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World's Largest Pinata

This record-setting pinata in Philly is huuuge! 94 feet long, 24 feet wide, 60 feet high, and stuffed with 8,000 pounds of candy. Who was the lucky guy to open it? The wrecking ball operator contractor who disemboweled it after plans for a wrecking ball didn't happen. Link via neatorama

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World's Largest Snow Sculpture

Living in the bay area in California, I have access to now in Lake Tahoe, but we get no fluffy stuff to look out at in the morning. I love being able to wear light jackets in January, but sometimes I miss getting all bundled up and sledding or making Easter Island style snowguys on the front yard.So seeing this massive snow sculpture from China makes me want to just hit the slopes for a few weeks. Workers sculpt "Romantic Feelings", which will debut at the 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province, China, on Dec 17. "Romantic Feelings", measuring approximately 115 feet high and 656 feet long, is designed to be the world's largest snow sculpture. The 20th International Snow Sculpture Art Expo starts on Dec. 20 at the city's Sun Island Scenic Area. (Getty Images/China Photos) ilnk with more picsvia Neatorama

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World's Largest Solar Farm Opens

Over in Spain a new solar farm that takes up 247 acres has gone online. 'Tis huge!Here are the numbers: - 247 acres - 20 megawatts peak power capacity - 20,000 homes can be powered off of it - 120,000 solar panels are used - 300 days of sun a year in that area - $28 million generated each year - 42,000 tons of CO2 reduced each year link

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The largest man made island on the planet

This is really crazy! The city called Dubai has built the world's largest island - the island is called Palm Deira... Dubai has built two other large islands which has a similar design, the island are called Palm Jumeirah, and the other one is called Palm Jebel Ali.The island was built in a palm tree shape because Dubai wants to give more beach space to the Dubai's residents. The island is made from mainly rubble and sand. Dubai has also built two more islands, one looks like the world which is called "The World", I don't know what the other island is is really amazing what they had built...You can find more information here.

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What is the material with the largest thermal expansion?

I've looked many places online, but none seem to give me the Solid with the largest thermal expansion. It shouldn't be too expensive or hard to come by and it would be great if it could be purchased pre-cut into a square or at least could be cut by hand. This is very important for my upcoming project that I would love to share with you! Thank you so very much! PS: in the length of 6cm and a temperature difference of 41 degrees Celsius (or Kelvin) this material needs to expand by at least 2mm

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World's Largest Stop-Motion Animation.

From the people that brought you the world's smallest stop-motion animation, comes the world's largest - shot on a beach, some scenes covered 1000m2. New Scientist TV's video format won't embed here, so you'll have to follow this link.

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World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard, 2009

What happens when you bring several guitarists and 147 stompboxes together?Well, you set a record, raise money for charity and probably create sonic chaos. Here's the flickr set.From the Tonefreq blog (despite the press release date, this record was set July 16, 09):Nashville, Tennessee - 6/10/09 Nashville radio personality Aljon Go throws a party to break last year's record of the world's largest pedal board and raise money for the National Kidney Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

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Ebays largest electronic component distributor

Bets place to buy cheap LEDS in volume quantities. Also selling IC's, CAPS, DIODES, RESISTORS,CONNECTORS, CABLES, ECT. #1 seller of Electronic Components on Ebay.Just ask t3h_muffinator. He visited us last week and walked out with 3 huge bags of components.

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15 World's Biggest Items

No matter what item exists out there, there has to be someone who wants to make the BIGGEST ONE EVER! It's the thrill of holding a world record and just knowing that you have the ultimate form of whatever it is you're obsessing about.After seeing this list of 15 world records, I feel like I should have a record of my own. What low hanging fruit in the realm of the World's Biggest is out there, just waiting to be claimed? 15 of the World's Largest Objects via Neatorama

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One of the Largest Caliber K'nex Guns on this Site

Here are pictures of a knex gun I made that fires large knex rounds. It is hard to explain, so just look at the pictures. The notes will help explain.

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The Largest Parsons CDT Thesis Show Ever!

If you're in New York be sure to check out the BFA thesis exhibition for Parson's graduating Communication, Design and Technology class. There is sure to be some amazing computer-based art (and other strangeness that defies explanation). This is not to be missed!Opening:Wednesday, May 14, 2008: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.Chelsea Art Museum556 West 22nd StreetHours:Tuesday through Saturday,11:00 AM-6:00 PMThursday,11:00 AM-8:00 PM

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Tour of the Largest Private Collection of Military Vehicles

Through the MIT Club of Northern California, Christy and I got the chance to tour the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation's collection in Portola Valley. Seeing 100 tanks from different time periods lined up and seemingly ready to roll was pretty amazing. I've always had a thing for half-track vehicles, and was especially pleased to see a half-track motorcycle (SdKfz 2 Kleines Kettenkrad). In all honesty, this is probably one of the most impractical vehicles ever created, but it just looks so cool. My other favorites to see in-person were a SCUD missile launcher (SS-1b Scud A) and an M48A5 AVLB (armored vehicle-launched bridge).They also have a large shop where they repair, rebuild, and often re-engineer parts to restore the various tanks. While I was there, they were in the middle of repairing a World War II-era German tank found in a river. The collection is the hobby of Jacques Littlefield, whose father, Edmund Littlefield, amassed a $1.7 billion fortune by running the family construction and mining company, Utah International, and merging it with GE (more here at Forbes).The Instructables forums aren't exactly the best place to few 57 pictures, so here's my Flickr set, and here's the Flickr set of the person who organized the tour.

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New DLP Printer with the LARGEST build volume on the market

Hey Guys, We are now kindly inviting everyone to finish a survey for us. We are now developing the next generation of our DLP 3D printer, and we really need to gather some opinions before it hits Kickstarter. It will be a DLP printer with the largest build volume on the market, and it will provide the best solution to SME, MakerSpace and personal users. There will be only 8 questions, and every member will be notified before we launched to make sure that every one gets the Early Bird reward if you are interested(remember to submit to our newsletter). You can find detailed information including tech specs and test prints by visiting our demo website(which is free, and will be reconstructed later): Demo videos are coming soon, please stay tuned. The survey is on the "More" page, so help us get some feedback. Thanks!

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World's Largest Cut Emerald FOR SALE! - AUCTION UPDATE! & Fraud

If you have an estimated one million dollars to spend, there is an auction on January 28, 2012 in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, where they are auctioning off the World's Largest Cut Emerald. see Western Auctions (for more images) Simply amazing! UPDATE: The owner of the emerald has been arrested on "unrelated fraud charges".... He missed the auction as a result. The opening bid for the stone was called at half a million dollars. The stone did not sell. Perhaps buyers were concerned that the "fraud charges" could translate into a "fraudulent stone".... ? Stay tuned....

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Star Wars Un-Cut - the largest crowd-sourced film project EVER

472 DIY movie makers participated in the Reenacting Star Wars project by claiming a 15-second clip of the movie and filming their own rendition of it.  From live action to stop motion, these scenes capture the heart and soul of every die-hard Star Wars fan, in an ultimate tribute to one of the greatest movies ever made. Check out the teaser  just released from from the finished Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope movie.  Star Wars Uncut 'The Escape' from Casey Pugh on Vimeo. via:MAKE

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what gun are these bullets from? Answered

Ok so i was tyding my room and came accross these bullets  the largest one says : k 69 liia2 the second largest says d 10 a 86 the third largest is a colt 45 thats all i know and the smallest says z2mm9 rg 88 then like a plus sign

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Westinghouse L1974NW Capacitor rating? The largest vertical capacitor is bad on my board but I can't read a rating?

I'm attempting to attach a file indicating the capacitor, but again it's the largest vertical cap on the board, lower right corner. The circuit number is covered but it's right above CE108. Can't read the rating because it was covered wiht compound. Any help appreciated. Thanks - Tim -

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Knex Walker Contest

Greetings fellow knex builders! Its time to announce this months contest!!!!!! This months contest is to build the largest walker out of knex possible! The prizes are 5* on all your instructables, a sub, and a patch or 2! So what are you wating for? Start building your walker today! Judges are kNeXFreek and I. Rules, the walker must have a video, accurate measurement, proof of measurement, pictures, support its own weight, walk by it self, and not slip or jam. GET BUILDING! 

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Giant rat-eating plant discovered

O_O Check out this giant pitcher plant from the Phillipines. You've heard of venus flytraps? Regular pitcher plants? Small fry compared to this behemoth. Nepenthes attenboroughii (named after Sir David Attenborough) is way bigger than those relatively tame plants, and dissolves its prey with "acid-like enzymes". From the article: "The plant is among the largest of all pitchers and is believed to be the largest meat-eating shrub, dissolving rats with acid-like enzymes.">Whimper<Call me cowardly, but I get the willies when we start discovering plants that can eat small rodents...who knows what else is out there in the as-yet-unexplored areas of the jungle...Link

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i was on gizmodo the otherday

And saw this kool samsung 256gb solid state drive, its suppost to be the smallest, fastest, and largest space SSD, thats pretty kool, but, $4k is a little steep for me. especially if it costs more than 2 of my new laptops.

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Manual flattening a washer with rolling mill

I’m trying to use washers for a project but the largest I found is 1”. Ideally I’d like them to be 1 1/2 or 2 with at least a 1/4 space between out and inside. I thought of using a manual flat rolling manual mill but will it distort the shape?

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A question for the code monkeys or those with too much time on their hands...?

I am given to understand that "authors" is the smallest section of the Instructable community. Next largest is non-author members, then non-member visitors. Anybody willing to dig out the actual numbers or proportions? authors:members:visitors Just an idle thought to occupy those who ought to know better...

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Imperial Walker Graffiti Art

"Customized Hasbro Star Wars vehicle customized by professional Graffiti artists EASE and JK5 under the direction of SUCKADELIC. All tags are written in the Aurebesh language, a fictional letter system created for the in-world use for the 6 Star Wars films. The largest tag on the side of the vehicle spells the word REBEL."All this can be yours for only $1,500 - $2,000!Link

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How are forum topics sorted?

When I pull up a specific Community Forum, the default behaviour is to show topics sorted by "recent" -- which one has had a comment added now? However, there are some topics which seem to "stick" at the top of the list, for example "Instructables Store" and "World's Largest Piñata" in Community Blog. These "always recent" topics appear to come either from Robot or from I'bles Staff.

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Measuring device wich read the dimensions of an object in 1 time?

I want catalog my collection of inkwells, including the dimensions of each object (length, width, height, diameter). The largest size is 50 cm. I wonder if there is a device that measures all the dimensions in one time, whether or not electronically. If not, do you have suggestions so I can make it myself? All ideas are welcome.

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Any Ideas On how To (As quickly as possible)Transfer 15GB Of files from one (The Old)Pc to another?

Not to Mention That My Old PC Has like 15KB Left On the HDD,And ITs HDD Has Vitally important files that i need. It Has XP Installed,And The New PC(Referred to In the title as "Another")Has Windows XP/Windows7 Installed. Cd's Would Be wasteful,Even the largest Thumb Drive that i have can Be 1/4 of what i have to transfer,My Largest Thumb drive is 2GB. I Have No other Hardrives,Nor Space for any more either,I Already Have One(40GB,Contains 15+GB Of Important data),A Partition On it(The Partition Came on it when i got the PC,Its 2GB,Not To Mention It Contains 1GB oF important stuff) And a 3GB One(Came from a Windows95 PC,I was Desparate And Contains 1+Gb Of Important data). Any Ideas On How to do it,Quickly? Also,My Budget is $0,Yeah,Fresh out of money,As Usual.

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Parys Mountain

General interest: I went there (surface) this year, it's pretty-much dead (due to heavy-metal contamination), a spooky "outer-space" sort of place. Near Amlwch on Anglesey (that's Wales) The site contains several mines worked since the Bronze age, it was once the largest copper mine in the world. This site has some great photos of the underground levels, recently drained: (I nicked an image) note that 1 fathom is 6 feet. Google Earth: W 4o20 '40", N 53o23'10"

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I'm in the New York Times!! (So are some other people you might know)

I'm in the New York Times magazine! After Randofo posted about their Innovation Contest, I submitted a few of my projects, and my beach-skates got chosen as a judges winner! OK, so they've reduced an entire instructable to two dozen words and and an icon, but I'm still in the second-largest newspaper on the planet! (Oh, and two others of the top four choices are also Instructablers...)

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Indoor War- What weapons?

I've observed that the majority of people think range (and reliability though this seems to be taken way too seriously) wins wars outdoors. So what would you choose for a weapon if it were indoors with a few walls and corners, tables and other cover, and probably the largest room being no larger than 20x20 meters? Just curious. I was thinking that for this reason, I'd like to come up with a shotgun. I have an idea floating in my head if anyone wants to hear it as I can't build it for the obvious usual reasons.

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Oil: $100 per Barrel

Twas bound to happen - so why not open the new year with a new high? crude for February delivery jumped $4.02 to $100 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange before slipping to $99.42. The previous trading record was $99.29 set Nov. 20. Oil prices ended 2007 by gaining nearly 60 percent for the year, the largest jump this decade."This market is really gonna fly," Ira Eckstein, president of Area International Trading Corp, said from the NYMEX floor.In Nigeria, bands of armed men invaded Port Harcourt, the center the oil industry Tuesday, attacking two police stations and raiding the lobby of a major hotel, The Associated Press reported. Four policemen, three civilians and six attackers were killed. The Niger Delta Vigilante Movement claimed responsibility for the attack.At 2.1 million barrels per day, Nigeria was the world's eighth-largest oil exporter in 2006, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency.Furthermore, the auto manufacturers are saying the new CAFE standards (35mpg for cars) are a very expensive goals. Mind you, there's cars 20+ years ago that exceeded this standard (CRX got in the mid 50mpg range).Futurama did elude to $100 per gallon of gas in New York city by 2012... How could they be wrong? :D

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What to do, what to do?

So.... It's me.... Hiyadudez... Here with another forum for y'all... Yeeeaahhh... Anyway. Recently I have been very bored. Very very bored. VERY VERY VERY bored. OH SO SO SO BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED! So yeah. For a while now I have been very bored, and me being myself, I want to make something. I need help, suggestions. Examples: Worlds largest _______ Worlds smallest _______ Really long ______ Working Knex ______ _____ wooden ______ SO yeah. I NEED ideas. Any suggestions?

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Last day to enter your robot in Robogames

Whether or not you have entered the Instructables/Robogames contest, you can enter your robot in Robogames itself. But today, Monday May 19, is the last day to enter! (Instructables contest entry runs though June 29.)David Calkins, president of the Robotics Society of America which puts on Robogames, says:WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?It's the last day to register. I know you LOVE to wait til last day, andtoday is it. So let's do it:"World's Largest Robot Competition"-Guinness Book of RecordsRoboGames, the world's largest open robot competition, invites mechanics,closet machinists, artists and engineers of all ages, skills and means tocompete at RoboGames this June. RoboGames is listed in the Guinness bookof records as the world's largest robot competition, and we want you to bea part of it! Yes! There is still time to register your robot.With over different 70 events to choose from, any robot, in any form, iswelcome to compete! From art robots to autonomous navigation, robot sumoto fire fighting, even bots that don't fit into any category can registerfor "best of show.""Top Ten Best North American Geek Fests."-WiredThe event is open to anyone, not just university students, professionals,or other schools. Some of the finest builders are garage mechanics andbackyard experimenters, but RoboGames also hosts professional engineers,robotics companies, and other organized teams. RoboGames also encouragesyoung engineers to come out and show their stuff, so we made more than 10events just for under-18 events with NO registration fees!"SportCenter's Top Ten"-ESPNParticipants will be joining an international field of competitors (over 30countries were represented last year) and competing for the prestigiousgold, silver and bronze medals awarded in every event! RoboGames is anexcellent opportunity to indulge mechanical know-how, adapt sciencefetishes for good and come out and play among fellow makers, thinkers andbuilders.The event opens to the public June 13-15th, and fills the stands withpeople eager to see your bot.Register here:

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Clean up the pacific garbage dump.

Here is the worlds largest trash dump, in the middle of the pacific, it is twice the size of texas. (a little less than Alaska for people who don't know how big texas is) and it needs to be cleaned up. me and a friend have tried to find some way to do it but were just high school students in north virginia. We are going to need your help to clean it up, so please help through any means possible. Even something such as recycling, reusing, or just trying to get others to do something will help greatly thanks.

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Not Hired

Check out Not Hired, a new site put up by a friend of mine. We are a group of HR monkeys and hiring managers who have worked with some of the largest search engines, vertical portals, and social-networking sites on the Internet, as well as for hardware and software manufacturers, universities, federal agencies, and accounting and consulting firms. In our jobs, we see thousands of cover letters and resumes every month. Some of them desperately need to be shared ;-)My favorite so far:"I don't know Craig personally but my friend told me about his list and I saw your job there."

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Homemade Transformer?

Hi, Moved over to the UK from the US a couple of months ago and my fiancee has brought with her a 110V tea-steeper with her.  Apparently it possesses magical properties that cannot be reproduced by other local appliances.   It will blow out the fuse in a 500-watt transformer, which is the largest that I have.  My question is, why are these things so expensive?  I have very limited knowledge about them, but from what I do know they don't seem that complex.  Some of the higher wattage transformers are the same price as a netbook computer!  What is in them that costs so much? Also, can you make your own?   Thanks -Andrew

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just to clarify

I was granted a 3 month membership for a featured instructable I did, then I got a one year membership for being a contest runner up, then i got another 3 month membership for another featured Ible. so my questions are these.. do the memberships run concurently (do i now have 18 months of pro membership) or does the largest one override the others (do i only have 12 months)? Do I need to wait until one pro membership is up before entering the next membership redemption code, or can I enter them as I get them and my account will be updated with the additional time earned?

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my 1 year ible anniversary!

Yay! I made it 1 year strong! I really like to thank everyone who stuck with me all the way, such as oblivitus, The Jamalam, viccie, gmjhowe, Izangi telos, and others that I forgot to mention. I have managed to get 19 ibles and slideshows out (I had more, but I deleted them due to them sucking so much). anyways, Ibles rules, and Im gonna stick around as long as I can, hell, im gonna ask for a pro account for christmas! And thanks to everyone for helping me get the second largest orangeboard on the whole site (right behind Killerk)! Good day ladies and gents!

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PCB Soldering Help Needed. Problem connecting pads. Answered

I have a pre-etched and drilled one-sided PCB where each hole has an isolated copper pad on the under side. My question is what is the best and/or easiest way to connect the pads to complete my circuit? The largest jump is every other (i.e. there is a lead in A1 that needs connected to a lead in C1, B1 is empty). There are also some side by side connections (A1-B1). I've messed around a little but can't figure out a good way to do it. There is going to be a lot of connections so the simpler the better.

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Got Craft? (Van, BC)

Hope you can make it! Got Craft? Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Royal Canadian Legion - 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver British Columbia  Admission: $2.00 (kids are free) Website: Vancouver's largest indie craft fair kicks off Spring with 50 local and handmade vendors. There will be giveaways, live demostrations and a DIY table hosted by Spool of Thread Sewing Lounge to make your own crafts. First 30 receive a free handmade swag bag filled with goodies. For more information and a full list of participating vendors, please visit our website at

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Can you identify this tool? I believe it is used on firearms.

This tool came in a box of firearm items, however we have been unable to identify what it is or what it would be used for. The overall length is 2 7/8 inches, largest diameter is 3/4 inch, smaller diameter is 7/16 inch, has a 3/16 slot on one end and two 1/8 inch pins in the larger end, pins are 1/2 inch apart. There are two holes cross drilled in the smaller diameter, they are each 3/16 diameter and are 15/16 inch apart. The metal is blued same as a firearm would be. There are no identification markings on this tool.

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Floating Garbage Island Twice the Size of Texas Aimlessly Spins in Pacific Ocean

The largest dump in the world isn't outside New York or London or Shanghai but in a desolate stretch of the Pacific Ocean nearly a thousand miles from the nearest island. Held together by a slowly rotating system of currents northeast of Hawaii, the Eastern Garbage Patch is more than just a few floating plastic bottles washed out to sea; the Patch is a giant mass of trash-laden water nearly double the size of Texas.Full Article:Plague of Plastic Chokes the Seas in the LA TimesQuick Blurb:Oceans of Garbage on Vestal Design

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2011 fischertechnik Fan Convention Erbes-Budeshei Germany

WHAT: fischertechnik Fan Convention! The fischertechnik fan convention will be in Erbes-Budeshei Germany. This convention (formally held in Moershausen) is the largest convention of ft fans and models in the world! WHEN: Friday 23.09.2011 Saturday, 24.09.2011 WHERE: The fischertechnik fan convention will be at Erbes-Budeshei , a small village near Alzey near (about 75 k) Frankfurt am Maim in Germany. Knobloch GmbH is hosting this year's convention. WHO: All fischertechnik fans! WHY: If you are interested in what people are developing with fischertechnik, this is the event to attend. German companies Knobloch, LPE, and fischertechnik will have a presence. And for an awesome time, of course! WEBSITE: FORUM:;=164&sid;=7f3a635d91ec23416825df21603a5d0b&start;=20

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Can I post this?

Hi, I am a beginner and I created an account a couple of days before, there are few basic things I would like to know. Kindly bear with me if they feel silly, please guide. I would like to know : Can I post a link in my instructable for the readers which could direct them to popular website like Wikipedia or GitHub (One of the Largest Open Source Community) or someone's personal blogspot for gaining more information on a topic? Can I post a link for download of a free software  for readers related to the project I made instructable on? for example a free software to help readers calculate LED resistance? I would highly appreciate guidance, suggestions. Thanks AMK

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2012 fischertechnik Fan Convention Erbes-Büdesheim Germany

WHAT: fischertechnik Fan Convention! The fischertechnik fan convention will be in Erbes-Büdesheim Germany. This convention (formally held in Moershausen) is the largest convention of ft fans and models in the world! WHEN: Saturday, 29.09.2012, 10:00 - 16:00 clock WHERE: The fischertechnik fan convention will be at Erbes-Büdesheim , a small village near Alzey near (about 75 k) Frankfurt am Maim in Germany. Knobloch GmbH is hosting this year's convention. WHO: All fischertechnik fans! WHY: If you are interested in what people are developing with fischertechnik, this is the event to attend. German companies Knobloch, LPE, and fischertechnik will have a presence. And for an awesome time, of course! WEBSITE:

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Got Craft? Spring Craft Fair

GOT CRAFT?, Vancouver’s largest indie craft is celebrating its 11th show with over 50 handmade designers ranging from jewelry, clothing, ceramics and stationery, to plush toys, baked treats, and more! There will be plenty to do including DJs playing live music, food carts parked outside, and the Spool of Thread sewing lounge will be returning to host a slew of DIY workshops. Be one of the first 50 through the door for a FREE swag bag filled with goodies! what: Got Craft? where: Royal Canadian Legion – 2205 Commercial Drive, Vancouver when: Sunday, May 6th, 2012 10am to 5pm cost: $3.00 (kids 10 and under are free) link:

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Strange Planet Part Two

Following along in the last post about the wild world of water, let's see what other natural oddities our Earth has for us. There's a strange sound coming from the ocean, they're calling it a "Bloop." The earth is known for whistling caves, and plopping mud puddles, thunder and earth quakes, so we know the earth is one vocal creature. But the bloop is new, and as of yet unknown. This is what we know: "Although the sound matches the profile of a living animal, it is much louder than any known creature can produce. Any creature that could produce such a sound would have to be many times larger than the largest whale."The story is here.What do you think it is?_BG\\via neatorama\\

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Ambilight controller

Hey guys,has any body tried the ambilight controller like the one here ==> link for the controller points to some weirdly languaged (hope thats a word "languaged") site but with no content. i am preparing my comp for fragapalooza (canada's largest lan party) so if any one has done/looked up this mod, please point to a schematic for the led controller...the controller is connected to a pc with a serial cable and has many outputs to connect chains of leds plus i think there is another power supply to power the leds (as the chains of leds are long)...any help is appreciated...note: this is a multipost to produce results efficiently...i hope...***update: nothing after 3 days at bit-tech or

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Got Craft? Vancouver Holiday Craft Fair

GOT CRAFT?, Vancouver’s largest indie craft fair celebrates their 10th show with over 50 handmade designers ranging from jewelry, clothing, ceramics and stationery, to plush toys, organic chocolates and more! Spool of Thread sewing lounge will be hosting a slew of DIY workshops, those in need of further entertainment can enjoy DJs playing live music, the Varinicey Pakora food cart and be one of the first 45 through the door for a FREE swag bag filled with goodies. website: what: Got Craft? Holiday Craft Fair where: Royal Canadian Legion – 2205 Commercial Drive when: Sunday, December 4th, 2011 10am to 5pm cost: $3

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CFL Recycling at Home Depot

CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) are becoming increasingly popular: right from the article linked to below, "compact fluorescents use up to 75 percent less energy, last longer and cost less over time than incandescent bulbs." Plus, they come in a fun, curly-q shape.However, they contain trace amounts of mercury, which makes recycling of them difficult--until now. Home Depot (which, to my surprise, is the second-largest retail company in the United States behind Wal-Mart) is offering comprehensive recycling for CFLs: any brand, at any of the nearly 2,000 Home Depot locations. Read the article from the New York Times here

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Octopus in a box

On March 5th at the New England Aquarium octopus exhibit, a 7-foot long giant Pacific octopus climbed inside of a 15 inch-inch-wide box. The box was part of a set of acrylic puzzles that the aquarium uses to challenge the octopi during feeding time to keep them stimulated. Normally, the octopus opens the boxes sequentially to solve the puzzle and get its dinner. Last week however, the octopus found a crack in the largest box and rather than opening it, decided that it would crawl right inside.Aquarist Bill Murphy elaborates...What are the boxes made out of?The boxes are made of acrylic and were created by one of our long time volunteers in the fishes department.How many boxes are there?There are 3 different size boxes with different locks that are puzzles for the octopus to open.How do they work?I place one or two live crabs inside the box and the octopus has to learn how to open the box to get the food. I start the octopus off with the small box and once he has mastered the lock I switch to another box and once he has mastered each individual box I put a box inside a box to keep him active and challenged.What happened today?The largest box was actually broken by another octopus here at the aquarium three years ago so today the octopus decided to go through that broken opening instead of unlocking the large outside box to get to smaller box inside with the live crabs. This is the first time it has been witnessed here at the aquarium because they don't always open the box immediately and will wait till the night when they are more active to hunt for food. It's been a very fun occasion for visitors and staff!If octopi could live longer on land, we'd be their slaves for sure.Via New England Aquarium

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