Lawn mower

I have a Craftsman Lawn Mower Model 917.377842 with a Honda engine. To make along story short, I made my usual tune up for the season. I had the blade sharpen, changed oil, changed spark plug & put fresh fuel in.  It usually starts with 2 pulls but didn't and found oil in the air filter compartment.  I eventually tipped the wrong way while putting back on the blade. I drained the oil & gas & put fresh in. The oil stopped squirting into the oil compartment but still wouldn't start. I tried cleaning the carb but decided to replace it. It still won't start & now the engine floods with gas. What's going on?  None of this has ever happened. I sure would appreciate any help. I've had this mower for at least 11 yrs & aside from a few minor repairs, it has been great.

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Homemade Lawn Cart

I am needing some ideas for a homemade lawn cart.  We were going to use a old horse drawn  two wheeled rig, and put the box itself on top. of where the rider would normally sit..  Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

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Gasless Lawn Mower?

Working on an engineering project and I need responses to a survey for research, my question is then, Will you help out by taking it? Any responses will help, thanks!

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lawn weed killer

I was wondering if anyone knows of a homemade weed killer that will not harm the surrounding grass.

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Lawn Mower PTO???

Have bunch of pullys from several weight systems (weider) and i also have plenty of scrap metal, angel iron square bar etc.  is there any ides or plans for anything i could possibly make w/ it, excluding generators... IDK maybe hoist, wench, air compressor pump... i will be using the bottom pully from my lawn mower, the one that runs the mower deck...???? any and all ides welcom, thanks guys

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painting a lawn flamingo

I am trying to bring back the pink quality of several Yard flamingos.  I know I could buy new ones, but certain people would rather keep for sentimental reasons, so I am trying to restore them.  My problem is when they are painted, after a period of time it chips off, I believe it is because the paint cannot deal with the flamingo plastic swell and shrink of the heat of the day and the coolness of the night.  Any ideas to extend the paint's life, would be appreciated.

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Are there battery packs for corded lawn mowers?

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diy wheel weights lawn tractor?

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riding lawn mower canopy?

I want to make a canopy for my lawn mower and i just dont know what to do because if i use metal for the canopy if i run into a low branch it will catch and flip the mower but if i use pvc its too flexible any suggestions? i want to make one because buying one is way to expensive

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lawn tractor how to repair or replace diaphragm? ?

Craftsman lawn tractor model # 917272075 with 17  hp  kohler engine When trying to start engine instead of turning over it kicks back and sometimes backfires.

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Gas lawn mower does not want to crank up.?

The lawn mower has gas, oil and spark plug works but it does not want to crank up.  What else can I check to see what is wrong?

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Lawn mower won't start? Answered

I have a Briggs and Straton Troy Bilt self propel mower.  I hit a small stump the other day and the mower cut off.  I generally have trouble with the mower not restarting after it runs for a while and gets hot, but he next day fires up and runs fine.  After hitting this small stump it almost starts after about 4or5 pulls and then it kicks back like there is too much compression in the firing chamber.  It almost pulls the cord out of my hand and a little bit of white smoke comes out of the exhaust.  I have checked the supply to the carburetor, cleaned the carburetor, cleaned the plug and check that it's firing.  I have not checked the fuel, but I have cut grass several time since the beginning of summer with no problem.  What do you think could be the problem?  I'm very mechanically included, but I'm a little stumped on this one.  Thank you for your help!!

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what should i do with a lawn mower engine?

Hey i have a vertical shaft 6.5hp lawn mower engine i dont want to do a go kart or a boat but im bored and i want to do something so, any ideas on what to do?

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what is the best way to lower a 1980s murray lawn mower for racing?

What is the best way to lower a 1980s murray lawn mower for racing?

Question by kyle2crazy 9 years ago

how can I keep my lawn green at low cost ?

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How can I sharpen my push lawn mower blades?


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what is the best way to get rid of crabgrass in my lawn?

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Convert Pull-String Lawn Mower to either Push Button or Key Operated

Can this be done?

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Does anyone know how to make a "lawn core plug aerator?

What i meant was...instead of using spikes to aerate your lawn. There are aerators that go into the ground and pull little plugs of dirt out so water and fertilzers can better your lawn.' i saw a few online but i was wondering if anyone knows how to make one for cheaper.

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I have a scotts self propelled lawn mower and i need to adjust the belt for the self propelled portion?

Looking for help on how to adjust of the belt for the self propelled portion on my Scotts lawnmower.

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Lawn mower starts but dies right away did some carb work on it help?

this lawn mower is a American yard Power Pro 5 hp Quantum the mower starts fine but dies right away I did have the carb off and it looked fine I checked all the holes in it and they seemed open and fine,            I put it back together and still it does the same thing,  Help please this is my first time getting in to it to this degree. I am a electricain soI'm  not completely  unknolageable thank you

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How can i restore my lawns grass and eliminate the clovers that are taking over?

After my sprinkler system was speaerd by a lawn dart and didnt get fixed for some time, my once beutiful grass has been taken over by clovers and has thinned out. How can i fix it to beautiful florida st augustine grass? Is there a grass that is so pervasive that it cant be stopped but still looks nice? I have a sheep and she is a voracious eater of the grass.  I want something that looks nice, doesnt need much care apart from mowing... and if possible, doesnt require so much water as my sprinkler system is old and prone to failure. It also needs to survive hot weather.

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Mower has sat for awhile has spark but wont start. If I spray starter fluid in the air intake hole it will start and run for a few seconds. Any ideas maybe it is clogged somewhere????

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how do i fix my Toro 22 In. Variable Speed Self-Propelled Recycler High Wheel Mower Model # 20331?

If u need more info leave comment.

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what do you think about this? Answered

Hey if you saw this in your mail box what would you do? i know its missing a phone number because i dont want weird creepy strangers on the internet calling me (no offense)

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how can I remove screws to the cover of Kobalt KM-210 mower? Screw driver doesn't work. Is there some other tool??

Was hoping to check/replace bridge rectifier because electric mower keeps tripping breaker. Cannot unscrew screws that secure the cover to the motor.

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I mistakenly put the gasoline i used for my weed wacker (Gas and oil) in my mower and it doesnt run very good now.

I have changed the spark plug a couple times and it is pretty dirty with carbon. I even tried carbuerator cleaner . It has no gas filter

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mower starts when cold, stalls when hot. has been tuned up, can it be the coil? was told that it was wet gas

Mechanic said that it was water in the gas... the tank has been emptied, the carb cleaned, new plug, and new blade. It still stalls after about ten minutes of running, and then may start back up when it's cold.... I've been thinking that it is a coil problem.. That's the only thing left unchecked because it fired up at the shop , so they sent it home.... And I am curiouse to know a safe way to check a coil while the engine is hot... I have a multimeter, I just don't know how to use it on a coil , or what readings I may be looking for. Thanks for any advice I can get Slacker

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lawn mower uses. Help

How can I make a lawnmower engine power something like a go-kart for under $20? I don't have a welder but I'm good with tools.

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Lawn mower blade hub.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the blade hub off of the bottom end of the crankshaft on my TroyBilt - Honda powered mower. There is no set screw that I can find, and it doesn't appear to be a thread off. There is a key, but I can find nothing that suggests how to get this thing off. I need to take it off so I can change the bottom crankshaft oil seal. This is a Honda GCV160 engine. Thanks for any input.

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Arduino controlled lawn mower

Hi I  wants to make arduino controlled lawn mower as my Mechanical Engineering final year project  while doing so I’m facing problems such as which dc motor will be suitable for wheels and cutting blades  and driving unit for these motors.,which sensors are necessary for complete automation as well as coding required while implementing all these components. It is difficult for me to finding formulae to calculate torque and power.I want to make it process automated so that bot automatically move in rectangular area and if in between it’s battery gets down it should automatically go to charging point and come back to place where it stopped cutting when battery was down. For this which coding as well as interruption required is also a doubt for me.For all these operation which battery will be useful? And its capacity Also it will be helpful if all the components required for this project will be available from any single platform. For all these it will be helpful for me if I get some Ideas from here and move ahead in my project Any other links or suggestions wil be also helpful.If kit for above mentioned specs are available please contact on my mail id Thank u

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lawn mower keeps dying

Bought a new 2 cycle lawn mower in the spring. It worked fine, then it starting dying. I unscrewed the gas cap screwed it back on. It worked fine for a few turns. Died again. Figured cap needed to be vented. Now it dies continuously. Need some suggestions.

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snapper lawn mower clutch?

Hey i just bought a used snapper lawn mower 28" cut rear engine 8hp and it has what looks like bicycle handlebars and the clutch seems too sensitive it jerks alot and does huge wheelies in the slowest gear even though its cool it gets to be annoying does anyone know how to adjust it and the model number is 28084s if that helps

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lawn mower wont run

Hi I have a Huskquavarna lawn mower I bought for $25 last year. The gas tank and carb were completely gummed up. I cleaned up the gas tank and rebuilt the carb and it ran fine all last summer, So this year I haul it out and put some gas in it won't run! The gas I put in it is kind of old but that never stopped it in the past. I know it has a good spark as when I spray a little carb cleaner in it fires right up,, until the "fuel" carb cleaner is used up. I cleaned up the carb (took it apart, blew it out, and cleaned it still it just5 wont suck the gas or what? Any suggestions?

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Lawn Mower Blinker System

This past summer i recieved an older riding lawn tractor, without the mower deck. I tuned up the engine, replaced old worn parts, painted it up, mounted a trailer hitch, and built a snow plow for it. After realizing that i could have even more fun with it, i changed out the drive system and made it go about 25mph top speed. With the power that i aquired, i want to put a blinker/ hazard signal system for it. Just for fun. Using 6 12v bulbs (4 for signaling front/rear left/right, and 2 optional rear running lights), and a 12v tractor battery, i need to incorporate these to blink at either a fixed rate or variable rate, using some kind of apropriate op amp. If you have any ideas, or can whip up a schematic, i would greatly appreciate it.

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How do I fix an electric lawn mower?

My lawn mower works fine, but when I try to turn it on, it acts like it's not making a connection somewhere in the starter lever? Any ideas?

Question by Samanthab1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Electric lawn mower runs for a few seconds then trips the house breaker.

When the breaker is reset it runs a few seconds and does the same thing? I was de-thatching when the problem first occurred so the mower was under load. There was no burning smell? The mower is an 8-year-old 12 amp Homelite with a 21 inch cut .

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Help modding an electric lawn mower to run from a car battery?

Hi - I have an electric lawn mower that uses US standard 110v wall current. I'd like to create a battery power conversion "harness" so I can power the mower from a deep cycle car/marine battery instead of wall power. I have a converter that's intended to convert from car cigarette lighter socket power to 110v for powering things like laptops while inside a car; would it be possible to simply connect leads from the cigarette socket converter to the car battery, then plug the mower into the converter? is there another type of inverter/converter device that would more usefully work to convert battery power to 110v AC? Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Kern

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How to recondition 12v lead acid cell battery for a Riding Lawn mower

Battery has never held a full charge very long since it was new, Needs to be recharged a couple of times during the season, only 3 years old. Can this battery be recondition to hold a proper charge or should I replace it. This is on a john deer riding mower.

Question by johnhoening 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Can 18 months of non use of lawn mower cause a blown head gasket?

I just purchased a small lawnmower at a garage sale and the owner said he had not used it for 18 months or longer. I put fresh gas in it...changed the oil and spark plug and it started right up. After about 5 strips of cutting with no started blowing out smoke and the exhaust got very hot. Is that a blown head gasket and could the sitting idle for 18 months cause the gasket to deteriate? 

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how do I kill the weeds in my backyard?

We moved into a new apartment and now that the weather is nicer (we live in Texas) we finally ventured outside to discover the weed farm growing on top of what used to be a nice grassy backyard.  How do we restore the lawn without using too many chemicals?  This is our first time actually having a yard, being city folk, so we're totally clueless!  Halp!

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white smoke and oil coming from exhaust

Mower starts but blows white smoke and oil from exhaust any ideas what could be wrong ????

Question by JohnS89 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What are some good brands of gas string trimmers? Answered

My price range is 100 to 200 dollars. I want a trimmer that will last. Does anybody know anything about Husqvarna string trimmers?

Question by airsofter1 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how do i load up trimmer line onto the spool? i can never get it right Answered

How do i load up trimmer line onto the spool? i can never get it right

Question by rbaj023 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

3 1/2 hp B&S. Starts, then immediately stops. Answered

Once I prime my lawn mower 3-5 times to start, it starts right away. But once the primed gas is used up, the mower dies. I have taken the gas tank off, removed all the old fuel and cleaned it out with paper towels. I also took the carb off the tank and blew compressed air through all the ports I could see, which seemed to be open. I also installed a new spark plug. To recap, it only runs on the primed gas. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have been out of work for the last 6 1/2 months, and am trying to save $$$ by doing these things myself. Thank you in advance. Jack

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Gigantic Scrabble

Scrabble is an obsession and I can completely understand why a couple would show so much love for the game that they would make an absolutely huge waterproof version for their backyard. Yup, it's lawn Scrabble and there's nothing wrong with that.He fashioned the board from pavers laid in a bed of sand — 225 of them, to be exact. He installed them all in one day and had the back pain to prove it.Jane Crane painted the bonus square in the proper colors and made letter tiles from craft-store wood plaques. She took apart shelves and reconfigured the pieces to make tile racks, and pavers and tiles were sealed to prevent water damage.Now Scrabble games at the Crane house are a physical as well as mental pursuit. The players have to get out of their seats to place their tiles on the board and pick new ones from the selection spread out face down in the grass.They haven't faced many challenges, other than having to light patio torches when darkness falls or dealing with the few times their dog, Maggie, has run across the game board. If it rains, they just take the game inside — on a regulation Scrabble board, that is.But you know, Jane Crane said, it's not as much fun. Link via Neatorama

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gas coming out of lawn mower muffler and no compression?

Briggs and Stratton 8 hp lawnmower engine. Engine has no compression and when running the electric starter gas comes out of the muffler.

Question by greenthumb11 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Where will I find a repair manual for Craftsman Riding Lawn Mowers??

Question by WandaG17 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago