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 Should  " do it yourself" or " home made" or "hack" be a part of a title  on any giving instructable?

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Clickable Keywords

When logged in and viewing a personal Instructable there is a keyword list.  We can add and delete words very easily.  Nice feature. Until very recently we could also click on any of the keywords in the list and it would take us to a page of similar projects based on that keyword.  This was very useful to track all teammates for the Makerspace contest.   Why does this click option no longer work. Now every link defaults to the "everything" category. Would be nice to have that link feature back. DIYWATERDOG

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Adding Keywords

Please advise on how to add an additional keyword to a published Instructable.  I have tried adding the keyword "555" or "555Timer" to my recently published Instructable "Electronic Paperweight" but keep getting an error message.  Editing the Instructable is no problem, but cannot add a new keyword.

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Adding keywords

I can't publish my instructable, it keeps asking for at least 2 keywords, when I type them in and hit publish again, it says add keywords. What is wrong?

Topic by Quanah    |  last reply

Add keywords

Ok i need to add a keyword to my instructable however i cannot see the button. Can some one tell me or post a screenshot? Thanks.

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Keywords are not recognized

I have a problem to publish my instructable. Everything is ready and finished and I am on the publish-page, but the keywords are not recognized. I have entered 5 different words in the field, but when I click on publish I get a overlay telling me "Please add keywords". How can I get over this? I tried with 4 different browsers on three different OS. Thanks Andreas

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Tags / Keyword Will Not Save.

Hi. Mimi again!  Thanks for helping to get my video ible to post!  One last issue I'm struggling with. I can't add or save tags / keywords!  See this screenshot: or the file attached.  You will see that there is a field for keywords, but no update or save button.  The other options all have a little "update button" next to the entry field.  I can type in all the keywords I want, but there is no way to save them.  And when I navigate away from the page, there is no evidence that they were ever entered.  Am I missing something? appreciate the help! Mimi

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Difficulty adding keywords.

Hello, While surfing around Instructables, I noticed some people have phrases in their keywords instead of just single words. I tried to search for the answer, but continue to have difficulty adding more than one word at a time. I found one post stating the words must be separated by commas. So, I typed in the following: HOW,TO,MAKE-T-SHIRT,YARN. Nothing. It divided the words, each on an individual line. Then I found a post stating the words should be separated by a '+' symbol, so I tried it. HOW+TO+MAKE+T-SHIRT+YARN Now the words are scrunched like this: HOWTOMAKET and SHIRTYARN Could someone kindly point me in the right direction? Many thanks!

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why is bacon a keyword

Why is bacon a keyword? and lols thnk you for saluting bacon!

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Not able to edit keywords

I misspelled a keyword and another keyword pairing I want to delete. The edit and keyword button appear but when i click on it, nothing happens. I have tried 3 browser all with Java enabled and still nothing. Anyone have ideas? If it helps, this is the instructable => LINK

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Group Keyword Problems

I went to my group, Shadowman39's Favorite Instructables and Members, and just noticed that there's something wrong with the keywords. I didn't put those keywords there, so I'm wondering who did. There isn't a way to edit the keywords (for me, anyways). So, I want to get rid of those keywords. Thanks, Shadowman39

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Filter OUT a keyword

Ok, I know you can limit your viewing to a particular keyword, but how would you go about filtering out that keyword? For instance, I don't get the whole knex obsession around here, I don't own any knex, and I never intend to... so I don't want to dig through 40 guns, knives, swords, cellphone holders, etc. just to find something interesting.

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can't change keywords

I was rethinking a keyword in a recent instructable (it's a fitting one if one is familiar with the website that inspired the image in the artwork). I couldn't click on anything to change it when I was on the page of the instructable after I'd clicked on "edit keywords & license" (or whatever it says there). I tried to update it from the publish screen.  That kept giving me an error code.  I decided to unpublish it, then re publish it while changing the keyword. I can't publish it now.  The code I get is ERROR 401: edit object E6UQTFIH5TVB1AM - ERROR 401: edit object E6UQTFIH5TVB1AM I tried chrome and safari.  I'm pretty sure they're the latest versions.  Can someone at instructables just remove one of the keywords if it's offensive, against TOS, or would keep it from being featured, and then republish it for me?  Or if you're fine with all the keywords, could you just republish it? And, for the record, I know that another of the keywords seems to be misspelled.  It makes more sense if you're familiar with Regretsy.

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Unresolved - Unable to change keywords.

  Is this just me or do others have the same problem? :- I am unable to change the keywords of a published Instructable via the 'Author Options' box.  'Categories' and 'License' show the dropdowns, but the 'Keywords' heading only has a small white box below it.  I have tried this on 2 different machines with Firefox (currently 16), IE8 and Chrome portable, all with popup blockers / adfilter etc disabled.  A different but similar issue: I've just discovered that I can edit keywords on the 'publish' page of my other Instructables and 'save' the changes, but not this one.  See my comments below.

Topic by AndyGadget    |  last reply

please add keywords problem

OS: OSX Browser: Firefox 30.0 URL: Can't publish instructable - get "Please add keywords" even when keywords are present. Example keywords: "onstar hack privacy camaro gm". I have tried others, nothing seems to work.

Topic by uhclem    |  last reply

Is there such a thing as too many keywords? Answered

I understand the value and importance of keywords, but I also loathe redundancy. lol... should I just get over my loathing? 

Question by bajablue    |  last reply

Another keyword/ section/ idea

It would be really great to get a gifts section going considering how close it is to christmas! yay!

Topic by lyingsage  

Those Lousy Keyword popups!

It seems that on every page recently my browser (Firefox) is popping up a little 'image name/keyword' banner that is REALLY annoying. I suppose its possibly the java or something similar, but I'm NOT turning off my settings for one site. Alternatively, how about letting us turn that crap off in our profile settings. I really don't need it and I'm absolutely sure there are thousands of others who would appreciate that 'one click peace of mind' button being there. I'm a very active reader and I find myself avoiding this site whenever possible JUST for that reason.

Topic by Pazzerz    |  last reply

My Chosen Keywords Don't Bring My Project Up After Search

I'm not sure anyone is seeing or finding it. Thanx

Topic by 808create    |  last reply

why can't I publish? I have keywords but it tells me to add them.? Answered

When I try to publish a popup tells me to add keywords.  I have four already!  I tried switching from firefox to chrome but get the same error.  Any ideas?

Question by danneauxs    |  last reply

How to delete keywords from an instructable?

I've discovered by trial and error that keywords are supposed to be comma-separated. I've ended up with some sentences for keywords. How can I delete them?

Topic by Dr Rob    |  last reply

Why arn't my keywords searchable anymore?

The keywords for my vaporizer no longer display my vaporizer. Could someone please explain?

Topic by vapoking  

Publisher won't recognize keywords, so won't publish

No matter what I put in the "keywords" field, I get the "Please add keywords" error. Same using XP with Chrome, or Win10 and Edge. See attached screen capture.

Topic by DconBlueZ    |  last reply

Can't remove question mark from keywords list

.  When I try to remove a question mark (just a question mark char alone) from a keywords list, I get a "error 400 -- missing action" dialog box.

Topic by NachoMahma    |  last reply

Adding tags to already-uploaded pictures

Would it be possible to have a link to add a keyword to an image, in the instructables editor? RIght now, it appears that you have to find the image in your library in order to add a keyword, and if finding a particular image in your library was easy, you'd not be worrying about adding keywords.

Topic by jdege  

JBL tr 225

Enter message body

Topic by fonzorell760  

Gears guns, anyone?

Okay, we need from Gears of War still: Boltok Lancer A SMALLER Snub Hammerburst MULCHER Mortar Try them out, guys.

Topic by DrWeird117    |  last reply

im trying to make a handle in clip 45 cal knex replica

So i need some suggestions plz

Topic by darth acexxacer    |  last reply

Good Free CAD Software?

I'm gonna build something and I need a free CAD program. I have a very light one but if anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

High Quality Print Making

Do any of you know how to make high quality prints of a piece of art? The only thing I can think of is using a scanner, but that's not really the same thing. Or should I just go to the professionals, which will get expensive.

Topic by Spl1nt3rC3ll    |  last reply

Suggestion: Contest Vote Counter

So I recently entered the hidden doors/compartments contest (my first), and was thinking that it would be nice to know if people are voting for me... just suggesting the addition of a vote counter (unless it exists and I missed it), not necessarily to see other peoples popularity, but just to see how you yourself are doing.

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I was wondering if anyone else was like me in the sense that they stay up late and do everything that night. Most nights im up past 1 or 2 am, and wake up around 7 or 7 30, I also do all my homework or work on projects at late night early morning too. And the best part is staying out until dawn which I also love... Is anyone else like that?

Topic by astrozombies138    |  last reply

Old pennies stuck together with green rust like putty!?

I was going through a trunk of old coins and alot of the pennies are stuck together with a green putty like rust!!! What on earth is this its holding the pennies together quite well, I can pry a few apart but some are just stuck! I also found some mercury head dimes, steel pennies, and this unidentifiable coin with a eagle on the front and what looks like a statue of liberty on the back. Any ideas on the rust putty and what this mystery coin is?!

Topic by astrozombies138    |  last reply

internet help!

Ok, so I am at my friends house and i want to get on his wireless internet with my laptop, our problem is that, his wireless internet is password protected by a WPA Personal password and we do not know his IP address, I look at the spot where all his wireless things are set up and instead of router and modem, he has a cisco firewall box, cisco wireless acess point, a motorola modem and i am just baffled i called his service provider but they said i would have to call the third party router people can anyone help!?

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My arm's can't feel pain!?

Today this girl was pinching my arm in this weird way thats supposed to hurt and i could barley feel it, so me and my friends put my arm to the test as soon as i started talking about the incident. My friend grabbed my arm with both hands twisting the skin in opposite directions (indian rugburn) dug his nails into it for long periods of time, stapled it, i put a little piece of glass into it (the top), bit down on it as hard as i could, and punched a brick wall. STILL NO PAIN!?!!?! wessup wif dat!

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Mystery part!

My sister brought me home this part tonight from tech crew at school, she says she thinks it came from a fire alarm but were not sure. There are 2 lightbulb sockets and engraved on the metal it says "75W -125 v". Out of the back there are 6 wires, 1 red 1 black 2 white that are going into the large thing in the middle, and 1 black and 1 white coming out of the empty socket. the 2 sockets are also wired together. What is this part? is it simply a power supply with 2 light bulbs? The label says "Lithonia emergency systems on it" "input : 277 at 60hz (wht and black) output:120v 21.6VA (wht and red).

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Happy newyears

What did you do on new years eve / the AM's of new years day... I ran around the suburbs with my friends and my ipod+speakers, When it got too cold we would hang in train stations where we ate off vending machines, one of the vending machines was very very very evil, because they arranged it so infront of all the swedish fish there was a thing of potato chips, and infront of all the starburst was a rollo! We listened to lots of good music and watched the sunrise while trying to ice skate in a empty parking lot....Im posting this video because i played this song on loop forever while running up and down traintracks. Oh and what did you do on new years?

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My science final. Making my own lab. (help)

Ok so my science final is to make our own lab involving those little sponge capsules that turn into animals when put in water. I understand that hotter water will dissolve the capsule faster because the molecules are moving much faster and are hitting the solute more. Each student gets 4 capsules to use, so I will have room temperature water, boiling, and ice water and the water temperature recommended on the back of the capsules box (50-60 c. which is 122-140 f) . My question is which one is my control? I have figured that it would either be the room temperature water or the recommended water, but which and why?

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Put on your beer goggles

My school recently bought a few pairs of "beer goggles" apparently these are goggles that when are put on simulate being drunk! How on earth does this work, "DRUNK BUSTERS Impairment Goggles™ simulate effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgement and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscular coordination. For some people, impairment might result after as little as one drink." I will be going into the gym with my health class to attempt to play basketball tomorrow or monday. But until then I am curious as to how these work.

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Ok so I've been doing research on the movie cloverfield and everyone wants to know what the monster is, so far I have seen the two biggest possibilities as Slusho the whale or Cthulhu. The whale supposedly carries these lice that are either huge and ravage the city, or get inside people and kill them, there are screen caps of people in hazmat suits which may have to do with this. JJ abrams also had a character in lost i believe wearing a slusho shirt, and also had a project called slusho and cheese. And with cthulhu they talk about the government knowing that it is coming, and there is a small video clip where you see a monster that might be cthulhu. The monster is supposedly amphibious and can swim as seen in the water on the poster. the movie comes out on 1-18-08, what do you guys think?;=related (the video button wasn't working for me sorry)

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Hooke's law (my brain just reached it's elastic limit)

I was very daring and entered the intro to engineering class as my elective in my first year of highschool. It turns out that I am in over my head. I am always up for a challenge, so I am sticking with the course I am one of the 3 freshmen in the class. On the first day of class our teacher was introducing the class and brought up that we would have to use some trigonometry and other math that the freshmen have no learned yet but he is willing to help us out with that... Anyhow today at the end of class we were given a hand out about "hooke's law" because we had just done a lab where we attached weights to a spring. The paper is pretty straight forward about hooke's theory and the formula F= K (delta)L (Force = K times the change in length) it defines k as the "proportionality constant" which I do not understand. What is a proportionality constant? wikipedia says its a force or spring constant which I still do not understand. Wiki also gives the formula F= -K x (with arrows over the k and x). help please!

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keyword abuse - trying to find things here

So I've noticed quite a few instructables that are completely unrelated to searches I've done coming up alot and I couldn't figure out why for all of three seconds...A lot of instructables have been added with completely irrelevant keywords, such as this, In which the user has typed out every letter of the alphabet in the keywords, not to mention usb and computer, the instructable is about a bleedin K'nex scope. As an example try searching love, you'd expect to be hit with the latest swath of valentines instructables but instead you get a load of rubbish.I know this is a difficult problem to circumvent without a ridiculous amount of work for staff but there should really be some kind of control over this problem.

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the stuff i posted

i posted a picture of the energy drink i like in the forums and everyone was dissing on it an me, thats not kool, i've never done anything bad really to anyone, so why the dissing? plus freaking out about the keywords, what makes you guys flip so much stuff about them, if you dont want to look at the post i post, DONT LOOK AT IT, i quote tupac; "I ain't mad at ya, Got nuttin but love for ya, just do your thing."

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

500th comment!!!

I just noticed I made my 500th comment today! I'm sure no-one cares, and I'm probably spamming, but I didn't know a more appropriate place to post my victory. So there. HAH!

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Feature Request/Revival

The way the stats tab on instructables used to work for search URLs was messier than the current iteration but including the full URL was good in one way, it let you know what people searched to get to your instructable.  I'm not mad for SEO or going mad with keywords, however as a matter of curiosity and to see if people meant to find your instructable with the search or if it just ended up being relevant is very interesting.  With the current stats function is there any way to get at those URLs, or even just the search terms? Was it even a change on instructables end?  I'm wondering because I find I do find use in it along with the idle curiosity.  Insert random library picture...

Topic by killerjackalope    |  last reply

Ible delayed posting no longer new.

If you have an ible delayed of being posted for who knows what reason. When it gets posted it gets posted in the spot that it would of been  originally. Example, on 6/1 i published 3 ibles in one day. One posted in 10 minutes. The other 2 posted on 6/4. Now the two late posts do not get put at the top with the new ibles, no it gets put in at the date it was first submitted. My variable voltage supply took 6 days to post. So to find it you have to go through many pages of ibles to locate it. IT does not get posted as the newest ible. I had sent a msg to service@instructables but never did get a real person.    If peoples ibles are delayed for some flagging issue or what ever it would be nice to know what to avoid in the future. I have gotten a tip on some issues that may trip the filters, short keywords, not common or unrecognizable keywords. Such as eek. In msg or forums delays maybe from short question with active links.. These are tips are from someone that has been observing these things and are not a locked in rule.   Altho these are somewhat of gripes it is not anything that will stop me from posting ibles. I realy gain from Instructables. Before i joined here i never heard of Arduino now i am writing small sketches and manipulating larger ones.

Topic by WWC    |  last reply

Making an instructable

Howdy! I uploaded a topic, but when I went to publish it, I kept getting an error message to add keywords, even though I had added them.  It won't publish.  Any ideas?  I hope it's still in the system someplace....

Topic by Stavros!    |  last reply

Can only change keywords by re-editing 'ible

I am unable to change the keywords via the Author Options panel on any of my Instructables.  When I click on the link I can change the category & license but the Keywords section is empty. I am using Firefox 13.0.1 on Windows XP Anyone got any bright ideas on how to solve this? I can change the keywords by re-editing the 'ible, but that is a rather clunky solution.

Topic by lizzyastro    |  last reply

How do I create a "keyword" with embedded spaces

For instance, Eric's Book shelf instructable manages to have "book shelf" as one of the keywords, but in my Prime Rib instructable I could only figure out how to have "prime" and "rib" as separate keywords...

Topic by westfw    |  last reply

Dumb keyword question -- what does "rhs" stand for?

I was looking at Noah's new Office Weapons Guide, and noticed that it included the keyword "rhs". I'm only familiar with this meaning "right hand side" (a.k.a. "rvalue" in C). But it seems like there are a large number of guides (all of them? No, all but about 20) with this keyword included. What does it mean?

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply