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How to make a Lego Mindstorms NXT (w/ RCX) Warehouse That works and has a program download OR anything Lego

Please answer if you made on :D I YOU DONT KNOW HOW Can you give instructions for anything Lego Nxt with RCX

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Lego NXT motor problem Answered

I have an NXT 2.0 and am having trouble with the motors. With the wire (which connect LEGO servo motor to NXT) pushed all the way in to the NXT, it can only sense rotation. The motor does not turn (using the built in program feature). If I pull the wire partially out, the motor rotates, but the NXT doesn't sense rotation. I have tried re-uploading firmware, and have used motors which I know work (work fine with EV3 (they are the NXT motors so it's not a compatibility issue). I think it is a problem with the brick. Actually the motors do rotate with the wires pushed all the way in, but it only rotates 10 degrees, and after that a ringing sound can be heard. I am using NXT program function, and just put in up arrows, so I don't think it's a programming error.

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Alternate Lego NXT controllers?

I was wondering if anyone knew of any lego nxt controllers apart from the supplied program? I'm not looking for r/c program, just something that, when given a command, will move the nxt motor in a certain way. I am trying to build possibly a 3D printer, but I would like it to be able to print from a 3d file.... Such as a lego CNC (if you search it on google you get a few). I would like to do this without codeing, but if i must, i might be able to learn. So anyone know of a program that can read 3d files and correspond them to lego motors? It can be windows/mac, im not picky. Or if there is a way to control the lego nxt from code, i might do that :) Thanks!

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does anyone know how to control a lego nxt servo without the intelegient brick?

I have a lego interactive servo motor but i cant afford the the nxt brick thing that controls it so does anyone know a way that i could control it with a microcontroller or somthing

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what can i make out of nxt?

I have one lego nxt 2.0 set, along with this big techinc fire truck. what can I make out of it? i need good ideas.

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what else can I put on my nxt car?

I have made a lego NXT car out of lego, with the 2.0 thing. I was just wondering what other attachments I can put on it. it already as an orb shooter, and a missle launcher on the front. what other gadgets and stuff can I put on it?

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How do I program a Lego Mindsorms NXT brick to interact with another one? Answered

Right now I got a second NXT brick and I want to use one of the bricks to control the other using bluetooth.  I also want to learn to make a remote control for future projects.  I have the two NXT bricks and the bluetooth but  I am not sure how to program it.  Do you guys know how to do this?

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I need lego project ideas!! Answered

I need some project ideas for the lego mindstorm NXT. I have 3 NXTs. Please give me ideas! I will post pictures when I finish.(If I do finish) I am working on a project now but I need project ideas for my next project.

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Lego Mindstorms NXT motor port failure? Answered

I just dug out my Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (it was buried under some stuff) and I decided to play with it. I had built it into a "Robogator" model, and I went to test the jaws, and.... nothing. The motors didn't turn at all. They just locked in place. I replaced the batteries, tried test programs, updated the firmware, and even opened up the NXT, but I couldn't find anything wrong. Also, the motors worked when i connected two together and turned one. I called Lego support, but their answer was to just buy a new one. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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can somebody post instructions for a lego mindstorms motor multiplexor?

I would like a motor multiplexor for my mindstorms nxt set . i request that it be compatible with the nxt servos, and able to read the encoders

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Does anyone hav a diy controler for lego mindstorms controler based on a micro or know ho i can build one?

I have a lego nxt 1.0 and a robotics invention system that i would like to use the sensors off and motors. i would also like to be able to add my own sensors so a pic base would be appreciated.

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where can i get lego mindstorms nxt kit at chennai & what is the price

I want an robotic kit.plz help me

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Lego Chess Set - motorised, $32k, 100k bricks

Using 32 Lego mindstorms bricks, 100,000 Lego bricks (though adding up the stats from their site it's 97,015) and costing roughly $30,000 this Lego chess set that will be on display at Brickworld next week is truly amazing. Check out the detail on the pieces, I love how the knight's legs move as it travels the board. Though I was really confused until I realised they HAD to move the pawn out the way before the knight could move. The whole lot took a year to plan and build, led by 4 main people and helped by 23. Their site has more stats on how it was done and what it involved. [via Make]

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Could anyone tell me an idea of what to make with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit?

I need a lot of help getting an idea for the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kit. Please Help.

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Lego Mindstorms Motor preforming strange?

I have a group of students using lego mindstorms to program a robot to go though an "obstacle" course it starts fine with a simple black line following program but after it comes to the first obstacle a red line it is supposed to stop for 2 seconds and then move forward 2 rotations of the BC motors at 30 power only the C motor moves and with what I am guessing to be 80+ power and the B motor acts like it is trying to spin with 5 power.  The students have hard rebooted the NXT brick, used several different computers to upload the program, made different programs but the issue still persists.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I have even done my own programs and encounter this problem. 

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To buy or Not to buy: Lego- Mindstorms NXT

Just enquiring with you fine folk, as to whether anyone has the set and if so what they think of it. I am contemplating purchasing a set tomorrow and was wondering what your impressions of it were, good or bad. I was generally hoping to build some basic interactive robots etc. I realise the NXT has many limitatios, yet my electonic circuit building skills I would say are limited... still learning though... That is why I was thinking the NXT system as it is almost as simple as plug 'n' play... the hacks available now seem rather extensive too. I will certainly be looking at posting some of my own if I do purchase it. If you have any input at all I would be very interested to hear. So what do you think To buy or Not to buy? Thanks for your time.

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Does any one have instructions on how to make a lego mindstorms nxt 2.0 robotic arm? please help!

I am interested in building a robotic arm but it is a very complex process so i would appreciate it if some one would post building instructions for an LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 ROBOTIC ARM

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Can the NXT 2.0 ultrasonic sensor detect glass?

So, can the sensor sense glass? since its ULTRASONIC does that mean it detect things by sound and not by light? 

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how do you make a motor multiplexor for a lego mindstorms nxt?

I want to expand my lego mindstorms nxt kit with more motors , and i want a multiplexor to do that. i want detailed instructions for a multiplexor that offers full control over the motors , and can read the encoder value as well. i want this to be for the lego servo motors.

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Connect camera to NXT?

A friend and I are currently developing a turret that has a stationary camera attached to it, and two servo motors that move the actual gun part of the turret up/down and left/right. I am using software already developed for the program, and I plan to use my NXT to run the software and act as the driver for the servo motors using some modified cables. My only problem is that since I am running the software on the NXT, I need to be able to set up the USB webcam I have so that it inputs it's data into the NXT unit. The problem is, I have no idea how to do this. I was thinking of using the standard cable the NXT comes with that has a USB end, and connecting it to the USB end of my camera with a double female USB adaptor, but I'm not entirely sure that it will read this as an input. Also, I need that port available for when I calibrate the system on the computer. Does anywone know how I can modify the male USB connector of the camera so that I can plug it into one fo the NXT's input ports? Any help would be great. Thanks!

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How to make a Lego NXT Warehouse that moves and supllies

I just want to know how to make one after i saw the youtube vid :) please tell what time what you need, and what spftware to program and how to program :)

Topic by awesome3612  

NXT Infared link help?

I have an old tamagotchi (in pieces) which has an infared diode and reciver (I think), and I would like to make a IR thing so a lego mindstorms NXT can link with a RCX. How do I make it, and do I need anything else?

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In the Mindstorm nxt 2.0 kit, which of the four starter builds is the easiest and most enjoyable? Answered

There is the Alpha Rex, Shooterbot, Color Sorter, and the Alligator thingy. Which one is the easiest to build? Which one is the most fun to build?

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Great, awesome, and just plain cool Lego designs

Just for fun, show cool Lego designs you've made. Sure, you can do a search, but how about looking at amazing designs all at once. I, too, will post Lego designs, and this means everyone can show what they can really do with Legos. Anything from regular to Technic, even NXT is a great idea. Fill a Description on the idea, and have fun commenting on the amazing things that people will do. Have fun!

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Lego FIRST competition

Well, today I went along with Caitlin's school robotics club to see them participate in qualifying rounds in order to advance to the New York City city-wide champs. Woot, they made it enough in the rankings to advance and fun was had by all. It was my first time at one of these things and it was pretty well organized considering the number of teams shuttling back and forth between rooms to do the robotics challenges/missions and presentations to judges. Kids use Lego Mindstorm NXT robot kits and build/program them to accomplish a list of tasks to be performed in the "pit". Of course, everything can go wrong from your batteries not being charged, pieces falling apart, programs not working, forgetting the laptop charger, and worrying about the school bus making it home before the snow storm. Fourth graders did research projects and presentations on how robotics impacted environmental issues. Fourth and fifth grader teams did the robot challenges and presented their robots to the judges. The FIRST program is really to have fun while using technology, learn something, and to develop teamwork and good sportsmanship. One of our teachers even wrote up a school cheer and song just for Robotics. The second pic is of another school who happened to have a live team mascot(where else can you wear a propeller beanie and be proud?). The amount of geek-strogen present was incredible. This happened to be Tetranitrate's stomping grounds but I didn't find any evidence of charred walls. I might just have to make Robohoodies for all the kids when they compete again in March. Anyone else out there doing Lego FIRST robotic league?

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more instructables coming!!!

I'm sorry if you think i don't have many instructables and don't post them very often (side note here, both are true), but don't worry. I am planning to post several new instructabeles soon. The first part of a multi-part woodworking instructable, 3* new lego instructables, and maybe a minecraft instructable. *You can choose witch one you want first a lego gun, a lego nxt beginner robot, or a gide to making lego car sets into super cool cars. Post your favorite in the comments, the most wanted will come first. Note about the picture, I didn't know what else to use.

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R/C Car Robot

I have an old rc car that i wanted to make into a robot for my graduation project. I want it to be able to sense a possible threat (wall, tree, person, other car) and be able to drive without help of a remote control. I have a NXT Intelligent Brick (meant for Legos) it has a 32-bit ARM7 microprocessor. Support for Bluetooth wireless communication. 1 USB 2.0 port. 4 input ports. 3 output ports. Powered by 6 AA (1.5v) Batteries, not included, or lithium Rechargeable Battery (#9798), sold separately. Up to three NXT Bricks can be connected at the same time; however, you can only communicate with one NXT Brick at a time. This is the individual component, and does not include any sensors, motors, cords, software or other accessories; for the complete LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT set, please see item #8527. Do you think it is possible to get it to work? Also if you have ideas please tell me.

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How should I recharge a 7.4V battery? Answered

I have a 7.4V rechargeable battery and I'm wondering what voltage I should be charging it with. would 9V work? Are there any general guidelines for recharging batteries? Specs: 7.4V 1400 mAh Lithium-ion Was originally used in a NXT LEGO robot. Thanks! Ryan

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Need Project Ideas for 4-H SET

Hi, I am a third year project volunteer with 4-H and looking for ideas on what our next years project theme should be, So far in year one we did robotics (vibrating bots, BEAM, Legos, and underwater ROVs). In year two we did mechanical devices (solar cars, catapults and compressed air rockets). Any unique ideas for our 7-12 year old age group is encouraged. Info on our activities are here.

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RoboGames Robot Contest Winners

Instructables and RoboGames are happy to announce the winners of the Robogames Robot Contest! With all of the fantastic robot entries out there, the task of creating your own robot army has just gotten a lot easier. We'd like to send a big "thank you" to everyone who took the time to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world.Judging was done by David Calkins, Simone Davalos, Eric Wilhelm, Robin Lemieux, Robots Dreams, and Sb.And now, on with the winners! Second Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive a Robot prize package including both Instructables Robot and RoboGames t-shirts, and a selection of robot-themed stickers. Category: Locomotion Pneumatic Animatronic Lego Snake Inchie BiPed robot V-3 The Manta Drive: proof-of-concept for an ROV propulsion system How to build the one motor walker! Category: Manipulators Mechanical Dry Erase Board How to build a simple robotic arm from Lego Mindstorms NXT? extendo hand Rubber band shooter / minifigure launcher Really, REALLY Easy USB Motor! Category: Brain Experimental Robot Platform Building Small Robots: Making One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robots and Smaller RC truck robot conversion Ard-e: The robot with an Arduino as a brain Beginning LCDs Category: Sensors Ultrasonic Batgoggles DIY lego light sensor infrared ground/object sensor for robot navigation robot movement distance control fischertechnik Easter Egg Robot Category: Aesthetics WowWee's Elvis Alive to The Elivinator Project Wall-E Robot How to design and build a combat robot K'nex Programmable Automaton How To Build Your Own Instructables Robot Assistant Category: Reuse & Recycling Individuality Bot Build Your Own Butler Robot!!! - Tutorial,Photos, and Video How to Build a Robot - The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited ) The Rock SOCBOT - the next generation vibrobot First PrizeThe author of this Instructable will receive a RoboPhilo Walking Android kit! Plus the Robot prize package including both the Instructables Robot and RoboGames t-shirts, and a selection of robot-themed stickers. Wall-E by 4mem8 Grand Prize The author of this Instructables will receive a trip to the June 2009 RoboGames in San Francisco, CA! Includes airfare for one from anywhere within the continental US, 4 nights in a hotel near the event, and VIP access/entry fees. Experimental Robot Platform by societyofrobots

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Best Platform Choice For Computer Science/Robotics Class?

The teacher of my computer science class (which has focused mostly on programming) wants to completely redo the curriculum to be more robotics centered, and he wants me to help. So, I need to try and find the best kit/components to start building and programming robots. If anyone here knows where we should start, I would really appreciate some help. I was looking at Nerdkits, and since my teacher wants the projects to be expandable into anything we want to do, this seems like a good solution. I have one, I haven't used it much, but one of the things I noticed is that it might be a little intimidating for students just starting out in the class.     Another choice that I want to look into is Arduino. I really haven't looked into this at all, but I've heard of many projects that use it, and it sounds like an easier platform to learn, but still flexible to any project.     The third choice I was looking at was Lego NXT. I know this is completely different from the other two mentioned so far, but I'm thinking this may be a better way for students to start out and then move onto the Arduino or Nerdkits. There is also a firmware that will let you upload Java code onto it, which would work out well since my teacher already knows Java. Since I have one of these, I could also donate/sell it to the school, which would reduce the cost for the school.     I will keep researching these and looking for better options, but I would also appreciate input from you guys! So if you know anything about this, or of a forum where I should ask for help, please let me know. Thank you for any help!

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Project: bead printer

Hey everyone! My name is Michael and I have a project I'm working on: a fuse beads automatic "printer". After I got my mechanical eng. degree I was looking for a project to prove to myself it was worth it. I guess being a maker was my secret ambition, and I felt I needed some project to be proud of.  While babysitting my little cousins and doing some works with Perler beads, I thought to myself: hey! this is cool- I should try making something bigger! and so, as my works grew larger, I began to wonder- can I make it automatic?   What are fuse beads?  These are small beads made from plastic that come in various colors, and can melt under a regular home iron. Its a kids toy- you place a pattern on a mat, iron it- and get cool results. google it!   What is it supposed to do?  The idea is simple: place individual beads of various colors on a mat full of small spikes according to a pattern. sounds simple, doesn't it? I think its good to first look at a 2 color (black-white) simple scheme and try to print it on a small part of the board. Once the mechanical part is finished, the real programming will start.   Some numbers:  The beads are about 5[mm] in diameter and in height. A typical board is 30X30 spikes. A piece could usually contains 2-10 main colors.   !!STOP!!! Before you read my concept, I would like to know- how would you try to make this project? I have had this idea in my mind for over a year now, and I'm looking for new ideas.   The concept so far: As I've mentioned, its been a long journey already. I am far from having a working prototype and am open to suggestions. The "printer" I designed is similar to a CNC machine: a tube has 15 beads in it. The tube is moved above the board, placing the beads. Refill will be done manually since I wish to prove the mechanics first. I made the printer with Lego and an NXT controller and engines, simply because I had it at home. I tried making a 2 axis motion using a rack and gear (with transmission), moving a tube with beads in it. To my dread, the beads do not like falling off when placed on top of one another (in the tube), so I used a third engine, converting the rotary motion into linear one, applying a small force over the tube to prevent the beads from falling, moving them to the next position, than letting go. I discovered the engines are not as accurate as I would have wanted, and the results are meh. I will add some pictures at a later time as I need to re-assemble it.     Thanks a lot for reading, and I hope we can make this dream come true- lets have some fun!  

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