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Bic Lighter

Plz tell me how to mod this bic lighter so i dont have to use the silly little side child lock every time. (That square buuton on the side)P.S. Dont yell at me for smoking i just like burning stuff = ]

Topic by joelkemu    |  last reply

pez candy lighter ? Answered

Question by blacklable    |  last reply

Connecting a piezo lighter...?

I should solder 2 wires... one contact can be easily seen, but the other one seems to be... the black plastic???

Question by lllalllo  

Lighter than aircraft

People should make ibles about lighter than air aircraft. Then we can go flying

Topic by ANDY!    |  last reply

Looking for Used Lighter

Looking for used disposable lighters, preferably bic, for an art project for class about sustainability. Any size will work. please let me know if you have some I will be happy to pay for shipping.Best,Spins

Topic by jspins123    |  last reply

Metal stamp with a lighter Answered

I 'd like to finde an issue that was publised about making a metal stamp with a 3D printer which getw hot with a lighter. Isaw it some days ago but i can't find it. Thanks for your attension

Question by Dimitrakopoulos.Mixalis    |  last reply

Metal bic-style lighter? Answered

Hey all. I'm looking for a compact turbo lighter. I wanted to get something BIC-Mini-styled, but made of 100% metal. I've been looking for something similar for quite a bit of time but found nothing. Can anyone recommend me something? Is there a way I can convert a regular lighter to turbo, in case I find a regular metal BIC? Thank you.

Question by netbus    |  last reply

how to make lighter laser?

Question by priede007    |  last reply

lighter fuel and heating element

So heres my problem ( wishing again somebody will come whit a solution )Im tryying to ignite a little cotton tissu sqaure , which have lighter fuel on it, whit a NiChrome wire....All what i got its some smoke but no flames .... (the smoke stops when i turn off the NiChrome wire)So do someone have a idea to light up a cotton tissu pad (whit lighter fuel on it) whitout using the flink tingythx MaximePS 1 : this is what i wanna do (ecxept not in a wallet)

Topic by koax    |  last reply

Long reach lighter for fireworks.

Hi i been thinking about making a long reach firework lighter (or just an extented lighter) becuse i cannot reach the floor. I been thinking about some designs , it needs to be 1 meter long and wind resistant. Does anyone have an idea for making one? i have a few designs in mind but i wanna hear your suggestions :D Thanks!

Topic by Kong markus    |  last reply

(wanted) your zippo lighters

If you have any zippo lighters you dont want let me no

Topic by the iron engeneer    |  last reply

Butane Lighter Hand Grenade

I planning to get this book,i mean, it's not like im going to make one, i'm just curious on how the heck it works. What do you think?

Topic by IlluminatedAntichrist    |  last reply

Can I refill a disposable lighter with something besides lighter fluid?

I found an old empty lighter. Can I refill it with something besides lighter fluid? Like axe or something?

Question by Shadow94    |  last reply

car cigarette lighter power supply? Answered

I desperately want to install a electric car lighter into my coffee table, but am having trouble figuring out a proper power supply. I am a complete dummy when it comes to anything involving electricity, and would very much appreciate some ideas

Question by bobertson    |  last reply

Shocker from grill igniter/lighter?

If i were to take the igniter out of a butane grill lighter and hook it up with wires i would have to put a capacitor in order for it to HOLD a charge correct? Cause i beleive without any extras it will just make a shock when pressed?

Question by trf    |  last reply

Is lighter flame/smoke/fume toxic?

I was going to make an instructable on mini roasting when something hit me. When you use the lighter to light maybe a marshmellow, is the fire or smoke or fumes from the fire toxic? I mean the gas/alcohol gets neutrilized when it burns up and turns into flame but If i cook with it, it may be a different question. If someone asks me to think about smokes, the I should say to you that smokes are already toxic and anyone smoking shouldn't care. ( I don't smoke, I want to live) If possible you can answer this question and have credit in my next instructable.

Question by knex_mepalm    |  last reply

how does a jet lighter work? Answered

hey im wanting to try and make my own jet lighter but i dont know how the main turbine part works. if someone coud post a few pitures like the shape of the blades the layout of them and how the gas and air mixes that would be a big help thanks    (^_^)

Question by rug    |  last reply

Help me fix my lighter?

Hello all, I recently found this real old lighter in my basement, so I tried to light it, got some sparks, but the fuel was empty. So I put some fluid in, but had to take out the springy thing with the flint to put it in. Now, there are no sparks, no matter how hard I try to make them. Any suggestions?

Topic by Jackhole    |  last reply

Electronics and Wiring for car lighter receptacle

Hello Everyone,      I hope there is someone who can really help me.  I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE trying to figure out and/or repurposing electronic devices. However, I have no studies or text-book knowledge of resistors, etc.  So I am beckoning the help of you experts out there.      So I have this tiny laptop that is 12v 3amp, 36w.  Okay, so I know this may be a super stupid question, but I've got to ask it anyway.  If my lighter plug in my car is 12v 10amp, can i plug my little laptop into it safely?  I am actually using it with a webcam to make a backup camera.      Second question.  How could I make an adapter that would plug into the lighter receptacle and connect to my laptop.  I have a lighter usb adapter, that is 2.0amps.  So is there a way that i could safely modify it and my current laptop plug so i can plug in my laptop to the lighter receptacle.      Oh, i must add that I know i could go out and purchase some sort of inverter or what-have-you, but I won't learn anything and the whole point of this is to be able to make it myself  (with some help of course) and learn something along the way. Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out. Ambles I hope someone can really help me with this.

Topic by Ambles    |  last reply

load a 12V battery by the cigarete lighter

Hello guys, I want to make a publicity trailer with led's that will stand at party's (and on the side of the road in the week). This trailer will stand alone and will be powered by a 12V car battery. I would like to charge that battery while moving it with my car by a long cable to the 12V socket in the car. Should I place a resistor to limit the current or is this not necessary? The trailer is for my youth movement. (sorry for my bad english) Grts, Dieter Belgium

Topic by DieterD4    |  last reply

Good day, where can I get parts for butane lighters- metal filling valves; outlet valves dunhill?

I have old lighters ,I would like to repair

Question by dunhill    |  last reply

Can cigarette lighters be used for a mini spud gun instead of the long nosed, or grill lighters? Answered

I've been trying to make a mini spud gun, but all the instructables say that you need a long nosed lighter or grill lighter. Can the piezo electric ignitor be found in a cigarette lighter. I have no experience whatsoever in these type of things, so an explanation would be helpful. Thanks.

Question by Ananand    |  last reply

Will this damage my phone?? (my electric lighter idea)?

I have an idea here that i want to make an electric lighter (for cigarette) . <--- image here plug the audio jack to my phone, play some music then the fine wire will glow (hot) to ignites the cigarette . Is this will work ? will it damage my phone ? Sorry if my english is bad .

Question by Izzwan125    |  last reply

does any one know where to find a jet lighter that is not on the internet?

I need a jet lighter, but I do not want to buy it off the internet.

Question by creator 1    |  last reply

Instructables Gone Wrong

This is what I like to call: Instructables Gone Wrong!WARNING!He does have a "rude" outburst at the beginning!

Topic by bdcoco    |  last reply

Can anyone help with my flameless lighter? Answered

I'm trying to build a flameless lighter but I am an electronics n00b. I gutted a cheap clear lighter and I have a momentary switch and a spring I stretched for the heating element. the case can only fit a AAA battery but that isn't enough to heat the spring(it does get warm though). Is there a simple circuit  I can make to increase the power of the AAA or maybe a different filament i can use that wont burn out and can be used over and over?

Question by csim85    |  last reply

how can i make a silent lighter? Answered

*a normal flint lighter makes noise and have to replace flints, also your thumb may get beat up from the roller when attempting to ignite it. **the electronic ignitor lighters - they don't last too long and they make a louder clicking sound upon igniting. ***using the usual disposable/refillable lighters what are some ideas to making a "silent or a quiet lighter" ex.: maybe a small button battery operation of some sort to ignition I'm open to any ideas that is compact in design, reliable, and relates to my main idea of a quiet lighter... Or if anyone has ideas to a flintless, fueless, heat source that doesn't take longer then 30seconds to generate heat

Question by KrAx    |  last reply

Computer fan powered by car cig lighter?

Ah, so I was doing an Instructable on taking a computer fan and powering via USB, but my fan was rated for 12v and my USB port doesn't put out that much power. But my parent's car puts out 12v, so I should be able to use my fan with it, right? I have the fan, I have a charger for a cell phone that fits into the cig lighter in the car, so it should just be a matter of connecting the wires, right? My fan is rated for .15A, how many amps does a standard cig lighter put out? I don't want to fry the fan (well, forget the fan, I don't wanna mess up the car). Anyone know? Thanks!

Topic by Bran    |  last reply

Is burning enamel safe?

I know one of the easiest ways to rid the magnet wire of its enamel is by burning it with a butane-lighter. Does this release any toxic fumes, however? I work with magnet wire a lot, and am, quite frankly, tired of stripping it with an Xacto. I'd most likely be burning it outside, so it wouldn't be that bad, I suppose.

Topic by freethetech    |  last reply

does anyone know how to fix a jet lighter?

In the tube/opening where the flame comes there is a very thin wire going across the middle of the opening. do you know if that is important and if so how do i fix it if it is broken?

Question by Kallen Maurer    |  last reply

Do Gases Get Heavier or Lighter as Their Temperature Rise? Answered

I know that as the temp. in gases change, their weight does, but I'm not sure in what direction.

Question by NicOmbra    |  last reply

(newsletter) Laser Lighter, Cardboard Furniture, Climbing Gorilla...

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Building A 12 V Table Cigar lighter For My Birthday

I would like to build a distinctive 12 V electric table lighter. I have a really nice cigar box to hold the works, what should I use to power the car cigar lighter assembly I'm using? I have a leftover 120 V AC to 12 V 1 A converter, or should I just use a 120 V to 12 V transformer? I'm pretty sure that the lighter would work with AC and don't know if the 1 A from the converter would be enough. Usually in a car you get more than 12 V, more like 13 to 14 V

Question by Phoghat    |  last reply

Can you give me ideas for making battery powered, momentary switch - cigarette lighter for a quadriplegic? Answered

I'm a metal worker, and a wood worker, but an electronics nab. I have spent about $200 and a lot of time over the past few months trying to come up with a way to make a cigarette lighter that my quadriplegic brother can use. (Please save your nonsmoking stuff, we know the facts, he is a 32 year old adult who is capable of making his own decisions). With all the research and money I have spent trying to come up with a solution, I have nothing to show for it.  I have been able to make a one time use lighter, using 2 or 4 AA batteries hooked up to a momentary switch with Nichrome wire as the heating element. The problem is the Nichrome is oxidized after 1 or 2 lights. I have racked my brain trying to come up with a semi-permanent solution, and I am at whits end. I can't find any information on this subject, I was thinking of using a car cigarette lighter somehow, but I have no idea how it would be powered. I'm open for ideas, AC power is even fine as long as it's safe. It just would need to be flameless, and have the momentary switch as the only activator. ( He can move his arms, but can't move his fingers, and he can only lift about 2 ounces). Once I get the electronics figured out, I can build a metal holder for it with no problems. Any ideas, knowledge or help is greatly appreciated.

Question by kingofspades4    |  last reply

How can I use this circuit to make a firework lighter?

Here's the link: I want to use this part to make a sound activated firework lighter. Please list steps and materials.

Question by GatorSECChamps    |  last reply

Why doesn't the butane gas from my lighter light?

I got a jet lighter that burns butane (it is really cool, I can melt pennies). The lighter lights when I press the striker (pizo spark), but when I try to light the butane that I can make come out of the lighter from pressing the button half way in, I can't light the butane. Why is that?

Question by Thelonelysandwitch    |  last reply

Where to buy zippo fluid?

I just got a zippo and i need to know where to buy authentic zippo fluid.

Question by RedneckAsian    |  last reply

Lighting candles on command?

I have an Arduino (not super relevant, I will buy a different controller if necessary) and am trying to design a very unique marriage proposal (hence my throwaway account name and lack of details). I want to know if it is possible to light candles on command using a microcontroller....Has anyone attempted this? The ignition source only needs to work once, and to be as inexpensive as possible so I can scale this up without killing my budget. Thanks for your help!

Topic by 65f76ghuyt6    |  last reply

Why isn't my new cigarette plug car adapter working? Answered

I just got an Enercell 12V 2A car adapter. However, it wasn't powering the device I wanted to use it for. I got out my multimeter and did some testing: the socket itself produces power, but the plugged in adapter does not. The weird thing is that I tested it before with the car running and it worked. Is there some special way to plug this thing in that I'm not aware of? Any help would be appreciated.

Question by jessejwk    |  last reply

How do you etch your own design onto a blank lighter case?

Bought a pretty cool lighter but i want to add my own design to its pretty boring case.

Question by hulma    |  last reply

Does anybody know where i can buy pyros lighter (from X2) or the decal?

Im looking for the zippo pyro used in the movie x-men 2 with the shark design on it . i really want to purchase one so thanks

Question by x3lm3rx    |  last reply