youtube live

You guys should have watched youtube live, if you didnt you should check out beardyman and flutebox on youtube , cuz it is crazy

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XBox live

I got xbox live. Pm me your gamertags and i'll add you. I'm not posting my own publicly because i don't want spam.

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Live instructabling!

As a bit of fun, I'm Tweeting the progress of my next batch of beer, announcing each stage, and the occasional photo. My Twitter name is @KitemanX, and I'm using the hashtag #BrewDay. If it's succesful, I may do it again, or I may not. Fickle, aren't I? Oh, and I'm tweaking my original recipe, which can be found here: EDIT The new brew is published!

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youtube LIVE

Youtube live at 8PM

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Green Living

Hey guys, what are you all doing to live green and lessen your environmental impact?

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Make a Living?

Is anyone making a living with walking sticks? If so, what is the average and how long does it take to make it?

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Maxims to Live By

I'd like to ask everyone to post a principle you live your life by that has helped you. Please keep it short!

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living in a streetcar?

Does anyone know where I could find pictures of streetcars/trams that have been converted into living quarters?

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Well, him or his brother or anyone else with access to his account.

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Xbox Live?

Are there any K'nexers out the that have Xbox live? If so can you post your gammertag here so we can be friends? Mine is alfpwns.

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live 49ers

I am a software engineer by profession and a part time web designer too. Recently I have created a few web 2.0 pages after learning PHP and web designing .I love creating videos too. Two of my web 2.0 pages which I love the most are live 49ers and 49ers blog. I am very excited after building this and will be building more videos of this sort in my spare time . I love listening to slow music and play guitar as a hobby I also enjoy spending time with my family, going on holidays and playing sport.

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Cost of living? Answered

We drive a Jetta Diesel. TDI. Fuel here in Canada is now over $5.00 a gal. and although we get 50 + miles per gal. we are wondering what cooking oil we can directly pour into the fuel tank. We have heard that someone in England is doing it, as gas over there is $12. + a gal. Has anyone had any experience. Many years ago the VW company said that if not able to get diesel, get some peanut oil. Any thoughts?

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Tetranitrate Lives!

Just got my alumni magazine in the mail.  I open it up and see one of the former ibles interns featured in a two page color spread - Tetranitrate.   I guess he answered our "Earth calling Billy" to see what he has been up to lately.  See the article here  I had met him at Maker Faire last year with his LED dredlocks.  So what is the moral of this story? Somewhere out there is a market for the pants kilt.

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Living in a box, living in an expensive box...

Four Europeans are in the final stages of selection to be locked into a series of sealed boxes for a year and a half. They are competing for two of the six places in Mars500 - a full-scale simulation of a short-stay Mars mission (a year and a half each way, a month on the surface - don't get me started on how wasteful that is...). The Mars500 facility, which is located on the IBMP site in Moscow, comprises four sealed modules. The total interior volume is about 550 cubic metres. There are no windows. The walls in the living quarters have been covered with a wooden panelling to make them feel slightly less austere. Looking after the participants' needs will be a mission control-room sited just outside the containers. But the experiment's designers are determined to make the training exercise as realistic as possible, so they will introduce a time delay in communications after two months. Because it can take about 20 minutes for a message to travel from Mars to Earth, it will take this amount of time in the simulation also. Message delay The crew and their ground controllers will send text messages to each other and then have to wait for the replies. It means there can be no real-time conversations with friends and family - and, in moments of crisis, it will mean the crew will have to make crucial decisions themselves. I think the biggest test will be the social side - how will six humans, no matter how well-selected, deal with having nobody but each other for years on end, and being in each others' faces twenty-four hours a day? Could we end up looking at the first murder in space? BBC Story ESA article Institute for Biomedical Problems

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How Do You Make a LIVE screencast of your desktop? Answered

I was wondering how to make a LIVE screencast of your desktop for free.

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Xbox Live Gamertags

Post your xbox live gamertags here! Mine: bak3n

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Skype live show.

I have an idea for a live show on skype.  However I need to work out some details for it, such as when to host it.  Everyone listening in can be in a conference call with me, and so forth. My skype name is dj_jazzy_jeff1, but if you want to participate, you must tell me your skype name in the comments and be willing to contribute if I am to add you to the contacts list.

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internet for xbox live

I used to have high speed internet., the service provider was AT&T. One day we could not get internet. at&t said we had it. The main point is that we don;t have any more. I was looking into one of those connect cards, and wondered is it fast enough for xbox live. Do you need 3G coverage for it to work.. I live right out side the boundry between 3G and the lower bit for Verizion. I checked a local cell phone service coverage and its the same thing as Verizion. My question is what do I do. Are the conect cards fast enough any way or what. And if so, who has the best. the cheapest, and the best MB limit.  Who should I go with and what do I do. My local cell company is Cellular South. I was looking at CS's Huawei EC 168 Data Card. Just google cellular south connect card to find it.  I am definetly going to get the 5 gigs of possible downloads.(if my parents will pay for it) I am only 14, so I can't do a whole lot. Please help!

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Live Chat with Instructables

We have a live chat to discuss our recent announcement, and anything else, scheduled for Tuesday, 2011-08-02, at 3 PM PT.   Thanks to everyone who joined the chat and asked tough (and easy) questions! I think I only made a fool of myself twice.  Clicking on the play button of the video above takes you to Ustream to watch a recording of the chat.  

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Xbox live question

Hi guys, I want to know will a xbox live membership bought in the UK work on my xbox in Ireland (ROI) I would make a good saving by paying for it on

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how to live in peace?

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MythBusters YouTube Live

Discovery Channel's MythBusters blast Jamie with 20,000 paintballs with Leonardo 2.0 at YouTube Live.

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Idea - "Living Jacket"?

Here's my idea - get two medium sized ivy vines (or some other creeper) and attach the pots to the bottom of a jacket. As the plants grow wind the vines around the jacket so they eventually cover the whole thing, sort of weaving them together. When finished, gently remove the jacket and attach the pots to a belt. Viola a living jacket! Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? I know it wouldn't be very practical, but it'd probably look cool

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Hey everybody Fish Bone is live! It’s updated to show its quick release feature. I hope you think it’s cool enough to tell your friends about. Of course I’d be thrilled to have you as a backer. Thanks a million. Brent Kickstarter Link

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Live chassis on a TV? Answered

 I was given a TV, (Panasonic TC-1485); it directs the sound to the side rather than to the front and it's not very clear. I was going to take the wires from the internal speaker and solder them to a 3.5 jack socket so that I could use it with headphones. I read today that until recently TVs were 'live chassis', does this mean it would be dangerous to wire up headphones or have I misunderstood? Thank you.

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i live in nsw

Hey im getting one of these laptops at the end of march but i have friends in year 9 and they are very slow, laggy and crappy lapyops. you get get blocked sites even when you are at home on wifi!!! i will upload pictures to you guys when i get it. i thought about opening it when i got it but on the back it says its tracked by the police and there is also a keylock on the side. i think opening the laptop results in an alarm going off and the police can track it then confiscate it for good.

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living- Animatronics - California

Hello,     So I have two things to talk about, one I have a few questions and two i have a story. -Story time !     So all my life I have wanted to do Animatronics, and live in California. Well last Tuesday I left my CEMS job (continual emissions                      monitoring), for many reasons. I have had this thought for a while to just pick up and leave. I did really enjoy my job but it was not what i had wanted to do, I was also tired of being lied to and disrespected. So my best friend was packing up the stuff out of his house and moving to another friends house. I told him "let's go to California" and he said "ok, sure" So we left, I had nothing but some friends and family tying me down anyways. So I packed up my Buick and his VW and we set off from Pennsylvania to California with no real plan what so ever. It was great, and still is, mostly ....  -Questions ?     So does anybody do any work with Animatronics, or live in California ? What is the best way to get in ? Wheres the best place to live in CA with access to good tech jobs ? -My experience is 3 Years of electronics, I am ETA certified, I have done FIRST robotics for 5 years and now mentor it, I also have tons of experience with computers/servers, also a good bit of CEMS experience. I am currently in Sacramento California, and just looking for some good advice Thanks Robert 

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Living Snow Globes

INSTRUCTABLES: We have been collecting glass jars and bottles for the arrival of our glass cutter. And while we are at the subject of plants, we have decided to make some mini terrariums. We talked about friends without green thumbs and the sweet token of giving something green. It is going to be a disaster if the gift dies before the next time you visit them. So, we thought of fool-proofing it by making terrariums. Terra is a word meaning Earth in Latin. It is an area, usually enclosed, for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research. Often, a portion of the ecosystem for a particular species is simulated on a smaller scale, with controls for environment conditions. The main requirement is that it be watertight to keep the moisture in. So, non-green thumbs ahoy! This means light watering every month or longer. The plants are usually hardy and do not grow quickly if you keep the water circulating. This is a fabulous mini sustainable environment to create, a sort of 'living snow globe'. A magical gift for kids and the office desk.

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Live Person Please?

I have submitted for password retreival several times over the last 2 weeks. I never receive the email. No, I do not have a spam box. I found my password but I suspect it get's changed when one submits a retreival form since I still can not log in. So, now, I had to create a new account just to be able to post this! All I want now is for some real person (erm... no fake ppl please) to email me and help me be able to log in with my real account. I'd like to remove this account. Oh no, I hope that is possible too. Anyone working for Instructables want to email me so I can give you my other account's user id and email? So from there you can email that account a new password or whatever the procedure is? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *weeps*

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Where do you live?

Where do you live? Maybe someone else lives near you and you never knew it! Who knows maybe you could start a small group in your area. Just write it below if you feel comfortable.

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Does anbody live in connecticut on this site?

Does anybody live in Connecticut on this site? I do

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Laptop connection for Xbox Live with Clear card

I have a laptop with Windows 7 or Vista, and currently has a Clear Card for Internet. Do i need a Router to have Xbox Live? Or Just "Bridge Connections" blah blah without router?

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can you connect to xbox live with dial up?

Can u use dial up to connect to xbox live

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How to make a live volcano with paper mashup and other materials? Answered

With what material and how to do so step by step.

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I can't get Xbox live because my tvs in one room my computer's in another and I don't have wireless. How can I get it?

I've been trying to get Xbox live for the past two weeks but I can't get it because my TV and my computer are in two different rooms and my TV's two big to bring down to my computer and worst of all I don't have wireless. Can ye guys help me to try and figure out a solution that will get me Xbox live?

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I can't get Xbox live because my tvs in one room my computer's in another and I don't have wireless. How can I get it?

I've been trying to get Xbox live for the past two weeks but I can't get it because my TV and my computer are in two different rooms and my TV's two big to bring down to my computer and worst of all I don't have wireless. Can ye guys help me to try and figure out a solution that will get me Xbox live?

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Hay do you guys realy live in wisconsin because i do and i live in kenosha

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How can I set up a cheap 100 foot cable web or camcorder and record from a pc?

My church wants to setup a a web or camcorder recording system for the church. but the digital area is a 100 foot away and we would like to be able to use a web cam or a camcorder to record services and broadcast it live or prerecorded on the website. we have a 100 ft usb cable and a 100ft ethernet cable with usb connector both ends to connect to the pc. we also have 3 web cam and 1 camcorder with usb connector and a AV connector also on the camcorder. problem 1 is we are having problems on the interface or software to view the webcam from that distance using the usb cable. problem 2 is we are having problem with the size of image on the usb to ethernet not large enough for a good 1080 P recording or view. hardware and Software available: 4 usb 2.0 booster cable can be used as a chain to equal 100ft                                 3 webcam                                 1 camcorder                                 2 desktop pcs windows 7 64 bits                                 3  flat panel tv for inchurch videos and songs on screen                                 1 sound forge recording system for audio                                 1 worship hymm for on screen lyrics and video use on the 3 flat panel tv works great                                 3 ethernet cat6 cable  100ft each                                     Can anyone help me build this  or what software can make these work together?         any help is highly appreciated thanks Timjlay                       

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How to make a live CD

How to make a live CD for a modified linux distro. Include how to make a custom boot screen etc. Thanks, Munchman

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Fedora 17 live USB

I cant install it because im not the admin. is there a way to bypass this?

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fedora 17 Linux live USB

Can anyone find out how to install fedora 17 on a flash drive using fedora 17 live usb creator on a computer when you are not the administrator  is there any way to bypass that?

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Connecting to x box live - Cant connect?

Ive managed to set up my eldest sons x box to x box live with no problems at all but cannot get my youngest sons x box to connect. Ive put in the code for the router. Ive got a netgear router which is password protected. Has anyone got any ideas what I should do?

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How can you live in a world full of lies?

How can we?????

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Can you get the xbox live update with out a hard drive?

I want to play online but I don,t have room for the update on the memory card I have and. I was gonna buy another card but I not sure if you need a hard drive.

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Have FOUND THE ANSWER to putting an END to the pop-up windows for WINDOWS LIVE MAIL FORVER.  (Even after uninstalling the program, the window still popped-up) 1.  Open Windows Live Mail.  Click cancel to pop-up window. 2.  Click on LIST ICON - (to the Far left:  Windows Live Mail - lets you Save, Print, See and Everything else) 3.  Choose OPTIONS 4.  Select MAIL 5.  Click CONNECTIONS tab 6.  Hit the tab STOP SIGNING IN 7.  Hit APPLY, OK and CLOSE 8.  Re-open WINDOWS LIVE MAIL ACCOUNT FOR RETRIEVING E-MAIL... NO MORE POP UP!

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I play in a band with some seasoned musicians. We played our first gig last saturday and we sounded like )(*?

I play in a band and we have practiced and perfected a lot of material, however our first gig, (last Saturday) did not sound as good as I thought we would sound.  He hooks up stuff to the new mixer and runs it through the The key word here is "sound". Here is a quick overview of our resources. We had a lot of cracking (distortion) going on throughout our performance, thus taking away from our actual abilities and capabilities. *I think we are overloading our poweed mixer. WE have two powered mixers. One is an older model (6) channel mixer and the newer powered mixer has approx 16. The band member who owns all the equipment makes the decisions as to how everything is hooked up. I do have experience and have had college courses on mixers, but am reluctant to say anything about how things should be hooked up. I was thinking maybe we should run vocals through one and all other equipment should run through the new mixer.

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