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Act Of Kindness

I am having a difficult time here in the Kottage. This is the most extreme and difficult thing to ever ask of my community, but here I am. Our family is, and has been, facing the worst devistation, alot like most people here in the U.S. (and I'm sure everywhere else in the world). I have been disabled and running my shop to help with financial obstacles for me and my family. My husband was laid off, and during his time of becoming unemployed, he has become very ill and unable to work any longer. His disability has been exhausted, and he is now awaiting S.S. benifits. He has been denied twice, and now the Sr. Attorneys have taken on his case. It will be a few more months until his decision comes in. I would like to ask anyone who can help, to please hear my plea. If you, or anyone you can refer, to please help by way of shopping for gifts, Christmas, or any other occassion you may have in the near future, to please think of me and my family. If you can, please post my shop links to your facebook, twitter, blogs, or any other social network you can post on. Any donations can be sent to paypal via My website is  I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you in advance for your prayers, support, and most of all your friendship. I have seen many tweets from my community in the past. Keep them comming! We really need your well wishes during this difficult and stressful time in our lives.

Topic by Kottage Kreations  

Hi, Im New Here!

Hi, I'm Chef Alex and I'm new to Instructables! I just wanted to introduce myself. And hopefully I can make some cool, new friends here! Thanks! Your Friend, Chef Alex

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What kind of bug is this? Answered

If someone could be so kind to help me identify this bug. Thank you

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What kind of snake is this?

We live in katy texas outside of Houston and we found this snake on the porch tonight dead What kind of snake is it?

Question by uttke    |  last reply

what kind of bird is this? Answered

I saw it in shouthern quebec

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What kind of Agave is this? Answered

DUDE!   There is a lot of different kinds of Agave out there. These I "rescued" from a dry death at a foreclosed property. I cant seem to put a name to an image.   Thanks

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What kind of bug is this? Answered

I saw this on a window and snapped a shot.  Taken in Tucson, Az

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what kind of bullet is this? Answered

I found this laying around the bottom is a .22lr what is the one on the top?

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What Kind of Bass This? Answered

Unmarked bass guitar. Circa 1970'. Made in Japan (says neck plate).

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What kind of scream is this??? ?

I really want scream like him : ))) and i don't know what kind of scream it's name for search'N Work !!Here is the Video : Scream part is 0:45 Please i really need ur help :)?

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A different kind of Turbine

Check out this new design for a wind turbine.

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What kind of snake is this?

Found this girl in my wood pile. Should I leave her alone or relocate her and the eggs. Is it poisonous? (I'm in north texas by a lake.)

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What kind of battery is this? Answered

It's from a Japanese shaver from 1988, which I am looking to replace. Searching for the number did nothing, and I could not find a way to contact the manufacturer. Any help is appreciated!

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What kind of Motor is this? Answered

I can't turn the gear by hand and i tried 9volts but nothing happen i forgot where i got it form but i just want to know what it do.?

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What kind of component is this? Answered

I removed it from an old broken toy laptop a few weeks ago. I thought it was a capacitor, but when I took a closer look, I was unable to identify it. The lettering says "4.0 MG". 

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What kind of speakers are these?

I saw a pair of these at a thrift shop for 15 dollars, so I bought them cause they looked like they were quality speakers. I know the brand is Infinity, but I don't really know much else about them.

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Is There a Name For This Kind of Stuff?

Where you get audio clips from a video clip, (Like a McDonald's Commercial) and play them in some sort of order to get some sort of song.I totally want to try this: Does anyone know of any free/cheap audio editing programs that will allow me to do this? I can always try just edited the clips with Adobe Premiere, but that might be kinda hard.rgaqghgwyh6j8ukl7rku

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What kind of capacitor is that?

So I've been trying to make a simple radio circuit based off of this schematic ( , but I don't know the type of capacitor that's labeled "C4, 220uF/ 25V" and looks like ---l]--- I tried searching for the types of capacitors on Google, but I cant get anything more specific than "polarized". Could anyone please drop some knowledge on what that is?

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What kind of Fastener is this?

As usual I've been taking apart things and I've noticed an unusual fastener, it looks like a rivet but its melted plastic. I was just wondering how it works (i.e. how they melt it, special equipment or diy?). My xbox had one on it and I've noticed a couple of other electronics that have them as well. Googling plastic rivet didn't give me anything close. I do a lot of repairs so adding a new fastener to my list would give me more options for making a repair / mod look more professional. I took a pic of it below.

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I'm back. Kind of...

Hey guys, it's MotaBoi and im just saying, I'm back.  Kind of, I still don't think I'll be making anything with k'nex anymore or what I will be posting.  I wrote to the moderator and he told me I could have my account back if I wrote 2 apologies and you guys accepted them.  One to Kevin, and one to the community.  Here's my apology to the community, and I will send a private message to Keven about my apology.  I wrote these before and I asked the moderator I talked to to post them for me, but he didnt really do anything about it. Hey guys, it's me, MotaBoi. As some of you may know kNeXFreek has recently come back to instructables and a few of us decided to play a practical joke on him by changing our display picture to something very offensive to him. I know some of you must be mad at me for doing this and I'm sorry. Why I'm apologizing to you guys like this now is because I need you to all forgive me so that I can have my account back. If you guys can forgive me and want me to be able to be back on ibles, please say so so that I can have my account back PS. If you have any questions about my guns or anything, post them to my OB so that I know, and spread the word!

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The kind of content to post

I am trying to find out a little more information before I post something. The site doesn't seem to have a page telling what it's all about. Do you have to post about something you made by hand? For example, our company helps customers design woven labels for clothing. So, can I give examples and step by step instructions about  how to design a woven label? Ultimately, they'd have to order the labels with us after they design them. Would that be viewed as poor taste, like we are trying to promote our website? If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can always review the site and see if it qualifies Thanks!

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What kind of wood makes the best kind of bow?

 I've been looking for a good kind of wood to make an ameture bow. I understand that traditionally, wood of Yew was used, but thats hard to find. Any recommendation? Thanks.

Question by Mgillila25    |  last reply

I'm a sophmore in high school and I really like this junior girl. Answered

There is this junior in my school that I've known for quite a few years now and I think she is such a beautiful, nice and caring person and I care about her a lot. The biggest problem is she has a boyfriend right now. And no girl I like has ever liked me back; so how do I go about talking to her and just being around her in general? I want her to trust me and at least have somewhat deep feelings for me. I do get chances to talk with her now and then to but I just want her to like being around me more.

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The Best Kind of Duct Tape

What do you think the best kind of duct tape is: 1) Duck Tape 2) Nashua 3) Gorilla Tape 4) ect.

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What kind of solder to get?

I am just starting out in electronics and am wondering what kind of solder to get for my projects.Thanks.

Question by DELETED_MakerNinja    |  last reply

what kind of wire(s)?

hello- beginner question: what kind of wire should i get for wiring led? and is there a good universal wire or set of wires i can get? thanks!

Question by steven the seagull    |  last reply

what kind of glue for this project? Answered

I have to glue a little mirror on a speaker (cardboard cone) and since the speaker will be moving with sound (lots of vibration) i wonder what kind of glue i should use

Question by pbergeronronronron    |  last reply

Broken ipods (all kinds)

Hey guys. I'm basically looking for broken ipod classics and nanos, but i'm still interested in all kinds. Would like to hear what you guys have saved in your old drawers for a guy like me.  

Topic by ejohansen1    |  last reply

What kind of hot sauce is this? Answered

I'm wondering what the name of a certain hot sauce is. It's very, very hot (and I love hot, but this is crazy), and I only ever seen it in Mexico and the Dominican Republic (once at a buffet, and also on an excursion in the jungle). I think it's a kind of salsa, but green. And it's definitely home-made. It's kind of runny too. What would this be called? Is it just green salsa? Thanks, josh1324

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What kind of monster are you?

I am Mplinnc and i am just wondering what kind of monster are you? I personally am a shewolf i do love meat, No i will not bite you unless you want to be. yes I hate prure silver. Don't even think about it.

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What kind of airsoft gun this is? Answered

I know that it is a Cybergun S.A. Soft Air but I don't know which one. Please help! There are words on the side that say "The perfection have no the gun that lack".

Question by resophonicguitarist    |  last reply

What Kind of 3D Printer?

I am looking into getting a 3D printer for hobby projects and what not.  I don't have a lot of experience with 3D modeling, or 3D printing and 3D printers are expensive.  I would like to get a good printer but not spend a lot.  Does anyone have any suggestions of what kind of printer I should get, should I get single or double extruders how big a printing area etc?  I have been looking at Makerbot, and Rap Man.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Question by Dreadphill    |  last reply

What kind of aluminium extrusion is this? Answered

What is the exact name for this type of aluminium extrusion/profile? Because I have difficulties finding these profiles, when I google places to buy. them. Best regards Chris S. Ramming

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What kind of motion sensor?

Http:// Most motion sensors detect external movements to trigger. It seems the one on this device triggers when the car moves rather than when it detects movement from outside objects. I don't think it's a gps module. Any thoughts?

Question by zosim    |  last reply

What kind of component is this? (picture)

I just bought a couple of surprise boxes from, and they had a lot of these components.. Everything else in the box, I managed to identify and categorize, except these things.. What are they? And what value do they have? they have a color code.. The coloring is: Black, purple, red, gold (or gold, red, purple, black) Thanks - Chr

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What kind of paint is best?

Years ago in school, I did an art project that I now want to recreate. I remember the technique well: along each contour of each figure in the painting, one was supposed to leave negative space. Then, when finished with the painting, we painted over the whole thing with black. Finally, when the painting was completely dry, we gently rinsed off the top lyer of black paint--the black had of course stayed in the negative contours and gave the whole thing a kind of dark veneer. The result was very pleasing, even to someone like me who isn't especially artistically inclined. What I don't remember is what kind of paint we used. I have a nice set of gouaches at home--will this work, or should I use something else? I would really appreciate any answers as I'm really excited about doing this. I haven't made a painting in years and I want to start as soon as possible! Thanks!!! Lauralabama

Question by Lauralabama    |  last reply

What kind of plastic film is this?

Hi All, I've come across this art installation by Ann Veronica Janssens and would really like to find out what this semi reflective material is for a small project I'm working on. Does anyone have any idea what it may be and where would be a good place to source something like it? Thanks 

Topic by MadhavK16    |  last reply

What kind of code or cipher is this?

I'm working on a puzzle and can't identify the type of code this is.  I'm not looking for somebody to solve it for me, I just want to research it and learn how to solve it myself.  I can't really do that until I know what I'm dealing with and various Google searches have turned up no information of value. This is a small portion of the code and I have no additional information or clues: BT RK RV YC NP GZ YY AA LS HZ NL RR ES IC AN BF RG SS EU VD NF YC SS RH MH MH MH MH MF HN LS HO GY YV UG IC AS GK BT LS HG AD LS HP CV NT There are 95 groups of 2 letters each.  I have tried a couple of things which have not given me any result. I'd really appreciate any kind of information as to what I'm looking at.  Thanks!

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What kind of wild mushroom is this? Answered

I live in the mountains of Central Idaho where the Winters can be brutal.  We head South to Baja California every Fall and don't return to the mountain until April/May. For the past 2 years I've come home to find  a single mushroom growing inside, by a Northwest-facing door jam.  The house is winterized (not heated) and our elevation is about 4,500 ft. As you can see by the pics, this mushroom is as big as my hand and it sends out a lot of spores. (last picture)  It reminds me of a (yummy!) Chanterelle, but I'm no mushroom expert. I've seen that species in Northwest Washington at much lower elevations, but never here on the mountain. lol... I SO wanted to saute this baby up but common sense prevailed. Do we have any mushroom experts in the house?  What do you think it is?

Question by bajablue    |  last reply

Instrument Topics of All Kinds

Hi all! I'm new here...nice to meet ya'll! I think I get how this site works, and it seems really awesome! Who needs the DIY network when you have a whole online community :D Anyway, this forum seems to be for sharing personal endeavors, correct? Well there's this blog. It's not completely's a company blog. It has SO MANY how-to posts about mainly reed instruments, reed-making, and all sorts of things. That makes it relevant to a niche community, which may or may not be here on instructables? I just hope there's some oboist or bassoonist out there that I'm helping by posting this :] It's called the Midwest Musical Imports Blog. Yes, there are a couple self-promoty type posts on it (it's a company blog, afterall). But a majority of it is how-tos and instructions and such. Am I right to post this here? Please tell me if I'm in the wrong! Thanks everyone! - J. Doorn

Topic by jdoornink  

What kind of material to use?

Okay I've procrastinated long enough to do something with my ibook's heatsink. As some may or may not know, ibooks come with thermal pads, which I unwittedly removed the old one off mine, thinking it could be replaced with good old generic thermal paste..which technically would be better for it.Unfortunatly folks the heatsink wasn't designed to clamp down onto the cpu like a normal heatsink should do, as it has to cover several different gpu/memory chips of different sizes, making a small gap between the heatsink and cpu.I've heard of people using a square or even round piece of steel or copper or something to wedge in with some thermal paste. Well, all I can think of off hand to use that might work is some sheet metal that has some white paint or something coated on one side, and a round steel (?) rod out of an old printer that's been sitting around. I presume the latter would probably be better.Can someone suggest what would be best? Should I try cutting it with a hack saw or try getting someone's bandsaw so I can get a better cut? Right now my ibook is reporting a cpu temp of 53 of Celcious, which really, compared to when it's turned on from a cold start, is really F***** slow and very laggy, it often hangs for minutes at a time. It's horrible to use sometimes, but at the same time it owes me absolutely nothing so I won't cry if it burns out.

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What kind of tech deck do you have?

What company is your deck?????????????

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Kind of Paper used for Paper Mache

Not a silly question. What kind of paper do you use in items made out of Paper Mache? the instructions I have call for strips torn from old newspapers but when my local newspaper went out of business that kind of killed the supplier for this kind of craft. papers are different so the results wont be the same as with newspaper. Thought making paper mache models would be a great and kind of cheap way to try out some ideas.

Question by Eyewondery    |  last reply

Looking for some kind of flexible plastic

I'm looking for some kind of plastic or other material that I can use to make Chinese take out boxes. Does anyone know of anything I could use?

Topic by jadesoulcry  

where to buy differents kind of gear?

Where can I get small to large sized gear (compound gear) ? there they sell the kind I want but id like metal gear instead of plastic. thx.?

Question by cryptopsii    |  last reply

What kind of battery does this uses? Answered

Hello everyone I just received some old philips light that have never been used.  However I cannot figure out what kind of batteries that the flashlight uses. anybody know anything. thanks

Question by Chamburn    |  last reply

What kind of rope is best for a ballista? Answered

Would Nylon or Polypropene make a good torsion spring?Or would some kind of metal wire work better? By "better" i mean is able to produce the most force or is able to pack the most force into a 5/8"hole (thats the biggest drill bit i have).

Question by meburnfire    |  last reply

What kind of motor for backyard railroad?

I am looking into making a backyard railroad. I was wondering what kind of motor and power supply and where to get it. In addition does anyone have any ideas in motor speed control and mounting it thanks! I love instructables.

Question by undftdking    |  last reply