those dreams come true. And that's what I focus on."

Topic by fungus amungus  

Get a Jump Start on Your Project at TechShop Menlo Park This Saturday

If you have a project in mind that you want to make, but you're not sure how to get started, the folks at TechShop invite you to come to the TechShop Project Kickoff and BBQ on Saturday, October 4 from 10 AM to 5 PM at TechShop Menlo Park and get expert help.A panel of expert makers (including TechShop staff, TechShop Instructors, and TechShop's founder Jim Newton) will field your questions, offer advice, and help get you moving in the direction of success with your project, no matter how big or small.This event is free and open to everyone who has a project they want to build, and you don't need to be a TechShop member to attend. Just bring your project ideas and your thinking cap.TechShop is a membership-based DIY workshop that gives you access to tools and equipment, wide-open workspace, expert instruction, and a vibrant community of makers so you can build the things you have always wanted to make.TechShop Menlo Park Web Site:

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Vertical Measurement

These vertical measurement things ( cost upward of $350!!! Is there any way this can be made on the cheap. All help would be very appreciated. 

Topic by adamgadamg    |  last reply

Portable jump starter dead after two time used this is the second one

Hello all new to the form. Every time I looked to fix or build something out of something else this website kept popping up all the time so I joined. Okay here's my issue I bought a jump start pack from AutoZone never did any research or anything just went and bought the cheapest one okay well I got a couple of use out of it before someone in my family busted it and I didn't want to replace the battery inside it so decided to buy another one now the second one I have no idea what happened it wouldn't hold the charge I was pissed well still am. Well I got to thinking is there any way to replace the battery and just wire it up to a wall

Question by spedroza94    |  last reply

Crazy Parkour Group!

Check out this crazy parkour group called 3Run

Topic by TeacherOfTheWays    |  last reply

Instructables Goes Indoor Skydiving

The Instructables team has been going strong for a while now - some of us have even been with the company for over two years! Eric took Rachel, Eric N and me to iFly, an indoor skydiving facility, as an anniversary gift. Flying is awesome, and now we want to build an indoor machine of our own! I'm going to publish all of my Instructables in flight from now on.Here's video of the first flight we did where we were just learning how to stabilize ourselves.Here's video of the second flight we did where the instructor took us up and down, spun us around, and let us move around a bit on our own.**music NOT from noahw**

Topic by noahw    |  last reply

How can we keep our dog from jumping on the door to let us know she's ready to come in from the outside?

Our dog is a little bit afraid of noise so a device that makes noise to alert us to her being at the door probably wouldn't work very well.

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How can I be a Better Basketball shooter and how can I jump higher?

I am a good overall player but I need help on my shooting.

Question by sammychow4    |  last reply

Unknown fear in parkour?? Answered

     Okay, my sicheeaytion is this:          I'm practicing for parkour, and I practice my vaults and rolls by jumping off of my porch. The rail is very easy to go over, and it really isn't that high. About 6 feet. I was leaping off of it like crazy, not getting hurt. But within, oh, 17 hours or so, I was always stopping mid jump, just as I was going over the rail. I always put my foot down, stopping myself.  I've tried all of the tips, like motivation, visualization, and believing. I don't even think of the bad outcomes that are possible. But every time, I stop.     What is happening??????    

Question by eulaliaaaa!    |  last reply

How to jump to see any Insructables homepage number ? Say I want to see page 578 out of 988 pages? Answered

How to skip say 50 pages and see the new page in Instructables

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Anyone have a review for a Sony "8GB USB Micro Vault CLICK Turbo" ( USM8GLX ) Flash drive? Answered

Yup, another find me question: one "8GB USB Micro Vault CLICK Turbo" review. I'm not necessarily asking you to write a review, but if you happen to this particular flash drive, it would be very welcome. Once again, i've looked around for quite awhile, can't really find a review anywhere. Is this because it's really old, really bad, or just uncommon? I'm thinking about buying one, any tips would be good. Also, any other Flash drive suggestions around AU$100 with 8GB, a decent read/write speed, and orange would be appreciated. ( i like orange. ) Thanks in advance. Quack.

Question by iTraceur    |  last reply