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go kart?

Does anyone know where i could find a manual clutch for a 6.5hp 4stroke OHV engine 

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Go Karts

Hey guys, If there's anyone out there I'm gonna make a go kart. Ive got the frame and steering but how can I get good brakes and engine (50cc/5-8+hp)???

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Mario Kart?

Whats your Mario Kart friend #? Mine is 5112-4166-3421. PLz drop me a comment saying wat urs is and i'll add u! (U mustg have online acces (Wi-Fi))

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Go karts fuel

Is petrol a gas for go karts if yes, Can I use petrol in a 212cc (6.5HP) Predator Engine from Harbor Freight for go karts?

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hybrid go kart?

We r making hybrid go kart with 1 hp motor for hybrid go kart challenge which battery pack will be good choice 1.Lead acid 2.Ni metal hydride because of cost constraint we can't use li ion so if u know any other good batteries with low cost plz tell info: 48v 150 amps initial current energy efficient

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go kart will not move

When I give it gas it will not move . Engine is running fine and chain is good. It makes a loud squeal when you give gas

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mario kart wii

For those of you in north america, mario kart wii has come out on april 27. i own it currently and i belive it is good for multiplayer so who else owns it and what do you think?

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hybrid go kart? can i couple the engine and a motor in a hybrid go kart so that they can power the axel together. 2.if i am driving on motor then how can i shift to engine and vice versa.

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Making a go-kart

Hi, I am going to make a go-kart in my holidays. I am going to do it using the body and wheels from an old three-wheller buggy. I'm planning to have a search around scrapyards for a smallish engine. Whats the best way to get the power to the wheels? Is there a gearbox on all engines? I think I will use some disc brakes off an old bicycle or motor bike if I can find one. thanks glynlowen

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electric micro kart

I want to build a micro kart with a range of 10 miles at an average speed of about 5mph, with a reverse function. Iv been looking at blogs and Instructables for micro karts and DIY electric longboards hoping to directly copy the basic components of another project however all the projects iv found are for high speed machines that often need a bump/kick start and i need something that will happily run at consistently low speeds without an assisted start. I don't have the electronics knowhow to work out what combination of motor, battery and ESC i need but from what iv read it sounds like i might need an outrunner (?) type motor which is apparently good for low speeds and high torque. Iv been looking at the Turnigy motors on the Hobbyking website as they were recommended by a few blogs, i tried posting this question on their forums a week ago but got zero response. Could you take a look at their motor selection and recommend the appropriate combination of parts? Thanks

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Wooden Go Kart?

*Hopefully this is the correct category..... Hello all! I am quite interested to start learning woodworking (already have some knowledge) And what better way to start that with a gas (or electric) go-kart :-P? I know fair amount of people who have built things out of wood, some younger than I am (14). And it seems like a very good skill to have. Plus, if I am good enough at it and I outgrow the go kart, Ca-CHING! I could sell it for profit (If it is in good enough condition still). I'm currently in 8th grade but I cannot take a woodworking class until 10th grade, So why not start? I was also wondering if the Ibles community could help? I could use some ideas, and I will need alot of info for the engine and frame.(If you can even find PEDAL CART info that would be awesome too). My plan is to have it done by mid summer (July 10 for me). This may seem like too much for me, but I want to build one that, if it doesn't have an engine, one could easily add one (I realize I can not run a gas/lawnmower engine on its side) Please leave your thoughts below!!

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Electric Go Kart

Hi guys, I'm designing and hopefully building an electric go kart but i need some help. How do I put independent suspension on all 4 wheels and still have steering, brakes, engine etc. Any ideas?

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go kart kits

I'm going to build a go-kart kit and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to buy.I found this go cart. I would like to build it myself but for that price (400 dollars) I rather buy that than spend 800+ dollars on something not as good as that.Bottom lineI found a nice go cart for 400 U.S. dollars. I would like to build a kit but not spend more than 400 dollars and that at least performs as well as the one in the above link. The kit has to total less than 450 dollars and have everything I need.Thanks Jrb

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Is it possible to have a reversed go-kart?

What I mean is to have front wheel drive & rear wheel steering, as oppose to front wheel steering & rear wheel drive. if so what benefits does it have? Would it be harder to install on a homemade go-kart? Please answer a.s.a.p.

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cheapest go kart steering design?

You know the original go kart steering where the axle is bolted to alot of welded spindles and you would spend somewhere around $50 well i thought of using caster wheels, the type from harbor freight with 10" air filled tires then bolt a metal bar as the thing that the steering wheel turns so it uses the same concept of tuning the axle but instead of using spindles it uses the caster design for $20 would it work?

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What is the best placement for a go-kart engine?

We CANNOT put the engine behind the seat, only under the seat or between the driver's legs. Please help.

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how do i make a go kart?

I am also 14 years old and i really need to know how to make an awesome go kart without an engine but will bee really cool. plus i dont have any money to spend on parts!

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What is better for a go-kart engine, petrol or electric?

If so where can I find a small, working, cheap one? if electric how can I recharge it. I live in Australia so I want no shipping of the engine. I also need a way of accelerating/braking. Can you help?

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Does anyone have some awesome ideas for my go kart i'm building?

I just need something awesome to add on my go kart, I can't think of any good ones.

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Does anyone have some awesome ideas for my go kart i'm building?

I just need something awesome to add on my go kart, I can't think of any good ones.

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3 phase AC motor for electric kart with 12 volt , ten batteries in series?

If it is possible to run motor please give me what motor power i need , how many watt power motor i need ?

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What are some thoughts and suggestions on building an electronically controlled go-kart/dune buggy?

 Hello. I plan on building a go-kart that is completely electronically controlled. Basically I want to to be able to be controlled remotely but I will be riding in it. I will make sure to buy a kart with an automatic transmission and hydraulic disc brakes. Also I figure about a 200-300cc engine. I would expect the throttle and braking to be fairly simple. Steering not so much. Does any one have suggestions on how to get started and what parts I might need? Any help would be appreciated..

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I want to build an electric go kart, but my main problem has been choosing what kind of motor to use, and the batteries. Answered

The kart isnt a very high end project, its just been on my mind for a while and i am making the leap from thinking to building, i was just wondering what kind of motor to use, i gues it would be a power to price type thing, as well as the power source to use with it.

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Trike Maintainence

Okay, so it's not exactly a bike, but it has a chain, 3 wheels, and is better to ride when the weather is nice. How to get your (3 wheel) go kart up and running for the season.Get Your Go Kart Ready for Spring

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Im looking for a two man go kart fram reitivly big just frame and wheels is all i want cuase it wont look the same when im done withit any way im only 13 so i really dont have a big budget.

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hi.. there

We  want to couple 125cc engine with electric motor  to make hybrid vehicle can any suggest how to couple them both so that vehicle can shift from motor to engine while running

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can we join lithium battery with lead acid battery in series?

We are working on project and we need more power in less cost so lead acid battery is compulsion but we want to add lipo battery with it to get more power. can we do that?

Question by vpsingh92    |  last reply

Does anyone know how to wire a full wave rectifier to an alternator to create a motor?

I want to use the alternator off of an old (wrecked) car as a motor but need to know how to connect it up I have heard that you can use a full wave rectifier to do this, but am uncertain as to how to do so.

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Should I build a go kart or should I build a mini chopper?

So should I build a go kart or should I build  a really sweet mini chopper?

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how do you make a go kart from a lawn mower engine? Answered

I want to know how to make a cheap go kart powered by a lawn mower engine.

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DIY Batman Tumbler Go Kart

This guy built his own Batman Tumbler go kart. With his plans you can make your own. They'll cost you a little over $30 for the plans, but it looks like that will be a small fraction of the total time and expenses for this project anyway.But, Mr. Batman Tumbler Go Kart Guy, if you're reading this, we'd always be willing to host your plans here to open up this design to the world.eBay listing via NeatoramaSkip to 1:40 to see the go kart in action.

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Does anyone know a cool design for a go-kart?

Frame designs that can hold a diesel engine and a paint job and cool accessories 

Question by TheWilks1    |  last reply

What are some good designs for a go-kart that has a diesel engine?

Frame, body, lights, brush gaurd, and anything else i got ideas but i want some more to make a really cool go-kart

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I need help building an electric go kart steering, gearshift, and brake mechanisms. Answered

I am building an electric go kart, and I have a few questions. one, if I use this turning mechanism, which wheels/axles do I use, and how do I connect the wheels to the front axle? two, how do I connect the axles to the kart (made of wood) so that the axles spin? three, how do I put brakes? four, If I connect the motor to the back wheels with a chain, how do I put a gearshift? (like on a bicycle) Thanks in advance!

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I'm undecided about my next project. ROV, Road Robot, Go-Kart, or CNC Mill? Answered

 I am interested in getting feedback from people on instructables, because, I need to narrow my focus down on a single upcoming project. My ideas are an underwater ROV, a four-wheeled high-speed robotic platform, a normal ride-on go kart, or a CNC mill. All of these ideas are projects for which I've been marshaling resources, and now the resource I'm lacking is the time (and cash) to do them all. So, what are you guys more interested in? Also, feel free to suggest projects you want to see that I haven't mentioned. You can check out my existing 'ibles to see what I've been working on lately, to gauge my abilities, if that helps.

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GY6 Questions?

I bought a 150cc go kart a while back, and want to take it sand duning. Problem is, it doesnt have enough power on sand. The model is the KM-2150R.  I found out that the engine is a clone of the 150cc Honda GY6. I recently got offered to buy a 250cc honda scooter with a genuine Honda GY6 that is 250cc. Could I put the engine from the scooter in my kart? They use the same transmission, and look very similar, if not the same from the outside.

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How can I convince my parents to let me buy an airsoft gun? Answered

OK, so I've been wanting to buy the KART M14 EBR, [ $179.99, I think ], but my parents WILL NOT LET ME! I have ample backyard space. Any ideas on how to convince my parents to let me buy it, [any airsoft gun]?

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Cheap Electric Gokart??

Anyone know how to make one? I would like to know how to build an actual one. 2 passenger. Budget under 200

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battery for an electric go kart?

hello, I'm planning on taking a box fan motor and attaching it to a frame. what kind of battery should i use and what should the circuit include? thanks SC

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need welder/mechanic in london UK (go kart)

Hi guys, I am seeking for professional help to build a go kart. Welding and workshop would be needed. This is a project seeking to use biogas to power the engine. The vehicle I seek to build is a standing type of ATV. I've used the word go-kart simply because of the majority of parts I would be using is from go-karts. Please contact me if you are interested, paid work.

Topic by tesselar  

Vacuum motor on go kart?

So, I'm fairly new to electric motors. I salvaged a motor from a vacuum. I know that they have high torque. I'm just wondering what kind of weight they could move. For example, if I weigh 225, would it be able to pull me on a go kart?  Thank you!

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Adding suspension to a go kart?

It it a good idea to add suspension to a go kart? It is a small go kart and already has a frame from metal tubing and small wheels. My friend and i thought it would be cool to be able to drive it off road. We are meeting up tomorrow to discuss in detail how we would design it. The basic idea is this: use a pair of universal joints attached to a rod which transfers the power from the axle to the wheels. There would also be a spring attached to a hinge where the universal joint attaches to the wheel, and the other side of the spring attaches to the frame. There would also be some sort of frame that this stuff was attached to to keep it in place. The frame would be made preferably without welding, as we have no access to welding equipment. I don't know if this is possible to do without welding, but if it was REALLY necessary, i guess we could get a welder or find someone to do it for us. We will add images of our prototype drawings tomorrow once we get them done, those should help you envision what we are trying to accomplish. Thanks for the help!

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What to do with go kart motor?

I stumbled upon a go kart motor in my shed that my grandfather was going to use to make a go kart. It was supposed to be built when i was 12. I'm 21 now. My grandfather has passed on. The go kart frame was stolen. I want to put this motor to good use. The problem is that I don't know what to build to use it. I want to build something more than a go kart. if i wanted to go for a drive i would just take my car. Lol :P Any suggestions? Motorbike? Atv with caterpillar tracks? Help me decide and I will post full instructable!

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Go Kart - How do I secure the gear to the axle?

I bought a used go kart frame off craigslist, and I am repairing it. The problem is that the brake disc and the two gears for the motor spin freely on the rear left axle even when the wheel is not moving. How do I secure the gears to the axle? Do I use a bolt, or what? Thanks

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How to make power improvement for solar powered go-kart?

I have Model: MotoTec Solar Electric 24V Go Kart ( I need to make power performance improvement on it. Please, make suggestions. here is some details 

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