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Suggestion: I quite often go through your site thinking I want to read that later. As it does not seem possible at the moment it would be great to have a tick box on every instructable that allowed users to keep those instructables they want to read as a list under their own name. You could then look through your own list and read when ever you want to without having to search for it again then unselect the instructable when its finished with.

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Bye guys...

Well, I might be off for a little while. Just though I'd let you guys know...

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How do I make a wooden toy without the size or measurements your pdf does not work?

I think your system needs a lot of help Can I have my money back? What button do I press to send this

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A Read Later button

Hey! I just want to suggest that the instructables team adds a "read later" (or something similar like "want to do") button that bookmarks an instructable you're interested so you can check it out later because sometimes you want to build a project and don't have the materials on hand,so with a read later button you can come back to the instructable later without a lot of searching for the exact one you were planning on doing. Not sure if this is in the right place so please redirect if it isn't. Thanks!

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Watch Later Idea On Instructables (Like YouTube)

I think it could be a really good idea to have the small "watch later" button on all of the Instructables that are shown I don't think I need to explain it a lot... Just like YouTube

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Ok paid with pay pal

I paid and it showed up on my bill me later account. Did not get any email confirmation and no pro membership.  I know this may in fact be a glitch but please tell me it can be fixed. PLEASE

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Space Elevator or Lateral Coil Gun? Answered

What would be a batter way to get off the earth, Space elevator or lateral coil gun?

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Should I post now or later?

I am a new instructables user and a few months ago I finished crafting a five octave marimba. This is a musical instrument similar to a xylophone. It took me over a year to complete. It is about 8.5 feet in length, 4 feet wide, and approximately 3 feet tall. I feel that if instructables ever held a music contest then this instructable would almost be a sure win. (Of course I realise that this is only my slightly biased opinion.) I'm afraid that if I post now then a music contest would be announced and I would be out of luck. So I am reaching out to the instructables community. Should I post now, or later?

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Has anyone heard from Lateral Thinker ?

I haven't heard ANYTHING from him in quite a few months, no emails, no updates here (nor in FB, etc).  I am hoping everything is ok with him. Member info

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New Speed Contest to be announced later today.

We're getting into the habit of hitting you guys with more and more speed contests. The responses that we've been getting have been great and we'd definitely like to keep it up. So expect one later today!

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I REALLY wish there was a 'save for later' button

It would be really nice to have this feature near the other "favorite," "facebook," and "print," buttons, as since I rarely have the time to fully explore each instructable that looks appetizing to me to the full extent I'd like to when I'm sifting through my e-mails.  Something that I can use to bookmark it for later, perhaps with room for personal comments on my initial thoughts or why it looked interested in the first place?  This would have the advantage of giving people an easy way to return to the site, track their progress on various projects, etc.  I dunno.  Just a thought.

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Charged for gift membership; a day later & no acknowledgement

Hi, I bought a gift membership for my wife (really for myself so I could give her handmade Christmas presents this year) two days ago. My bank's online statement shows the amount was debited immediately but I haven't received an email, a receipt, an acknowledgement (I checked junk mail boxes too). I'm not sure which email accounts you were given since I have several. Is there a way to check ASAP? Christmas is closing in quickly. Doug

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How can I save a particular instructable to view later?

I like to scroll through the site. Is there a way to save an instructable in my account so I can go directly to it at a later time?

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Bought 3 month Pro, expired 11 days later?

Hello, I purchased a 3 month pro membership for $8.85 on September 14 and got my e-mail receipt the same day. Today I received an e-mail saying that my Pro has expired (not expiring like previous e-mails from when I had Pro before) and when I come to the website I am indeed a normal user. It has to be a bug (since I don't think there has ever been a way to buy less than a month at a time, even if I had done that by mistake) but I need to know what to do to fix it. Thanks!

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How do I calculate total lateral forces in the tyres of a 3 wheeler?

Are the lateral forces and lateral slip angles same for rear wheels and front wheel in a front (one wheel) steered rear drive vehicle?

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Get the LED Out! speed contest is Finished! Results later today!

The Get the LED Out! speed contest is closed for voting! We need to go over some of the votes and make sure that everything is cool and we'll be announcing the winner later today.As a reminder, the Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners in the Get the LED Out! contest will win $75 in LEDs from Phenoptix, a TV-B-Gone kit from Adafruit Industries, and a robot t-shirt. Current standings: Pageviews Ratings

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9/11 Eight years later. Are we being told the truth?

So here we are, 8 years after the events of 9/11. Are we being told the truth? Was there a multinational conspiracy to commit these attacks? Was there a U.S. cover-up of the facts? Who has benefitted from the attacks? Do you feel safer today? Are your rights being infringed in the aftermath, in the name of "national security"? I don't know about you, but I get the feeling we've been lied to!

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Hey, the instructable comes different than what it was in the draft, and then later edit..?

The images seem to go down a section. Like the images for material reqd is not there. it is blank and the images go to the next section, and the process continues for subsequent sections... Check Image of edit enclosed

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New I'ble single-step URLs are broken for steps 10 and later

As Jamalam posted this morning, a new bug was introduced with the overnight feature rollout.  For published Instructables, the individual steps now have human-readable URLs of the form "" (e.g., "").  This is really nice. Unfortunately, the server-side code which generates these URLs is buggy.  For two-digit steps (step10 and higher), the URL does not resolve correctly, reverting back to the intro step.  You'll see this if you follow the link above.

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It is with GREAT sorrow that I have found out finally about Lateral Thinker....

Passeed away  (was just informed of this moments ago). Elizabeth Stiles-Dawe March 31 at 6:33pm Report Sorry you had not heard. Peter passed away June24th 2010

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Registration and password update accepts a password that cannot be used on the site for logging in later

According to "How to Submit Bug Reports" here come the details: (A) Registration and password update accepts a password that cannot be used on the site for logging in later 1. Acer laptop, T4400 Dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM with Win7 (6.1.7601) Home Premium x64 Service Pack 1 running 2. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:33.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/33.0 3. Instructables dot com Signup 4. Screen shots attached 5. Steps to reproduce: go to Signup, enter a valid e-mail address You remember and enter a random password e.g. 34 characters long, containing A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and some special characters, e.g. #%'(*.:?@ (I can send You the exact passwords used upon request) You can repeat this as many times You wish with the useful feature called Forgot Username/Password -> You will get the code, You can enter another password like the above and still cannot login. Another strangeness was to me that the 'restored' account had a totally different username from that I originally entered when signing up. Interesting 'phenomenon'. This does not happen with other types of passwords (weaker passwords) Suggestions & ideas: while I did not check page source, input field checking might need improvement. (Bobby Tables: A guide) Another thing (B) is that SSL on the site 'has its limits' B.1, B.2 Same specs apply B.3 Instructables dot com Signup via HTTPS B.4 I trust Your imagination, maybe there is no need for a screen shot B.5 NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID * certification provided by DigiCert (High Assurance CA-3) Steps to reproduce: - reset or check out certificates in test browser - just open the site via https:// Suggestions & ideas: the website could use StartSSL Free or StartSSL Verified Certificates An issue connected to this one is that the SSL Signup page is useless anyway, since captcha cannot be seen and/or entered the via the HTTPS version... (screen shot attached) Suggestions & ideas: make the captcha work on the https page and redirect signups and logins there by default (and then redirect back to http if the original login request came that way) Best Regards, pc-fan

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How do I get back to an unpublished Instructable I saved to finish later??

I saved my first 2 steps to finish later and can't seem to find anywhere to get back to them to edit o finish!

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How to make my house window open (and then later close) horizontally (linearly) on a timer?

I have a fan on a timer in my house but I need a window to open and close so that the fan is effective (it will be opening during the day in the winter and during the night in summer.) The window is 3 feet by 4 feet. I was thinking of using a jackscrew set-up, but all the diagrams I've seen have an SPDT switch, which won't help me because I'll be asleep or at work. So I need both the ability to connect it to some kind of timer AND the ability to open AND close separately. The idea of re-purposing a garage door opener strikes me as a good idea, but it's massive overkill. But it would have most of the attributes I need--I would just have to have a timer trip the circuit and HOPE it never gets out of sync and mistakes open for close.

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Why won't you let me change my email address so my email verification is sent to the right email? Answered

"Hey diyprincess, you still need to verify your account" and I try! I keep getting an email verification error. I put in my new email but then it says there was an error and try again later. I've been trying it later and later and later with no success.  Help please.

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i deleted 2 partitions on windows 7 installation . cant use the deleted space later.

First i used xp.on installing w7 without formattingi deleted d,e drives(65gb,65gb)both ntfs. later im unable to create new partition on that space. w7 partitioner sucks.. help me

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Whats a good way to get a tattoo design faithfully onto a cloth canvas, to be painted later? Answered

I'm putting a poem I wrote for my girlfriend in an old frame and canvas. I'm not terribly artistic, visually, but she loves and identifies with the old Sailor Jerry style tattoo flash art. Ideally, I'd like an image of similar sort on canvas below the poem's layer, so that it appears to be behind the poem. But, like I said, I'm not terribly artistic visually and am not sure where to start with this

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how does favorites work? Answered

Is favorites saved somewhere? can i get to see them later?  Am planning to go PRO,  but saving favorites to look at later.. Thought they might be under 'YOU' , but didn't find them there. So where?

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When i click submit for my instructable it doesnt work why is that? Answered

 There is always a red box that says try again later something went wrong so i keep trying later and it keeps doing that what do i do

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im off to school!

Im off to school, see you later.

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Meeting Room Two

Set up for new members. (Hopefully no need to be PRO) 

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How to cure procastination forever...

Will update this page later.

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Wii Friend Codes

Here are my wii friend codes Quantum of Solace: 3609-5355-8761 Buy this game! Then post yours! Animal Crossing: 4511-4786-9191 Post yours! Brawl: Will Post Later. Please Post yours! Rockband2: Will Post Later. Please Post yours! Please post your own! BB

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Cannot View Images in an Instructable

When viewing an Instructable, if an image is shown in an earlier step, you cannot view it in a later step. This Instructable is a perfect example. All the pictures are included in the Intro, and when you click on them in a later step, they won't show up unless you click the picture in the Intro.

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Chinese marathon cheats hire impostors 

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Any way to fix a wacky shower?

Once every few weeks, the shower decides to alternate between hot and cold water. When it starts to spray cold water, the water flow is reduced first, then a few seconds later, it turns cold. It goes back warm a few seconds later. This has happened several times in the past month. Any solutions?

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what do i have?

Ok i have had a fever everymorning and then goes away later(i have strep but its getting taken care of) but do i have a bug,a virus,swine flu,flu,etc

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When you start pen spinning and get good at it try to get creative.Like the drop and stop i will upload a video later of "The Stop and Drop"

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still here

Im still here, been a long time since my last post so i might post something sooner or later.  

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Why does my Laptop not read the DVD that I had burnt on it?It read once but then later on it doesnt read it again.?

I have Acer 4720 Z and I used the Mastered Format while burning Video files on DVD R+.

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Does contact paper (used for wall art) damage a painted wall when it's removed months or years later?

We're not allowed to paint our walls so I wanted to do some wall art using contact paper/adhesive vinyl. It will be up for about 3 years and I don't want it to take the paint off when I peel off the paper/vinyl. Any info or tips on removal would be great! Thanks!!

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Two links for Aspies to discuss. (non-Aspies are welcome too Two links for Aspies

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Nice Little Speed Contest Starts Today

New speed contest to start later today. More details soon.

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Meeting room one (new members) CLOSED

For general discussions, to keep other topics to the point. New rooms will be set up as required.

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