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C++ Keylogger

Im posting this forum to find out what you people think about posting a instructable about a kelogger..... any ideas?

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How to Download Spyrix Keylogger in Free?

Hello, I heard that Spyrix keylogger can be downloaded in free but I don't find any option, please let me know if you are using Spyrix keylogger in free too. Thanks

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how can i detect if my laptop has a keylogger and what can i do to stop it?

i have been warned by my brother that my laptop might have a keylogger because my husband gave it as a gift to me, now my husband and i are divorcing and lately, he printed some of my emails. how can i detect if there is a keylogger and what must i do?

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Need good parental software with remote access

Hi everyone, Recently, I was tensed to see my kid visiting the sites that he shouldn’t have. I do know that there are certain parental control software that can act as good watchdogs, but I need a one that can help me to view the things that my kid is doing at home. Its good to have a look at whats going on….if he is really accessing those sites or they are just by chance….!!!  I just learned about keyloggers and am very interested in getting one, free if possible, but I am willing to pay if necessary. Many friends online recommended that I should buy this Amac Keylogger(keylogger for mac), I found it is not free and it is a little expensive. I have no idea whether it is worthy of the money. Please do tell me if you have a solution to this…its really getting on my nerves!!!

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USB hardware keylogger

Hey, there Inscrutable I want to make a Hardware Keylogger, I found some that are made in PS2  However, I want to make one for USB keyboards and buying one is like 200 dollars any tips/tuts? Please reply?

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Is there a way to detect a hardware keylogger without dissasembling a laptop? Answered

I bought a laptop from a friend that he's had for a few years (about 8, old laptop, i know) , and according to him, his dads friend installed a hardware keylogger a couple of years after he first got it. I am wondering if it is possible to detect without taking apart the laptop.

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Government Trojans !!!

What do you all think of this practice ? Coming soon to a pc near you....government trojans.A government Trojan is spyware installed on a computer or network by a law enforcement agency for the purpose of capturing information relevant to a criminal investigation. Depending on the program, government Trojan horses may intercept email or VoIP traffic, scan hard drives for relevant digital media or even record conversations and videoconferences. As this type of software captures data and then sends it back to a central server for processing and analysis without a user's knowledge, it is generally classified as a back door Trojan horse virus. Governments have approached implementing Trojan horses in different ways. Swiss government agencies have been reported to be working with Internet service providers (ISPs) to record speech on an infected PC's microphone, as opposed to of intercepting encrypted voice packets. German agencies have sought authority to plant Trojan horses on the hard drives of suspected criminals using email that would install keyloggers, record webcams and microphones and scan infected hard drives for for documents, diagrams and photography. These email messages would be tailored to each unique target, similar to the method used in spear phishing attacks.More about Government Trojans.

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Get Paid for your Hardware Projects

Looking thru all of the cool projects here, it seems like there are too many projects that took tons of effort, sitting in attics. Or they're being used by the project designer, but no-one else can benefit from the designer's hard work. A lot of people would love to try some of the projects you've come up with, but they're not sure where to start.Here's what I'm proposing;- I'll keep a stock of the most useful components (passives, IC's, etc). I'll also keep stock of several 'generic' project PCB's.-You come up with a cool project using these components, Or modify a project you've already done. Once you've got it done, send me your source code / design and a Howto.-I'll publish your projects on my site, and I'll market my site to drive hobbyists. I'll spend real money marketing it, driving traffic so that thousands of folks will visit and check out your projects.Here's the best part; If a visitor thinks your project is cool, they can order the materials to build it. I'll take care of shipping, inventory, payment processing, etc, and I'll share the revenue with the project designer. Imagine if your hobby paid some bills instead of making them! And all you have to do is write up a 2 or 3 page 'How I did it' and share your code.HOW TO GET INVOLVEDI need to do a fair number of things on the business side, so I won't be ready to launch for 2-3 months. Before I can launch, though, I need to figure out what the inventory of components should be. There are two ways to get involved;IF YOU HAVE A PROJECTGo to the website and submit a brief description and a Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM is the most important. Once I've collected enough BOM's, I'll build an initial component inventory for projects. Try to be thorough with the BOM (Everything but solder). Your project doesn't need to be done (or even started), but if you share your project now, you'll get priority listing when the site is launched.IF YOU WANT TO SEE A PROJECT AVAILABLEVisit the website and drop me a note. I'll collect project ideas and see if any designer are interested building it (or chase down a designer who already did).My goal is to let other folks enjoy your awesome projects and appreciate your work. You'll also be able to make some money with your hobby, too. All feedback is appreciated!To get you thinking, a few projects I've seen around or think people might find cool; 'IRC client in an altoids tin', Music Visualizer, C64 wiimote baseball bat, LED stock ticker, Homemade portable MP3 player, POV clock / 3d display, Guitar Hero kit, LED lighting system, 3d printer, Parking assistant, SIM card reader, Metal detector, GPS logger / tracker, Balancing Robot, Remote Camera recorder, PS/2 Keylogger... Whatever! At this point, I don't need completed projects, just an idea of what they are and the Bill of Materials.The only way to make this project viable is to limit the inventory depth. By submitting projects now, I'll be able to build an inventory that will best support your ideas.The website is Thanks in advance,Nick

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