How do solar junction boxes work?

With solar systems, you often see a junction box that apparently is necessary equipment for a solar installation. What is it? It has diodes inside, right? Why do you need it?

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help with installing a doorbell transformer?

I just bought a doorbell transformer and i know how to do everything but install the transformer.. i know it could be hooked up to a junction box i just dont know how. it has three wires on the back, and a junction box i looked at had four different colors of wires in it. i do not know how to install it. please help me.. thanks

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Landscape Lighting Electrical Connections?

We are in a newest home (5 years old). We had in-ground wiring installed but no lights. My wife now wants landscape lighting installed.I have two sets of 12 awg wire terminating near an outlet at the rear of the house. One wire was tapped with black electrical tape while the second 12 awg wire had green electrical tape.I found all the wire loops (where they come out of ground)However, I also found a junction box. There are two sets of 12 awg wire into the junction box but nothing is connected (pic attached)I then found a location where two sets of wire terminate. (Pics attached) comes out of ground, does a loop, but there's also an end piece. First I assumed, I had a "loop" system" but the junction box and now these two locations with en end piece of wire is throwing me off. Thoughts? Any suggestions would be helpful.ThanksB

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Cyclist attacks again...

Uh this is annoying after last year when there were attacks on cyclists made by motorists I've been thinking it better not happen again this year, well my fears turn out to be well founded, just as our bike month kicks off so does the war on cyclists...Coming down the hill towards work, going well over the posted speed limit of 30mph a boy racer in a vauxhall corsa boxed me in and tried to run me in to parked cars, i managed to get in front of him and out from behind the parked cars, he then went on the wrong side of the road and overtook me, only to try and brake check me, I was absolutely incensed he was looking me right in the eye through the rear view mirror, He got away at the junction at the bottom of the hill because the light was green and he was going straight on, I was going to take out his wingmirror but nay he didn't stop, next time I see the car I'll get his liscence plate numbers, then report his car as stolen... because he'd get off scott free for attacking me like that, despite having endangered my life and broken the speed limit by a lot more than I did...

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Outdoor listening installations

Would appreciate some advice on this project.  I'm putting together a proposal for a series of outdoor sound installations in a nature park.  a couple of the installations will be places where you can plug in headphones to listen to certain sounds captured live from a microphone in an interesting place- for example a hydrophone in a pond.  The plan is that the mic will be hooked up to 3.5 jack sockets and listerners will be able to plug in their own headphones.  Now obviously there needs to be some amplification because the mic signal level will be far too quiet to hear on headphones. I need a power amp that will be powered through a solar panel.  My question is, shall I just use a headphone amp, like the Behringer ha400 or make my own power amp circuit? I need to be able to make everything sturdy and fit into a weather proof junction box to protect it from the elements. I have done some experiments with an LM386 power amp module but there was so much background noise and it didn't pick up the mic level at all (may have been a problem with the mic I was using,it was a crappy little lapel mic.- I did get a signal from a piezo disc but it was again really crackly and noisy.)  If it is best to build a circuit with a power amp module, could people make suggestions of ones that will sound good and clean, and work with stereo headphones.  Thanks a lot Ash

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Are you guys up for a challenge, I need a hand with something

Well, peeps, I got a challenge you guys are going to help me with. Let me explain what it's about. We pay $35 something a month for 3mbit internet. I've only ever seen 1.3-1.5mb of it. The CO (Centeral office, it's a brick building they place in each "area" and it handles all the telephone and internet connections for you area, most isp's have one or more in each town they cover and those buildings are linked with fibre optic cables) is just down my street, I can practically walk out my front door, down the street and see it. So I'm rather close, and to top that, tiverton (where I live) is where my isp decided to set home, the "HQ" is just a km down the road from my CO building. Logic tells me that I should and have the right to get all of that 3mb I pay for, I can see if I live a certain distance away, but I don't. Here's where it get's a bit interesting, I was suggested to by dijital101 to run some cat-5 cable between the junction box and my dsl modem. Well that's just what I did today, I bundled the 8 seperate wires into two big wires (4 each) and even soldered them to ensure a good connection. Ran the wire, connected it all, attached a phone plug onto the other end of the ethernet cable and got it all hooked up. Well wouldn't you know, I see not one bit of differnce. Speed tests still show like 1.2-1.5mb (When It starts, it takes forever to even build up speed). But Interestingly enough...I get full upload speed (512k is what I get for up). When I'm uploading something too, such as files or torrents, if I let it go the full 70kb/s it limits my download speed to 30kb/s around there. This is something I've had to put up with for a long time, if anyone is familiar with "BMTS" that's my isp. My question is, what is there I can do to fix it? I even unhooked the wire coming off the telephone pole, cut the ends off and re-stripped the wires and that did nothing either. The wires are pretty old and tarnished, even under the rubber coating, and they're kinda peeling too. Should I call my isp up and complain again, think they'd come and replace the line? I just don't know what to do, if I can fix it, I'm going to cable internet.

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