Krylon Spraydown

Mike from Instructables teamed up with Mark Clement from MyFixtitUpLife to reorganize their garage space to get it ready for winter & the upcoming football season!! Check out this awesome video where Mike and Mark show how Krylon Rust Protector seals and protects a variety of surfaces. Find more Krylon Spraydown projects here and check out the PDF attachments below for step-by-step tutorials.

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Krylon Spray Paint on fabric?

I have heard that Krylon spray paints can be used with stencils on T-Shirts. In fact their website even has a few project ideas along those lines. What I'm wondering is, how permanent is it? It seems so much easier to do than making silk screens and buying special paint, almost to easy....which makes me wonder if it dries really stiff and cracks.

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Krylon Project Isn't Showing Up

Hey mods - my project is included in the Krylon Contest, but at the moment it isn't showing up when you go to the list for voting. Could someone check on that for me? Thank you! (

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Coming Soon: Krylon Summer Projects Contest

Next week we'll be starting up the Krylon Summer Projects Contest. Any project that uses any Krylon product is eligible. With tons of colors and other products it's easy to use a Krylon product to finish off a project. We'll be giving away Leatherman tools, Krylon prizes, and more. Be sure to check back next week for more info!

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International entries

Hi i am from Australia and i am not quite sure what krylon is, and i am pretty sure we dont have it over here. so if i wanted to enter the competition what would i use instead of krylon?

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Krylon project not showing up either

I posted it, i entered it, it cleared mod approval, but it won't show up on the list of projects. i really don't wanna get no votes due to an issue tbh. Thanks for any help!

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Best Clear coat type?

Hello craftsmen! I like making props and thing from games and media i play, such as Corvo's sword from Dishonored. However, i have a problem with protecting them. After painting them with either acrylic spray or brush paint, I need a clear coat to protect it. I would prefer to use a aerosol paint, due to the ease and lack of smudging it gives. I generally use acrylic paint, either applied by brush or spray cans onto wood, pvc and metal. Does anyone know a good brand or type they use? I would prefer something available in the international markets and in places like dubai, singapore, india, etc. Thanks for reading, and please help!

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Krylon Looking Glass Mirror Paint Question

I stripped an antique mirror that was suffering from severe oxidation. I painted it with Krylon Looking Glass Paint. I was surprisingly very pleased with the results but was wondering if anyone else has used the paint and can I do a coat of black paint on top or will it react with the looking glass paint?

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Has anyone had the new Krylon Fusion paint totally crap out on them?

I messaged Krylon (Sherwin Williams) about it, and they said it wasn't normal, maybe a bad nozzle and they replaced the can, but the next can did the same doggone thing! Very frustrating!

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Covering a stickered laptop with epoxy resin? Answered

Hi! I recently got a new laptop and I covered the top cover with stickers and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I didn't want the stickers to peel up or anything so I went on over to the hardware store and bought some Krylon Crystal Clear spray, which is an acrylic lacquer based spray. I sprayed a whole 32 coats on that sucker and it was still paper thin. It's as if I simply made the surface shiny, and the stickers could still easily peel up. So I did a lot of research and I found a lot of things but I figured a 2 part pour on epoxy resin was the best choice. It's thick, self leveling, self doming, and it cures instead of air drying. My goals from the beginning were to eliminate surface texture altogether. I want the end product to be like those table top bars with stuff encased inside within a clear glass-like coating. I have found a lot of stuff, but I have yet to find anyone that has done what I am trying to do, and since it's my new laptop, I have concerns. How durable will the epoxy be? I want to make sure that it will be able to withstand the life of a college student, although I'm a quite careful one at that. Will the epoxy have any trouble bonding and staying bonded to the Krylon spray? It's an acrylic lacquer based coating according to the company. I don't want the shell of epoxy separating from the top of the laptop. I'm worried about bumping the edges and having the epoxy chip off or just separate altogether. That last question is the main and most important one, really. The last thing I want happening is for the epoxy to dry and then separate from the laptop or crack or chip or something. The epoxy I've settled on for now is Envirotex Lite, I'm not sure how much epoxy differs between manufacturers. I've emailed several companies asking lots of questions and I've gotten a lot answered, but these ones have yet to be solved. Thank you so much for reading this and any input or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Paint will it stick??

Hey if I painted some plastic with carft paint then after a few coats of that I put a clear coat of krylon paint will it  peal or rub of any time soon after I painted it like that?

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This one hasn't been in the ad rotation

Re: Krylon contest, I've only seen the EL contest in the banner rotation, this one totally caught me off guard...Time to paint something!

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Why isn't my instructable showing up?

My new instructable has been published 2 days ago (atleast it said it has) But it is not showing up in the channel i added it to. It hasn't been accepted into the launch it contest nor the krylon. The only way to access it is on my page. Help?

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What's the best way of protecting a large vinyl banner?

I have a very large banner which is a photo printed onto a thick plastic (vinyl??). It is autographed so I would like to preserve the banner and the signature. Is there any product I can use to help protect the surface and stop it from fading? I've e-mailed Krylon but apparently none of their products

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What's the best way of protecting a large vinyl banner?

I have a very large banner which is a photo printed onto a thick plastic (vinyl??). It is autographed so I would like to preserve the banner and the signature. Is there any product I can use to help protect the surface and stop it from fading? I've e-mailed Krylon but apparently none of their products are suitable

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Paint on rubbery material is sticky?

I used spraypaint (krylon fusion for plastics) on a material kind of like the plastic ruberry outside of wires, cables, cords, etc. It feels really sticky to the touch and I don't even know if I want it on anymore (I don't mind either way). What's the best way to go about this? If I wait long enough will the paint dry and stick to the material? Or should I remove the paint, and how?

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Look who made his way in to my art...

ROBOT! I hope he sees this... I just finished a canvas for my pal Mohamed, it is his 16th birthday, and we all know homemade gifts are the best! I used a gallery style cotton canvas, KRINK (KR-INK), Spray paint (krylon) Decocolors, Prismacolors, India Ink, Oil paint, arcrylic paint, paper, stickers, sharpies, pencil crayons, oil stick (streaker) paper, and finally...glue I hope he likes it...

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How to back paint clear plexiglass so I can reverse laser engrave?

I'm trying to back paint a piece of clear plexiglass so that I can reverse laser engrave. I'm then going to backlight the piece with an LED panel but I want the paint to be opaque so that the light only comes through the engraved pieces if held up to the back painted side. It will then have a nice look because the clear acrylic will give the lasered piece floating characteristics. I'm able to create this effect using black krylon fusion spray paint, but it just seems to take 3-4 coats in order to block the light out through the paint. I've tried black vinyl, block out sign vinyl and a variety of painted applications but nothing seems to work better than paint. The vinyl applications are also troublesome because the margin for error is too high with vinyl applications as I need the piece to be very consistent on the black reverse side.  I've also found products out there specially made for reverse engraving, but they are extremely expensive, and upwards of 150$ for 24" - 48". I've talked to a couple people that recommended Krylon Fusion normal paint, I'm just worried that if I were to use a roller,  or brush, I'd see the brush strokes from the clear side and it would ruin the piece versus using spray paint, which is slightly difficult to get a consistent piece.  Does anyone have any recommendations for what kind of coating or solution I would be able to use?

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steampunk sealant

Hello, I am steampunking a nerfgun for my nephew and the assumption is that he will play with it. I thought I would use an acrylic clear sealant to protect the paint, but when I sprayed it, the paint krinkled -- once it dried, it became hard again. I have two more components to seal and would like to avoid this. (I sprayed the nerf with flat black Krylon spraypaidn (supposed to bond to plastic) and then dry brushed metallic acrylic paint for effect. One internet person suggested I use mod-lodge -- but the instructions say that after applying it, i should use a clear acrylic topcoat. So my question is--should I be using this extra step--or is there a paintable acrylic sealant i could use? What are best practices used by you folks?

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[Requesting help] Need to dye a lens filter

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can take clear plastic and totally black it out I am trying to create a shaped bokeh effect in a uv filter for a more permanent setting than cut out paper (what most people do). Now I bought quite a few for different shapes or if I mess up. Last night I printed out on sticker paper a heart and placed it in the center of the filter and used Krylon fusion (spray paint for plastic) on the filter. It took quite a few coats to get it so light never shined through. When It looked good I peeled of the heart sticker and half the paint went with it. An obvious failure. What im trying now is, I took that filter and scratched it up a bit and I found some super glue and just thinly spread some across the lens (to hopefully give the paint something to grip to) let that sit over night it was too late to paint. And today I am now putting a few coats on it and i plan to actually cut the heart shape out of the filter.

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Build your own demo of a particle accelerator!

This was originally posted by an I'bles user in the "Feedback" forum. I've suggested he repost his questions under Science, and hope to answer them there. In the mean time, this video from the March 2008 issue of Symmetry Magazine (a joint SLAC/Fermilab publication) is really cute. The original article's video includes a bunch of related items which are worth checking out themselves. The high voltage (at least 50kV, I think) DC supply needs to be pretty stable -- you can't just throw a rectifier bridge onto a wall cord, but other than that, the project would be extremely simple to build. I've sent Dr. Johnson an e-mail to see if I can get more detailed specs. Update 4 Jan 2009: Todd Johnson and I have exchanged a couple of e-mails about this project (d**n, I love the collegiality of the scientific world!). For the DC power supply, he used a potted module (i.e., an enclosed unit with no accessible or dangerous components) designed for use in a negative ion generator (like the "Ionic Breeze"). He bought the unit surpus from . The bowl you see in the video was custom made from acrylic. I thought something like a Pyrex mixing bowl would work, but the "corner" where the flat base joins the spherical body introduces a barrier to the ball doing what it should do. The coating on the ping-pong ball is something called "wire glue"], touted as a substitute for solder. For this project, he covered the conductive paint with some clear Krylon for protection. Dr. Johnson and I are discussing the possibility of collaborating on an Instructable for this project. As a result of the video publicity, he's already gotten some inquiries on how to build it, so this would be an appropriate venue. He has a substantial amount of performance data and physics background on the device, which we will include in the ultimate publication.

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New Voting Rules

First off, I just want to say that i love the site! I've been poking around fro quite some time now, and I've finally started working on posting my first Instructable. (I know this tags me as a noob; you can take this post with a grain off salt). However, I wanted to see how other people felt about the new voting rules, i.e. the fact that voting is open as soon as the contest is open. Personally, I don't like this. The blog post about it brings up three issues: "Readers don’t go back to vote - Readers are most likely to vote when they first see an entry and want to give it a boost. With the old voting scheme, this favored those who entered on the last weekend and were featured." Don't we want readers to go back and vote? In an ideal situation, I feel like you would want each reader to evaluate each Instructable. If a reader votes early in the contest, and doesn't come back to vote, votes will be favored towards the people who submit first. While I understand that maybe this was part of the intention, it still doesn't seem very fair to me. "Authors enter late - Some authors took advantage of this and would hold off their entry until the last minute. This would lead to a cluster of last-minute entries. Part of this is regular procrastination, sure, but some was also intentional." I'm not quite sure what the harm was with entering an Instructable late in the submission period was. There's a submission deadline, people must submit by that deadline. Did that affect how people voted? I would think not. And while I understand that people procrastinate, what about the people that are just really, really busy with other things in their life? Personally, I was going to enter an Instructable into the Krylon contest, but now that voting is already open, I'm going to save it for another contest. It seems to me that the new rule is punishing procrastinators/busy people based on the actions of a part of the submitting population. "Lots of late entries hurt the contest - With an incentive for authors to keep their hand hidden there’s less of an indication just what people are putting together for a contest. Also,the more high-quality entries that come in on the last weekend, the more likely they are to be lost among the masses. With the new voting, authors would have more reason to step up their game and do a better job if they saw some cooler entries coming in earlier." Again, I'm not sure I see the reasoning behind this. In fact, high-quality entries that come in on the last weekend are even more likely to be lost among the masses now, as people who vote early will never see them. And with the new voting, won't authors be discouraged by seeing the cooler entries with a ton of votes already? Anyways, I was wondering what other people thought. As I said, I'm a bit of a noob here, so you can take this post with a grain of salt. I just wanted to voice my opinion.

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