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How to I make a K'nex Machine Gun? Answered

I am planning to make a machine gun as my first gun, but i cannot get the ram correct, to make the gears which force the rod to pull back and then release forward. Can anyone please show me an example, I'm happy to give you credit in my instructable soon.

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What is a fake barrel for knex guns? Answered

I have heard some people say that some guns have "fake" barrels so I personally would like to know what it means and an example of one.

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Trouble with the .gif files

When you are typing up comments and such, you cannot view the gifs, so i typed a comment, and my display picure is a gif, people cannot see it move. Is it my problem or...? Tell me if you can see this animating gif and in the comment I posted!

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Is lighter flame/smoke/fume toxic?

I was going to make an instructable on mini roasting when something hit me. When you use the lighter to light maybe a marshmellow, is the fire or smoke or fumes from the fire toxic? I mean the gas/alcohol gets neutrilized when it burns up and turns into flame but If i cook with it, it may be a different question. If someone asks me to think about smokes, the I should say to you that smokes are already toxic and anyone smoking shouldn't care. ( I don't smoke, I want to live) If possible you can answer this question and have credit in my next instructable.

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Is there a pure knex gun i.e pistol, rifle, crossbow? Answered

I'm looking for a pure, yes pure knex weapon. 100%. I heard that someone made one but I didnt understand the mech so I need pictures. If you show me how to make it and it is good I would be grateful, spread the word of giving it 5* winning a contest and so on. Just post images or instructables. THE RACE IS ON! If you can make one faster than me I will give full credit.I made one but its very weak, it works as if the tension from pulling a connector back shoots forward. Ty for the knex catapaults but i need guns like pistols instead of those catapaults and such.

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Is it just me or this doesn't work..batch?

 I tried making a batch and it looks something like this (it is a subsystem)Bold words need paying attention to: :mainmenu echo choose your selection: echo 1 apps echo 2 editor echo 3 phun not done echo 4 sites not done set /p choice= if %choice%==1 goto :apps if %choice%==2 goto editor if %choice%==3 if %choice%==4 echo error wrong choice pause goto mainmenu I would like to KNOW the goto and heading does not work! Please tell, I need it for my subsystem and you will recieve credit for it when I post the 'ible UPDATE Does 3 and 4 have to be filled in?

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Disposable rounds for knex pistols, rifles,crossbows and other weapons?

Is there a possible way of making disposable rounds for knex guns? The advantages are: 1.YOu do not have to pick them up after a knex war somewhere not in your house because they would biodegrade if made of paper? 2.You do not have to worry about losing pieces everywhere (doesn't it bother you people that when you shoot the knex, you don't know where it went and you lost a piece?) And the bullets have to fit in a mag loading, i have started making bullets for the okp and it worked, i used those rods from balloons you get from supermarkets. But is there a disposable bullet made for these: (you may request as a comment for other pieces if you wish):grey connectors, green rods, white rods, yellow rods,yellow connectors?

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What is the "other" bar in itunes?

 I recently got a new iPod touch 3g 8gb and I u[loaded 30 games and 40 songs because most of my songs are still pending. I noticed when I uploaded a video, updated apps and songs that there was this huge chunk of "other" in the itunes page. There is a photo down there. I have also read about it that I should get rid of contacts (which I have), notes ( which I have) Calender notes ( which I have) and album art ( which I also have). Recently when I synced it the songs were copying form my music into the Ipod for no reason. I have also read about "ghost data" which comprises of songs which do not show but are there... Help me please

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Which knex sidearm should i build? Answered

I don't generally use primary weapens, besides shotguns, but which sidearms are the best of the best of the best of the best of the best? It can range at any pieces, just as long as it shoots pretty far without having to put 5+ bands(my ahnds get sore when i pull them, i mean like with my bands a normal knex gun shoots 1.5x or double the range. I'm looking for sidearms withing this category-realistic(optional),no block trigger(any beside that),mag-fed (preferaably through the handle but doesn't really metter), no jams(yes no jams). I'm oing to make my own but until then i just need a good one....My current one is the TDSS(TheDunkis Slide-action Sidearm) because it fits above categories.

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Test subjects with working but useless computers needed *please*

 Hi I am looking for some test subjects who are willing to sacrifice their old or junk computer to help me test something very important, please to not feel urged but if you wish to please reply, I will send you a pm with a file if you wish to help. It is a virus but not as you think, it was made fully from a batch file, please hep, I will soon be  pro and may give patches out. THANK YOU if you help. More info: self replicating and running virus which is set to run the first time your computer turns on after you run it, afterwards it needs to take some time to re read the files and re running.1 gb of spce will be filled every 6 minutes so it is kinda deadly but it slows down afterwards, then it self replicates and runs a lot and then you turn you pc off and back on it self replicates again and makes more folders and files until your hard drive comes to a halt, on the slowest computers it can fill a 360 gb drive in 3-5 hours depending on cpu usage. Because it uses to much processing power it is extremely detectable so please help me I will also post a file to stop all of this. Name: qwerty virus

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Top 50 commenters of 2009

OK, 2009 is over and you guys have been leaving tons of comments in the past year. Want to see who's been talking the most? We've compiled a couple of top 50 lists for you. The first is for comments on Instructables and the second is for comments on the forums. Enjoy. Top 50 Commenters on Instructables     member comments 1 DJ Radio 4728 2 lemonie 3450 3 ReCreate 2820 4 admin 2700 5 Killer~SafeCracker 2058 6 The Jamalam 2035 7 kNeXFreek 1795 8 Oblivitus 1731 9 I_am_Canadian 1612 10 Kiteman 1511 11 sharlston 1419 12 Lowney 1407 13 DrWeird117 1243 14 geodez 1173 15 fwjs28 1017 16 mettaurlover 1003 17 Plasmana 971 18 cowscankill 953 19 knex_mepalm 939 20 Bartboy 922 21 gmjhowe 887 22 Derin 883 23 knexsuperbulderfreak 865 24 barrax 845 25 bounty1012 835 26 Goodhart 828 27 knex gun builder 817 28 ILIKEPIE333 801 29 _Ko0LaiD_ 785 30 chopstx 780 31 jeff-o 762 32 TigerNod 756 33 Phil B 746 34 thepelton 737 35 alex-sharetskiy 732 36 knex_pls 723 37 scoochmaroo 716 38 logic boy 714 39 mg0930mg 703 40 rimar2000 688 41 knexguy 685 42 porcupinemamma 678 43 knex_lover 671 44 knex_builder_freak 670 45 ChrysN 668 46 =SMART= 641 47 Viccie.B1993 637 48 Seleziona 627 49 Kryptonite 617 50 knexsniper1 614 Top 50 commenters on the forums     member comments 1 DJ Radio 5711 2 Goodhart 5165 3 lemonie 4180 4 Kiteman 4041 5 Lithium Rain 3214 6 kelseymh 2635 7 KillerSafeCracker 1599 8 KentsOkay 1527 9 ReCreate 1496 10 Rock Soldier 1426 11 caitlinsdad 1365 12 NachoMahma 1321 13 gmjhowe 1241 14 Camisado 1100 15 The Jamalam 1057 16 knex_lover 955 17 I_am_Canadian 923 18 TheDunkis 922 19 skunkbait 916 20 logic boy 913 21 11010010110 900 22 knexguy 834 23 Weissensteinburg 795 24 shadowninja31 714 25 Seleziona 686 26 Kryptonite 656 27 =SMART= 652 28 Doctor What 646 29 Tool Using Animal 630 30 Chicken2209 625 31 Hiyadudez 605 32 Keith-Kid 600 33 Plasmana 598 34 knex gun builder 576 35 Zaphod Beeblebrox 567 36 bumpus 565 37 DrWeird117 565 38 jessyratfink 564 39 alex-sharetskiy 553 40 Darth Gecko Man 553 41 PKM 537 42 Berkin 529 43 Gjdj3 516 44 Sunbanks 514 45 knexsuperbulderfreak 506 46 Lowney 501 47 ajleece 491 48 The Ideanator 475 49 Matt21497 470 50 Flumpkins 468

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