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just to chat

Hey everyone.

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Is it just me?

Is it just me or has ibles had an update-type of thing? All of the 'Related instructables' at the side of ther page have gotten much bigger... Just fedlt likw askung..

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Just for fun.........

Anyone on here from Alabama? Iv been a member for a while, but have noticed that all the events and meets are up north or out west. If there is anyone, we could throw a meet-and-greet or some random MakerFest. 73, de KJ4ZVQ

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Just wondering

Does anyone know this guy? Is this OK?

Topic by ArtisanEclectic    |  last reply

just curious?

Is there a such camera that has autoadjust, auto zoom, infrared and has high mega pixels?

Question by Newbie216    |  last reply

Just Question?!

Hello People I'm Just Registered Yesterday i wold like to ask how could i know how many votes on my instructable Inside the contest??? thank u in advance

Topic by Eslam Eldeknawy    |  last reply

Just paper?

Do you have to use paper cups or can you use foam cups

Topic by Emsaid    |  last reply

Just to be sure

Hi, The entry deadline for the thinkgeek hacks contest is 5-april-2009 Just to be sure, does this mean you have to submit your entry before midnight today, april 4th, or can you still submit your entry tomorrow? -Yon

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Just wondering..

What was the ACTUAL DAY Instructables was made?Because I want to celebrate it every time it passes, because it is one of the most important dates in history. :-)

Topic by GorillazMiko    |  last reply

Just a Thought

Hello everyone, I'd like to share a thought that occurred to me. It appears to me that there are really only 3 main qualities of a knex gun: -Range -Fire rate -Ease of use Now out of these three we have already maxed out range with slingshots and the NAR. Now we need to work on maxing out the other two through semi autos and such and we will have truly revolutionary weapons. Then we can start combining multiple elements and creating easy to use semi-auto slingshots and such. I just wanted to share these thoughts with the community.

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Just stopping in...

Hey everyone! I haven't really been active here on instructables for a while (I still do check it daily though!). I have been using a bunch of other forums lately (AndroidCentral, XDA Developers, etc...) and I have to say that instructables, BY FAR, still has always been the best forum experience for me. The community, the forum layout, the community, the "Public Profile" page, the community, and, oh, did I mention how awesome the community here was? I would like to commend everyone here for making instructables one of the best websites around. Great job! -Kcls

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Just for fun!

I noticed we neither have a section, nor a thread for fun stuff, so I just made one ;)Let me give you something fun to think about, then you can add more funny stuff so we all have a good laugh :)The invisible man - a really old story!There is a man, thausands and thausands of year old, some even say he is as old as time itself.One day the old guy got really bored and decided to do something new.A few days of hard work and within a week he created the universe and all we know.To make it less boring he also decided to add some humans to it.After all, why would you need a TV if you can have it all life.Not long and those humans figured it all out and were really greatful for all the hard work done.So in return they accepted some ground rules, ten of them to be precise.Big buildings were built and everyone also needed some tokens to show how much he loves his god.Many years later some guy came along and got interested in this almighty guy everyone now called "god"."What does he do?""Oh! He loves you and watches you every minute of your life!""Nice! And what does he expect from me?""Just follow the rules and read his book if you feel troubled.""There is a book too?""Certainly is and you can have one for just 10 bucks.""And who is he and what would happen if I break the rules?""God is all powerful, wise, loving and forgiving but if you break the rules you will end in a pit of fire and pain for eternity!""Oh, that much trouble if I break the rules... Can I fix it if I did?""God always loves you and will forgive you!""Hmm, just to make sure that I got it right, let me sum it all up:There is an invisible guy living in the sky, he watches every single one down here every minute of the day.He is all powerful, almighty, all loving and the most forgiving guy you can find.But he needs money.Why do you collect moneyfor him if he never eats, sleeps, drinks or has any fun and also states there is no need for riches?"

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just to clarify

I was granted a 3 month membership for a featured instructable I did, then I got a one year membership for being a contest runner up, then i got another 3 month membership for another featured Ible. so my questions are these.. do the memberships run concurently (do i now have 18 months of pro membership) or does the largest one override the others (do i only have 12 months)? Do I need to wait until one pro membership is up before entering the next membership redemption code, or can I enter them as I get them and my account will be updated with the additional time earned?

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Just Dropping By...

Hello Guys, Not been on this website in around 2 years or so, seen a few emails and thought I would call in and see what innovation + time has brought to k'nex, and I must say I've seen quite a few bits I like. It definitely got my very creative mind turning, sadly I just don't have the time to build anything, but I thought you may want a little catch up on what I've been doing and simply I've secured a position in a line of engineering which I really do enjoy as it gets my creative mind flowing, I also have a computer 'hobby' as you could say, building custom computers etc... and I have a hobby in carpentry making furniture of useful items. I think its safe to say I haven't lost the creative spirit and as long as you stick with your skills you will be able to do similar things all your life. I would like to also add on the end anyone who is looking to purchase some k'nex let me know I still have around 5-6 thousand pieces remaining which I would like to get rid of... so anyways ill leave this story here and hope to talk to some of you again. :)

Topic by knex mad    |  last reply

Just one to go... (Update...Just!)

A few people have taken the time to mention that I am approaching my century - almost 100 Instructables. OK, so plenty of people have gotten there before me, but this is my first hundred on the horizon. I have now published #99, and I know what #100 will be. Looking ahead, though, what will your hundredth project be? UPDATE: #100 nearly didn't happen, as I came off the road on the way to the site.  Fortunately, the people I was going to meet came to meet me part way and helped pull the Mini out of the field.  The Mini is now awaiting diagnosis at the garage, which will certainly involve the words "bent" and "steering". Anyhoo, I got what I needed, now just putting together some more research notes with the photos, then get it checked by an expert... UPDATE TO THE ORIGINAL UPDATE: #100 is, effectively, done.  I'm just waiting for the expert who helped me to give it a once-over to check I've got my facts straight.  Since I've been using her work email address, I expect to here sometime Monday... UPDATED UPDATE: Ow!  My shoulders, neck and back are ceasing up, typing is getting painful (something to do with dropping three feet at fifty and coming to a dead stop in the field...). But, the garage where I dropped Womble off has just phoned to say they can't find anything obviously wrong (or bent) with the car that would explain why the front wheels are pointing in different directions.  They theorise that the impact bounced things a notch or three along without actually damaging anything. But, they also recommend taking it to a specialist bodyshop to get it checked... PROBABLY-FINAL UPDATE: And now I have Womble back - all that was needed, after all that fuss, was a slight adjustment of the tracking.  Now that is engineering. ON-TOPIC UPDATE: #99 is now finished off with photos of the piñata in action.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Its Voting Day, Do YOU Know What Rank Your -Ible is In?

Yes, its that time of contest season,The birds are singing, robots rebooting, and excellence is in the air.This is just a reminder to do your duty as a community member, and hopefully a spot in:THE BOOK

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

Where do our questions end up? Answered

In the forums?

Question by bumpus    |  last reply

My Amps! My Amps! *Screams an old crazy man in the deli section*

Yes yes, shhh I want to ask a serious question today. I traded one of my kenwood amps for my parents as their sony surround unit is really shitting out and the sound sounds terrible and the entire control panel on the front is messed up. I just want to know a couple things about the sony to see if I can fix something. The panel, well that's quite interesting to explain and if I posted a video of it you guys would probably think I edited it or something. So imagine this, the bass + and - buttons are beside the treble + and -, two sets of buttons. If you push one of the bass adjustment buttons, it glitches and turns the treble for example, up or down randomly and doesn't do what I wanted it to do. It's like this with all of the buttons and seemed to have happened after we moved here. And I know it didn't get banged around because it was transported in the back seat of a car on blankets to the new house and carefully carried in by me. If I say try to use one of the surround sound adjustment buttons it glitches out and acts like I hit another one that's beside it in any direction. Hard to explain but I'm just damn confused as to why it suddenly happend (dry solder connections?). Damn this post is long and it's only half Bad sound, I will not tolerate it under my household, but on the other hand it was a $400 unit back 5 or so years ago and I KNOW it used to sound good, with a such a profound richness of bass that just punched right through you. Now it sounds like shit, the sound is garbled, distorted when turned up, it's not really noticeable until you turn it up fairly loud. I have/had my technics tower speakers hooked up to it and they sounded like shit when I turned them up, yet on my kenwood they sing like the wedding singer days. Any ideas nachomoma? I'll add another note that for most of it's life it's been hooked up to a pair of 250 watt (peak) optimus floor speakers and whenever we played it, it got HORRIBLY hot and warped the top a bit when it was on, enough to push it in and make it spring back up again with quite a force. I liked this receiver a lot and would like to use it again, but I don't know where all these "degradations" came from and despite my useless amount of amp questions/bickering's about I would really appreciate any ideas from you guys. Thanks.. -Punk

Topic by Punkguyta    |  last reply

what just happened?

What just happened on instructables? The only working page i could find was my "you" page. Did some website editing go down?

Topic by DELETED_craz meanman    |  last reply

Just another poll

I was just wondering, Do any of you ever look past the third page of the new topics and recent posts? I only look through the first three pages or so. Just wonderin'.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll    |  last reply

Is it just my imagination Answered

Is it just my imagination but are there fewer questions coming through since the tab vanished from the top of the home page??

Question by rickharris    |  last reply

I Was Just Wondering...

Just Wondering What Will Happen If Your Country Is Not Allowed To Enter Will Your Instructable Not Get Entered And You Get A Email, Or Will You Have To Read The List Of Country's?

Topic by RJM2001    |  last reply

Just a stupid question.

Difference between Untangle, N.A.R., Wrectangle?

Topic by H1T4TCH1    |  last reply

I just noticed...

The How to Thank Instructables project is still getting the occasional comment.Nice.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Just a general question

Why do the majority of the instructables  now have to include an arduino?  what happened? has the times changed to where you have to have one of these devices to be able to "instructab" anything anymore?  just a curious general question..

Topic by nocount    |  last reply

Dremel just stopped

Hi I was using my Dremel with a saw attachment cutting wood half way in the Dremel just stopped. The spindle rotates cleanly I have checked the fuse etc which is fine   There were noises at all love my Dremel helps me a lot in my hobby repairing and repanting Model buses cash a little shirt so I can’t just go out and buy a new one 

Topic by Gefcon    |  last reply

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just look at this and respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will someone give me an idea or fantasy i can try to build out of knex because i have no clue what to build.

Topic by RunningBrave    |  last reply

Is it just me or what?

Is it just med that has problem posting comment? all i get is view the "all steps" function when i try and reply or post a brand new comment. //EDIT// This is the only way i can talk to ppl here now for some reason i cant post any new comment anywhere

Topic by Brother_Bear    |  last reply

Just a suggestion to Instructables

On our profile page, I always wished we could choose what projects we showcase on the page. I am very proud of some of my projects over others (admittedly) and I wish I could showcase them on the front page, instead of just my most recent instructables.  Thanks for listening/reading! :)

Topic by jen7714    |  last reply

Just say NO to Cake

Let them, um, inject cake? The effects of Cake on the brain....Cake reportOk, ok, so it's old news.....I thought it was interesting nevertheless. :-)

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

Just Keep on Trying

You have to admire the dog's persistence in trying to get up the slide. I love how he tries to take a shortcut in the end. via Neatorama

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

In JUST 20 minutes.....

In just under 20 minutes I will be leaving my home to take my wife to her niece's wedding. For her, there are mixed feelings, the niece is a bit young, but there is also joy in that it may work (do I sound pessimistic? :-) . For me, I enjoy the reception, free food (sigh, I am just soooo shallow, ain't I? ). I do not consider it fun to put on a suit and tie in 99 o F weather with nearly 100% humidity out there.....oh well. I am being summoned, I must depart...for now....

Topic by Goodhart    |  last reply

These numbers are just crazy!

I was looking at one of many websites I go to daily and found this really cool picture. It (the first picture) is of 8,000 42-gallon oil barrels. Which is the amount of oil consumed in the United States every two minutes. Crazy, huh?The second picture is the first one zoomed to see the detail at actual print size.There are more things like this here, and you will be amazed at just how much we use in such a small amount of time. Well it isn't just stuff we use, but most of it is.I never would have thought the United States would use 2 million plastic bottles every five minutes.

Topic by Sunbanks    |  last reply

Just joined Etsy

I've just joined Etsy! Any other etsy members here? What do ou make and sell? More the the point, if i post some pictures of stuff i've made in this forum, can anyone give me a price recommendation in US dollars? I'm not really interested in making a great deal of profit, but it'd be nice to recoup some of the time and money i've spent making things over the years. I'll have pictures up by tonight.

Topic by Vendigroth    |  last reply

no images? is it just me?

I don't know if this is just me, but I have a lot of problems viewing instructables on my computer in Firefox 3. I don't remember when this started because I use my boyfriends computer a lot, and his has no trouble with it. Thumbnails, images in the instructables themselves, and background images don't show up. Some of the text of the site is white and i can't see it without the background images, unless I select it. (also there is no problem in IE) I have tried deleting the browser cache and I've looked through FAQs but haven't found anything which works.

Topic by incessant_steph    |  last reply

Are We Just Machines?

OK, I was listening to a podcast a while ago, and I heard some thing quite surprising! What one researcher said is that our brain prepares us to do something 7 seconds before we actually think of it. WOW! So basically, our brain is ahead by 7 seconds. To me and some people it rally challenges the concept of free will, are we really just machines that work on instinct, of course, if our brain was really in control, how could we start to research about this. If our brain is so much ahead of us, would it really let us figure it out, or do we actually control our brain. Will it get to the point where our brains develop too much and start to control us, causing us to do things against our will? Scary thought isn't it? Just think, 7 seconds ago you were ready to read this!One more thing, Goodhart posted this link, anyone interested in this topic should read it.

Topic by XOIIO    |  last reply

Just an idea for a contest

Ok, I looked for all of 35.72 seconds to see if this has already been done, so don't light me up for not doing my research. I think it's a great idea for someone with more time on their hands than me. I was going through some of the wonderfully displayed instuctables and i came across a couple that may have very well been legit, but they were also hilarious. some of the pictures made no sense but the author just went with it anyway. So I was thinking, why doesn't somebody make a contest where they submit 5-7 random pictures that have nothing to do with one another. Then give everybody a week come come up with the best, most detailed instructable on how to do something, anything. winners could be based off of originality, detailed directions(could someone follow your directions and make something), humor, and of course best use of the pictures provided(what you are looking at would have to make some sense). I would love to do this myself on a weekly or monthly basis, but with work and school and kids. I don't really have the time. So, I'm just putting it out there.

Topic by AKNeal    |  last reply

is this just junk or useful? Answered

I found a smashed solar garden light in the shed the light unit its self is working but is it any use?   it has a solar panel a 1.2v battery a little board  with a green resister ( i think )  with silver black red and gray stripes and a little black thing with 4 legs that says  jc1803 .53b   when you have it in the sun the led is off when you cover the panel the light comes on   i have been looking at making a solar charger but as you can tell by my information im still learning these things  but i am getting there i do have the compulsory Altoids tin  Thanks for any help you can offer

Question by nonamesleft    |  last reply

Lexan. Just to be sure...

So, I was thinking about an Halloween mask, a steampunk diving dress. The most complex thing is, of course, the head piece. More specifically, I'm in a bit of a quandary with the visor: I need to make a convex, ellyptical dome of clear plastic. Since I need to fit that into a frame I need to make it from flat panels; this way I'll get the shape I want. I think I'll use Lexan: it seems to be quite sturdy and easy to work on. In theory, all I have to do is heat the thing up to 200°C (400°F) and it will bend like a charm, but I'm a bit worried about exalations and whatnots; can someone help me here please?

Topic by Madness helps    |  last reply


I wanted to watch the video on this page, but I have dial-up (it would take forever to load, and I would have to be able to resume it because I wouldn't be able to download the whole thing in one sitting), so I got the link for the file in the HTML and downloaded it separately so I could resume it. I reinserted the local file link to the downloaded file into the HTML of the original page to see if I could get it to play in the "blip" video player.Well, it didn't quite work. And the results that I got almost made me shart my self (s**t and fart at the same time). A low-res 8 second video that displayed the words "are you afraid of the dark" while a camera went through tall grass (typical horror movie setting), with the sound of a heart beat in the background. Yes, it scared the hell out of me, although, after watching the movie in a very small screen so nothing in it would actually make me shart myself this time, I couldn't discern any objects or otherwise likely scary things.Yes, holy shat. What the blam just happened? Mind you this was a week ago.

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

Drones, not just for spying

So with the advance of 3d printing, arduino firmware, Raspberry pi, and the general open source approach to making things in the last 15 or so years, it's really not that surprising that drones have become as wide spread as they are. Those not interested in drones view them mostly as either a hobby or a potential threat to their privacy, but I had an idea the other day that might push them into better prominence.   What if drones could be used for construction and basic maintenance?  What if a quad copter was the thing that was wiping down the windows of a skyscraper?  Or messing with dangerous high power electrical lines.... Things that are both tedious because they have to be done over and over again, and that are moderately dangerous for a human being to perform.  Why can't a drone be used for some of that, and can one be designed around those constraints?  This is how a hobby user could make innovations that might curtail some of legal and general paranoia surrounding drones.  This is all well and good, but let's take this a step further: Drones are a necessary part of human exploration.  People talk about putting humans on Mars.  Human beings require inputs. Food, shelter, air.... those sorta things.  If there's a problem with one of those things on Mars, there has to be a way to fix that, and it's probably best if it's something that's established before those humans get there.  Drones could be used to do a variety of tasks, and possibly even establish small caches of water or maybe even limited quantities of iron. Maybe even something like a 3d printed iron shelter.... (Induction heating works by pulsing a electromagnetic coil with high frequency electricity, which can be used to melt magnetic metals with high degrees of efficiency. This could be used to make low grade steel on mars, but if time and scarcity of resources aren't constraints... it would work.) Anyway... I was just sort thinking about this stuff. Let me know what y'all think

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i just ordered knex

Finaly i am geting some balljoints and hindges. i am geting 20 of both so i will be able to make some good guns that use them. i only had 4 of each before. i am also geting 30 hand connectors because i am running out of them. p.s. just to let my know the_bruitto_master i am planing of making your fn-scar when the peaces get here.

Topic by dsman195276    |  last reply

Who started this group?

Hey, who started up nerfreeks. Can't find it anywhere.

Topic by Top Dog    |  last reply

I Miss It....

Hi guys,  Basically foofys Comment is how I Feel: It's a shame really, eventually he will resist the temptation to see what's been made, and the jealousy will boil up and regret annoy him. He will miss the Kinetic Rifle, automatic weapons etc. Sooo Im gonna stay stay and comment like twice a week. I Bet DJ Will troll on me for doing this ;) Please Tell Everyoneeeeeee BYEEEEE

Topic by MegaMetal8    |  last reply

Daylight Savings Time

Don't forget everyone, daylight savings time starts tonight so be sure to "Spring Back" your clocks 1 hour at 2am tonight. And additionally because last year was a leap year when your clock reaches 2am for a second time, spring back an additional hour. If you live in the southern hemisphere the directions should be reversed ie. spring back 2 hours at 1 am. Europeons, please substitute 100 minutes for one hour to account for the metric conversion.

Topic by Tool Using Animal    |  last reply

is there a led that can change colour? Answered

And if so how does it work?....and if so would it be a feasible idea to make clothing out of some form of fibre optic fabric  that could change colour based on this led?  

Question by afridave    |  last reply

Just submitted an Instructable....Where is it?

Hi there,  I just submitted my first instructable and I can't find it when I search.   Is there a delay until it becomes available?

Topic by w1se    |  last reply

just some pictures for people

Instructables wont let me post pictures in a comment so im going to make a topic instead just for my pictures  for people

Topic by knex mad    |  last reply

Just an awesome little website

It's the NASA Technical Reports Server. It's like geek heaven

Topic by Tool Using Animal    |  last reply