Legend of zelda

I realy love the legend of zelda series.  Mostly OoT,do you?

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Legend of Zelda Props?

Anyone know what Legend of Zelda stuff i should make? i want it to be easy and not too much time to make

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Your urban legends

When I think of urban legends, the Mythbusters come to mind. Perhaps this is because I watch the show almost religiously, or just today's society. Although their methods are often questionable, they have put some definitive legends to the test. However, I often find myself wishing that they would test some less famous and more common everyday topics. For example: Will covering yourself in a fire blanket protect you from an explosion? Will touching an electric fence while wet short out your watch? Your thoughts?

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Zelda games are too frustrating

I am currently attempting to play Legend of Zelda Windwaker. I am at the art where I must obtain the second triforce shard. It sucks, because I find myself constantly having to look at online guides, which aren't very helpful. Am I crazy to say that Windwaker is one of the most frustrating games ever?

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Legend of zelda twilight princess

SO TEMPTED TO WATCH ENDING OF *see title* BUT MUST NOT SPOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw theres this person that makes cool video stories set in tp world heres link to story im into http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKTnjbZoJHs&feature;=channel_video_title its cool

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The Legend of Zelda:A link to the past

Has anyone else out there completed this game? I thought it was pretty good until the ending. I hate games that you cant do anything after you beat it.But i do have some funny cheats.

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Does anyone know the best way to unlock my HTC Legend in Canada?

I'm looking for a cheap, efficient solution. If anyone knows any really good unlocking service websites, let me know as well.

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the legend of zelda: link the instructables robot

Well i love the legend of zelda and the instructables robot so i opened photoshop and combined the two!

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Whats your favorite Legend of Zelda game?

So whats your favorite Legend of Zelda game? Ive only played the original Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Phantom Hourglass, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess but ive only beat the first. My favorites are the original Zelda, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess

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Stan Lee art tribute full of great images

There's a pretty awesome show going on at Gallery1988: LA right now with artists applying their own visual styles to characters from the Stan Lee universe. There is some amazing stuff here and the gallery's own link has tons of images to scan through.Check it out here.See also i am 8-bit.via BoingBoing

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League of Legends, Teemo Hat - Hand Made

$15 Whether you, or someone you know is an active player of League of Legends, this handmade hat is ready to get that special someone in the zone for their next battle. Completely hand made from a custom pattern, there's no others like it. Due to handmade nature, product may differ slightly to shown picture, just adds to that handmade feel. One size fits all. (approx 56 cm diameter) $5 Postage within Australia $10 Postage to most of the world

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How to cut different plastics using epilog legend 32, 30 watt laser cuter/engraver?

So my school has an epilog legend 32 laser cutter engraver. I'm trying to cut some plastics but at slow speeds it barely touches the top and melts it. i have tryed higher speed and lower power but i get the same results. the frequency is at 2500 and can go to 5000. any sort of advice to how to configure the laser to cut plastics right and with out it burning?

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Well here you can say 1 random word (or phrase) that pops into your head.

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i need a game engine Answered

I need a game engine simaler to, or exactly the same as The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Majoras Mask, Wind Waker, And both versions of Twilight Princess, my plan is to modify , and combine them into a better engine, if not i will make my own from scratch that will be almost the same, but i figure  it will be easier to combine the existing engines, than to write one from scratch

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How much do male llamas cost?

Baby ones.

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Spain (I'm Back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

So... I'm going to Spain and i won't be on for like 2 weeks.

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How do I fix a gamecube disc?

So I've been playing legend of Zelda ocarina of time for years. But It broke, and now I don't know how to fix it. Toothpaste I've already tried, penut butter is too messy, and I don't think we have any disc cleaner. It has light scratches all over the edges of the back. I've also tried an eraser. Please help

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New Knex Prototype

This is my design for a new knex gun. tell me if you think i should build and post.

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any body have any ideas to help my rock/rap band "The-Legends"? Answered

Its rock/rap dudes come on!!!!!!!

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What is better? Answered

What is better? Fewer elastic bands pulled tighter or more elasting bands not as tight?

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Knex Ranger

K, I got bored, built a ranger, fires better then expected. Blar.

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Knex Combat Shotgun

Hello! Here is my Knex combat shotgun. Its semi auto and has pretty good range. Should i post it?

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Selling My Xbox 360

Well, I'm selling my Xbox. Clicky for linky. Anyone want to buy it?

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I'm going to Spain again...

So i'm going to Spain again and i will be gone for 17 days. (Thats like 2 and a half weeks or something) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How can i get in a band? Answered

Well I've been playing drums for 5 and a half years now and i really want to get in a band. And ideas how I could do this?

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Good deal? Answered

So i was wondering, as christmas is coming up, is near on £600 worth this? Because if i got this for christmas this would cover my birthday present a which is a bout a month after christmas. (34 days after)

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How much K'nex do you have?

Well? I bought of Ebay 30k (well that's what they said) and had like 7k before. How much do you have?

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RazorCraft Minecraft Server

Me and a few friends got a minecraft professionally hosted by Fragnet and need more people to play on it. www.razorcraft.yolasite.com My in game name is bhunabhuna. I have a nickname so just press tab to see who's on.

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How to make a rocket stove?

I've seen several sites on how to make a rocket stove, but they all seem to have video and my computer can't read video's until I change to many things. Is there a how to here? Thanks.

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The is a copyer on youtube and he makes guns and doesent give him credit here is the link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dipswad . He has copyed bakenbitz and thedunkis. Im tired so my grammar is crap so sorry about that.

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3 Years!

Well, i have used this site for nearly 3 years now. I started using it when i was 10,and now i'm 13. I say i've been using it for 3 years but only had an account for just over 2 and a half.

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Is it possible? Is it possible for a motorless knex fully auto with a ram that goes back and forth? Answered

Well, i was wondering is it even possible at all? Oblivitus' Bolt action mg would work, but would only have 5 or 6 shots. Not boasting or anything, but is my mg the closest there is?

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My bike wheels wont turn! Answered

 Well, I was messing about on my bike with my friend, I went to peddle, heard a huge snap and now it wont peddle. Well, it will but the wheels wont turn when I peddle. Can anyone help?

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Where'd my forum go?

Can someone help me? I had put up a forum about League of Legends, and its gone now. I dont understand why, but did I violate a rule? Am I not allowed to advertise it? Can someone please help me?

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I just bought craploads of knex so i can build loads now. If you want to see how much here is the like to what i bought: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HUGE-amount-of-KNEX-INSTRUCTION-MANUALS-over-30-kg_W0QQitemZ260470160027QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Construction_Toys_Kits?hash=item3ca53b3a9b&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

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Arm tendon connection. Answered

If your arm's tendon was connected to point 2 instead of 1, then wouldn't we be like 3-4 times stronger than we are now? A bit like C-3PO in Star wars. Look at a picture of his arms.

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What Happened to Killerk? Answered

I tried searching his username, but nothing by him comes up. He seems like some kind of legend to me, because everyone keeps on talking bout his epic knex gun. Who was he anyways? Did he make the first K'nex gun EBBAR?

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SciFi Essay Topics - Any Ideas?

For school, I have to write a 6-8 page essay, double spaced, about a chose topic. My teacher said we could pick our own, but she (a) has to approve of it, and (b) it has to be mysterious/unsolved/SciFi/urban legend/consipracy theory. Also, any suspicious crimes, like that concerning Lizzie Borden, are also accepted. My friend is writing of the Chupacabra. Does anyone have any ideas on some good topics, that I won't be straining to find info to write about, i.e., a topic with a ton of info, so much so that I have to condense it? I love the genre that my teacher gave, conspiracy theories, SciFi, and urban legends are my thing. I just can't think of any that would be worth writing so much about. Thanks, I appreciate it!

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What are your Favorite Video Games?

I have played a lot of games in my 14 year old life, i have become fans of so many series of games, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, etc, etc. I have many favorite games, most of them from the games i just mentioned, Ratchet and Clank (all of them), Jak 1 and 3, Final Fantasy 7 and 13, Crisis Core (fav PSP game), KingdomHearts 1 and 2, Legend of Zelda 1, Ocarina of Time, and so many more games that i will always love. Mos of my favorite games are for the PLAYSTATION 2, if someone asked me wat my favorite game system was, id say "PS2 OF COURSE!" So, what are your favorite games and game systems?

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New Knex Semi Auto Sniper

This is a first. (i think) its a semi auto magazine fed rubber band powered sniper rifle. lol. do you think i should post? p.s when i post i will make a better stock because whiners will be like : uhhhhhhhh fill in teh stock newb!!!!!?!"?!?!?!?!!!!!!

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Muppets are online!

I had to, I couldn't help it, I needed to tell one and all; Muppets Studio have a youtube account!!! They've got over 69 thousand subscribers with 17 submitted videos, it seems that the legends of this earth have met up with the massive video hosting site, resulting in?Epic. Now go. Watch. Subscribe. Comment. Rate... Heil.

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My T.N.K.I.T Entry

Here is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T. Its a Full auto/ Repeater Duo. What i basicly mean is that its a 2 in 1 gun. I am using 64#'s on the gun so i only shot 4. Here is a video: It doesn't normally jam, but a piece had fallen out of the mag.

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What type of paint should I use to paint a game controller? Answered

Specifically a N64 one I want a certain color but I know if i buy a special one like that on ebay it will cost me more for just plain old gray and hey  I might throw in a few Legend Of Zelda Logos on it too.

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Dual monitor problem?

I have two VGA ports on my pc, so i recently plugged in two monitors. Only one of them will turn on. Vista doesn't even know the second one is there. What can i do to make vista recognize the second one? There are some pics to help you diagnose ze problemo. EDIT!: Look at picture two.

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Remember: Series 1 - Freddie Mercury

In a few days from now, will be the 17th anniversery of the death of Freddie Mercury, the lead vocalist from Queen. He unfortunatly died of bronchial pneumonia on Nov. 24, 1991.Please notice I will try to make more... but still never forget these famous legends 9/5/45 - 11/24/91 R.I.P.

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How can I make a box that when opened plays a short sound?

I'm trying to make a treasure chest that when opened plays the Legend of Zelda treasure sound.  The only idea I have of how to go about this is to use the sort of sound devices found in musical greeting cards.  Is there an easy way to do this?

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How do I read a circuit diagram?

I've been learning about robots and electronics for a while and can almost duplicate a circuit board if i see a regular picture of it, but I still have no idea how to read a daigram for a circuit.Anyone know of any legends that show how, or can tell me what all of the things stand for?

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I think I won the silicon lottery.

Just though I'd show you this. PC Specs: i7 2600k @ 4429MHz 8GB Corsair Vengeance + 8GB GSkill Ripjaws X @ 1600MHz (Not currently in the machine) Asus P8P67 Pro Corsair H80 with the fans off of a Thermaltake Frio Thermaltake Chaser MK I Chassis AMD Radeon 5770

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What NES games should i get? Answered

My Dad put a thing on my computer so i can download ANY NES game for FREE. Ive downloaded, Legend of Zelda, Zelda2, Kirby adventure, Metroid, super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 5, and Pacman. What should i get next?

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