Laptop monitor

Is it possible to use a working monitor from a broken laptop as a display for a project?

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CAN Data Displayed on Laptop Answered

I want to display CAN Data on my laptop. Any suggestions?

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Laptop Display Upgrade to Touch?

I wish to upgrade my Laptop Display from Non Touch to Touch. I did a bit of research on the internet, but am unable to find a proper answer. Is it possible? I would love to migrate from half HD non touch display to full HD touch display (even IPS). But here in India, I'm unable to find it in this config for 15.6" size (atleast, not cheaply). I have found one display which has a few things common with my old display. Both have TFT with LED Backlight, same size, aspect ratio, resolution and no of pins. Old Display: 15.6 inch TFT with LED Backlight (Non touch) (16:9). Resolution: 1366 x 768. 40 Pins. Part Number: B156XW04V5 Datasheet: Cost: ₹5000 ($75 approx) Proposed New Display: 15.6 inch TFT with LED Backlight (Touch) (16:9). Resolution: 1366 x 768. 40 Pins. Part Number: B156XTT01 Datasheet: Cost: ₹12500 ($180 approx) Would I need to change LVDS cable as well? Existing LVDS Cable: Part Number: P5LJ0 Datasheet: Here are the answers to some questions you might have: 1. Laptop is Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG. 2. My Laptop did not have any variant with 1080p display or touch display. 3. The old display is slightly cracked. Hence I need to change it anyway. 4. The top flap, display mounting brackets and bezel are damaged too. And the laptop is 5 years old and am unable to get the replacement parts. Hence I am planning on building a new housing for the new display, in any case. (Suggestions in this regard are also welcome) So a bit of variation in physical dimensions is not a problem. 5. Motherboard is Intel i5 2410M with Intel 3000 graphics processor. Graphics Card is Nvidia 540M. (I couldn't find supported resolutions on official websites, but according to 3rd Party websites, both should support 1080p) 6. I have some experience with Electronic Disassembly and Assembly. 7. I can do soldering, but I'm not very good at it. Hence, would like to avoid it, if possible.

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old laptop LCD display and HDsk

I got an old laptop with motherboard not working but LCD display and HDsk is working? How can I use both of these components?

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Old Presario 2100 laptop screen to be used at a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

I have the laptop screen from a Presario 2100, and im wondering if there is any way I could wire it to be used as a 2nd monitor or a digital picture frame?

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Help wiring a laptop's LCD display?

Greetings all! I had the pleasure of demo-ing an HP Pavilion laptop computer for any and all scrappable parts today.  Fun enough in itself, but now come the real questions that I don't have the answers to.  What to do with many of the working pieces.  The LCD display, in particular.  Some information that may be useful here: HP Pavilion dv6227d Entertainment Notebook PC There are many tags on the display itself, but I think this is the manufacturer: AU Optronics B154EW04 V.2 I'm curious if anyone has done any projects involving displays such as this, and if so, what the application was, how it was wired, etc.  It's so light and thin, I'd just hate to see this thing go to waste or end up sitting in my parts bin.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Happy Holidays, ghost

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Laptop hinge broken !

My laptop's (lenovo c100) both hinges (metallic) are broken one by one. i am using it by placing something behind the display. Any alternative?

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Hitachi LCD laptop display connection

K im trying to make a HITACHI LCD PANEL TX31D33VC1CAD into a lcd projector using an old overhead projector. however, im having a hard time looking for the schematics on which wire connections control the display (meaning which wires makes the picture.) any websites or pointers on where i can find it?

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It is possible to play XBOX360 console on your LAPTOP Display?

It is possible to play XBOX360 console on your LAPTOP PC Display? If annyone has anny experience with that please Help. Thanks in  Advance!

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Polarized Lights and Laptops

I was taking apart a laptop's LCD screen and found that sandwiched between the light source and the liquid crystal display were what appeared to be a vertical and horizontal polarized filter. Why is this? I always got the impression that LCD displays had the polarizers attached to the screen itself. Why would there be an extra set of polartization filters behind the screen? Or... am I just plain wrong in thinking the polarization is on the LCD itself? Could these be the only polarization filters? I have searched all over the internet for the answer to these questions, but I think I am just more confused. If these are extra polarization filters, the only thing I can imagine that they are doing is making the screen darker. Any ideas?

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Laptop without HDD

I was wondering if it would be easy enough to setup an old, powerful enough laptop to run Linux withoud HDD from SD card or other means without HDD? I have my old HP NC4000 gathering dust in the storage. It has no HDD and I need to fix the display which has 1/3 from top of LCD gray. If I manage to fix the LCD then it is worth resurrecting.

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1 Console 4 displays

So here's the problem, my friends and I are in college and love our x-box console, but hate the small screen. Not having a big scren, we are trying to find out how to get the one console to have four screens. We all have smaller TV's and there is on medium one in our living room. The game splits up 4 players into equal quaters of the screen. My thought is that the x-box video should go into a laptop and then be split u into 4 displays, with the laptop screen being the a full screen. The laptop in question has 1 S-video, 1 standard monitor output, and 5 USB ports. How do we do this, for cheap? I'm thinking it would maybe work like those walls of TV's that make up 1 big picture.

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I need a cheap 8-10" LCD display. Are there any digi photo frames that can be converted to a VGA input?

My laptop just died. I want to build a new one. Pelican case style. I don't want to spend a ton of money on the tft touchscreen deals. I just need a display, preferably 800x600 or better display. I really don't want to have to use a TV out to a portable DVD player. As far as not buying a eee or something similar I work in the oil field so this thing will probably see some pretty crappy conditions.

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How Interchangeable are Laptop Screens?

Can I replace an HP Mini 311 or 210 HD netbook screen with the HP Envy’s 15” 1920 x 1080 screen? I can order the netbook and the Envy’s screen with both the power inverter and the display cable from HP’s website. My ultimate goal is to make a super tablet like this one here:   It should work right, as long as the display cable is the same and I use the Envy's power inverter?

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IS there a way to hack a Laptop LCD to work on a Desktop??

I bought a couple of broken HP laptops in hopes of making one good one well it hasn't turned out that way but I was thinking that there must be a way to take one of the LCD displays and hacking it so I could use it as a second display off of my desk top if this could be done then i will go look for a older over head display the drop the laptop display into it and try that

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Using an old laptop's display with Raspberry Pi?

I'm making something using the raspberry pi and I needed a small display.  So, I took the screen out of an old, broken 11" laptop, but the screen still works.  But I cant just plug the screen into the pi because there are different wires needed.  The laptop screen was connected with a video lcd cable and to connect to the pi you need hdmi, a video wire, or if possible a usb connection.  So is there such a cable that could convert a lcd video cable to either hdmi or just a video input? I searched for one but found nothing.  Thanks

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Will this laptop screen work with the kit I am going to buy?

IEC: S/N CN2401J3J801P5  I need to know if the below link to the product will work with the screen I have with the above serial number;=item19d6c69b82

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How to view the view of a SQ8 camera on your computer?

So I got this SQ8 camera just for fun. Right now I'm wondering if I can show the the camera's view on my laptop? The SQ8 say it can connect to TV and show it's view, can I do the same with my laptop? Here is what I conclude: The USB port of the SQ8 provides 8 wires. However, the cable is split into 2 wire, 1 to the USB head (which have 4 wires) and 1 to the plug for the TV (by the look of things, there is only 2). I have no idea how data is transferred, but here is my guess. The USB head will provide power for the camera to charge and the last 2 wire may have to do something with shutting the connection (If I press the on/off button on the camera, my laptop signal the device has disconnected/reconnected to my laptop).  The 2 wire that transfer the image to the TV is the yellow head, which I have 0 clue how it works cause I haven't learn about it. My question is: is it possible to take this 2 wire to connect and display my camera's view? Here are pictures that I took. In the pics there is the port that the camera has and the 2 end of the cable. 

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Laptop Charger/Adapter Tester

I was wondering if anyone had an idea of making something that could test a laptop charger? It could have all the different sized sockets for all the types of chargers there are and a display for showing the output voltage. We have hundreds of chargers laying around and didn't want to go through the process of testing them all with a multimeter. Any help will be appreciated :) Cheers LukeSC1993

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Wireless Screen monitor?

I know this is not a new though and people have been asking on this forum. However I didn't find a similar solution to mine and thus I would like to ask for the possibility of success. Situation: A laptop, fully working, a desktop monitor, fully working also Want: A wireless VGA between the laptop and the monitor, so I can use my laptop in one side of my room, while having the monitor sits in other corner, within 5 meter Proposed solution: A wireless kit [url][/url], so one end attaches to the VGA port of the laptop, of course a a simple will be needed to input the VGA signal into the microcontroller. The receiver will also be attached to the desktop monitor with an appropriate circuit. is it a possible solution? if so, what could the appropriate circuit be please?

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how can i get an XGA display to work in a WXGA laptop?

A little while ago, the screen went on my laptop. i didnt have the money to buy a replacement, nor did i have the paypal to get one online. i came across an old dvd player for a car, the kind that you mount on the interior's roof. inside, it has a 14.1" XGA LCD display. i tried simply plugging it in to the display cable, but since its not WXGA the data wires are in different spots on the connector and the display isnt recognized by the laptop. would rearranging the placement of the wires make it work with my laptop? i know it would be easier to just buy a WXGA display but i have more important things to spend money on. if i can't do it, id like to at least know why. i'll just keep using an external monitor if it isnt possible.

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PS3 laptop by Ben Heck

It's always a treat to see what Ben Heck has been up to and his latest device, a PS3 laptop, is no exception. Just plug it in and you'll be up and gaming in no time with its own 17″ 720p HDMI display. As always, the whole thing is custom and if you have a project you'd like him to do he says he can "make the time." See also: Commodore 64 Laptop New PS3 Slim Laptop via TechEBlog

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Okay, problem with hp pavillion ze5700- letter "y" scrolls across the display whenever a folder opens.

The "y" character scrolls  continually. I  disconnected laptop keyboard ribbon and hooked ext. ps/2 keyboard, then  reloaded  XP OS , then sub-out  HD , then tried to load XP again. No avail. Suspect hardware, no trace breaks seen,

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Why a "shadow" effect on an LCD monitor? Answered

I have two Acer 24" LCD monitors for my laptop, one at home and one at the office.  The office monitor sometimes shows a dark 'shadow' effect to the right of both text and graphics.  The home monitor is fine so it can't be the computer.  Any ideas as to what's causing it, and whether it can be fixed?

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Hi, I have a notebook display works well,can i enter video signal in some way to display without the motherboard? Answered

Hi, I have a notebook display (Compaq R3000) works well, the rest of the laptop fail, my question is this: can i enter video signal in some way to display without the motherboard? if I can not, what would you do? Greetings from Argentina.

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How can I convert an old laptop monitor to work like a (logitec-G15) display?

I have some old Laptops, one I would like to make the LCD work for a screen that reads my instant messages so as not to have to constantly minimize or affect while in game (yes I am a Gamer) I could run dual monitors but then that creates other issue. Thank-you in advance

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Creating a network of LCD screens that display 'room stats'?

My mission is to have my house automated, and in that process, in each room I want to have a touchscreen LCD monitor with a laptop mounted behind it displaying stats for that room (e.g temperature, weather, news, panic button etc). I've come up with a mockup of what the very basics of the UI would include. Each unit will be connected by wireless (or CAT6 depending if I can be bothered) to my main server, which will push all the data not collected by the sensors (e.g news). What would be the best way to design the UI and to link it with the various sensors involved? 

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Anyone thought of adding a second lcd panel to a laptop to create a dual display?

Hello everyone, Just wanted to ask a question to all of you modders out there... Seeing as two or three new products have been shown off at technology shows sporting dual displays on a laptop of normal dimensions, has anyone thought of trying to add one themselves? They are so thin now, and I am sure altering components such as lcd controllers and graphics output could be done pretty straightforwardly. Several teams appear to have come up with what I would expect is the most efficient and attractive method: a sliding lcd panel in front of the second panel, both embedded in the lid. I am a video editor, and this would be ideal as our programs are so big, we need as much real estate as we can get visually. Anyone willing to give it a go with an old spare and do an instructable? Here is a link to my favourite dual display laptop design: [...] ebook.html [...] -kohjinsh/ The two ends of the laptop spectrum - high end desktop replacement with two 15" screens (adding two full HD 1080p 15.6" wouldn't be too hard); and a 10" netbook with a 768p dual display setup proves that it is practically feasible and even financially viable. A bit of casing areound the second panel, an extra GFX module using an expresscard port or similar, perhaps an lcd controller, and bob is your father's brother. If anyone thinks they could manage it in principle, please do upload any pics of the project - Im sure many will find it useful and inspiring for their own mods... Thanks, David

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How to Put a dead GPU laptop to use ?

I bought an HP laptop (hp pavilion dv2000)from a friend who sold it to me as it never showed up the display .I though i might replace the Graphic adapter but later discovered that the NVdia trouble chip is integrated on the motherboard.The GPU heats up .I repaired it twice in a repair shop ..all they did was the heat-gun treatment on the chip and applying thermal paste . the treatment worked for two days and the display is gone again .I did the repair twice .I know it boots but does not displays anything .I don't mind opening the laptop apart , but i cant let it eat dust at one corner...what can i do with this laptop ..I have my mac as my main machine ..any ideas !!?

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wireless screen

What would be the best way to make a wireless display? A display that can be carried around (within like 30ft which seems to be fairly standard for wireless). It would need some batteries to power it I imagine, but I have no idea how you would go about sending and receiving the video signal. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great! Not a laptop, just a display, no other functions.

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IS it possible to add a webcam to a computer? Answered

I have a laptop, fujitsu t4020D. I would like to try and add a webcam to the display bezel. I can find component parts (webcams) from other computers. What I want to know, is it even remotely possible to wire the cable coming from the webcam to use usb, so i could theoretically plug it into my usb port?

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External smartphone Monitor using old laptop LCD display.

  Hi there, I am currently working on a project on reverse engineering. I wish to attempt at somehow using an old laptop lcd, as an external display for my smartphone. As an amateur electrician and computer programmer I would love it if someone could direct me and tell me which goals I have to accomplish to make that happen. I understand that the signals coming out of an lcd display are different then on a cell phone so I had found a control board that will transpose the signal into a VGA signal which can then be directed to a computer. But is there a way to send the signal to a usb port for a smartphone to plug into. Granted a program, software and drivers for the monitor ets would need to be created but that aside, could something like that be possible? Please indulge me. Thanks for your time.

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can this screen work off of 5v if so what milliamp?


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How small could you make a working computer?

I originally wrote this as a reply to rimar2000 in another forum.  It seems sufficiently interesting to warrant a separate discussion thread.How small could you make a fully-operational personal computer (say, something with the capability of a Netbook).  I think the technology already exists to make one the size of a deck of playing cards: Hundreds of GB of storage in something the size of a little MP3 player WiFi transceivers fit inside a standard USB "thumbdrive" casing Projected keyboards could be integrated (not a separate box) The same technology could make an RGB projected display A small footprint CPU (maybe with "embedded Linux") ought to be practicalWithout a big display, hard drive, etc., you don't need much power at 5V to drive everything.  A standard cellphone battery (say 3.7V, 1000 mAh) ought to be enough to run such a machine for a couple of days between charges.I'm not competent enough as an electronics engineer to prototype something like this, but it seems like a really great challenge for the DIY experts out there.  How small could you make a working PC using existing current technology?

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tablet pc

What would it take to install a tablet pc screen onto a regular laptop? or what would it take to convert a tablet pc screen to a usb tablet ? (maybe a dvi port to display on it and a usb to allow for the input from the screen?)

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I have a HP laptop that has a HDMI port, Is there anyway to connect my PS3 and display it through the laptop screen? Answered

I connected it throught the HDMI port and nothing happened. Do I need to install software? My computer is Windows 7.

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Help me choose a laptop! -MAJOR UPDATE-

I just found out that I won a scholarship that writes me a check for $1,500. I already have college fees paid for through National Merit, so this is considered my laptop fund. I'm holding off for a few months to actually buy something (not much need right now, so I might as well wait for prices to drop a bit longer), but I want to get the Instructables Community's input on what to get. Here's what I want: -Highly portable laptop to carry to classes. I have a desktop for a real workhorse; the laptop only needs to be capable of basics. Anything past the basics is a bonus. -Screen no larger than 13", but no smaller than 8". 1366x768 or greater would be nice. Portability! I If I really need a big screen, I can plug in another monitor. -A touchscreen would be lovely, but not a requirement. -Built-in webcam would be nice. -Possibly a convertible tablet, but I'm not sold on that wee little hinge. A fold-flat drawing surface would be excellent, though. -I love a keyboard light, especially backlit. -Windows or Linux. NOT A MAC. I appreciate Apple's aesthetics, but I don't like the big brick walls they build around everything. Windows isn't really a bonus, just something I'd be okay with. -Not much more than $1000. Until I'm substantially wealthier than I am now, I don't see a reason to spend inordinate amounts of money on something that will be obsolete in a few years anyway. -I rather like the Eee PC T91, if it had a 10" screen, a HDD or a higher-capacity SSD, and assurance that the little swivel-hinge won't splinter the first time it's pulled open too far. I also rather like the Quanta NL2, despite it's Fisher-Price appearance, at least if Intel actually will sell one. So, after doing my own research, I've decided that I want a 10" screen with HD. The future Asus Eee PC 1018P fits the bill perfectly except for this...Atom N475 processor, crazy thin, 10-hour battery, aluminum body, USB 3.0, and the ability to put a multitouch digitizer in. It doesn't, however, have the HD display of the Eee PC 1005PR. In short, I want a 1018P with the display from a 1005PR. Any suggestions, or rumors of future Asus releases? Okay, so I ended up getting a 1016P. A week before Intel announced the dual-core Atom N550 and just under two weeks before HP announced a revised Mini 5103 with that N550. I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that no matter what computer I had chosen, it will be obsolete by the time about the time I have a job and can buy a new one.

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Can you turn a laptop LCD screen into a standard LCD Monitor / replace another brand laptop screen?

My laptop is a Dell Latitude CPi and is INCREDIBLY old. It was made for Windows NT / 9x systems. The laptop itself no longer powers on for some reason, but the LCD might be useable. Instead of getting a new LCD for $100 or replacing the cracked screen on my acer laptop for $600+, I'm wondering if it's possible to convert the screen into either an LCD screen, a Cintiq-esqe tablet display (where there's probably a USB and monitor cable) or, if it can be used on an acer 5520 laptop (the screen is cracked and using it on the same monitor I need for my PC isn't the easiest thing).

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How to convert touch screen display to monitor?

I have a HD touch screen AIO and a touch screen laptop and I want to turn the lcds into monitors, how can I add a dvi/hdmi/vga/display port to the lcd and link the touch screen too? specifics which may help Gateway ZX4300  LifeBook T4210 both computers are dead, new pc and want to get rid of these old ones but don't want to waste LCDs.

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Can you convert a Laptop LCD into a regular tv monitor?

I have a LCD display (still intact luckily) from a Dell Latitude C600. Unfortunately the entire mother board was smashed in a (what we will call) "accident". I don't think I need to go into details about that :P I was able to save the Display by itself. The hard drive is toast as well. I don't really like the idea of just tossing the entire laptop in the trash just cause the mother board was lost. Is there anything that will allow me to hook up to a coaxial jack so I can use it just as a regular "TV" display. I know I will need power but where can I get all the required items for the transformation? Thanks for your time

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My new laptop won't display certain pages or parts of pages.

I recently got a new HP Envy 6 laptop running 64-bit windows 7, everything worked for a week or two but now the thumbnails that usually have peoples' profile picture won't display on facebook (in the newsfeed,wall,ticker,chat,etc) and i also recently started using twitter for the purpose of following tv shows, certain people,certain groups, etc, and the entire twitter page won't load properly. I am using chrome but the problem also occurs on Internet Explorer I've installed the newest 32-bit and 64-bit java and pretty much all the basics (clearing cache,cookies, etc) but it has yet to fix the issue. Does anyone know a fix for this?. , or atleast perhaps what is used to load these parts, like is it an issue with my java, or flash, or something like that EDIT: the first image is a screenshot of twitter after logging in (the login screen only sometimes loads properly) and the second is what is in place of the thumbnails on facebook (a similar but different "error icon" appears on IE)

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how can I turn an old laptop monitor into a usable stand alone display?

I recently disassembled an old ibm thinkpad 380E laptop i had laying around. I have the guts and all that including the wire harness's and power inverter. The screen model is a Hitachi SX31S004 or ibm P/n 12J0130. I want to use the lcd by itself without having to get the laptop running as I have removed it from the case and have the board sitting in a drawer. I suppose I could reassemble the thing but I dont want to use all that. I would like to find the pinouts for the lcd but they have proven very hard to find. IF anyone can point in the right direction that would be tops. then maybe I can build something and make and instructable too

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Cannot acess spotify? Answered

I am trying to get spotify premium on my laptop, whenever I try to enter the site it comes up with "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage". I can access anyother webpage except this one, the laptop is still running XP (I know but I cannot afford to upgrade to 7 0r 8 or 8.1). I have no problems with other pages and sites so I cant imagine that is the problem. Can somone shed some light? 

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Operating my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on my laptop.

Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N-900P).   I was told by my son that I could operate this smart phone on my laptop monitor.  as per his advice I bought a Samsung MHL HDMI Adaptor.   Unfortunately my laptop - IBM ThikPad does not have a HDMI port.   I tried to connect my smart phone through HDMI-VGA cable. I do not get the samrtphone displayed on my laptop.   Could someone guide me how I can connect my smart phone to my laptop and operateusing my keyboard and mouse.   I would like to use my smartphone as an external modem to my laptop. 

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help with intermittent internet when router is hooked up and a laptop that won't display wesites when connected

I have two problems.  The first is that my home computer has internet which is working fine.  I am trying to install a new router and it installs and cinfigures successfully but then my internet connection becomes intermittent or non existent any help? Second,  my laptop will not display websites or e-mail.  It will ping and find any site but not allow them to be dipslayed. Any ideas?

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how to repair my laptop without buy a new motherboard?

I have made a pcie mini card to pcie x1, i plugged PCI (NOT PCIe) an my laptop could turned on but no display. and i was try to connect to external monitor, it doesn't show anything. my laptop is acer aspire 4540 amd turion II x2 m520,  Motherboard LA-5521P.

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My wife's laptop died (NotebookComputer model D22ES). Can I hack its screen to use as a monitor? Answered

This laptop's LCD screen would suit nicely for a homemade Doctor Who TARDIS console which I have started to build. I plan to make a new custom housing for the screen as in the recent Chris Eccleston/David Tennant series. This all depends on being able to hack the screen to display inputs from other sources, eg video player or BBC Microcomputer, via RGB or composite video input signals. Appreciation for any help, or suggestions - Thanks! I'll give your due credit if this project makes it onto Instructables. PS I SHOULD ADD: the bit that 'died' is the hard disk, as a technical guy told us.

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What can I do to fix my laptop?

I have a toshiba satellite p100-st9772 laptop model no. PSPAGU-017017 given to me by my neighbor but it doesn't boot up. I took it to PC Geeks and they wanted over $300 to replace the graphics card, which thay said was the problem. The laptop turns on but there is no display on the screen. Does anyone know of a compatible video card that I can use. I have a teacher that will install it (computer maintenance teacher). If possible, I have a $200 amazon card from winning a contest that I could use and am willing to spend more if needed. Any advice is much appreciated!

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My iPod shuffle is not recognized by my Window 7 laptop nor Macbook Answered

" One of your USB device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize the device." ERROR 43 Please let me know how I can charge my Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Generation) without display. It does not display on the iTunes which I have downloaded from the net. I have bought a new charger dock, still showing same problem.  Need help!  

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What can I do with this salvaged laptop LCD panel? Answered

So I pulled apart a non-working laptop from the 90s a while back, and while (being a computer nerd) I made great use of other components, I don't know how to use this LCD panel. I know the basics of computer hardware, but there really isn't a standard application for this LCD panel in my basket of stuff. The exact model is a 13.3" Samsung LT133X7-124 pulled from an old Sony VAIO laptop. It has a 1024x768 max resolution (not bad). Only the panel (intact), no wires for the most part or case. Bare screen, as seen in the pic. I was thinking of making a digital wall picture frame or digital clock, but most all of the existing DIYs or Instructables list an actual, complete monitor as the display component. Thus, I'm hoping somebody can help point me in the right direction with this hopeful project,

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