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Chinese Knotting

Chinese knots are, in some ways, similar to Celtic knots. Each knot represents a particular traditional Chinese form, and in many cases are representative of Buddhist precepts like the continuation of life. Chinese knotted jewelry usually incorporates a main jade or stone centerpiece and jade, stone, coins or glass beads. The cord from the knots usually is extended upward to make a lanyard for a necklace, but with some bracelet styles the knot or knots are extended around the wrist with a macramé style knot. Chinese knotting was nearly lost as an art form. In recent years, several books teaching knotting techniques have been released. The cord used in making the knots is readily available at craft or fabric stores. Josephine Knot (Chinese Double Coin Knot)

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Surfer Bracelet Knot ?

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out how to tie the surfer braclet knot ? Many thanks in advance..

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anyone know where to buy thick cotton cord? Answered

Im not really looking for extremely thick (preferrably unwaxed) cotton cord, just something that's about 4-5 mm in diameter. I'm not even sure that what I'm talking about is called cotton cord, but its kinda like paracord with no inner strands and a braided cotton sheath.

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What are some hemp knots and frienship braclet knots?

Please tell me of any fun knots! ive been very interested in making hemp so please tell me of any knots you know! thanks:D

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What do I do with the left over yarn part that I have start with? Answered

I have taught myself last Monday night how to knit. So I caught on quick by Tuesday night and decided to start a scarf with two colors going back and forth, like stripes and 20 lines of each color. So I finish my first 20 lines with one color and notice that I have like a tail thingy hanging off at where I started the whole thing. So what do I do with it so it wont unravel?

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what is 3 ways to tie your shoes?

I know 2 ways but wondering if there wuz 3. :D goto my site and sign up too! ( ) thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do I tie "deck shoes" to turn them into slip ons with the laces as tassles?

Back in the "olden days" ('80's) we wore preppy deck shoes we called Top Siders ( I think this was a LL Bean brand name). We would lace the shoes,then instead of tying a bow...we would leave each end hanging out of the last eye and make a noose like tassel.This would be made with the laces tight and the shoe would be converted into a slip on shoe. I remember how they looked,but I can't remember how to make the neat tassel like noose/knot on each end of the shoe string (strings were leather). Thanks! RaZoR

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Does anybody know how to make various Chinese knots?

I'm particularly interested in the PanChang (?) knot; the square looking one. (

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What is the best knot to connect two ropes together at the ends?

What is the best knot to connect two separate ropes together at their ends?

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Whipping style knotting - boars tusk necklace - help please

Hi, I'm trying to create a type of whipping/knot to attach two boar's tusks together like the one in the attached picture and am looking for a photo tutorial on how to do so (I found how to knot the necklace part) I'd really appreciate any pointers, websites, books you could recommend. I've looked in quite a few knot books, and the closest I've seen is the "moku whipping" but there was no photo tutorial. Not even a written one (though I'm miserable at following written directions anyway). Any help would be appreciated! TIA!

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Good way to make a large... ish paracord netbag/backpack?

Normally I just go for the trial and error way of learning, it has worked before and often led me to new and/or different ways of doing stuff. In this case however I thought I would go about it in a completely new way: asking for help. (especially since paracord is hard to come by in Sweden and is very expensive when you finally decide to buy online) What I am looking for is instructions on what you might call a wide basket weave or net weave that would allow me to make a paracord net bag (kind of like the one Chewbacca carries C3P0 around in when he got dismantled) without having to cut the cord more than absolutely necessary. I have already figured out a simple way of making shoulderstraps for it but it's the creation of the bag itself that escapes me. Logically one could probably use the same basic knots as when you make a rope hammock... the only problem is that i don't know how to do that either. If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful and I believe that there are others out there who would like such an instructable as well. 

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whip string, please?

You know, the thing on the end... whith knots in it. I need to know hoe to make one for my whip, please.

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how might one make a simple leather bracelet with adjustable sliding knots ?

Why should i write in here if details are optional?

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Tying 2 color cobra knots for paracord bracelets?

I have reviewed the pages on how to tie one color paracord bracelets using the cobra knot but cannot find how to make them using two colors. I am brand new at making these and have yet to complete a bracelet with two colors.

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How to make a celtic heart knot out of wire for someone that hasn't worked with wire before? Answered

I have never done any wire crafting but i want to make my friend a gift of maybe a Celtic heart knot made of wire. I figure wire would be the easiest to work with. if anyone has any ideas of where i should start....?

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i need help making a military aguilette. so its full of knots and i know knothing bout knots. :) Answered

I make costumes and i want to make the costume of The Duke of Wellington. I have the cloth and the pattern. but he has a complicated gold lanyard/ rope thing on his shoulder and chest. i can get the braid rope.  but id love to know how to tie his knotwork. called an aguilette. any ideas?  

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A weird question about man anatomy ... (don't open if you don't like man anatomy !)

I was just wondering how it comes that our testicles don't make knots into our scrotum ... Because, technically, if I put two balls attached to two strings in a same pocket, I should end up with knots ???Any clue ?=o]

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I just bought a no-knit loom

The 1st row was put on the No-Knit Loom (TM) by the sales lady. I thought I would remember her instructions until I got home from vacation. The instruction sheet she gave me is just a little confusing as to what to do after first row is on. There are knots in the yarn but no instructions about knots. I am really confused. Has anyone ever tried and mastered this type of loom?

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Knotless way of tying a fish hook - how to animate it?

Recently I went to "fishing expo".Down here it is on some lake, freshly stocked with fish and on top of all the anglers you get stands with all sorts of fishing stuff to check out.Weather was not to my liking so I stayed dry under the tends and had some smalltalk.It was not long until I wanted to check some braided fishing line offered at one of the stands.And with nothing bad on my mind I took one of the hooks to test the knot strenght.The guys had a nice rig for it.Little did I know about their teaching intentions, claiming that a lot of people have no clue how to properly deal with braided line.Let's just say their way was way too complicated and time consuming for my liking.On a rocky boat you want to be able to do things quick and easy.It was a line rated for 25kg and with their best know on offer it lasted till 22kg until the line failed at the knot.Asked if I could test my way as I would like to know how the line would perform and my wish was granted.The line failed at 27kg and snapped quite some distance form the knot.....Never mind the 25kg rating....The fellow fisherman around as well as the guys selling the line wanted to know how I did my knot without actually making a knot.What was easy out there tunred into a nightmare at home.I tried my biggest hooks and a camera on the tripod but it is not giving me a detailed enough view of how the "knot" is done.Now I could try to make a hook template from some aluminium round bar and use paracord or a thin rope....Then I found a nice app for the phone that uses animations to teach knots.Is there a simple way to create an animation showing a "rope" and a hook with the required details and motion?Would love to share this way of attaching a hook to braided line in a way that is easy to understand and follow....

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Logo Contest

Hi! I know I haven't been very active, but I want to hold a little contest. ATTENTION: Logo makers needed. Prize: 1 YEAR PRO MEMBERSHIP I need a new logo. Mine is getting old and boring. I would like a knot theme, or anything with rope. Heck! I'll openly take anything related to the outdoors. So! Get your creative juices flowing, and make me a logo!! Post it in the comments!

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How to make a beaded necklace like this

Hi all, Another beaded necklace topic (sorry!) but I was wondering what tools/equipment/technique/materials I would use to make this sort of thing. I notice some are knotted, but generally I'd like to know how to make more complex patterns either knotted or unknotted. Any simple patterns/books, I'd love to take a look. Cheers!

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How to Make Lanyards yourself?

Creative types may be curious to learn how to make rubber bracelets. If you are able to follow simple directions you will be able to produce your very own ones for personal use or to give as a gift. Whether for yourself or a as a gift, it will be a great way to secure your keys, cell phone, badge, or whistle.In learning how to make lanyards it is important to choose the right material. A popular making material is a thin, elastic, and flexible plastic lace. It is readily available at most craft stores and referred to as craft lace, , gimp, or boondoggle.There are many different stitches that can be used to make or braid . Many braiding techniques are complex and time consuming. One of the simpler braids is referred to as a crown (or round) knot. One must utilize patience and follow directions carefully in learning how to make rubber wristbands. The basic crown knot is as follows:1. Take two strands of craft lace, fold them in half together (length will depend on the type of lanyard) and tie a knot toward the top to hold them securely together.You now have four strands secured at the top. 2. Spread the four strings apart, separately, pointing in each cardinal direction of a compass. Hold the left string with one finger (close to the knot). At the same time, pull the left string over the top string. 3. Cross the top string over the right string. At this point the top string is covering both the left string and the right string. Now cross the right string over the bottom string. Finally, cross the bottom string over the left string and tuck it under the looped top string. Pull each end of the four strings extremely tight to make the first knot. Continue crossing the strings in the same manner until the desired length is reached. The knots will produce a rounded href="" target="_blank">silicone bracelets4. Do you think it a good way to make a gift to convey your sincere feelings?So, let’s do it now!

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How do I weave or make a cast net traditionally by hand using a shuttle and sheet bend knots?

What I would like to know is how to make a cast net traditionally using a shuttle and sheet bend knots, the problem is that I dont know how many initial loops to put on the metal ring in clove hitches, and where to put the spacers, any ideas?

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hemp belt, is it possible to make one using the square knot method? Answered

As the title states, is it possible to make an extremely long hemp bracelet/necklace into a hemp belt? As in, my belt just snapped on me, and I have no money to buy a new one. So would it work by making one?

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[newsletter] Best Shoe Knot, Tank Cake, Comfy Chair Recumbent...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. May 1, 2008 Welcome back! New contest! The days are longer and the weather is warmer so we're celebrating with Bike Month! Share your bike mods, upkeep tips, riding advice, and any other bike-themed Instructable to inspire others and win some cool prizes! The Cake Contest is over and the winners have been announced. See who won here! Check out these cool Instructables! Moving Tank Birthday Cake Not only is it really a tasty cake, but the turret rotates and the barrel moves up and down. Get ready for cake warfare! posted by dave spencer on Apr 25, 2008 How to Start A Flash Mob Do you and a few hundred friends have some time on your hands? Then follow these simple guidelines for creating a Flash Mob and have some fun! posted by w1n5t0n on Apr 28, 2008 Add a third LCD to your portable screen DVD player Need more LCD screens to entertain the family on road trips? Then hook up new AV outs to your DVD player and you're good to go. posted by okieinAZ on Apr 28, 2008 Make Your Own Biodiesel Processor Get a source of waste vegetable oil and put together this biodiesel processor and you'll be able to skip the regular pump. posted by drinkmorecoffee on Apr 26, 2008 How to make a Moleskine Notebook Want a Moleskine, but don't feel like paying the high price? Follow these simple instructions and you'll be turning out custom sketch pads in no time. posted by laminterious on Apr 24, 2008 Tesla turbine from old hard drives and minimal tools Those old hard drives can't handle your music collection any more, but they're perfect for creating a Tesla turbine with the help of some simple tools! posted by gerrit_hoekstra on Apr 25, 2008 Show us your flowers! May is Bike Month! Green Science Fair! The Comfy Chair Recumbent Add a recumbent bike to your comfy chair and you'll be riding in style. Bike riding has never been so plush! posted by oxania on Apr 29, 2008 Animated GPS Batmobile Icon Holy satellite triangulation, Batman! A little scanning of the Batmobile and now it's on the virtual map! posted by aarrgghh on Apr 30, 2008 DY-NO-MITE!!! birthday cake There's only one way to defuse this bomb -- it must be eaten. Start with the licorice "wires" and move on to the cake dynamite sticks. posted by mmmicha on Apr 28, 2008 Film Canister LED Flashlight Get comfy with basic wiring and LEDs with this great beginner project, and build a sweet $4 flashlight. posted by comodore on Apr 21, 2008 World's Best Shoe Knot Get loopy with it and tie the world's best shoe knot. Disagree? Then leave a comment and share your favorite knot. posted by shoemaker on Apr 28, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Tying your shoes.

I wanna know how to tie you shoes cool.I've seen people with theirs with like only the little ends sticking knots. how do i do this? i wanna do this to my nss shoes.

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does anyone know how to make a mock cobra weave?

Hello i've been wanting to make a paracord belt i use paracord often and i am good at knots but i just cant seem to wrap my head around it since its suppose to unravel easily i've been searching online but i have not found anything useful any help is very much appreciated. im not looking for a regular cobra weave but the mock cobra looks like this

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I can not publish my profile photo.

I cannot publis my profile photo. I think it 's a bug,because I firts published my instructable and later my profile photo... help?

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How many different alternatives are there to an old or big, saggy t-shirt?

Things like turning the t-shirt into a fitted, button-down, or halter etc. I would like to see your suggestions!

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where can i get paracord?plzplzplzpzlzplz tell me Answered

Im looking for a lot of black paracord for a bullwhip but i have no idea where to get it and i dont feel like surfin the web...

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How to make 550 paracord bead for pacing counter?

I'd like to know how to make a knot, that works as bead, which then can be put on a piece of paracord and works as pacing bead. Saw this great idea on eBay 

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how to make paracord bracelet with guitar pick closure?

I want to finish the bracelet off with a pick instead of a buckle or a knot...a young guy made some on an instructable for something else but never said how to make the guitar pick one???

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my grandaughter has a potholder weaving kit w/ no instructions.

We know how to weave the potholder on the frame using the stretchy round pieces. we do not know how to finish our project. how do we knot the edges, get it off the frame?

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Looking for a way to join 3 strands of cord Any suggestions?

I'm looking for a way to join 3 strands of cord. It doesn't have to be simple (I'm good with knots.) I just need a way to join 3 strands of cord. Any suggestions?

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Lump on back of head?

I busted the back of my head open an a coffee table an it has left a knot. Im afraid of what it is. I shouldve went to get stitches but didnt. I wonder if it just growed back wrong or its something serios. Help? What should I do?

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(newsletter) Sleep Six Days a Week, Monkey Fist Knot, RC Nerf Tank...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Welcome back! Mother's Day Contest - Sew something for Mom in our newest contest and win a sewing machine from Singer! Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Closes for entries next week! You could win a MacBook Pro so enter now!The finalists in the Epilog Challenge have been announced. See the 15 finalists here. Become a fan of Instructables on Facebook! See contest updates, talk to other fans, and find out how the robot is feeling. Milk Bottle LED Lights, Arduino Controlled Soviet Belt Mod Garbage Can Tandoor Oven Kite Aerial Photography Closes for entries on May 10! Chluaid's 10-Minute Monkey Fist T-Shirt Tote 4-Hour No-Knead Bread TeaLED with Switch, Box and Batteries Handmade COG Tags Viking Wire Inlay VHS Tape Storage Drive The Plastic Bag Hoodie Sew something great for Mom and win a sewing machine! See the 15 finalists RC Nerf Tank Sleep Six Days a Week Portable Cable Management Duct Tape No-Sew Tote Sign-up for this newsletter:

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Double row macrame bracelet

Does anyone know how to make the double row macrame bracelet.  The bracelet looks like it is two rows of strung beads wrapped together and then finished off with a slide knot clasps.  I know how to make the basic shamballa bracelet and would love to make this one as well. Thanks,

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Need some help making a home-made bow? (Aspen?)

Hey, I'm new here, and not quite sure if I'm posting in the correct spot.. I've been wanting (and trying) to make a bow for the past few days, without much success.. I live in Montana, and these are the trees I don't have too many trees near me, but I have Aspen, some sort of Willow (though I tried with a thick branch, and it snapped pretty easy), and Evergreen. Which would be the best to use? Would it be better to make it freshly cut, or semi-dead (or just left out for a few days to dry)? I've watched many bow-making tutorials, I got a few things from them, but they weren't using any tree that I can use. Approximately how long should the branch be? And how thick? The Aspens around me have a lot of knots (is that how you spell it, meaning a tree knot, not a string knot?), should I cut them off? or will it weaken the bow? What type of string should I use (preferably not too expensive)? I tried a string similar to kite string, only it was thicker and stronger, but it stretched too much. And finally (I think), should I peel the bark off, or leave it on? Thanks for any help! Any help/tips that I didn't ask for would be great. p.s. I'm 14.

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Skills every instructabler should know

These are the skills I think every instructabler should know. Proper English grammar and spelling Survival skills Using common tools (drill, dermal, soldering,etc.) Basic rope and knot skills Being resourceful Programing in a programing language Basic Camera skills Have a social life

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where the wild things are tshirt? no sew ideas?

I have this great olive green where the wild things are shirt that i wanted to get fitted.. in an easy no sew way that i can do myself. i thought there was a way to make the knots on the back look like a skeleton, but maybe i'm wrong. any suggestions or ideas?

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Prawn or Shrimp made from string

Very recentley i saw a prawn or shrimp made from knotted rope in three colours with a keychain attached, been having a look round the net and cant find anything similar...does anyone here have a pattern or idea where i can get the instructions for it? i keep getting recipes!

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I use moleskines but the elastic always expands. Is there any way to tighten the elastic without ruining the cover..

 I use the moleskines to keep notes and my books last for years and years.  I find the elastic which keeps the book closed stretches over time and use.  I tie a knot in the elastic, but this is ungainly.  Is their any way to tighten or replace the elastic without destroying the cover and look of the notebook? 

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Boat Chandlery Question...

I've had a senior moment. You know those widgets that they use on boats to fasten ropes?  What are they called? Two ridged, rotating sections, lay the rope between them, and tension makes them turn in and lock the rope in place, pull the other way and they open to release it. What are they called? I thought they were "cleats", but that turns out to be the roughly T-shaped fittings that you knot rope around.

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