Yet another change to the UI? Answered

When are the powers that be going to finalize the UI? It is a real pain in the tush to come here and find that, yet again, the site has been revamped (how many times in the last couple of months???), leaving the user to grope in the dark just to find that their usual link(s) has (have) disappeared. Take a cue from the big boys and only completely redo the layout (especially navigation) once every year or two, and don't change it completely. Familiarity keeps the customer coming back. Confusion drives them away. That way, people won't get pi**ed off and leave. I mean, how would you feel if you went to drive your car and the control layout changed from the day before. It'd drive you mad, wouldn't it? (See, this is what happens when you have a multitude of volunteers working on the website, no clear direction.) Qa

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User interface still 'unusable'

I can't believe this but the UI of this site continues to be virtually unusable. I am now trying to respond to a comment in one of my instructables and cannot do something as simple as upload an image. Here is the work-flow: Click 'Add Images'->'upload'->'Upload Files'->nothing->'SELECT FILES'->select an image->nothing Next I go to my member profile. There is not a single link there that allows me to upload images or even see what images are in my library. I tried this in Firefox and Safari with the same results. If I add a link to an image uploaded to a file hoster, which is the preferred way to do it, it does not display. How is anybody supposed to add an image to a post or to their own instructable? This is just basic functionality that is taken for granted in any forum. Why is it so difficult (impossible really) to do this in a forum that relies entirely on images to convey information?

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Submit interface very user hostile at least for FireFox

I am trying to create a new Instructable and I find the user interface absolutely user hostile. At least with FireFox. And I hate to use IE. First off I uploaded all the images for the entire article at the same time. They all ended up in the introduction. Then I tried removing all but one but when I saved my changes they were all back. So I had to use IE to remove the images and save the changes. It was not at all clear that removing the images from a step wouldn't remove them permanently. It just so happens that they remain in your "library" but there is nothing telling you that. The documentation for the submittal process is inadequate. Then I did a considerable edit of the text of the intro and saved it. When I preview the change I get the old version and have to manually refresh the page to see changes. I then edited again adding an image from the library and saved the change. It turns out that all the text I edited before did not show up in the edit session because I didn't MANUALLY refresh it before making changes. So I ended up saving the old text minus a lot of changes. So now I have to re-edit everything a second time. This is ridiculous. A real waste of time. Another thing is I can't arrange images with text around them. All images end up at the bottom of the step with only one large size image and a bunch of thumbnails that must be clicked one at a time. This is not how anyone likes to view a step-by-step description. I also can't create a bulleted list for materials. I really think the interface needs a lot of work. These are just basic requirements of any word processing interface. The format needs to be changed to allow a better flow of the instructions with text interspersed with images like a MAKE magazine article. Even this forum interface is defective. Because I didn't enter at least two keywords when I finally did enter them and tried to preview my post this entire post was gone! Fortunately I was using the Save Text Area extension so I had the entire body of the post in my text editor and was able to paste it back. This is ridiculous.

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Off-line Instructables Editor

Often, projects do not happen at our computer desk, or even somewhere with internet. Maybe you want to work on your Instructable on an airplane ride. Maybe you only have access to the internet at the library. Either way, it would be nice to have an official Instructables user interface that is available for download. You could completely flesh out your Instructable on your own time, without access to the internet, and then just upload the whole thing all at once. The steps, keywords, images, and instructions would all auto-fill into an online version and you'd be set! Woo! I understand this would take some work, but I'm just throwing it out there. Something preliminary could even just be a rudimentary template that you work within and then the site can read the template and grab everything it needs off your computer. Your thoughts?

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Feature Request: Improvements to user's "Subscriptions" interface

I was looking at the Subscriptions interface in my profile, and there are a few things that could be better. 1) Just as you made the nice iconic display of who is subscribed to me, perhaps the list of my subscriptions could be done the same way? At a minimum, showing the avatar plus username would be nice.2) Could the three different tabs (I'bles, Comments, Topics) include sorting options? Right now, for example, the forum topics are sorted from oldest first to most recent at the end.3) Does your search engine support complex filters? It'd be nice to have the same kind of search bar on the Subscriptions screen (as you've added to the Forums pages), except that a hidden field in the forn would limit the search to just whom I'm subscribed.-- Michael Kelsey

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Game Interface Protection Software

 Have you ever had someone break into a password-protected file/folder by finding out the code? Well, if someone made a Game Interface Protection Software, they don't need a code! The software would have these following traits: 1. The user could choose through a variety of games (like chess or poker) to use as the protection. 2. The user could set the game difficulty level. 3. The user could also have a password after the game, just in case someone else got through the game. 4. The user could also have the game set so the person would only be able to win by a certain way. Ex: (On chess) D1 to C4... If someone here could make this software, I'm sure they would have a nice business.

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"HC Off-Line Occured" while Interface Sysmex Xp100 machine using serial cable

We are Interface Sysmex XP100 Hematology machine, but we got "HC Off-Line Occured" error. We are using Serial Port 9-pin female pins (2-->3, 3-->2, 5-->5) Our Code To Open Serial Port: SerialPort comport = new SerialPort(); comport.BaudRate = int.Parse(cmbBaudRate.Text); comport.DataBits = int.Parse(cmbDataBits.Text); comport.StopBits = (StopBits)Enum.Parse(typeof(StopBits), cmbStopBits.Text); comport.Parity = (Parity)Enum.Parse(typeof(Parity), cmbParity.Text); comport.PortName = cmbPortName.Text; comport.Open(); Port successfully open, but when XP100 machine send output, it shows "HC Off-Line Occured" error. Please provide possible solution.

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I am designing an iPhone app that uses RSS. What features do people need in this type of app that would make it unique?

Yeah, so I have thought out a lot of it, but now I want to know what type of interface people want.

Question by chilll2009 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Graphical User Interface Library for Physical Computing in Processing

Visit our blog: The subject of physical computing, especially in the field of robotics, is a fascinating area that has already begun its triumphant in universities, schools and hobby applications and is developing with impressive speed. It is highly interesting that Pyhsical Computing and Robotics, more than any other area, can merge many different areas (engineering, design, psychology, biology and many other areas). Our target groups are mainly users with robotic and physical computing affinity: engineering, programmers, mechatronics engineers, product designers, interaction designers, communication designers, robotics, interface designers, developers, electronic engineers and artists. There are people who want to monitor and control the input and output of their system without major effort in which they rely on an interface library. Robot experiment sets are increasingly being used in short-term projects in schools and universities to provide basic knowledge on physical computing. Our analysis of current sets shows us that existing features don’t cover all aspects of robotics. The aspect that has been neglected so far according to our research, is the controlling and monitoring of experimental physical computing projects through a graphical interface. Visit our blog:

Topic by faydemir 5 years ago

New interface for comments editor

Last night, Rachel rolled out a new version of the comments editor.  It's supposed to be faster and easier to use (no more pull-down formatting for paid users, for example, just buttons). One nice new feature is that you don't have to wait for all the buttons to load if you're just typing plain text.  The back end is still the same HTML-based CKEditor as before.

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PIC16F877A coding to interface with MATLAB(GUI)

Hello, i just to ask anyone who know how to interface PIC16F877A with GUI(graphical user interface) using MATLAB ? Thank you

Topic by esan 11 years ago

Interfacing a robot with landline phones? Answered

What i would like is that i have an answering machine at home that starts after a certain amount of rings. What i want is that when the machine answers the robots listens in and waits for a certain sequence of keys to be pushed. It will then send the tone 1 down the line and somehow i would also like the cal to be ended(but that isn't necessary).

Question by wee_man 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

what should be the user interface in the project " controlling electroluminescent wires for advertising?

 i am doing my final year project " controlling EL wire for advertising"  The aim is to turn the el wires on and off at programmed sequence and time intervals using Basic stamp. i have the programming software in my PC. I have usb connection from PC to the basic stamp module PCB. it is working fine. now i am asked to describe about the user interface which i dont have any idea about. what is the user interface in the system

Question by samsulrana 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Need help to hook up a TELEPHONE to computer SPEAKERS ,( or any other kind of speakers) Answered

I am working on an intercom system for the house, we have an extra unused phone line that i've closed the circuit on and energized so that the phones worked when they are plugged into the secondary jack. My plan is to go and get some junk phones at some sort of thrift store or something, and plug them in to work as the intercoms. Unfortunately with the set up that i've got, the speakerphone option doesn't work. So instead of using the speaker phone, I want to hook up the intercom telephones jacked into the secondary line to a seperate speaker to make a finalized intercome assembly. I've got clear sound on all of the phones and I have solved the interminable spontaneous ringing question, and now the only thing that i need to be able to do is to hook up the telephones to a speaker, any kind of speaker, but preferably one of the satellite computer speakers. I would like to know if this is even possible, and if it is it would be great if any answerer includes some suggested materials (if needed) and the procedure suggested for connecting the phone line to the speakers I would try this myself, but I have just spent over eight hours simply going through a trial and error to get the phone line energized in the first place. (by the way was instrumental in that) I simply think that this way, any answer would be more expedient than my own slow methods of clueless experimentation Thanks in advance

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What IR source & two terminal Photo transistor can be clubbed to replace either QRD1114 or CNY70 reflective sensor pkg?

I'm referring to - Building of a SPURT BOT(a simple line following robot) submitted by ignoblegnome (See I'm building one for my cousin who's in the 7th grade & found this to be the most simplest & one that looks like its been made by a kid.           It looks so, as it has the least number of electronic components. But unfortunately i have been unable to find both QRD1114 & CNY70 reflective sensor packages. While going through the comments section, i saw a comment by the author himself saying that the package can be replaced with an IR LED & a 2 terminal Photo transistor which happen to be the same components that make up both QRD1114 & CNY70 packages. I would be extremely thankful to fellow users if they could mention the exact part/component number of the IR LED & a 2 terminal photo transistor that can be clubbed & used instead of QRD1114/CNY70 for the same voltage rating & circuit used in the instructable mentioned above. I need this info ASAP, THANKS a TON & kindly forgive me for my bad grammar.

Question by eltro 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Comment post-processing does not respect line breaks in PRE-blocks

I have just noticed that the post-processing done when a comment is posted does not respect line breaks included inside ... blocks.  See, for example, my reply to  The preformatted text is shown as a single line, but entered it as three lines:   The text seen here   is in fixed format,   sort of like source code. Notice the line breaks, which are respected when I type stuff like the above in the WYSIWYG box (so the tags get converted to </> entities).  Here is exactly the same five lines of text entry pasted into the Source interface: The text seen here is in fixed format, sort of like source code. As I'm looking at it now (in the editor), there are three separate lines, all in typewriter font.  However, when I publish this, that is likely to change...

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Pinewood Derby test track timer

I would like to have a timer for testing changes to pinewood derby cars.   Need to have a trigger a the top of the track and one at the finish line.  Could be stand alone with time display or output to a PC for capture of each run.   Better still would be a second set of trips to give a split time 1/2 way down the track. Since this will be used for testing, it only needs to measure time on one track.  Simple and cheap.

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iOS 9 makes the whole user interface zoom in. Any suggestions?

I have an iPod touch 5g and after I upgraded it to iOS 9 it has been buggy and frezes all the time. Among the newest and most annoying bugs is this zoom thing. I read many online articles abouta similar bug for iPhone up graders from 5c or 5s users, and one of them said it zoomed in 1%. I have considered downgrading to iOS 8 since I can no longer update the software. I like iOS 9 so if there are ANY suggestions or fixes, PLEASE tell me! Also, is jailbreaking an option? thank you :)

Question by www139 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Arduino Media Center interfaces?

I have a new project idea which is generally a mini media center console using a beagleboard single board computer and an arduino.  Essentially, I would like to run windows 7 or maybe a bare linux, as all I really need here is to run iTunes.  I would like the arduino to act as a IR remote receiver for an HP mobile remote that I have from an old laptop. Also, I have a 2 line display like this and want to also connect it to the arduino so that it will display the name of the song playing and the timing (like the duration of the song and how much of it has played...)  The arduino itself is not the problem, rather i am at a loss as to how i can get the necessary data from the computer.  Please help me out there. Also, I am planning to get a wifi adapter so that i can use my iPod Touch as an additional remote for iTunes.  I plan to house everything in an OKW Diatec enclosure and maybe put a few push switches on there also to have "onboard" play/pause and volume up/down functionality.  This case is designed for displays really, so if anyone can recommend a good deal for like a 7 inch display with VGA, DVI, or S Video hookup, that would be pretty cool.  Maybe even a touchscreen. I would love to hear any comments on this project IDEA that i have come up with so far.  Its just something i came across and thought that it would be cool to do this without an actual laptop.  Beagleboard is a single board computer but its small enough to not make that an issue Thanks

Question by raykholo 9 years ago

Home Page UI Bugged

Home Page user interfaced bugged. Looks like a problem with All Classes, Your Feed, and All Featured links.  Using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. HP ENVY m7 Notebook 64-bit.  Doesn't break usability, just messes with page layout. Still fully functioning. 

Topic by sebastiantheodore 1 year ago

Interfacing the arduino with the parallax RFID reader? Answered

I want to interface the parallax RFID reader with the arduino.  I have done some research and found some programs, but I can't quite understand what is going on it the programs.  Here is one that I found on the arduino playground: I couldn't paste the code, because when I did it just went on one line, but the program I looked is the first one. The questions I have are: char code[10] ---- what does the 10 mean? Also how does the program read each byte individually, and then combine them into the whole byte string for the rfid tag. I am just learning about using serial with the arduino so not much in the program made sense to me and the programs didn't say how they worked. Thanks in advance!

Question by JaredsProjects 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Call to arms: malleable interface creation!

Hello! My name is Luiz Gustavo, and I'm a brazilian design student. First of all, this is my very first post at this space, and I'm very very open to hear whatever critics or opinion of everyone. My hardware & electronics knowledge is very limited, so I'm opening the whole creation of the following project to whoever is interested in co-creating it with me. As part of my ongoing graduation project, I want to create a malleable interface using textiles. The idea is pretty simple. I want to create an open-source hybrid object, a digital raw data generator, consisted of a highly malleable interface that is capable of being folded, twisted and adjusted to the will of its user: an interface as simple and soft as a piece of silk fabric. The data generated must give the current state (deformation and positioning) of the malleable object to a digital output in realtime. The malleable object has to be modular, as well as a little stretchable. I really want to create something that can be remounted, modified, and used in different kind of contexts - not so only as my main purpose at the creation of an experimental art installation I've been working on as my graduation project. At this website I've posted a larger description of my intentions with this interface, as well as a first draft of it: I'm not quite sure how's that going to be done, what have already been done in this area, what kinds of open hardware I can use, sensors and so on. I'm really starting this research right now, but it would help a lot to at least hear some possibilities from anyone. I'm very very open to hear any kind of contribution! Thanks! [= Best regards, Luiz Gustavo. (

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Does anyone know anything about this typewriter interface?

The typewriter is an AEG Olympia ES-95i. It's a big beige electronic machine from maybe the late 70s or early 80s.On the back there is a 20 pin rectangular male connector with 2 rows of 10 pins. If I connect random pins with something metal, it types various characters. I'm wondering if anybody knows what kind of interface this thing might use so I can go about connecting it to my computer.EDIT1:I've found a bit more random information about this type of device which might help: Olympia made another typewriter in the same line that was basically the same as a bytewriter model. Irritatingly the article says the bytewrite provides no technical information "other than the pin-out assignments for the connector. "It would appear from the rest of the article that the connector might be some kind of modified centronics interface.I'll try to get a picture up soon.EDIT2:Here's the photo. Whatever it is I hope it turns out to be bidirectional so I can use this as a tty :).

Question by pharoah 10 years ago  |  last reply 5 months ago

How do i interface opencv code to arduino?

I am doing a project on access control using OPENCV , arduino and rfid. The user has to swipe the card and have his/her face detected by the camera to verify its who they claim to be before access is granted. the rfid cards are working and also the fece detection part.So how do i join the two to have my complete project?

Question by suleiman.alinassor 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

3 wire interface (GND, VCC, DATA)? Answered

Hi guys,   I'm trying to reverse the communications on a project I have at the moment which seems to be using a 3 wire serial interface (GND, VCC, DATA).  My goal would be to replicate the communications with an arduino or similar, however i'm not 100% sure what serial protocol it's using.   The device is using an Atmel ATMEGA168 and the pcb is covered in conformal coating, so I haven't had a whole lot of luck tracing the pins. I'm not overly aware of many one-wire communications protocols.  The datasheet says the ATMEGA supports various peripheral features, including SPI, USART, 2-wire serial (Philips I2C) (among others), however the GND, VCC, DATA configuration doesn't seem to fit with any of the supported protocols (i.e. there's no clock line and only a single data line).   The captures i'm getting seem to indicate that it's an 8-bit binary protocol.  I was going to try to decode it manually and attempt to reproduce it, however would be grateful if someone recognizes it and can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know any protocols / configurations this could be?  Example screenshot attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Question by ikarus6 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago


Unable to edit the answer to a question.Can't delete my answers.No good, people changes their mindes.

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Tangible Sequencer Interfaces - Bubblegum and Ball Bearing Drum Machines

Bubblegum SequencerThe Bubblegum Sequencer is a physical step sequencer that lets you create drumloops by arranging colored balls on a tangible surface. It generates MIDI events and can be used as an input device to control audio hardware and software. Finally, people can't claim anymore that electronic music isn't handmade.Also, check out the similar BeatBearing. The BeatBearing project is a simple Tangible User Interface that uses ball bearings to program a sequencer.

Topic by ewilhelm 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Help with On-Line Indicator for Jabra GN8530e headset

I have a Jabra GN9350e headset that I use at work, both with my desk phone and USB on my workstation. Jabra sells an on-line indicator (, but it's just a plastic stick that lights up at the top. No one will understand what it is, or what it means. I intend to build an LED box that says something to the effect of 'ON A CALL' with a chasing border to get attention and deliver the message that, well, I'm on a call. The tricky part for me is that I can not tell what type of connection is used to connect the device to the base station. I know it is a 2.5mm TRS connection, but am unsure if it is stereo or mono flavor. I am also unsure what the actual signal would be - is the sleeve is ground, tip signal, etc. I have spent a few hours searching the web and found nothing. My end goal would be to build a plastic box to house the indicator assembly, with mirrored plastic on the front so that when the indicator is off it would appear to just be a black box. When active, there would be a chasing light border (two or three LED sequence, just regular chasing lights), and a solid on field in the middle with verbage. I'm good with a soldering iron, but new to this kind of build. If someone could assist / recommend how to proceed in building the circuitry that could connect the LED's together (sure I can find that information on this site elsewhere) that would be nice, but primarily I would need help interfacing the indicator with the headset base station. Thanks!

Question by jon.hazlett 8 years ago

Adding Instructables to Groups no longer allowed?

Three years ago, Noah documented a then-new interface to add published Instructables to Groups to which a user belonged.  Some time in the last few months, that interface, the Add To Your Groups button, was removed from the Instructables right-hand sidebar.  Was this a deliberate change to the interface, or an accidental oversight? If it was deliberate, then I think a forum topic announcing the change explicitly would be in order.  A search for "add to groups" reveals no such topic. If it was an oversight, could it be restored?

Topic by kelseymh 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Bug related to text editor rollout? Flag interface VERY SLOW to load

I just went to flag an obvious SPAM posting.  The flagging interface hung up, and took more than ten seconds to appear.  It had the same kind of problematic delay as the new text editor box.I wonder if these long delays are actually related, somehow, to the pretentiously fancy "fade in" technique that's being used.  A simple, and fast, pop-up would be much friendlier to the users, if not as sexy to the developer community.

Topic by kelseymh 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Help making a USB trigger, VB.NET coding, and interfacing the two in a wonderful harmony of code and circuits. Answered

Hey fellas, got some questions for you about making a USB trigger and interfacing it with a VB.NET program. Alright, so what I've got to do here is detect when a door is opened via a sensor (I've figured out that as far as practicality goes an ultrasonic or motion sensor would be the best, but I'm also considering a simple magnetic switch for the sake of simplicity and cost), and then play an audio file. I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY like to keep as much of the coding as possible done in VB.NET, and I don't want the end result to require the user to open five different programs, I want them to open the one .exe file, and that's it. My problem here is actually getting the trigger to talk to VB.NET, I've never done any peripherals with VB.NET, so I'm pretty clueless. I don't need the trigger to respond with any data other than some sort of ping that VB.NET can pick up. I've also been thinking about using the ultrasonic/motion sensor to interface with a USB keyboard encoder, to output some obscure character, and then have VB.NET watch for that character, and react when it's pressed. The problem here is that I don't want the program to have to be the main window, I want the user to be able to have it open and not worry about it. Any help that anyone can give me with either the coding side or with the trigger side is really appreciated, thank you all in advance :)

Question by iBurn 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Got a strange request from a user - should I reply?

Hi, I'm not really sure where to post this but I don't see any other place for this sort of question, so I'm posting here. I just got a request from a user to do an interview and was going to reply yes but thought I'd check out the user first to see if they were legit. They just signed up today and don't have any history at all. They asked if they could call me on a land-line. I happen not to have one which sort of thwarts the idea all-in-all, but I'm still curious if anyone else has encountered this? Thanks.

Topic by Printy 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Make HID (human interface design) beautiful

There are few ubiquitous household items as ugly in form and function as a computer keyboard. They're everywhere. They're an inefficient and archaic visual distraction, barely suited to stamp ink on dead trees, as they were originally designed to do. Computer components need to be elegant, form well married to specific functionality needs, if computers are to fade into the background of life and thus best support it -  and that is nigh impossible with the keyboard hanging out. I'm a hci software guy. I spent almost three years writing a library of code to enable a new generation of input devices… beautiful, simple  and efficient… closer to playing a musical instrument than typing on a typewriter. I need designs for a piece or two of hardware that shows off how beautiful and/or hidden a computer input device can be when you completely minimize its form… If you are an industrial designer or a mid level maker or even a just a for the fun of it 2d or 3d CAD nerd, allowing for the device functionality will be a trivial concern, with 90% of your attention paid to the form of the device… and that's what I'm looking for… a beautiful replacement for the horrible and outdated keyboard and mouse that shows off the features of the software and blends in to people's lives. The designs will be 5-key and 10-key. The electronics area to allow for will be pretty simple -  probably just an HID chip - as tiny as possible - with ports to wire to buttons, etc -  a power source, wireless connector (preferably low power bluetooth), and wires to connect the chip to everything it needs to connect to. While the designs can be created as completely conceptual, we would prefer to be able to physically prototype them using something like 3d printing, laser cutting or other maker accessible options and electronics components that would also be maker accessible. Preferably, the file format will be solidworks compatible. For now, this is an unpaid gig, with the compensation mainly being in the form of some really sweet portfolio designs, hope for a better HID tomorrow, and maybe a makey makey type gift for those times when nothing but a banana piano will do. We do have investor meetings lined up and will credit any prototype designs used to show off the software during those, as well. If we decide to sell the software in various configurations packaged with hardware variations, and everyone feels like a good time was had by all in this trial run, then we can talk about a production partnership. If that were to be a possibility, industrial design related experience or strong enough to heavily research it type interest - sourcing, packaging, etc. - would be a big bonus. (As a note, while the  HCI is all key input based now, there will later be support for things like 3d tracking options - So, the project could get even more exciting on the HID side.) __________________________________________________ If you are interested in learning more, please use the PM system provided through Instructables as first contact. Further contact info will be provided should the initial contacts merit it. Thanks!

Topic by parrleu 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

SENSOR- Ultrasonic HC-SR04 (Interfacing HC-SR04 with 8051)

Hi friends, I am doing a project based on obstacle detector. It is a outdoor project hence i choose to buy an ultrasonic sensor to work efficiently on both bright sun light as well as dark nights. Now my problem is i am not able to interface this sensor with my controller. Anyone please tell me what input i must give to trig input of that sensor and what kind of output i get form the echo pin. also tell me how can i interface this sensor with the AT89S52. i have attached the user manual which i downloaded from internet.  Please help me with your valuable comments, Thanks in advance.

Topic by knachuthan 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

I'm currently working on a mech but I need to get an idea on the interface system, so what would be the best fit for it?

Actually I'm working with a few others on this but (as you would expect) our funding is quite low. Right now however; we're trying to decide what the best type of interface system we could use on our mech (yes a REAL, FULL SIZE, WORKING, Mech.) and so I'm turning to the Instructables community for help. Thanks in advance, Jake PS: If you want in on the project then you can email me ( with a list of skills you believe could be useful in the building process and I'll get back to you asap or if you just have a question about it that's fine to. [edit] And to respond to my first (and currently only answer) thanks for the help btw, the motion tracking is a great idea and would help improve the user interface greatly. However, what I'm referring to when I say 'interface' is how you would control and interact with it, your reply was part of the answer and will (hopefully) be implemented into our UIS (user interface system). Thank you and I hope to get many more answers soon. Jake

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is there a way using A high End GPU in a Productive way Not MINING? Answered

I have a HD6990 . I need to know a way to use such graphics card to do some thing Productive apart from gaming and mining with minimum user interface. 

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The new interface just made this website much worse.

What is it these days, it's like a competition that big websites want to change their visual design just for the sake of change even though the previous design was extremely clear and functional, and recently more often than not, the new design is a downgrade. Why fix something that wasn't broken? Now everything is less intuitive, you can't find anything, you have to do a lot more scrolling, and having to look at that makes your eyes sore sooner, you just want to quit. I get it that you're all obsessed with trying to make everything look like mobile phone UIs but it's a terrible idea: we're not all that obsessed with phones, plenty of us still prefer a proper computer because its large display allows us to see more things at the same time so there's no need to scroll to and fro and you can make connections between a lot of things simultaneously.Having to scroll through a lot of material because you can only see very little at a time is extremely counterproductive when you're trying to grasp the holistic picture of something, work on something that requires working memory. Using a phone UI on proper computer displays is an absolute nightmare and makes you want to not use websites that waste your time with the hide and seek game and sense-irritating visuals. It helps a little bit if I downsize the font of the entire page by several notches but because everything gets smaller, the texts that were small to begin with, will get too small, and that still doesn't fix the unintuitive randomness of how the page is composed now.I'd really appreciate it if users could at least choose which "skin" or UI to use for the site so it would be accessible to everyone.

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Layout changes not mentioned in Rachel's update

There were two fairly substantial (from the user's perspective) changes that Rachel forgot to mention in her Site Update post. First, by moving the search box and button up to the masthead, they have also eliminated the old-style "graphical search" interface completely.  It doesn't even show up as an alternative when a Google-driven search is made.  This has already led to two user complaints (here and here). Could the old-style interfce at least be put back on the search results page? UPDATE 17 Aug 2010: The "graphical search" link is back on the search-results page. Second, the interface when you first read an Instructable has been cleaned up substantially. All the steps, with photos and hover-text, are still there, but instead of a truncated table of contents (only the first ten steps), now the full intro and first step are shown immediately. It'll take a bit of getting use to for the old-timers, but I think it's a better interface for new users. Thanks to Rachel for getting these updates out, and especially for answering (pun intended) some of the requests from the community!

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Tab Order During Log in

Submitting my request to have the tab order changed on the log in page... Desired Interface: Enter my user name, press tab once, enter password, carriage return/enter - done. Currently, if I hit tab it moves the active field to "forgot user name" I just can't get myself to remember to hit tab twice as anywhere else I need to log in it's a single tab operation :p

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My 2nd Scholarship proposal: Mobile Web Cam Interface for exploration and interaction

I thought about this one at lunch with a friend of mine. Basically, it is a way for some one to interact, follow, communicate, and explore a space. So if you couldn't be somewhere "physically" the robot would take that place. -So in essence you would have the robot fill in the persons presence and you would be able to interact with the robot just like the other person was there! Say for instance, you have a client 3 states over and you have this robot on hand with wireless i-net in the room. Your client could log into the computer via remote host and be there where you are. You both can interact with each other, your client can follow you around say an office, share contact files from cell phones via Bluetooth, and a few other neat features! Materials, Create Webcam with laser pointer ( to accurately show where user is looking, e.g. from the robots view you see a paper cup, the person beside the robot will see exactly what you're seeing!) Mini itx cpu with wireless capabilities and Bluethooth (for on the fly file sharing) Robotic arm And program the create to follow "joystick" commands from the user speakers If you have an easier way of doing this or think something should be added on let me know!!! Thanks

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How can I convert .bin to .img for router (OpenWRT) reflash?

I am trying to get my head around installing OpenWRT on my Netgear dg834gt. I have found the hardware page, identified the correct image and downloaded it. As per instructions I attempted to pass the .bin file to the web interface, however the web interface only accepts .img files. Is there any method of converting between these presumably different formats? I could get a jtag/serial connection to the target but I'm waiting on a cable, so the Web interface would be preferable. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance, Drew p.s. I'm a Linux user. Also, I have no idea if this is a daft question or not.

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Pro Instructables Ratings

I was going through my bookmarks today, and clicked this one (no longer works): However, it did lead me to this: So I collected the same data I've done previously, here's how Pro & non-Pro compare: Instructables by Pro users are generally higher-rated than those by non-Pro users, and few have bad-ratings. There are reasons for this. > Instructables staff are Pro users, they set high standards. > People who pay and post tend to be more serious about what they publish. > Staff and paid users tend to have been here longer and posted more content in line with the above. > Younger users with less experience, fewer tools & less money find it harder to pay for Pro membership. What you may read from these statistics (if you wish) is that as a Pro member, 3.1-3.6 is an average rating. (Chart shows % Instructables in each rating band, for rated Pro ~3100, rated non-Pro ~28000) Notice how the lines have similar shapes, just skewed in opposite directions. The main reason I thought this might be of interest is the lumpiness of the distribution shows better like this - I'm still seeing waves / ripples...

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XY Table

Hi, I am trying to make an XY table using SCC-32 controller board that is controlling Hitec Servos. I was wondering if anyone had an Idea on how I would use C# or any other serial compatible programming language to set up a User Interface where you can click on a " hidden grid" to draw your desired shapes. Thanks in advance John

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Build a LANC controller interface to a video camera with no LANC port

I'm finally upgrading into the world of HD video and going tapeless. It's time to retire my Sony TRV-80 miniDV camcorder. I'm getting a Canon Vixia HF11 AVCHD camcorder. The image quality is incredible from the reviews and sample shots I have seen that people have taken already. It's got everything I need, with the exception of one key feature I had hoped it would have. My Sony camcorder has a LANC tripod remote control jack which accepts zoom and start/stop control inputs from a Manfrotto tripod-mounted variable-speed zoom controller via a submini phone plug cable. I have $400 invested in the controller alone, along with matching tripod and full fluid head. Canon does not provide this feature to connect an external controller, except on its flagship line of high-end pro camcorders such as the XH-A1, which are way beyond my budget. Also, the XH-A1 still uses miniDV tapes shooting the older HDV format, which is not as good as HD on the Vixia HF11. Sony isn't any better, their last camcorder to offer a LANC port is several years old, and also uses miniDV tapes in HDV format. It's time to move on and shoot direct to SDHC memory cards. No more tape dropouts or waiting to download tapes to your PC! I first contacted Canon's customer support dept, and presented my question. The response was that there is no LANC feature or method of connecting such a controller to the HF11, only the XH-A1and other high-end bug bucks models have this capability. The Canon HF11 does have an accessory hot shoe capable of connecting devices such as an external mic, video light or flash unit. I'm interested in finding out more about the exact pinouts of these hot shoe contacts. There may be pins connected with the zoom system that can be used hopefully. Canon just probably doesn't want to bother telling anyone, or the feature was not implemented in this model series. My controller connects via a standard subminiature male 3 contact phone plug cable, acquiring a hot shoe accessory such as a video light, taking it apart and using the body to connect a pigtail onto the contact pins, then extending it out with a female submini phone jack to plug the controller into would facilitate the connections. The camera comes with an IR remote, but I suspect the zoom buttons are single speed on or off, no variable speed as with the camera's zoom rocker, which is what I really need. The only other idea I came up with would be to fix a servo motor to proportionally move the zoom rocker in response to a signal output from my zoom control unit, but this would require designing a powered circuit to run the servo, calibrate the whole thing, and it would just be plain ugly and cumbersome to attach to the camera. It would be clumsy and jury-rigged, and probably not give me the smooth remote control results I am looking for. If anyone already owns an HF11, and has gotten the tinkering bug, or knows what all the contact pins are, I'd be real interested to know!

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What are "private and friends only settings"?

In the Instructables Terms Of Service (which I recently quoted at a particularly offensive user), there's an interesting parenthetical comment: "Should any Content be reported to Instructables as being offensive or inappropriate, Instructables might call upon the poster to retract, modify, or protect (by means of private and friends only settings) the Content in question ..." Could Rachel, Eric, or someone give us some guidance on these "private and friends only settings"? I haven't seen such a thing in my profile. If this text refers to an earlier version of the I'ble user interface which no longer exists, I think the TOS should be adjusted accordingly. Cheers, Michael Kelsey

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Feature Request: Could "Answers" include a JFGI-style sanity check?

There are a not-so surprising number of Questions which are trivial search queries, but the author (often Guest) doesn't realize that there's an I'bles search interface (as limited as it is). Would it be possible to add a buffer layer between the user typing their question and having posted? I'm imagining something like running the question through "search I'bles" and "search forum topics", and providing a very brief (i.e., text lines rather than giant icons) list of the top half-dozen results, with a statement like, "Do any of these Instructables answer your question?" Otherwise, someone like me or Nacho are going to be playing that role, and we will become less and less polite about it over time :-)

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Cannot login in my instructables! This is my instructable's link. I cannot login to my instructable, to replay to the commends, My friends also tried to login ,they also not able to follow me , or make it as their favorite  or not even vote for me in a contest. .  Kindly resolve it fast , other wise I will get failed in the contest and I'm not able to give replays to the earlier messages!...

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Xbee interfacing -Need to send PIR sensor value and Gas sensor value from Tx end to Rx end.Read details for further info

Hi all, I am building a robot for my project and currently i am facing some issues with it.. Hope someone could help me resolve it. ! Thanks in advance for your help and support !! :-) Detailed specs : First of all i use 3 arduino - 1 at TX (user end) and 2 at RX (Bot side). Now , I am using a PIR (Human motion detection ) Sensor and Gas sensor at  Rx(Bot side).  The issue i am facing is , I am not able to send the Values read by both the sensors to the User end though xbee.. However the sensor is reading the values properly in Bot side , but iwhen sent to the User end i am getting the values as '-1' or the ASCII value of the Corresponding sent sensor value. Now the help i need is.. I need someone (If possible) to send the code where  1.A transmitter Code where you read the PIR,Gas sensor value and transmit the value through xbee. 2. A receiver code  where in you read the values that are sent through a xbee. Kindly Help.. Thanks in advance ! :-) Regards, Gireesh.S

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Hack my homepage?

Software security issues are often obvious to a second pair of eyes. I just posted the PHP scripts for my personal contact homepage as an instructable:Simple PHP personal contact homepage (web3.0!)Can you hack it? Preferably a copy on your local machine and not on my actual server... I deleted all my administration files and classes prior to making this post, just in case.I have two primary concerns:1. General PHP injection attacks. Proper handling and escaping of form data.2. The admin interface has a sessions based authentication mechanism. Login is compared to a MD5 hash of the password, then a session is created with an MD5 hash of the user's IP address. Each subsequent page load compares the authenticated session IP with the user's IP address (again, an MD5 of both). The goal is to prevent remote session stealing related flaws by tying the session to an (unknown...) IP address. Obviously if you have access to the local machine this is all moot, but there is little I can do about that. If an intruder were to get around the session authentication, they would be able to upload files just about anywhere on my server using the admin upload interface. This is a bit of a concern...I think in light of this, I'm going to add an option to limit the web admin interface to one IP address. My IP is fairly static, and if it changes, simply upload a new config file by ftp.

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Instructables app behavior (Bug?)

I've been using the Ibles app on an Android (V 4.3) phone for a month or two. There's a lot to like about the app experience. For instance, the app makes it super easy to follow other users who are following your account... Super easy to click "follow" on many accounts in one session. I'm not really a social networking person, by choice, so I never paid much attention to following. Never cared about the number of followers--or hits, for that matter. I'm sure this is a breach of social networking etiquette. Guilty.  So-- it's a pain to "mass follow" other users in the browser interface (yeah, wouldn't be problem if I'd kept current with following)--go to you:subscribers, click on the account, select follow, move backwards to the you:subscribers page, repeat ad nauseam, with all the load times associated. On the app--load the followers page, then click, click, click on the icon next to each account. Pie easy. But there are some odd app behaviors: One: the app Followers section doesn't sync with the normal online interface. I.E., more followers in the browser online than on the app. Two: the last "follower" in the list doesn't display correctly. Shows as "not followed," when clicking on the user's account shows that I am indeed a follower of that account. Maybe there's a sync lag that would explain this...if so, it last several days.

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