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help:nothing loads

Help!I can't see any instructable!It keeps loading nothing and waiting the address in the pic!pls fix this!

Topic by Derin  

Constantly Loading

Hello everyone, I think the problem is on my end but here's the problem. When I go to the desired instructable, with any image with the "i" on it, I get the loading indicator continuously. I can't figure out why this is happening. Any ideas? - Net

Topic by netcandyman    |  last reply

Loaded backwards

This one day, I was trying to open a page, and I noticed something funny. The thing at the bottom of the page that shows you how much of the page has loaded was going backwards! Seriously, it was on 99, and then it went to 97, 89, 78, 65, 55, 43, 20, 4... My Fasterfox timer (which counts how long it takes for your page to load) even started going backwards! Ah well. I guess that's just what I get for using an old version of Firefox. (2.00.01, I know it's old.)

Topic by YummyPancakes    |  last reply

Loading a Magazine

Hello. Here is a stupid question from a stupid newbie. Does anyone know where I can find step-by-step instructions on how to load bullets into a Tikka T3 rifle with a box-style .22-250 magazine, preferably with illustrations? It has been many years since I have used a rifle and I have never used a rifle with a magazine, always using single rounds. Thanks for the help!

Topic by AllanBoyce    |  last reply

Load Bearing Wall??

How does one best determine whether a wall is load bearing?

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

iPhone apps not loading! Answered

 The iphone 3Gs is amazing. But 3 days into it, with only a dozen apps downloaded, more than half of the apps dont load. They pop up for an instant and immediately close out. Only a few work. I've tried removing an app. I've tried restarting it. No dice. Any suggestions?

Question by DELETED_M4industries    |  last reply

Picture "Loading" problem

In most to all of the instructables, questions, and forum topics I have visited recently, the pictures featured have had the "Loading" bar across them the entire time I am visiting the page. The pictures are fully visible and loaded, but the bar persists.  

Topic by Bigev    |  last reply

home page not loading

For the last several days the home page has not been loading. I even tried a search on Google and the link did not work. I had to use one of the category links to get on. Jerry

Topic by scooters dad    |  last reply

pages loads slow

2 days now any instructable page stalls. the stalled item showing at the bottom is Is there a work around until this is fixed?

Topic by finky555  

Powerbank for small load

What powerbank keeps supplying current and does not turn off if the load is only a few mA ? All the ones I have tried turn off automatically after a few minutes.

Question by Dpu    |  last reply

"pdf failed to load"

I just signed up for a premium account and tried to download a file for the wearable electronics class and I am receiving the "pdf failed to load" error message. How do I download the file??

Question by annaregan29    |  last reply

OLPC loading trouble

I have an OLPC laptop, and it worked great, but now, I can leave it for about 1 hour trying to load a program, and nothing. I've looked around for a bit, but I can't find any help on this. Can someone here help me?

Topic by wolf555hound    |  last reply

Contest Entry Loading

I know the new contest page is still very new, but I ran into a frustrating issue. I was looking at a contest with several hundred entries and had clicked the "load more entries" button several times before I clicked on an instructable to take a closer look. When I hit the back button to continue browsing the entries, it loaded with only the most recent entries loaded again. It's frustrating to have to reload all those extensions over again and may ultimately lead to less viewers seeing the earliest entries in a large contest. If reloading the contest page where you left off isn't feasible, perhaps entries on contest pages could automatically open in a new window/tab.

Topic by Brooklyntonia    |  last reply

Draft Instructable not loading

Hi everyone I started to write my first instructable  on my windows 10 computer i finished writing the first step and saved The instructable next say I  opened the instructable draft from my windows 10  computer and it opened  and I wrote the next step . It worked fine in my windows 10 computer              But now I'm not at home now  I wanted to complete the instructable from my phone I signed in and clicked "you "in the top right corner and clicked "draft instructable 1 ". Instead of going to the draft instructable the page went to my profile In my profile i clicked the" three bars " on the top right corner and clicked "publish " then clicked "draft instructable" then the page started loading and never finished loading . Specs of phone : Micromax canvas juice 2 on android 5.0 ,.         2 gb Ram   . I tested it on a moto e2 3g and it didn't work there too  in both of these phones i tested it on Google chrome  then I tested it on UCbrowser and still it didn't load  Network connection is 3g

Topic by D_P_R    |  last reply

Loading Bootloader into P89V51RD2?

I have two P89V51RD2 microcontrollers, Out of this only one is working fine and in the other one the bootloader is corrupted. How can i replace the corrupted bootloader using working P89V51RD2. Can i use MOSI, MISO & SCK pins of P89V51RD2 microcontroller ?

Question by HarishN    |  last reply

PDF Down load

Hi I am a premium subscriber joined January 2nd 2018. When I want download a pdf I get sent to the subscibe page and to subscribe again I already have a two year premium subscription. Cant find a page to help with this . Thank you BruceP54!

Question by BruceP54    |  last reply

Spring-loaded cannon

My friend and I are considering building a spring loaded cannon. The idea right now is to have a pvc pipe for the cannon chamber, and pvc pipes flanking it to hold springs in parallel. A cross-bar will go through all 3 pipes through slits cut long ways in the pipe. The springs will be attached to some point forward in the flanking pipes and to the cross bar, which will be used to pull the springs back and, once released, will launch the dart/ball in the center tube. My research so far - the spring rates of springs loaded in parallel are additive. With 5x 10-in*lb springs, we can produce 667 newtons of force when pulled back 3 inches (springs in question are 5.5 in long) . That will produce an acceleration of 303 m*s^2 on a 1 lb (2.2 kg) albeit for only a fraction of a second.;=industrial&qid;=1257718057&sr;=1-1 These are the springs we're looking at. We'll need to use an even number of springs, so either 4 or 6 (or 8 or 10). So, what do you guys think? Practical? Will we be able to get any distance? Any suggestions? A ROUGH picture is shown below. === are spring tubes, | are handles, and left arrows indicate direction in which springs will be stretched, and the right arrow is a dart flying out of the center launch tube. <----| ===== XXXXXXXXX     ------> ===== <----|

Topic by chs9    |  last reply

Help loading a wide load onto a narrow trailer?

I'm looking for some ideas on how to get a small 1940's AC Combine (farm machinery) onto a trailer without having to dismantle it.  It weighs about 3000# so not too heavy but the 2 wheels are about 104" apart (wide) so they won't fir onto a normal deckover style trailer (96" wide).  Once I can get it on the trailer, I plan to set it down on blocks and chain it down.  The problem - how to get it ONTO the trailer. Seems I have 2 options - 1) rig up something to make the ramps and trailer wider (just for loading) OR 2) rig up something with wheels that will bolt to the axle BUT be narrow enough to fit onto the trailer ..... sort of like a dolly.  Option 2 presents a bit of a problem in making sure the "dolly wheels" clear the combine's axle since they'll be underneath it. Thanks for your advice/ideas.

Question by Bunchgrass    |  last reply

How much is a butt load? Answered

I have been researching how much is in a but load. Is there an exact amount, is an average. Is there a formula used to determine this. If so what could it be applied to?

Question by WWC    |  last reply

Trebuchet does not release load

Have built a pallet/ man sized trebuchet in a 4th grade class project. Looks great, swings well, but the tennis ball load is either released before the sling swings up, or not at all (slams against the arm). Have used 2 ropes with a shallow bag. Any suggestions? (Kids were disappointed on Friday)

Question by BobS    |  last reply

Tring to down load the weldin

Trying to down load the class's there system says there is an issues on your site.

Topic by StuartM93    |  last reply

how to load a program into a chip?

I am willing to know about how to load a program into a chip

Question by s07ece20    |  last reply

Stats Page Not Loading Properly

The site is now loading at a reasonable speed on IE8 but my stats page insn't loading properly.  It looks like it starts to load then gets interrupted.  The graph dosen't appear and the check box section is larger than it should be and incomplete.

Topic by diyoutdoorsman    |  last reply

instructable page doesn't load

Hello friends, I have such question - when I try to load Submit instrutable I have got error that this page cannot be loaded - all other pages wok fine, but not this. And it is very sad, cause I cannot submit my instructable. Regards

Topic by sergezeobit  

active x will not down load.

Active x will not down load I need this to use the updates for xp ie7.

Topic by dogofwar    |  last reply

knex new loading system

Hi i invented a whole new bullet stocking and loading system if anyone is interested i can post it but remeber its a prototype and its not connected to a gun yet

Topic by T3453R    |  last reply

breach loading sniper rifle

Welcome to this fourm, this fourm is about a breach loaders, if you have made any feel free to post (this dose not mean mag gun for the whole point is to help 1 shots/ sniper rifles get a easy load that is acurate fast im gessing at one point in time almost everyone made a 1 shot. But 1 shots have not evolved much, its all almost the same, pull fireing pin back and "muzzle load" it (with some exeptions of folding and back loading it)but wile loading the thing sometimes it fires, so it would hit your hand or your face (and my spring powered rifles have done so) , the solution? simple somehow get the thing to load without ever geing you to look at the barrel, sniper rifles usaly have it hard for they have long barrels (not including mepains) and take a long time to muzzle load the bullet. a faster way would be to breach load itso on this fourm posably post pictures of ideas you have of breach loading and if it somehow makes it more acurate. but just no old mag guns for the idea is to help make a fast and easy way to load. example this sniper rifle i made heres a video

Topic by Sypran    |  last reply

Can the DS Browser load...

Can it load the text on pictures that appears when you hover your mouse over it (like the yellow boxes on the pictures on here)? I know the way I said that sound stupid but anyway.

Topic by DELETED_DELETED_Overtheriver    |  last reply

Archery Load Cell Circuit

I'm looking into a system that will enable me to determine the distribution of load on an archer's draw hand grip, probably as a percentage of the whole load. I have some basic ideas drafted, but before I start re-inventing the wheel, has anyone anything similar set up that I could look at or consider developing.The sensors/load cells must be able to fit between the two layers of a standard archery tab. There must be three sensors, for the three fingers of a normal "hook" grip, and I think either an Arduino or Pi based processor.

Topic by Warleyman    |  last reply

SIde loading K'nex shotgun

First side loader on site! Pic is of top view. I'll post the whole instructable soon.

Topic by sugg22    |  last reply

Loading YouTube clips to an ible' -

Howdy, I have a lot of instructables which have YouTube clips.  I've noticed that whenever I load a new clip to YouTube, that clip becomes the one in all of my instructables!   Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a bug that is causing this and if s, is there a way to fix it?

Topic by lonesoulsurfer    |  last reply

Editor stuck loading: IE8

A picture says a thousand words (to quote millions of other people :)) So the problem is is that in Internet explorer 8, when you go to edit your instructable (excuse my sad little attempt at an 'ible in the background, I wanted to try out the editor) The whole editor is greyed out, and a loading bar is displayed indefinitly (2 hours in) I have tryed reloading the page, and it is still greyed out. The obvious soulution would be to upgrade to Chrome or Firefox <3, but that is not possible :(

Topic by Michael_Bell    |  last reply

the requested content cannot be loaded

Ive been getting this error message on step 2 photos 8 and 9 on my instructable when using the arrows. As I use this to teach kids they all get the same error, around 20 mac laptops running, safari, google crome, and firefox all do the same thing. this has happen for around two weeks

Topic by liquidhandwash    |  last reply

Self loading confetti cannon Answered

I'm dressing up a golf cart for parade duty. I thought the "exhuast stacks" should be used for confetti cannons. However I don't want to stop jump out and dump more confetti down the pipe in the middle of the show. Any Ideas?

Question by heathbar64    |  last reply

VCR Loading motor voltage?

Hi everyone, I recently dismantled an old VCR and found a DC motor, I apparently got no manufacture label just a label with two rows of numbers and these numbers are: 4-570V-02700 B60730 051* I initially thought that the 570V was the voltage of the motor but i'm not sure about it. i googled the first row of numbers and found that it's probably a Sanyo 4-527V-02700 Loading Motor Dc 5.2W, but I can't find anymore specifications for it.

Question by matokage    |  last reply

connecting Speakers for equal load?

Hey There guyz i have speakers as follows 2*15w 4ohm 1*18w 4 ohm 1*40w 4 ohm and a small speaker which has impedance of 3 ohm dont know of watt for this i have an 100 watt amplifier (50w*2 or 50w/channel) how should i connect those speakers for equal load on amplifiers and which speakers i shouldnt connect sory im really noob at this i connected those speakers in parallel at low volume they worked fine but wanna build a portable speaker which could run at full volume amplifer i have is XH-M189 running at 18v 2 amps.

Question by The Fed upE  

Dutchj's Top Loading Rifle

Well, here's my Top Loading Rifle. I built this for the sake of building something after being inactive for such a long time. The original idea was to make a very solid gun that could be top-loaded with rods, so the pusher would never have to leave the gun, which would make for quicker reloading. That didn't work because rods always pull on and push each other, but I managed to complete it with different ammo. Some may find it to look a bit boxy, and that's because I didn't add anything to the gun that wasn't needed. No long barrel, no wedge-shaped stock, none of those things. The stock is strong enough as it is, and a longer barrel would only decrease the range ( dramatically ). Here's some basic stats:Type: RepeaterAmmo: Grey connector - green rod - orange connector - green rodCapacity: 9 without the pusher leaving the gun at all. otherwise 10, or more with mods.Range: Depends. I haven't tested, but I think it gets pretty average ranges for a repeater.Power: It drew blood at point blank.Reload time: Shorter then other repeaters with fixed magazines because the pusher never leaves the gun.INSTRUCTIONS:;=846

Topic by Dutchj    |  last reply

Cannot load page fully

Website is great but there is a bug when reading articles. When you get towards the bottom of the page it stops and bumps you up. You can try to go back to the bottom but it once again bumps you up before you can reach it. I have duplicated this problem on windows 10 and on another box with windows 7. So if you are glued to reading the next comment you can forget it... it just bumps you back up. Very frustrating if you want to read posts. 

Topic by fixit-13    |  last reply

Parrallel Load to a Charging Battery???

This is not an instructable but a question. See the images for circuit here the 9v battery represents a 12 DC V from an Adapter and the Capacitor represents the Chargeable Battery. Diodes are placed before Chargeable Battery and LED in the direction of current to prevent current in opposite direction. Suppose I have a Chargable Battery of 9v, A 12 Volt adapter (12 volt to charge 9v battery), and a segment LED Strip (3 LEDs in Series.) Now I connect discharged 9V Battery to LED, and adding the 12V DC Input in Parallel as well. I want 12V DC source to charge Battery and Light up LED. I will add protection Diodes as well in positive terminal of led and battery so the current wont flow from the battery. Will the LED light up at 12V at its full intensity? I found somewhere that while a battery is charging, adding something in parallel will draw less current at first and then the Amperage will increase with increase in battery level and then after a lot of time, it will draw as much as current as it would in 12V directly? Is it so, how can I avoid it, i.e, I need the Load (here LED) to get 12 V while that same 12V source should charge the Battery. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes because I am in a hurry. Please answer me. Thanks.

Topic by The Engineer Pro - Mohammed Ayaz Quadri    |  last reply

110V 200-250Watt dummy load

As the title says I`m trying to find a best solution for a 110V 200-250Watt() inductive or resistive dummy load. Small size 4x4", rugged , as lightweight as possible and the least emitted heat . Incandescent light bulbs are not suitable. What are my options. Thanks guys. 

Topic by DainiusG    |  last reply

analog circuit to mimic constant resistance load? Answered

I unfortunately do not have many big resistors that can dissipate lots of power, and would like to make a dummy load to test and parameterize batteries and power supplies. I want constant power, constant current, and constant resistance load, I do have lots of opamps and a few N and P channel enhancement mode MOSFETs as well as many 2N3055s and a couple MJE2955's. I think constant current is the easiest, since all I need to do is make a closed loop controller that will turn off the transistor as the current is exceeded, and turn it on as the current falls. Constant power might be more tricky, as I need a device that controls the bias on a transistor as a function of the product of the voltage and current, since P=IE or W=AV, and similarly, constant resistance, I need a thing that will divide voltage across the pass element by the current through it. I don't want to use a "slow" microcontroller for this, I like nice continuous analog control system, if that is possible.

Question by -max-    |  last reply

if load sharing between two transformers is required to be done by putting the two in parallel.

Is it possible to put 2 transformers in parallel having same voltage rating but different current rating?

Question by gauris    |  last reply

Making an Instructable doesn't work

 When I try to make an Instructable, it works perfectly. … Until I click any button, when it greys out a little, shows the little loading twirly thing, my cursor says it's loading, and nothing happens. I have had it up for a couple of hours now and it still won't stop. I've tried it in iCab, Firefox, Safari, and Omniweb. Please help! I'm trying to enter in a contest before it ends.

Topic by timothymh    |  last reply


I need to create a Dummy load of 50 amps at 18.5 volts DC so I will need to dissipate 1000 watts, was thinking of using 10 x 100 watt 100 ohm resistors from EBAY will that work, there are others at 4 Ohm etc, what ohm should I use?

Topic by TrevorP55    |  last reply

Premiere pro wont load, uninstalled and re-installed, still won't load ?premiere pro wont load?

Loading premiere pro, won't load. I uninstalled, and re-installed. Still same results. Says can't move file.

Question by ShawnS106    |  last reply

load a 12V battery by the cigarete lighter

Hello guys, I want to make a publicity trailer with led's that will stand at party's (and on the side of the road in the week). This trailer will stand alone and will be powered by a 12V car battery. I would like to charge that battery while moving it with my car by a long cable to the 12V socket in the car. Should I place a resistor to limit the current or is this not necessary? The trailer is for my youth movement. (sorry for my bad english) Grts, Dieter Belgium

Topic by DieterD4    |  last reply

Can not up load my finished project

My project is finished and when I click: upload it says    Please add keywords.  even though I put in three words. It stays in draft.    Thanks

Topic by myrmac    |  last reply

variable load DC volt meter?

I would like to build my own one of these with more settings and variable load and input voltages. Maybe someone has a more elegant solution? Something that would fit in a small box or maybe even a something to put in between the DC source and my multimeter Voltmeters

Topic by Menthol    |  last reply

firefox won't load google or yahoo?

I type and all other ways still wont load google or yahoo i try the search built in nothing. i have tried many ways i cannot ping google in command prompt. is this firewall related?

Question by miiwii3    |  last reply