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Less People

In discussions I've had with my father multiple times, we've come to the conclusion that for humans to stop having a negative impact on the planet, there must be less of a human population. No other way around it. Now, don't get me wrong and think I'm saying everyone should commit suicided or someone should make some deadly disease to wipe out massive chunks of the population, I'm just looking for others opinions to this theory and possibly other.... more humane alternatives. Other ideas as to reducing human population on earth: Sustainable colonies on the Moon, Mars, etc.?

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how the FM station to convert audio into frequency?

How audio in FM station to convert in audio to frequency & how can it transmit in to transmitter? 

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How can I make a microphone less sensitive?

I have these microphones for a project I am working on, but they are much too sensitive. Can I put some resistors with them to make them not so sensitive? I basically want them to record only what they are aimed at.

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Wireless Mouse Hack

Hay all, I got a USB wireless mouse. I look for a way to make it better or hack it somehow. Just anything cool to do with it...

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Sorry all that I haven't been around much

I have no time from work anymore, and home time is very limited too. I WILL pop in as I am able to however. . .    

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Washing With Less Water

Washing full loads of laundry with only one cup of water? The Xeros washing machine, created by researchers at Leeds University, uses plastic chips combined with just one cup of water and detergent to clean your clothes. Since washing machines are a major source of water consumption, this invention, if it is viable, could help reduce our water usage by an enormous amount.Link

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A Ring For The Less-Attentive

Hello, first off I'd like to apologize immediatly if this is in the wrong section. Personally, out of all the sections it seems to fit best here :) You see, my girlfriend has ADD (bless her) and seems to always be fidgeting around when there is nothing to preoccupy her attention. So what I am looking for is any worthy scouter to take on my challenge :D. That challenge is to make a ring!! A ring so amazing intricate or beautifully simple that it will hold anyone's attention and keep them from getting bored. The idea for this arose from these two sources: And this one: Would astound anyone but the price is far far to steep, not to mention the massive size of the ring itself.  So there is your challenge, essentially a ring for the bored. Good luck all! Sincerely, Ryan

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i want a big gun with less parts! no rbg(rubber band guns)

Does anyone know a gun thats not a pistol thats big but doesnt use a ton of parts. i just got started. any suggestions??

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LEDs at less than forward voltage ; no resistor??

I'm new to playing around with LED's, so please forgive the ignorance.  Right now I am trying to make a homemade lamp of sorts.  I am using white LEDs with the following specs per the seller. FW current - 25 mA FW supply - 3.3V (typical), 3.6V (max) Tested one LED with two AAA batteries and no resistor.  I was told by radio shack guy that since supply voltage was less than FW supply I would be fine, and the LED would pull the amperage it needed.  Lit up and looked fine to me. I then found a 9V DC wall wart, and decided I wanted to run possibly up to 12 LEDs using 4 parallel strings of 3 LEDs in series (9.9 volt drop across each series).  I bought a multimeter and checked the DV voltage from the power supply, and it ran consistently between 9.1 - 9.2 volts.  The thought with the 9V wall wart was that the voltage supply would be lower than the FW supply, thus I would not need resistors, simplifying and reducing # of connections needing soldering (new to that as well). My question is, will this 9V work for my system?  I've tested 3 LED's in series, and also 2 parallel strings of 3 LEDs in series, and both lit fine.  I've read posts where people say that the lights will not light up or will be dim if the FW supply is not provided.  As mentioned, they seem fine to me, and as this lamp is planned for more of a mood lighting, I don't need it much brighter.  Is the only downside a dimmer light?  Will it last just as long?  My main concern is putting the time and effort into constructing this thing, and then having the LED's fail for some reason I don't understand, and having to rewire it all.  I've thought about buying a 12V supply and using a resistor, but would rather not unless there is a good reason to do so. Thanks in advance for any input!

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key-less entry / key-less ignition (arduino based)

Hey guys, I want to make a key-less ignition and a key-less entry on my car. I have no doubt that arduino can be the core for this system. as of now, I am thinking of using arduino UNO to control everything and an RFID unit for the key-less entry. I know that there are many types of RFID, some for sensing close like tags or cards, and some for larger distance like 10 to 20 ft. the one I need will have to be able to read a module from around ten feet of the vehicle. I am debating whether to automatically unlock the vehicle when the module is within range or put a button on the door handle and trunk so that they will unlock if the key is in range. I decided that the push button ignition will include a toggle for ignition and a push button for start. The ignition switch will be wired through a relay so that the arduino can "enable" ignition when the key is present. I want all redundant systems so I will wire the ignition in parallel so the stock key will still start and run the car. I post this for advice, comments, and any improvements you guys can think of. My budget is $200 maximum. My goal is to make it for under $150. Any help would much appreciated. - Jordan

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How to make a TDA2003 10W amplifier give less than it's rated output? Answered

I need to power a single 4w speaker, but can't get an amp for it, so I need to use the tda2003. Should I decrease the circuits voltage? Or is it not possible?

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$10 or less projects guide

I think a $10 or less projects guide would be useful and pretty cool.

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Which is less in price and best

Insted of Raspberry pi we can use ardunio nano

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transformer less power supply?

I needed around 500mA current to run my mini project, so i decided to go through the transformer less power supply instead of normal transformer used supply.Since the other power supplies are quite bulky. But the problem occurred is, the supply doesn't supplies minimal current to run the project. Please, help me with this problem and suggest some alternatives or amendments to be made.  I have uploaded a picture of my design.

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Can you wire IR devices together? Answered

Can you wire ir devices together?  I'm not sure how exactly IR emitters/transceivers works but if you connect the line going to the IR component directly to the line in the other IR component in the other device, would you have a fully functioning wired connection?  This is for something simple, below the tech of your normal tv remote, like a dollarstore rc car.

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How do you make Meatless Meatballs out of breadcrumbs? Answered

:-D BTW, Adam Sandler had a dog named meatball.

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Arduino bluetooth audio controlled?

Hey i was wondering if an arduino could be controlled by bluetooth, but if you say something. Like using a bluetooth ear piece connected wirelessly to your arduino board and saying "on" to turn an LED on, and same with off. Is it possible or not? Also, does anyone know where i can find a good arduino bluetooth guide? Thanks alot!!

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[Site UI] read more and read less on member overview page display improperly

When I press "read more »" on the Member Overview page, the page displays "« less" Instead of (presumably) "read less «".  Bug Info: 1. Windows 8.1 (also tested on Android 4.4.3 Chrome Browser) 2. Chrome 41.0.2272.89 m (Windows) and 41.0.2272.96 (Android) also Firefox 35.0.1 (Windows) 3. Two Examples: 4. Screen shots attached 5. Visit URL. Scroll to affected region (circled in yellow in screen shot). The bug occurs directly below "Location" and "Joined" on the Member Overview Page.  ... Also I'm not very fond of the semantics of using French quotes as a part of UI, even though it is a common practice... /rant See (off-topic; not original author)

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How about LESS food recipes?

How about LESS food recipes.  Of today's list of INSTRUCTABLES, about half are just recipes. How about categories that we can opt out of?

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The Knex More-for-less efficency series

Ok, i just posted my pistol, which wraps up my first knex gun series.It is featuring my guns which have decent range and features using less parts.........THEY ARE (in order that i like them):-The AR-4 Commando-Longbow SR-L-The SPEC-9 sniperand..................The Jackal.357enjoy building these very part-efficient guns!

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Battery less mosquito catcher Bat

There are products like battery operated bats available in the market to kill mosquitoes and insects but there is no battery-less innovation. My invention is very simple and very effective in killing mosquitoes as there is no need for recharging the battery of this mosquito bat. Only a bat and adhesive tape are required to build it. It will work to by trapping and killing mosquitoes. Salient features: (1) there is no need for recharging it. (2) the adhesive tape can be removed and replaced after use. (3) it is a very low cost design so anyone can afford it very easily. (4) it is safe and light weight (5) it can be used many times.

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Is the new answers-less layout permenant?

Just curious, site went down for maintenance today, and now that it's back, the answers section is gone from the title header.  Is answers going the way of the dodo bird?

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Latch-less Non-Perm. Seal?

I have a great passion for lighting things up through the use of LEDs. For one project for school, I took about 40 LEDs and surrounded a "billboard" (3 by 2 foot box made of posterboard - actually looks very nice). While this is good and fun, I ran into a problem. This is not the first model I have made. The very first model was for another project, but with no way to change what was on the "faceplate" (the area the LEDS surround), I was forced to rebuild a second model. Well, I am now required to make yet another copy. But I don't want to recreate the entire billboard, for it takes about 16 hours to build. I instantly came up with the idea of "attaching" other faceplates to it. Velcrow made the most sense - you can remove faceplates, or add new ones whenever you wanted. But velcrow is not affordable at the time. None of my local stores have it in stock, and the soonest any store near me will have it is after Christmas. This due date for the assignment is the 21st of December. I essentially just need to be able to, using as little space as possible (the LEDs only peak through so far), create a way to add, and later easily remove, a faceplate. Latches won't work because it needs to have absolutely NOTHING on the front of the faceplate, for content will be spewed all around the board. Ideas?

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Total Views Count - 23/09/2010

What with the excitement of publishing a new instructable, I forgot to post this last night! Here are this weeks total views comparisons. Instructabler 16/09/2010 24/09/2010                      Gain canida 3,595,747 3,627,875 32,128 scoochmaroo 2,658,157 2,702,208 44,051 Kiteman 1,623,313 1,633,436 10,123 Plasmana 1,482,089 1,492,928 10,839 Tool Using Animal 1,479,744 1,487,143 7,399 killerjackalope 881,825 888,631 6,806 gmjhowe 863,355 870,524 7,169 SaskView 753,836 759,324 5,488 lemonie 691,471 699,648 8,177 PKM 480,782 484,135 3,353 ChrysN 452,654 461,260 8,606 mikey77 455,115 458,072 2,957 laxap 392,449 395,597 3,148 jeff-o 379,991 386,836 6,845 depotdevoid 283,997 299,414 15,417 Spl1nt3rC3ll 265,365 266,601 1,236 Jayefuu 238,811 250,194 11,383 KentsOkay 228,029 229,513 1,484 ModMischief 216,271 221,543 5,272 reukpower 214,729 219,479 4,750 Doctor What 196,170 197,317 1,147 AngryRedhead 167,292 169,293 2,001 comodore 142,869 143,985 1,116 Lithium Rain 130,914 132,160 1,246 yokozuna 130,087 130,576 489 Kaelessin 122,588 124,357 1,769 Ninzerbean 122,248 123,686 1,438 Lynne Bruning 118,045 118,895 850 The Jamalam 113,465 114,258 793 BrittLiv 102,434 110,721 8,287 Hiyadudez 105,236 108,357 3,121 bertus52x11 100,693 102,117 1,424 thermoelectric 86,984 87,987 1,003 Goodhart 78,518 79,169 651 DJ Radio 77,474 78,308 834 janw 68,799 69,575 776 RavingMadStudios 58,212 61,712 3,500 MichelMoermans 50,235 51,440 1,205 Killer%7ESafeCracker 47,305 47,773 468 TNEN 42,242 42,571 329 kelseymh 40,920 41,178 258 Sunkicked 39,243 39,518 275 Berkin 32,682 33,014 332 Shadowman39 23,571 26,817 3,246 knuckel 25,242 25,767 525 The Ideanator 23,349 23,861 512 nickodemus 15,416 22,991 7,575 m6233555m 22,405 22,478 73 peguiono 20,503 20,889 386 artificialintelligence 19,401 19,854 453 plane phanatic 18,033 18,222 189 Derin 17,691 17,884 193 Rsbarr96 17,524 17,730 206 MotaBoi 16,871 17,361 490 TSC 15,952 16,655 703 possum888 16,409 16,648 239 zascecs 15,533 15,632 99 steveastrouk 15,299 15,493 194 tombuckey 14,686 14,859 173 jwystup   12,817   knexsuperbulderfreak 12,593 12,681 88 kcls 11,344 11,695 351 uberdum05 10,914 11,052 138 floris2burn   10,605   Legofanatic 9,939 10,259 320 NachoMahma 9,996 10,044 48 masterochicken 9,239 9,307 68 qazwsx755 7,414 8,041 627 acidbass 7,359 7,512 153 lizzyastro 5,438 5,634 196 Kryptonite 5,406 5,590 184 cherishcherub 4,312 4,437 125 zero.gx 4,221 4,264 43 jamesdude 3,494 3,531 37 moocowdog 3,178 3,287 109 megametal8 3,007 2,422 -585 cj81499 2,317 2,325 8 Jimmy Proton 1,863 2,146 283 slithien 1,971 2,050 79 sorunome   1,307   RNB 616 625 9 shadon 473 497 24 dombeef 425 438 13 randomguy65 280 343 63 knexman1999   135   tbcross 0 0 0 yo man 0 0 0 NachoTest01 0 0 0 hempnecklacestore 0 0 0 leafydave 0 0 0 Sketch98 0 0 0 daniel benny 0 0 0

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who will post a knex sniper with less pieces but more power? Answered

I myself don't have a lot of k'nex and I found maybe 2 good snipers that I cant build can someone post a good one that doesn't deal with a lot of k'nex but has good range

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What is the best youth calibur revolver that has low cost? 500>? Answered

What is the best youth calibur revolver, (So basically lower than .357, I dont care about power much, as long as it can kill a squirrel or rabit, cleanly, and it has little recoil.) and is mainly less than 500 dollars. I've been looking at the .22 (Ruger?) Single Six, (Thats the actuall name, look it up.) revolver. Also, was anyone else but me REALLY friggen suprised there is a .17 calibur? I might loose that under a microsope... my gad, that must be reeeeaaaaaaaallllllllyy small. Like the the size of this "O" in quotes... wow...

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how to make a wire less remote control?

I want to make a wire less remote control for my an aircraft and for hovercraft... 

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Can I receive the newsletter less frequently?

I'm getting too much email from Instructables. How can I change this without completely unsubscribing?

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do old processors use less power?

For example... what CPU uses more electricity when running full bore A. a 486 processor B. an intel Pentium processor C. an intel Atom processor?

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disk saw + vacuum cleaner = less dust ?

When cutting bricks and concrete with disk saw there are clouds of dust. here is my failed attempt to reduce its amount using a vacuum cleaner instructable anyway ?

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The "No-Fly List" makes us LESS secure

Published May 16, 2002, The Carnival Booth paper demonstrates how our security measures like the No-Fly List make our flights very insecure. ...In this paper, we show that since CAPS uses profiles to select passengers for increased scrutiny, it is actually less secure than systems that employ random searches. In particular, we present an algorithm called Carnival Booth that demonstrates how a terrorist cell can defeat the CAPS system.....

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Less-toxic enamel paint sealer/primer?

I have some old furniture, etc, that I would like to repaint, but it's al covered with old nasty enamel-does someone have a suggestion re covering/sealing the pieces so I can use water-based paints to redo them? I know about sanding first, just don't know if a non-toxic version of the right sealer exists or could be 'created.'

Question by lidzy  

Why less memory usage with more memory??

So.... seandogue uses a circa 1995 2005  (doh!) computer as his main desktop workstation (he also has a nearly brand spankin new superduperree laptop, but it's just not gertrude, if you know what i mean...) Anyway... My computer is old, yes, but relatively solid. A bit sketchy since it's XP but whatever. The issue is memory and memory usage. I just added a pair of 2G modules to boost it's effective memory from 2 to 3 G. )XP old and only acknowledge s the first 3 even though my machine can accept up to 8G Prior to the upgrade, my initial memory usage upon completion of windows load (desk is up and no more hourglass backgroundy stuff) usage was about 800M, prior to loading any "actionable" software (Ie, ignoring the sundry processes and applications that run automatically after on at boot...I mean programming IDEs, notepads, calculators, email, browsers, photoshop, cad progs, winamp, labview, music comp, etc.)  And now? darn if my baseline  memory load hasn't dropped over 60%, down to ~490M So. what gives, ibles-sages? Me, I'm stumped (seriously) .At first, I thought to myself, 'hrrrrm... maybe it has something to do with swapping...', but then almost immediately I discounted that, since I hadn't reached threshold for swap to engage. Then I thought,  "Is it possible there was damage on the 1G chips that would go unrecognized  but would cause memory load to be higher than it should have been? Are newer modules more efficient or something?" To add to the confusion, it *seems (I haven't done any serious forensics and really don't want to have to) . applications of various sorts seem to take less memory as well. Then I came here. kinda tired of hashing out every single solution all by my lonesome and I'm hoping someone will be able to clear that confusion up with an authoritative response. Just doesn't make sense to me why my load would drop by such a significant amount, and I'm really and truly tired as hell of speculating and of speculation.. Speculation eats time like dime store candy surrounded by a hundred hungry children. and it more often than not produces erroneous output.. (no, not looking to debate the efficacy of speculation either, My best feature is the ability to speculate, and it pays to know how, but even I get tired of living in a nebula of "there is no like right like answer" 100% of the time.) So heps a mind-worn joe, aye?  Someone please tells me in no uncertain terms why this is? >>>>  More memory added, less memory used? I really don't want to launch another google search that may or may not  yield the answer after reading a few hundred erroneous or misleading posts. To be very clear, the system is behaving BETTER, not WORSE, with the new modules, even when operating at quiescence, where max memory overruns (and the subsequent swapping that such overruns spur) aren't an issue.  thanks gracias danka...

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I have 3 devices under my car connected to my exhaust, but I dont know what they are or what to do about them?

I have 3 devices under my car connected to the exhaust system. Im unsure about what they are, what I can do about them, or how I can modify these to make the car louder,lighter,and less restricted. The car is not broken and doesnt need repair, this is about modding it. My biggest concern is the last device (3rd picture), because it is big, and most likely heavy. I know the exhaust system will restrict the engine, I also know that the exhaust system has a muffler and a catalytic converter. So my question is   What is this device in the back? How can it be removed/bypassed/replaced/modified to be louder lighter and less restricting? And if I cant do anything with it, what can I do? (the devices are in order from closest to engine to farthest)

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 Why is the home page always changing format?  It looks more ridiculous every time! I remember when I first joined how their was two collums of different instructables.  This format was easy to sort though and you didn't have to look through all the stuff you DIDNT want to see and you could click on the vast variety of things you DID want to see.  Today when I logged on there is only one column of things and I cant even sort out what is recent and what is featured.  Please change the format back instructables robot. It is a lot simpler and looks more professional. EB

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Looking for a slew drive less than 7" in diameter?

Desperately looking for a slew drive less that's than 7" in diameter?  Preferably with a nema stepper mount.  Don't want a rotary stage or table, looking specifically for a slew drive. thanks.

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Transformer less 6v smd led driver circuit? Answered

Hi, I have buy a 6V smd led board which have12leds. Now I what to make a cheap transformer less power supply that light it in 220v ac  mains. I try with a 474k capacitor with 100k resistor parallel and 4 dioads and  a 1k resistor connect to the positive dc output . It works but the light of led is too low. I want a circuit  like in led bulbs to drive them. Thank you.

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How do I make myself less insecure?

I'm kind of a mess and I'd like to feel a little bit better about myself. How do I do it?

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Do plants use less water in absence of soil? Answered

I know this isn't a DIY project-type question, but I found it interesting to notice that a coleus clipping I planted in a water bottle with nothing but water in it tends to use less water then plants usually seem to do when they are planted with soil (I've had it planted since mid/late-June or earlier and the water has barely gone down, and some of that missing water would've been from evaporation). I'm guessing that it is using the same amount of water, but it seems like it uses less because plants with soil drain and spread out the water through the ground, making it necessary to water the plants more often than if you plant them in nothing but water, because most of the water drains away from the plant and into the surrounding area instead of being kept confined into a bottle/vase with the plant. Is this correct or do plants just use less water in the absence of soil? 

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I'll be at Instructables HQ in less than a week. :D

The countdown begins! It snuck (or sneaked, if you prefer) up on me. :P And now the race is on to finish the plushie so that we can travel across the country together. I'm going to need a travel companion. The trips there and back will be pretty long. And I need to figure out how much sewing stuff I can bring with me without sacrificing room for clothes, hahaha. 6 days!! (5 more days of work, even less! YES!)

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What is a good laptop for around $500 USD or less? Answered

I am going to get a laptop in a few months and I would like one for around $500 or less. I could go over $500 to about $550. I would also like one with Windows. I mainly surf the internet but I also might need to edit videos and type papers for school (I'm going into 9th grade). Having a CD/DVD drive, at least two USB ports, and at least an 80 gigabyte hard drive is a must.

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RC Monster Dump Truck, more or less homemade

Wasnt sure where to post this exactly but here it is... Here are a couple pics of my more or less homemade rc dumpt ruck. The original rc vehicle was a jeep wrangler that got crushed underfoot. The body was a tonka monster dump truck that had been left outside too often and so all the pcbs and wires went bad. Not being one to let good parts go to waste I started piecing this with that and ended up, making, a Monster Dump (Truck). Its not quite done yet but I couldnt wait to try it out so I tied down what wasnt fastened yet and went to town with it.

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Give the gift of making a bit less often if possible!?

I know Xmas is coming fast and people might still need gift ideas, but I could really do without a popup reminding me that I can give the gift of making every time I load the page. Seeing it once is fine, seeing it twice might help if you missed the first one, but what are the other times for? I mean, I got it now, I really do so how do I get rid of this "reminder" on the screen?

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How can I make paint less sticky?

I spray painted a hollowed-out book from Pier 1 Imports using Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Satin Paint and Primer about a week ago, maybe two, but one side is still a too tacky deal with, but not enough to mess up the coat. One side was the same way for awhile, but it solved itself after I left it sit face-down for a day or two, but that didn't work on the other side. What can I do to dry the paint?

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Is it possible to modify this watt dial to work with less current? Answered

I've got a few of these watt dials that I would love to use in a project, however, they will not be reading wattages and will rather be controlled with Arduino. Right now they are set up to read up to 3750 w at 125v, which is much more power than I can source with an Arduino or would be achievable with this project.  The way it is set up is that current goes through the magnetic coil and creates a magnetic field perpendicular, attracting a small magnetic block (slightly visible in the photo). Would simply rewrapping the coil with thinner magnet wire in more coils work?

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how to control speed of brush-less dc motor(maxon EC16)?


Question by SatishW    |  last reply

I need a recipe for a lather less shampoo. Please help :)?

I am in need of a lather less shampoo that I can make myself. I would like to give my family greener products for daily care. The cost of the shampoo's in the beauty supply stores are going up and the products have ingredients I feel we could and would be safer to be without. I have looked up shampoo recipes and they are basically the same, I am in need of a lather less shampoo,so I'm not to certain how the Castile soap will would do for lather less. Has anyone tried it for lather less? if so does it work? Thank you.                                                                Leslie

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