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Idea for a Knex retractable sight

Ok, I had an idea where There would be this gun. The sights are hidden in the top of the gun, but can be exposed by removing a rod from the assembly. The sights would go on top of the barrel, would be powered by springs, and have a stop. The gun would look like it had no sights, but the sights would pop up when you removed a bolt is the idea. Unfortunately, to make such a gun, It would require a lot of parts, and the gun would be very big, but I'm just throwing the idea out there.......

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Adjustable sights anyone?

Is this the first knex adjustable sights?

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ACOG Knex Sight??? (best answer gets a sub and 5* On Any 3 Instructables)

 Does Anyone Know Of An Acog Knex sight? Best Answer Will Get Sub...

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Knex Gun

Nothing new but looks cool(real) This was inspired by the Buzzard Gun made by The Drum Hero(Jamie sorry for mispell) But i have taken off several parts to make it more accurate and a smoother look. I have built this over and over to find the best way this can look and fire and this way seems to be the best. Also my sight i hsve made, which is the best sight i have seen.

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Knex M16

Hello, this is my Knex m16. It held a good amount of ammo, had a removable magazine, true trigger, sights and it looked amazing. It was truly one of my best builds.

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SOPMOD items for the knex M4

This are some pics of the sopmod items i made, so far i have: 1. foregrip 2. grenadelauncher (with special sight) 3. precision sight 4. backup sight the images are: 1: all the items 2: foregrip 3: precision sight 4: grenade launcher 5: on-gun grenade launcher 6: on-gun foregrip 7: on-gun precision sight 8: how you can hold the precision/normal sight on the gun when having the orther one mounted on it. 9: a view trough the precision sight. 10, 11, 12: the grenade launcher sight. 13: with the backup sight on it. 14: a view trough the backup sight. 15: the sight when being put up. 16: the sight when being put down. i still need to make the supressor, and then i'm going on to non-sopmod extras

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Knex Mp7

-Edit, pictures taken from Samsung steller, quality isn't to great- Hello! Its been a very long time since Ive posted anything on Instructables. But here is one of longer projects, my MP7. It look me three weeks to finish building. It feeds perfectly and has removable clips. It is around the same length, size and weight. It uses a brand new modified ram rod. It feels amazing in your hands and its very sturdy. I have added a strange looking stock instead of the rod stock for strength. There is no point in having a retractable stock because it has a very long ram pull. It also has basic sights up on top seen on MW3. It also has the folding fore handle. More Specs: Shoots 60-70FT (Using two bands and modified ram) Holds 20 Grey connectors in mag. Removable magazine. Very long ram pull. Non retractable solid stock. Very comfortable handle mold. Solid 6th layer body frame. MW3 low profile sights. True trigger. Folding fore handle. Fast reload time. Upper rails. Easy to reload magazine. Trigger guard.

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Knex Sidearm

What kind of knex sidearm do you use? Or do you even use a sidearm? This topic is for showing off your knex sidearms, but please, do not post it unless it is new. This is my knex sidearm, I will not be posting it because it is not new (other than the trigger), so don't ask. It is a semi-compact pistol. It has a hole you can put your thumb in so it is harder for someone to hit it out of your hand. It also has sights on the ram, and it has a new but simple trigger.

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Best way to make a K'Nex sight?

I don't have bendy rods, but I want you guys to tell me what your favorites are and ones you've made. I don't mean green rods, or black Y connectors, I mean like things that required some thinking to make. No, I don't want a scope. A simple but effective, possibly even adjustable sight.

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I have decided to create the most awesome knex gun on the sight. Im am trying to use parts of some of the best guns on the sight. I WILL POST WHOS GUNS I USED so dont have a hissy fit if i use ur ideas. yours hopefully ROBOT CHICKEN.

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My Knex Attachments

Any attachment you want, ask, ill try and make it. 1) Holographic sight 2) Sniper scope 3) M203 Grenade Launcher

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Knex Mp7 PDW

This is my new H&K; MP7 PDW. It features a removable magazine, a foldable front foregrip, iron sights, and it is very sturdy. Hope you liked it and see you next time with another knex gun!

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Original knex gun.

Ive been wonder, what is the first knex gun posted on instructables? I want to see the progress thats been made

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Knexwise, do you prefer decent iron sights or a decent dot sight?

So which do you prefer... which do you think would be more popular... This should have really been a poll... but oh well. I meant in terms of looks... because knex guns are so inacurate that it barely makes a difference...

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Do sights for high powered K'NEX guns even work? Answered

Alot of K'NEX guns use "sights" to improve accuracy. Thing is, they never work because the gun is usually weak and not accurate. are they mostly for decoration or do they have a purpose?

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Are there any good semi-auto knex guns on this sight? Answered

I need one that is TRUE semi auto

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Knex Sig 552

Hello, this is my Knex Sig 552. It was pretty cool because it looks fantastic. It was a very cool gun. It shot very well and held around 15 blue rods. It used some micro Knex which wasn’t that bad. It had a removable magazine to. The sights were also pretty cool to.

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knex rifle upgrade

I moded the knex rifle to have a removeable bipod, scope, no broken peaces, thumb hole, and a true triger. i will put pictures in lator. should i post it as an instructable? update: just finshed making a sight, one of those knife things you can stick on the top of the gun, and a way to lode the bullet more like a rifle. but i cant fit the pictures in the froum lol.

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Upgrades to Kilerks Knex gun

Here are some upgrade to killerk's knex gun i have made. Including different trigger, accessory mounting rail, and a small sight

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The ultimate knex gun

This is a competition for the ultimate knex gun, with a difference - you vote for the best parts of any knex gun on the site, and i mod them a bit and put them together! voting ends december 31st and i will post a picture on january 1st! Class 1:handle Class 2:stock Class 3:barrel Class 4:Hand grip Class 5: sight Happy voting! :D

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Knex Rocket Launcher: Updated

I finished this gun yesterday and here are a few pics of the final design. It shoots around 30 feet and I have put on a rocket sight and a rocket holder compartment.

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Knex TH2BR [Mod 3]

Hey knexers! I have a modification of the TH2BR here for you to see. [Mod 3] Just some final pics of what I have of this gun. .

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Project Q

Heres project Q tell me how ya like it new sighting system

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Knex Sharp Shooter

Here is my Blue Mullet Sharp Shooter! Its my favorite sniper rifle I've ever built, which is why it is posted in the forums. Its generic design makes for a strong body, barrel, and handle. It features in having a magazine release, a safety mechanism, and a true bolt action internal mechanism. It also has two bolt layout designs suitable for this rifle. More specs: Shoots 35FT using three long rubberbands. Removable 8 round yellow rod magazine. Working safely, magazine release mechanism's. True trigger design. Removable scope, revealing bed sights. Two different bolt layouts. No wobble or flimsy parts. Front grip accepts accessories.

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Knex TAR 21

Hey, nothing new here besides the TAR that everybody has seen before. As you remember it looks very good and smooth. It is a truly bull pup design that makes it very realistic. It shot white rods in its 15 round magazine. More info: 1. Working Bull pup design. 2. Folding front sight. 3. Shoots 40 feet. 4. Ammunition is an orange con. 5. True trigger. 6. Ram rod powered. 7. Very comfortable cheek rest & design. 8. Solid seventh layer coating. 9. Removable magazine. 10. Holds up to 15 rounds. 11. Measures 30 INCHES! (Real TAR- 21 is 29). 12. Looks very well. 13. Ram rod is a red rod.

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knex guns that are coming

Here is a picture of a gun I'm building right know it will be able to shoot 4 shots in a row every time you recock it. the sight is awesome I would post a picture of what I have know but my cameras memory card is missing. . ok this gun is better than my morrettie I think so that means it must be the most power full gun ever!!!!!! I'm made the revolver know it is awesome it has a clip in the front and can shoot 4-5 times in a row. and this one is vary power full too ,about the same. I also built a knife from the E.U.'s teem it looks almost the same as in a picture. the reason I'm building all thees things is because I am making kits hopefully I will have them ALL

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Incomplete old Knex L85

Here is my Knex L85. It works, but I don't feel like finishing it. Its a pretty cool gun. Non removable magazine, true trigger, no sight or stock attached yet. Its very comfortable to hold and play around with. I believe its also the first L85 on Instructables, even though its not finished.  Tell me what you think!

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MAC 10 Mechanism Concept

Hey guys. Well, currently, didexo and I are working on a MAC 10. Some of you may have seen his 'ible on the mech he was/is planing on using, so I took that and make something more efficient than his was. I need help on four aspects. 1) Sights. I would really like to see more efficient sights. Ones that look more correct, in other words. 2) A good trigger guard. I truly could not figure out what to do on this score. 3) A good way to make the handle curve. 4) A good way to make the barrel. I cannot figure this out...kinda weird actually. This prototype shoot at least 40 ft., and I am convinced that it could look and preform better with some help from you guys. So, lets here some suggestions... -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Knex double shot prototype

Here we have a slightly angled pin knex gun. The pin is slightly angled down, making the pin come in the magazine well angled, hitting two bullets instead of one. It uses an internal flexy bullet pusher instead of the external ones. It shoots two bullets 30 feet using two bands. It has a yellow rod magazine that isn't removable. It also uses a unique trigger system. Its comfortable, light weight and is very fun to use. No sights, its just a prototype.

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rating knex guns and fsastr pics

One thing I really dont get is people just rating knex guns by looks or because they like the user who posted it, personally I only rate guns that I have built, and the only gun on this site I have completely built was shadowninjas assault magnum. oh heres pics of the fsastr (firestorm assault rifle) sorry there is no full pictures I haven't loaded hem up yet its a true trigger assault rifle removable yellow rod mag attatchable oodammo grenade launcher with top railspicture notes1-the mag2-looks a bit like a halo battle rifle attatchments are foregrip and carry handle/sight3-assault configuration short sight and oodammo grenade launcher4-oodammo in launcher5 grenade launcher

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Copyright violation

This instructable is for a knex sight. However, the exact same sight to the last knex piece was used on my gun a couple of months before. This person has said he created it, not given me credit, and the annoying thing is that i think he left the site. Has anyone got advice or views on this?

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Knex SR-Commando Review!

Here is a review on DJ-Radio's SR-Commando! Body strength: 7/10 It's okay. Front tip 9/10. Handle strength 9/10. Bi-pod strength: Sorry I don't know I didn't build it :( Trigger strength: 10/10 It's AMAZING! Stock strength 6/10 (Hold it just on the stock and it almost cracks off.) Sight: 6/10 Power: 7/10 It's pretty good! Range: 7/10 It's pretty good! Looks:10/10 In my opinion Please comment on how I did! (You just gotta love that pic!!!)

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Ok guys, my last project, the XM8, failed. What I got out of it was a brand-new mag system, it basically makes it complete the chamber. In other words, it won't fire w/o mag, which could help or hurt. Anyway, the Scar-H will have---- -true mag release -folding stock(I think) -new mag mech -tactical rails -RDS -EOTech sight -Heartbeat sensor(maybe) -M203(Maybe) -Undermounted Shotgun(maybe) -Removable "Plasticsights"  I think it will come together alright, but no guarantee. It will be posted as a slideshow first, and then(if people like it) as a full instructable.                       Thanks, Builder968

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Knex SSCR V Final Photos

Hello my friends. I have the final pictures of my SSCR V rifle down below. This gun had moderate accuracy and could shoot about 40ft on average. Enjoy what I have for you. :)  *Credit goes to Puddock for quite a bit of this gun seen. 

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Swagboss Mods

I've made some mods to Zak & Bakenbitz's SwagBoss. The mods include a better shotgun trigger (pull with your pinky!), cheek rest, better stock (my standard curved stock), bolt mods, and a craptastic sight mount. 1. Mine. 2. The shotgun trigger (ask for internal pictures if you want) 3. How I connected the pin guide (lol, but it works) 4. Stock 5. Cheek rest (held in by blue clips) 6. Bolt mods 7. Sight mount THE INSTRUCTIONS. BUILD IT HERE

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Knex Mp5 (Gen.3) Video

This is my third generation Mp5, many of its parts are from the generation 2. Mostly all internals have been changed from the generation 2. In my opinion, this is my best Mp5 yet. Specifications: -Shoots 30-40 feet. -Grey connector ammunition type. -Holds 5 rounds. -Removable magazine with release lever. -True trigger. -Ram guide with easy pull back system. -Rear and Front sights.

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K'NEX M249 SAW / FN Minimi

Hey guys! Well, this is my most recent project, the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon). While the body may look simple enough, I can tell you that this project is no laughing matter. It is sturdy (mostly) and has an amazing pin pull, but is not yet finished. I am not sure weather it will fire a round out of the magazine, and if it did, I am not quite sure if the round wont hit the front sight. It needs a magazine lock (the mag will fall out if you don't hold it in with your hand), the stock connection is not sturdy in any way, and the back sight needs some work. All the same, this is the first accurate looking M249 SAW on 'ibles, and I hope that I can get it "up (my) to standards." Features: Nice looking box magazine Comfortable Sturdy 16 round magazine (ish) Accurate looking (M249 / FN Minimi) Shoots a yellow rod about 20 - 30 ft. Bipod attaches nicely Bipod is strudy Stock looks boss (IMO) Tell me how you think I can improve the gun, I am always open to suggestions. Enjoy! -The Red Book of Westmarch

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TheDunkis UMP-45?

Is it any good? I might build

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My M4 replica

This is my M4 replica. The features: -Removeable mags -Modified Motaboi crane stock -4 attachement rails -Iron sights -True trigger -pin guide -40-50' range -Fake charging handle -New magazine -Trigger gaurd It shoots blue rods, external mag pusher. So, whadaya think? should I post?

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A gun idea i cant work out

I been trying to make make this weapon but failed every time its the CBJ-MS made by Saab Bofors Dynamics here are the stats Weight 2.8 kg (empty) Length 363 / 565 mm Barrel length 200 mm Cartridge 6.5×25 CBJ-MS and 9×19mm Luger/Parabellum Rate of fire 700 rounds/min Muzzle velocity 2,723 ft/s (830 m/s) Effective range 150 m (6.5×25 CBJ-MS) Maximum range 400 m (6.5×25 CBJ-MS) Feed system 20, 30 or 100 rounds Sights Adjustable open sights this was copied from Wikipedia

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Best k'nex gun parts like handle etc.

Hi ! In this we can discuss the best barrels, handles, sights, triggers, bipods, tripods, and any other part of a k'nex gun from different instructables and even see these probably combined.

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My newest gun

This is my final version of this gun. It was originally called an M16 but it doesn't look like one anymore. There are removable clips that you can pre-load, the front grip is detachable as is the top sight rail. I'm posting it on KI at the end of the month. Instructions have been posted

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Knex M16 Vietnam Style review.

This is a review for silentassasin21's m16 review: looks:4,5 looks like a real thing. comfort:4 sometimes stick a blue rod in your hand. strenght:3,5 the barrel is a little weak,the rest is stong enough piece usage:4 not to much,but use a lot of green rods. innovation:2,5 the only innovation thing is the new mag. power:4 not bad for a replica. accuracy:4 good for a replica. reliabilty:4 if you have to much bands on it,then snaps the sight of and shoot into your face :P total:4 great gun by silentassasin21,build it and sub him!  

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I would like to show you pictures of the second version of my KAST R3. The KAST R4 is a CQB style weapon. It's more powerful, has upgraded sights, is really compact, has the mag in the stock like the first gun, removable mags, etc. Unfortunately it doesn't have a ram guide (in development), and is less accurate. The first pics are the R4, the last is the R3. You can find a short video of it shooting on my photobucket. I will make a better video later. EDIT: IT IS NOW POSTED!!!!

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RMConstruction's knex Minigun V3 specs

Hello Everyone. I'm here with an update on my V3. There are many new features compared to V2, which include: Realistic unsuported rotating barrels Can be mounted (and will be) 'Spade' Grips Good angular rotation (For aim) High power motor (remote control, which can pull heavy objects and high resisting ones) Possibly a laser sight Can be carried (Terminator 2 style) High firing rate High barrel revolution speed (Due to gearing) Any other specs you'd like to see in an all-out awesome minigun? Post a comment here detailing what and i'l give it a go! In the picture is the arlier version, which i've heavily tweaked since then.

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pistol crossbow

Ok i made this crossbow its realy cool and very powerfull i shot it and i measured it out and it went 67.2 feet and it peirced a shoe box wihout a sharpend rod and is sturdy ill post more pix and a vid mabey ltr details: it has a sight in the bak for improved accuracy im working on the thing infront i forgot wat its called ill post ltr working on it to be a repeating ccrossbow o yeah and it was inspired by jaymes crossbow but i moded it alot so thx jayme more details and clearer pics comming sooooon! :D

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K'NEX AAC Honey Badger .300 Blackout

Hey guys! Well, here I am with another K'NEX gun that I am not sure if I will finish or not. It is (as seen by the title) an AAC Honey Badger. It is not fully finished yet, and, like I said, I am not sure if I will finish it or not, but it is a start all the same. Maybe you guys can help point out some inconsistencies in my version of the pictures of the real Honey Badger that I provided...? I have no sights on the gun, BTW, and have yet do decide how to implement sights. Features: - Really bad telescoping stock - Comfortable grip - Tight magazine setup To be honest, I am not very enthusiastic as I thought I would be about this gun, as you can see by my list of features. Again, any help from you guys would be great! Enjoy! -The Red Book of Westmarch )

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The Red Book of Westmarch Insider

Ever since I was a young lad (XD) I have wanted to learn whatever I could. How to clean a firearm, how to change the oil in a car, how to sight in a scope, how to string and fire a bow, the list goes on. An item included in that list is how to make a website. So, as many of you may know, I made a website (using Weebly), called The Red Book of Westmarch Insider. I decided to make this forum topic to let you guys know about some of the new stuff on the site. I have a couple of new polls, one Up to Date post, and a rather large Video Series page. I also have the ability to make a forums page, but I chose not to do that, as I was not sure as to: 1) how it would work, 2) whether or not you could post pictures, and 3) if anyone would be interested. I also made this forum topic so that I could let you guys know when I have something new on my site. You don't need to post any comments or anything, this forum topic is just to give you quick links to new posts and stuff on my site. -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 2 Results

The winner is the C.A.A.R. (Combat Adaptice Assault Rifle) made by 182515. His stats for the gun; Turret: 110 feet with finned red rod, 80 feet with oodammo. Oodamo mag: 70 feet Grey Connector mag: 50 feet # of removable/ interchangeable parts : 5 and 1/2 (I'll explain that in the slide show) ,a removable mag and 2 sights. I will not be posting this gun. Although i may post a improved version Thanks to everyone who participated. The next contest can be found here.

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