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Tool libraries?

Hello, Has anyone had experience of using or setting up a tool library? Do you pay a membership fee? What stops people just not bringing the tool back? I'm considering setting one up in my local area, Cornwall uk. Any info would be great Thanks Alex

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FatFs Library

Hello everyone, I have recently been working on porting the FatFs Generic FAT File System library to an Atmega328p for use with a project I'm working on and I'm really having some issues with it.  I've tried a couple of different tutorials and walkthroughs and in the end I either get odd errors that seems will be an incredible hassle to correct, or my program compiles but the actual program won't work correctly (none of the open, write, etc functions actually work) I am writing this in Atmel Studio 6 (AVR Studio) If anyone can please help me out, or if you have ported this for the atmel mega series before and can provide your files that would be awesome Thank you

Topic by BooRan  

The Survivor Library

I found a collection of downloadable books. Most of them are dated but some information might be useful. Check the Survivor Library. I am not a survivalist myself but some of the books are related to the arts and crafts. I hope some of you find these useful.

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The Library is open!!

I love libraries. I love them hard. Yay, libraries!  Knowledge is free, and I think books should be free, too (unless I write them. Then you should definitely pay for them.). So, I'm giving away book patches to everyone who asks until tomorrow at 5 PM CST OR until they run out! :0  So apply below! Post your favorite book, and the book title you want to be in the patch (if different). 

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bluetooth sheild library

I have created a library for bluetooth sheild . but its showing some errors while compiling .. plz help me .h file class BlueTooth { public: BlueTooth(int Rxd, int Txd); void setupBlueToothConnection(); private: int _Rxd; int _Txd; }; .cpp file BlueTooth::BlueTooth(int Rxd, int Txd) {   pinMode(RxD,INPUT);   pinMode(TxD,OUTPUT);   _Rxd = Rxd;   _Txd = Txd; } void BlueTooth::setupBlueToothConnection() {   blueToothSerial.begin(9600); //Set BluetoothBee BaudRate to default baud rate 38400   blueToothSerial.print("AT+ROL=0\r\n"); //set the bluetooth work in slave mode   blueToothSerial.print("AT+NAME=slave\r\n"); //set the bluetooth name as "Slave"   blueToothSerial.print("AT+PSWD=1234\r\n"); // DEFAULT PASSWORD = 1234   blueToothSerial.print("AT+CMOD=1\r\n"); // CONNECT TO ANY ADDRESS   delay(2000); // This delay is required.   blueToothSerial.print("AT+INQ\r\n"); //make the slave bluetooth inquirable   Serial.println("The slave bluetooth is inquirable!");   delay(2000); // This delay is required.   blueToothSerial.flush(); }

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Stepper Motor Library

Hi! Sorry, I was unable to put library below. So simple and yet so not so simple. How do I get the library in the folder so the program compiles/? Thanks 56Frank library for 28BYJ48 Stepper motor and ULN2003 driver. Here is the source code for our 28BYJ48 stepper motor, ULN2003 driver library, as well as an implementation. Check out the diagram for the wiring. The header file: __________________________________________________________________ #ifndef Stepper_h #define Stepper_h class StepperMotor { public:     StepperMotor(int In1, int In2, int In3, int In4);    // Constructor that will set the inputs     void setStepDuration(int duration);    // Function used to set the step duration in ms     void step(int noOfSteps);    //    for(int sequenceNum = 0;  sequenceNum <= noOfSteps/8; sequenceNum++){         for(int position = 0; ( position < 8 ) && ( position < ( noOfSteps - sequenceNum*8 )); position++){             delay(duration);             for(int inputCount = 0; inputCount < 4; inputCount++){                 digitalWrite(this->inputPins[inputCount], sequence[(int)(3.5 - (3.5*factor) + (factor*position))][inputCount]);             } Arduino         }     } } _______________________________________________________________________ An implementation: _______________________________________________________________________ #include StepperMotor motor(8,9,10,11); void setup(){   Serial.begin(9600);   motor.setStepDuration(1); } void loop(){   motor.step(1000);   delay(2000);   motor.step(-1000);   delay(2000); } Step a certain number of steps. + for one way and - for the other     int duration;    // Step duration in ms     int inputPins[4];    // The input pin numbers }; #endif ___________________________________________________________________ The cpp file: ___________________________________________________________________ #include #include StepperMotor::StepperMotor(int In1, int In2, int In3, int In4){     // Record pin numbers in the inputPins array     this->inputPins[0] = In1;     this->inputPins[1] = In2;     this->inputPins[2] = In3;     this->inputPins[3] = In4;     // Iterate through the inputPins array, setting each one to output mode     for(int inputCount = 0; inputCount < 4; inputCount++){         pinMode(this->inputPins[inputCount], OUTPUT);     }     duration = 50; } void StepperMotor::setStepDuration(int duration){     this->duration = duration; } void StepperMotor::step(int noOfSteps){     /*         The following 2D array represents the sequence that must be         used to acheive rotation. The rows correspond to each step, and         the columns correspond to each input. L     */     bool sequence[][4] = {{LOW, LOW, LOW, HIGH },                           {LOW, LOW, HIGH, HIGH},                           {LOW, LOW, HIGH, LOW },                           {LOW, HIGH, HIGH, LOW},                           {LOW, HIGH, LOW, LOW },                           {HIGH, HIGH, LOW, LOW},                           {HIGH, LOW, LOW, LOW },                           {HIGH, LOW, LOW, HIGH}};                           int factor = abs(noOfSteps) / noOfSteps;    // If noOfSteps is +, factor = 1. If noOfSteps is -, factor = -1     noOfSteps = abs(noOfSteps);    // If noOfSteps was in fact negative, make positive for future operations     /*         The following algorithm runs through the sequence the specified number         of times     */

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stuck on updating library

Trying to load the LAST image and I'm stuck in the updating mode. I've cleared the cache, I've tried to create a dummy instructable. But hello, the image comes up in this message. I know it's there, but it sure doesn't want to show up where I want it. Maybe I'll just insert a link to the help page. Talk me down.

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Library managment system

Hi everyone! In Bosnia & Herzegovina every library still uses old way of managment (paper cards etc). It's kinda sad, because everywhere in schools and city libraries should be computer programs that works as a database and book managment, but they are pretty expensive. I was thinking about making simple program for that use and donate it to schools in my country. I know little bit about programming in C#, I am looking for someone to help me with this project. 

Topic by AdvanŽ    |  last reply

Library shelves & storage

I am trying to improve a run-down library where the shelves are almost on the point of falling apart and there are store rooms but no storage shelves or anything really. The library is run down and had hardly much spent on it in the last 20 years. The library is in eastern europe and since the fall of the the communist era and the rise of modern democracy the library has stood still. (Bit of a time warp!)  I am able to make most things in wood and have tools and power tools, bench saw and drill etc. There is also reasonable supplies of timber. (But not that you would find in western europe, think basic..) So the your challenge Instructables is! ideas and suggestions that I could use to replace the old shelves and sort out the storage. Think simple or at least simplistic and give it a go. Regards 

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Image Library Problem

Strange error when trying to do anything with some images.  Can't view the image library, upload excetera.  My IE 8 gives me this error: Webpage error details User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; GTB6.4; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0) Timestamp: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 22:30:24 UTC Message: Expected identifier, string or number Line: 584 Char: 5 Code: 0 URI: If this means anything to someone...let me know! Dan

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Make It @ Your Library

Hey I was just looking at the Make it @ your library site, and was hoping someone here can paint a better picture of what it is than the website itself.  The info they give is kind of vague.  Is it just a PG version of this (if that's possible)?  Are there actually project areas in libraries?  More info please.

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Make It @ Your Library

Fantastic news! Instructables collaborated with the American Library Association to build a new how-to website especially for libraries:  Make it @ Your Library This website is tailored to librarians interested in implementing makerspace projects in their libraries.  Fully searchable, Make it @ your library connects users to projects, based on library-specific search criteria: age, price, project time, etc. You can read more about the details here, and if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to leave them below in the comments.

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Adding Arduino Libraries Answered

This sketch requires 3 libraries; Password.h Keypad.h Servo.h. The servo.h is in red, i suspect that librarie is recognizes and being used by the main sketch. The other 2 are black and throw an error. The files are in the same place as the servo.h file but is not recognized by the main sketch. How to include them so the sketch compiles? 

Question by WWC    |  last reply

Image Library Question

I want to add picts to an instructable, so I put them in my image library. I then add them to a new instructable. Do I have to keep them in my image library, or can I delete them after the instructable is published?

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What library is LTask.h in ?

I am getting atal error: LTask.h: No such file or directory

Question by hsedidin    |  last reply

Problems with Handbag libraries

Hi, I've trouble with the Handbag and Android Acessory library. I've  already unzipped the folders  and put it into the libraries folder. Then I ran the SimpleHandbag sketch. But now I have some errors: SimpleHandbag.ino:54:21: error: Handbag.h: No such file or directory SimpleHandbag:57: error: 'AndroidAccessory' does not name a type SimpleHandbag:63: error: 'HandbagApp' does not name a type SimpleHandbag.ino: In function 'void setupUI()': SimpleHandbag:86: error: 'Handbag' was not declared in this scope SimpleHandbag.ino: In function 'void setup()': SimpleHandbag:95: error: 'Handbag' was not declared in this scope SimpleHandbag.ino: In function 'void loop()': SimpleHandbag:100: error: 'Handbag' was not declared in this scope Thanks for help. Sorry my 'English is not the best, because I'm just a German, who learns English at school

Topic by TobiCplusplus  

Info on Arduino Servo Library?

I am trying to build a Wallbot with an Arduino Mini and two servos. The instructable mentions using Arduino Servo Library. What is it and how do you get it? How do you use it? Thanks!

Question by DELETED_afw11    |  last reply

Upload to image library not working

I am currently working on a new Instructable and noticed that I can not upload any images to the library. It does the actual upload but the page turns white after that and there is no new image to be found in the library either. When I click on "Done" all I get is the top bar without an image. Cleared browser cache and history and also did a reboot of the computer to no avail. Is the problem on my end, someone working on the system or is it really a new bug?

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Importing a library into arduino software? Answered

Well this is embarrassing...I have imported a library into the arduino software before, but I completely forgot how.  I have tried looking it up, but all of the projects I have looked at basically assume that you know how already.  I don't think it matters at all, but I have windows 7.  Also I have arduino 0017. Thanks in Advance AI

Question by JaredsProjects    |  last reply

organizing my image library

So i;m getting ready to put my next instructable up, but it's going to be a major pain in the ass to get the images all right if i have to dig through everything every time i need to get an image. is there any way i can break it into a folder for each instructable?

Topic by armourkris    |  last reply

library refresh button pleeease

Hi everyone! i got lots of images in here , but i cant remember all the names tags and such , so to find i have to browse, however this happens, and if i try and refresh the page it sends me back to the up load tab, so i have to start over. my current soloution is to screen grab and re upload which is not the most effiecent way, please , put a refresh preview button next to the view by drop down thing. thanks george

Topic by crazyg    |  last reply

3D Print Workshop at a library

We've had a 3D printer at our library for about 6 months now. We would love to offer workshops on how to use software like Tinkercad or 123D to create your own designs. We are currently looking for someone to lead the workshop. Any ideas where we could connect with someone? We are located in Marin County, right next to San Francisco: Many thanks for any suggestions on forums, people to reach out to or even workshop ideas.

Topic by beltibdojo    |  last reply

How to start a online library ?

How do I to start an online library where say I buy an Ebook our Emovie  and have it in a system where people can log in and borrow an Ebook or other media. So, say I buy 100 Ebooks and upload them to the system and now people can download a book and read it and then put it back in the system.  What software or program would I need to make this? update what if I use ebooks me and my friends make and don't buy them is there a system for that.  

Question by sonic broom    |  last reply

Image names for pictures in library

When using more than just a few pictures for an Instructable I noticed a very annyoing "bug" with the filenames of the images. It seems to be impossible to keep the original filename. Instead it is completely replaced by some cryptic string. I think the reason is to make sure all files have unique names for the servers but would it be possible to simply add this cryptic stuff AFTER the image name? When embedding images into the text through HTML it just makes finding the right image a real pain...

Topic by Downunder35m    |  last reply

Library of 123D Design Terms?

Is there a comprehensive library of terms for Autodesk 123D Design terms and terminology?

Topic by SAMSTONE11    |  last reply

lost i tunes library

I recently re -formatted my computer i now 1600 songs on my i pod that are not in my new library   solution without erasing?

Question by electricman548    |  last reply

Worthington Libraries Sugru Challenge

At Worthington Libraries, we hosted an "Inventor's Challenge."  We let our users knew all about Sugru, what cool stuff it can do, and how it can be used in unique ways.   Then we hosted an "Inventor's Fair" where we all shared our inventions, hacks and designs.  Take a look at our Sugru-ventions! Tumbler Repair with Sugru Rolled Sugru Beads Sugru Pie Server Fix 

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Library for Ili9341 + Arduino Mega?

Im working on a project, and I am trying to get this to work. I have one of the 2.4 inch, red tft diplays from china, but I cant get it  to work. I need help finding a library+ doing mods to the library to get it working. I have run a couple of sketches, the touchscreen works fine, its just the screen wont show anything. One sketch said it found the Ili9341 driver on it. 

Question by headslant  

Symbols Configuration for PCB Libraries

Hi everyone !, I would like to know what kind of symbol configuration most of engineers or pcb designers use or what standards follow to create the symbols.I found some recommendations and i have two examples of symbol configurations , In the "Image #1" i created the symbol placing inputs and pasive pins on left side and outputs on the right side and in the "Image #2" i followed the symbol configuration of the typical application of the datasheet.Which of the two configurations is preferred or recommended to use and why?Thank you.

Question by Juan DavidD3    |  last reply

managing tags in image library

While writing an instructable I was uploading picture using the new uploader (is it still new if it's older than 6 months?). Before clicking upload I used the tag files as and input my info. I have found 2 issues with this style of upload. I'd like some feedback. 1) I see the benefit of tagging uploaded photos and the aid in searching. But, is there any plans to offer a folder based system to he image library? Not all the files I upload to this site are relevant enough to include in the tagging section. As far as I've tested, not tagging a file results in the file only being viewable in the 'All' category. If you upload more than 50 pictures you'll be searching for a while to find it again later. I've been using an ad hoc method of using underscores to keep files organized. (ex. of tags: _discussion, _forums, etc. And for hyphenated or 2-word projects, tagging jello_brains or joining words like jellobrains). This is really so the drop-down menu isn't cluttered with all kinds of one-off keywords. Is if there is a folder-based system to use/search our library that isn't reliant on keywords. Which made me think of something else. 2) After re-uploading the photos again with the underscores in the right places (for my own sanity of keeping things where I can find them). I tried deleting the now-redundant files under the old tags. I successfully deleted the files under the tags, but couldn't remove the tag. I had not started writing the instructable yet or identified any keywords anywhere else outside of the upload editor. Is there a method to remove redundant or erroneously-named tags to files? Is there a way to add additional tags to a file after it has been uploaded?

Topic by mikeasaurus    |  last reply

Arduino Motor Control Shield

Hi! I am having trouble with two motor control shields. 1 - Arduino motor control shiels                                               // Hole-through devices  2 - Adafruit motor control shield V2                                         // SMT devices My problem is the installing the libraries.                                // will not compile,  need an AFM !!! I have done this before, but every now and then I'll get stuck or confused doing it.                    I've read the tutorials and seen the Youtube, what can I say I'm still stuck.                          // simple get hard sometimes I normally build my own circuits and programme them, but lately, I'm buying them already made and most of them need a library. . If anyone can help me I sure would be thankful. Thanks Frank G.   

Topic by 56Frank    |  last reply

Image library seems to have disappeared

I tried to retrieve some pictures from image library and there is nothing in there. Using firefox and windows xp

Topic by buck2217    |  last reply

New PART/LIBRARY in EAGLE - HELP ?!?!? Answered

Hi ... I would like to ask, if you know what did I wrong when creating my new part/library. I was doing everything like it's here But when I've placed my part on the schematic, it will NOT connect to the wire. Do you know why ??? Thank you in advance, zholy

Question by zholy    |  last reply

deleteing photos from library that is in use

Can I erase a photo in my library that is in use in an instuctable, without damaging said Instructable? In the 'Ible                       (sorry folks, haven't quite figured out the link thingie)                  the Author  fireballxl5  - certainly seemed to think so. I had wanted to de-clutter and was wondering......

Topic by Karroo Oakey    |  last reply

I cant install libraries for eagle

I'm running mint 10 and having trouble installing the sparkfun library in eagle 5.10, the latest version (5.11) doesn't even install properly. Does anybody have a solution for this?

Question by The Ideanator  

Arduino: RGB leds animation library

Hi everybody! I've developed a a CSS3 inspired, keyframe based color animation library for controlling RGB leds with Arduino. It basically allows you to program custom RGB light patterns by specifying a duration and what color to display in a specific percentage of that duration, without caring about transitions between the colors. I've put a small demo video here and the library comes with quite a lot of examples. I'd love to hear any suggestion and comments about it! Didn't actually do it for christmas... but I guess it can come in handy these days :) It's here on github Cheers!

Topic by amicoleo  

Deleting Pictures from your library?

How do you delete pics from you library

Topic by Shifrin    |  last reply

Can't add pictures to my library?

Just joined like 5 minutes ago, and I'm having trouble adding pictures to my library for use as my display picture. I browse the images, select them then click update, then the page updates but it keeps saying my library is empty. Help?

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Image Library mixed with another user's

Hi, I was trying to create a new instructable using the new editor(loved it!). I clicked on '+Upload' button followed by 'Image Library' button. And suddenly, all my latest uploaded images were gone. There were some of my old images uploaded months ago, but instead of the new uploaded images, I could see some images from Image Library of tessalene. Closing and re-opening the draft instructable fixed it and all my newly uploaded images were back and tessalene's were gone. Haven't been able to re-create the bug till now... System: Windows XP SP3 Browser: Google Chrome, Version 30.0.1599.69 m -Antzy

Topic by Antzy Carmasaic    |  last reply

No uploaded pictures show up in the library

Update:      I just tried to upload the same photo with my friend's account and everything worked just fine. Now I'm certain that there is something wrong with my account.  Can any Admin here check my account out? I have backed up all the Draft instructable and photos so feel free to cancel or delete them if that's necessary to make my account work. Thank!!!! Ps:  Here is what I think the problem is. The first time I uploaded photo (while writing an instructable), I either uploaded too many photo (although was just around 10), or I didn't wait long enough after the uploaded for the system to show the "complete" message (I however did wait until all the uploaded bar ran till 100%) before I processed to check the photos up in my library.  Not sure if this is a bug or just I run too fast and confused the instructable Robot :p ======================================================================================================== Hi, I was able to upload a few .jpg picture by both new and old uploader, but when ever I open up image library, the loading circle just keep rolling and rolling.  I waited 2 days just in case the server need time to process and tried both chrome IE, and clear cookies on both, still no luck. Anyhing else I should try or I missed? Thanks, added 5/17: I'm using Windows7 x86 system with x86 version of the browsers. However I have both version of flash installed.

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Having trouble with Marlin RepRap library

I am currently in a senior design group at Saint Louis University and we are working on a "DIY" 3D printer using electronics parts from SainSmart (Arduino Mega 2560 & RAMPS 1.4) & Hardware from McMaster-Carr. We loaded on two libraries to the Arduino: 1) Marlin RepRap ( 2) U8GLIB ( [which is used to supplement the Marlin RepRap] We have the LCD GUI set up and we are sending commands from the LCD to make small X, Y, and Z steps. It seems like the Arduino recognizes the signal and does send it to the stepper motors, but all the motors do are sort of 'vibrate' and not really spin. If we take small steps we get a little movement, usually which is incoherent. We recently moved the voltage down to 10.5V from 12V from our power supply (because of the 1.5V from the USB to the Arduino), because 12 V caused smoke to come from the Arduino's voltage regulator. We don't know if this is causing the problem. We also do not have the heatbed hooked up because we do not need it for our purposes. We are using a 12V 18 Amp PSU. We were able to get the mechanical endstops to work and the fans to work, but we cannot get the motors to work properly. Does anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone worked with this Arduino library who could help us out? BTW: Our SainSmart kit is: Thank you everyone ahead of time for all your wonderful help and guidance!

Topic by JakedGr8    |  last reply

Please Help in finding out Components in Orcad Library.

Please Help in finding out Components in Orcad Library. In Orcad Capture with Pspice I can't Find 1. ATMEGA8 2. Some components and Ports can't be recognized by me They circled in the pic attached below What is that J1,J2 and J3. Please tell what to use for those other (GND,D-,D+,5V) Box ?

Topic by akshayjadhav    |  last reply

How do I remove images from my library?

I'm new to instructables. In creating my first instructable I uploaded images that I now want to replace. I don't see any way to delete images from the library. I know how to delete them from the project. Right now I have too many similar images that I have to scroll through. Thanks

Topic by rhackenb    |  last reply

How many images do you have in your image library?

How many images do you have in your library? I have 315 images so far. It will be interesting to see how many images a person like Kiteman or Timaderson would have in their library....

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

How do i allow others to see my photo library?

I have uploaded some photos to my photo library and i want them to be viewed by other members.  But there is no tab on my profile page for others to click on my photo library.  I do not have an instructable.  I just wanted to show the original poster of the project to see my project.  Is there a way to add a tab to my profile page with the link to my photo library? 

Topic by hconfer    |  last reply

Makey Makey Build Night @ Boise State's Albertsons Library

On January 27th, 2015, students, staff, and faculty came together to discover how to use bananas as piano keys, graphite drawings as game controllers, and program in Scratch to use play dough as piano keys. This was part of the Library's new Discover by Doing workshops, and our first Instructables Build Night! It was also the first official event for the newly formed Creative Technologies Association student group. We had 20 curious and excited faculty, staff, and students come through that evening, and they all left with a smile...unless they lost at tetris. There were three stations, one to play tetris with a drawn game controller, one to play the "bianano", and a "free for all" table with a variety of supplies. Each table had a student facilitator and all the supplies needed to complete the project. It was inspiring to watch participants work over the course of the night, and to see them working together to solve problems. Including one student's discovery that if he licked his fingers, he achieved better conductivity with the bananas (don't ask). The Creative Technologies Association is currently working with faculty on writing Instructables for the piano that was created using Scratch, and the discovery and design of the "earthly" connection wristband. We can't wait to share them with you, and are looking forward to future build nights! 

Topic by BSUlibrarian    |  last reply

What the...

I was making a thread and then i noticed that my whole library was gone! Why did this happen? Maybe some cleaning of the site and they accidentally deleted all the library's. Can someone explain.

Topic by Easy Button    |  last reply

Cannot delete images from my library

Today I tried to delete two photos from my library to replace them with cropped versions. When I clicked the red X, the image faded and then the entire grid of images disappeared (which I think is normal). When it came back the image I tried to delete was still there. This happened when I tried to delete from the instructable editor and from my library (both "all tags" and a specific tag). I recorded a video of this bug: .

Topic by PointyOintment    |  last reply

How can I get past a library download blocker?

I'm at a public library because we got rid of my old computer and now I have to go to the library if I need to do anything on a computer. I want to get a flight simulator to work on these computers but it says that the action has been blocked by an administrator so i saved it to my thumb drive and tried it from there, still a no go. anybody got any sugestions?

Question by naruto 777    |  last reply