Turn up your speakers really loud and click on this link. It's really quite funny. Link:

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Want to join your sports authors team! [Sports Blogger]

Hi I am Hassaan Khan, sports blogger and content writer. I want to join instructables sports writers team. I have expertise in other writing fields as well. Contact on email to get time on skype! Hassaan Ali khan

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hand washing liquid?

How i can product a hand washing liquid?please help & give me a formulation ,thanks

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how to make liquid antifreeze concrete?

I need that how make liquid antifreeze concrete & a new formulation for product,thanks my friends

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multi purpose cleaner formulated?

Hello my friends i need some formulation and combination of :carpet remover,multi purppose cleaner,lcd cleaner and new cleaners formulation.thnk

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please can any one help me? Answered

I want to publish my project.but i have show this message.please add kewords.i enter keywords in empyty box.but i have show this mesage again.and my project can not publish.can any one help me

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create a JavaScript war game

I am trying to make a JavaScript game like Genghis Khan except tiled and simple like Conways Game of Life  it sounds simple but I cant figure out how to start. any help would be much apriciated

Question by FastLearner 

How to reliably detect fire and its location?

As the title says. I did try IR receiver to detect a fire but its not very reliable. Im trying to make a fire fighter robot and need accurate data of the fire's size and its location. Im using a arduino Btw Thanks

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Project Help

Hi friends I am Sahir An Electrical Engineering student. I want to make a project of controlling my room lights and fan via computer so that i can turn them off and on via computer and the status of on or off is also displayed on computer.I am confused how to start and from where. Please Help me in achiving it..........thanks

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what licence is need from where can it be obtain ?

 i want to start a camping company there are few that i want to know a) what document are needed   b)what licence are need  c)from where can i get it as i m in mumbai (maharashtra) d)how much will it cost me please i need the answers as i am desperately looking for the same  

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Frequency Change on Futaba Receiver R138DP (PCM) originally tuned for 72Mhz

Futaba has discontinued their 50Mhz receiver Model R138DP, however its available in frequency range 72Mhz.  I have Futaba Transmitter 9-Cap operating on 50Mhz. I want to convert all my 72Mhz receivers to 50Mhz since there is nobody using 50Mhz in our model club so no chance of Frequency Clash, more over I experience Glitches on 72Mhz but non on 50Mhz. 

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Rennet is not available in any form in Pakistan. I need it for cheese making. What should I do?

I am an artisan. I make Fresh mozzarella cheese. Rennet is not available in Pakistan. Either tell me a source who can supply in Islamabad or any herb which replaces rennet. Someone was suggesting bark from fig tree. We have fig trees. How to go about it? My requirement is about a kilo in one year. Shah Nawaz Khan Mobile: 0092 300 5333 877

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Facebook app

I've been working on an app for facebook. I guess you could say it's in closed beta. Anywho, I need a few people for a test group. It is a TNG-Era game, that so far has the option of: The Borg, The UFP and the Romulan Star Empire. Also, I would gladly accept suggestions from those who don't use facebook. Send me a friend invite with a small message here: .I need a friend invite if you want to be an admin. If not go to: .Thanks,Tyman210

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Last Meal

I'm a television junkie and I recently watched an episode of King of the Hill in which Dale, Bill, Boomhauer and Khan get together to make what would be their last meal, if they knew they were going to be executed the next day.  I was thinking about this....what would my last meal be? A Japanese bento with tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken, tempura veg, various sushi, Grandma's green chile, and her black mole (mo-lay) and my Mom's rice......and some Ghiradelli dark chocolate. What would your last meal be? I think I want to get some friends together and do my own "Last Meal Party."....In time for Halloween.

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Having trouble measuring accurate voltage with arduino.

For a week now I’m trying to get very precise voltage readings with no luck so far. I’m using a voltage shunt regulator (LM431) for reference but still. My goal is to read values low as a 1mv change. I’m using a voltage divider to convert 38 volts to 4v (According to my vref). I've read that 10 bit ADC in atmega328 is enough for this job. Is it or am I doing something wrong? Thanks P.S i have made a lot on changes to my circuit so please go over to my new link to get up to date. Ive read all of your feedback and tried to implement it. Thanks a lot for all your answers.  LINK:

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How To Build RFID walk Through Sensors (Stands)?

Hi All, I am planning to build an School Attendance System, RFID Walk Through Reader, So i need help from your end how can i built it (Step by Step Processs and Need of Material i need to use for it). My Planning: Need to built an RFID Walk Through Reader, means, suppose if a student ware an RFID Card in his neck and when he pass through from RFID Reader stand (it may be 3 meters distance between ID card and Reader) then automatically this RFID Stand will read the students information from his ID Card and send SMS to his Parents automatically. will you please send me Step by Step Process how to build it and what type of material i need and what type of Software i need to develop, my mail id:, i hope i can get my answer as soon as possible from your end. Thanks & Regards Bismillah khan

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One Small Slip...

Two Bangladeshi newspapers have apologised after publishing an article taken from a satirical US website which claimed the Moon landings were faked.The Daily Manab Zamin said US astronaut Neil Armstrong had shocked a news conference by saying he now knew it had been an "elaborate hoax".Neither they nor the New Nation, which later picked up the story, realised the Onion was not a genuine news site.Both have now apologised to their readers for not checking the story."We thought it was true so we printed it without checking," associate editor Hasanuzzuman Khan told the AFP news agency."We didn't know the Onion was not a real news site." The Onion article claimed that Armstrong had been convinced by a website written by a part-time librarian;"It only took a few hastily written paragraphs published by this passionate denier of mankind's so-called 'greatest technological achievement' for me to realize I had been living a lie, " said a visibly emotional Armstrong, addressing reporters at his home. "It has become painfully clear to me that on July 20, 1969, the Lunar Module under the control of my crew did not in fact travel 250,000 miles over eight days, touch down on the moon, and perform various experiments, ushering in a new era for humanity. Instead, the entire thing was filmed on a soundstage, most likely in New Mexico."Obviously, this is a major embarrassment for the newspapers involved, and clearly shows how modern "journalism" is really just copy-paste-spin (witness The Daily Mail's recent "pregnant immigrant" slant on UK population data)You've got to wonder, though - how much other net-sourced nonsense has made it to the headlines as "news"?The Onion articleManabzamin newspaperNew Nation (Tagline: "Bangladesh's Independent News Source"!)

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Highlights of Cambodia Muslim Tours – 5days

Detail Itinerary Day 1 : Phnom Penh – Arrival by noon flight Arrive at Phnom Penh airport. Visa arrangements. Welcomed by your local guide and driver. Transfer to your hotel. Lunch not included In the afternoon, take a city tour to visit Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, and the National Museum of Khmer Arts. Dinner not included and night at hotel. Day 2 : Phnom Penh – Flight to SiemReap (B) After breakfast, we will witness the reign of terror during the Khmer Rouge Regime by visiting the Killing Field of Choeung Ek, and the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crime. Lunch not included. In the afternoon, transfer to Phnom Penh airport for flight to Siem Reap by K6 109 @ 1600 – 1645 hrs. Upon arrival at Siem Reap airport, meets and transfers to hotel for check in. Rest of the day at leisure and night at hotel. Day 3: SiemReap – Angkor Wat (B) After breakfast, visit to Prasat Kravan, Srah Srang, Banteay Kdei,Pre Rup, Neak Pean and and Preah Khan temples. Lunch not included. Later in the afternoon, visit to the Small Circuit to see Ta Prohm, Ta Keo, Thommanon, and Chausay Tevoda. Dinner not included and night at hotel in Siem Reap. Day 4: Angkor Wat – Bayon (B/-/D) After breakfast, we will continue with your tour to see the South Gate of Angkor Thom, Bayon, Bapuon, Terrace of Elephants and Leper King. In the afternoon, visit the fabulous Angkor Wat complex. Enjoy your dinner with the traditional Khmer Dance Show. Overnight at your hotel Day 5: SiemReap – Vientiane (B) After breakfast at hotel, free at leisure until transfer to airport for departure to VTE by QV 522. more:..

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Having trouble measuring voltage with arduino.

I have posted this question before but I’ve made a few changes with my circuit with no luck. I’m trying to make a variable lab bench power supply with an lcd screen to read voltage and current while adjusting them. I’m using TL431 to have a 2.5v Vref and  a op amp in voltage follower configuration with 10M and 1M trimmer (Divider) on the input to finely calibrate 38v down to 2.5. The op amp is acting like a buffer. This is the code I've come up with: float volt; int sum = 0;                   unsigned char sample_count = 0; #define NUM_SAMPLES 10 void setup() {   analogReference(EXTERNAL);   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() {   while (sample_count < NUM_SAMPLES) {    sum += analogRead(A0);    sample_count++;    delay(10);     }    volt = ((float)sum / (float)NUM_SAMPLES * 2.5) / 1023.0;     Serial.println(volt * 15.2 ,3);     sample_count = 0;     sum = 0; } Parts list: LM358 (for now, will upgrade to a unity gain stable op amp) 10M 5% resistor 1M trimmer Arduino Mega (Will use a pro mini in the final circuit) Breadboard (Will this effect my readings?) TL431 (2.5v Vref) Yes I now the LM358 is not suited for this application but I don’t think this will affect my readings by much, about 5% maybe. Will it? This code is gives me OK values at start but when I start to decrease/Increase the voltage. It lags behind and offsets by 1-2 volts on the reading. My goal with this project is to read (LIVE, meaning while changing voltage with buttons and see it change without any offset/lag) Voltage with a resolution of +-5/10mv accuracy and also read current (But thats for a later day). One last thing, I’m 16 so a lot of electronic terms tend to go over my head so please while giving an answer keep it simple if possible. Thanks :D

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