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Does anyone know how to make a longboard? I really want to make one but have no clue what to do. Any information will be helpful. Thanks.

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longboard instructable?

I am going to make a longboarding instructable. it will include everything from stopping to sliding. i am wondering if anybody has any ideas or things that they want to know how to do?

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Building Longboards?

Has anyone made their own longboard? post pictures of press and board!! here is my homemade cruiser! it has a tiny bit of

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my new longboard!!!

Check out what i got!!!! its a landyachtz evo with 10mm bear grizzlys and lime retro big zigs!! i already hit 25 on it!

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longboard led project?

I have a very basic knowledge of LED's and such, i know how to wire them, but i still get a bit confused as to what power supply and stuff to use. Anyways, i'm wanting to do a project similar to this instructable "" except that i want to have about maybe 10-12 led's on the bottom of the longboard pointing down (flush against the bottom) kinda like cars with the neon lights my question is, what do you guys suggest i use as a power supply and where should i put it on the longboard so that it doesn't get destroyed while riding?, can i just parallel all of the led's or is this unwise? also, do i use 1 resister for the whole thing? or in between every parallel? like i said, obviously i'm not very knowledgeable about led's yet...i'm getting there though lol.

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Longboard Wall Mount?

Right, I need some help... My bedroom is really small so I want a way of having my longboard mounted on the wall to save on some floor space, the only issue is that I need a way of having it hanging vertically on the wall but i would like it so I can see the paint job on the bottom of it and so the wheels don't marl my wall. Any ideas or suggestions? thanks

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longboard paint job?

Hey has anybody got a good idea for a longboard paint job?

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Skatesurfing with Longboard Skateboard

Hi, I'm a windsurfer usually, but I'm interested in trying skatesurfing on a long board skateboard.  My question is: How can I add mountain wheels to a 9" longboard without breaking the bank?  Can I use risers to extend the longboard trunk so that the mountain wheels clear the desk or do I need to purchase 16.5" mountain board trucks and mountain board wheels. I plan on using standard 70mm wheels on concrete, but I would also like to have a set of wheels for sailing on grass and sand. Thanks

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what are the best longboard wheels and trucks?

Ive heard that gumball wheels are good and am considering seismic trucks. any other suggestions?

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what longboard should i get? Answered

Want to do some tricks do not want wheel rubbing against board on sharp turns help?

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longboard/press question, too long for title please look at the details?

Im building a longboard, i wanna make it out of 3 sheets of 1/4 inch birch, when i put it into the press should i put all 3 sheets in at once, or put 2 in , let them dry, and then glue the third one on?

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How can I make skateboard trucks or a basic axle for skate wheels?

I want to make want to make extra wide trucks? How do I go about either extending existing axles or build them from the ground up?

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ball bearing longboard sliding gloves!!!!

Someone please make some gloves wth bearings in them for longboard sliding!!!!!

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Edf jet longboard how much thrust is needed

Hello i want to create a longboard that is powerd by an edf jet engine just would like to know how much thrust whould i need to me

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Longboard sliding gloves material?

I already have a longboard, but I'm making one this summer... (new instructable.. stay tuned!) I'm now making a pair of longboard sliding gloves for palm-down slides... what is the best material for the palm disk.. ABS, teflon, PVC? ( The thing in the back of the gloves is my homemade flattened ABS pipe.)

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Could I turn my longboard into a 12v DC generator?

I have a ton of left over LED strips left over from when I put some in my car.  If I stick them to the bottom of my longboard, would it be possible to build a few generators to power them from the energy of me going forward?  I know you can make generators from a bicycle, but what about a longboard? Thanks!

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My Favorite Longboarding Videos

Ok so i just learned how to copy and paste! I have been wanting to do this for a while now and i figured this is a good time.These are my favotite vids in each catagory of the awsomest sport on the planet! These are just my Favorites,you could just find them all yourself on youtube eventually but i figured i would post this! I don't have a youtube account. If you have any suggestions i will look at them and add them!                                  dancing:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            sliding:                                                                               some sliding and freeride:                                 downhill:                                                                                                                                                     carving:                                                                                                             slalom:                                      I obviosly like dancing the best haha hope you enjoy!  :-)

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Electric longboard, vesc issuies

Hello im useing an 6374 192kv motor and a 12s 2p battery it all turns on okay but when i press thrrotlle motor jolts then vesc turns off

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Help! Can I modify my skateboard into a longboard?

If I bought longboard wheels and trucks, and drilled new holes into my skateboard after cutting it into a mini-board shape, would I end up with a home-made miniboard (shlongboard)? If it would not work, tell me why and if it is at all possible to do on a budget, help!

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Great Stuff surfboard! Has anyone even tried to make a longboard from this foam? Answered

I know, I know, but I'm trying to make a "scratch built longboard from everyday materials and the cloth, poly fiberglass, stringer ,fin(laminated scraps of wood) etc. mostly "that's all there is" for materials( inland or Amageddon}....would like to hear different viewpoints and tips as to how to make the best of it.....if its a sinker or a real dog it'll be an"art project.  lets hear it !!!

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If u cut into a snowboard, does it all peel apart? Or does it keep together?

I'm trying to make a longboard because I don't want to buy a really expensive one. I am going to make it out of a snowboard but I was wondering if I cut into the board itself does it peel apart in layers? Or does it keep and edge?

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The ultimate urban downhill board

I was wondering if its possible to mount some mountain board brakes to some mountainboard trucks with normal wheels. Hell, you could even use some randall trucks. The reason I'm bringing this up is that in urban conditions you may have a rally nice hill.... that leads right into an intersection. I would love to add these to my latest bomber. Also, can you mount normal wheels on 15" mountain board trucks?Let me know what you guys think.-Butt

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Can I turn my skateboard into a shlongboard?

If I were to cut my skateboard into a mini-longboard shape, bought longboard trucks and wheels, drilled new holes in the "shlongboard" deck, put the trucks and wheels in, would it work as a mini-longboard? I measured it, and if I made a kicktail board it would be about 25 inches long... 8 inches wide. Yes? No? This would be purely for riding around my neighborhood. Would it work or not, and why? Could I make it work by doing it differently?

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wats the best trick for a beginner for a pintail longboard?

        I am not a complete beginner ive been longoarding for a couple of months now so i know the basics.heres the stock photo:

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Could you slide on a ripstik?

Like this but on a ripstik.....?

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Long Distance Skateboarding

My name's Bam, my team and I created Skatefurther, a community for long distance skateboarders. We've managed to raise well over $20,000 for a range of charities so far. Interested? Check out the forums and get on a board!

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How useful is a fully functioning dishwasher (except the start button) in terms of components? Revised! Answered

Specifically i want to know how useful the motor is. I want to be able to utilize it for a motorized long board. EDIT Part 2: If i don't manage to fix the dishwasher (the people i'm picking it up from tomorrow say that they tried to use a time cycle and it error'd part of the way through it so there might be more wrong with it) what types of things could i make out of those components?

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can i use a laser printer's printing powder as dye? Answered

i have a broken color laser printer that i could get the colored powder out of the cartridges, i want to dye skateboard wheels (polyurethane i think)  like in this instructable,

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Unique Way to Get Around A University Campus

Hey there Instructables Community! I've used this site for years and years for everything from building my computer, making a crossbow, to feeding myself even this day at my University. Now speaking of which, the University of South Florida has a wonderful landscape. Plenty of paved walkways, foliage, and mild inclines here and there. The top 3 most common methods of getting about seem to be Walking, Longboards, and Biking. Now my question is: What sort of unique device or contraption could I fabricate for getting around campus?  I've come across custom decks for skateboards and recumbent bikes, but they just don't really give me that creative spark to make it. I want something unique and practical, let's not forget there are a few good slopes here and there I have to overcome. I'm a very fit individual so stamina won't be a hindrance in what I'll be willing to make, although funds are tight. It also has to be something I can either lock up at a bike rack, or carry into class and place it along a wall or carry it up stairs if I can't lock it up outside. Thanks for any advice, suggestions, tips, and such! P.S. Although it may be a bit off topic from the Rides sub-forum, here's my latest creation thank to Instructables!

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wiring and charging 2 3s1p lipo batteries in series?

If i wire three 3s1p lipo battery packs in series, does it become a 6s2p battery and can I charger the 2\three batteries in that form(series). This is for a electronic long board battery. I would be using three zippy compact 5000mah 3s1p 11.1volt batteries.  Im want the total mah to be 5000 and output voltage to be 33.3. therefore the wirng like this would work but im not sure if i can charge it in series with 1 charger or if i have to charge them all seperatly if wired in series.  Thanks!

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Brushed DC motor HP requirements for Longboard? Answered

So I have 2 brand new tilt/trim pump motors and thought about making a set of matching electric longboards since products like Boosted Boards seem to have become fairly popular.  I am not too sure whether the tilt/trim motor would be strong enough though, they are a decent size motor though.  But it got me thinking what size is required for an electric longboard? The main problem with the tilt/trim pump motors is that I can't find specs on them anywhere, just specs for tilt/trim pump assemblies they are off of, but nothing about the motor itself other then SAE J1171 Marine rating.  Because of this I thought of buying another DC motor to do the job.  (Picture of tilt/trim motor) The constraints for me is that I have a couple 12 - 24v 100A motor controllers already, for brushed motors only.  As well, I want to just pick up a couple cheap $40 12v, 24AH Sealed led-acid (SLA) batteries from the local Ace Hardware and run either a 12v or 24v motor.   Options on eBay for affordability purposes range from 12v, 24v, 90v and 180v dc, obviously 90v and 180v are out of the question.  Looking through the 12vdc and 24vdc motors, there are many fractional HP motors available.  I was looking at something like this;;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Running 1/4 HP at 24v, would 1/4HP be enough though?  I know electric motors HP ratings are lower then petrol engines, a 6.5HP petrol go kart runs about the same as an identical kart with a 1HP electric motor. If that isn't enough I am thinking a 2/3HP motor from Holley might be better?;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Wondering if someone has an idea for sizing.  I know lots of eBikes and Chinese electric mini bikes and things have 500W motors, so roughly 2/3HP, so I can't imagine I need more then that.  As well I don't want it to go too fast (fear of speed wobbles) but if anyone would have an idea of sizing that would be super helpful!

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Lightweight Speaker Enclosure

Im coming up to the third (hopefully waterproof) upgrade of my longboard mounted speakers. Im looking for something pre-made like a square pipe or storage box etc, that i can use as an enclosure that has flat ends large enough to mount 6.5" PA speakers onto, is no wider than 8" and no longer than 2ft. It needs to be as lightweight but rigid as possible. Any ideas/links?

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Can you add grip tape to a skateboard/longboard with already clear grip tape?

Just wanted to know so that it would stick and stay on or if i have to sand it??

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freewheel for micro scooter wheels

Is it possible to make or source some kind of freewheel and sprocket device for a wheel of around 80 - 100mm diameter? i've googled a bit and found micro folding bikes with similar sized wheels but i haven't found replacement parts listed for them, the closest thing i have found is parts for rockboard scooters but rear wheel assemblies cost $80 each which seems a bit steep...

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How to make a skateboard froom ply wood?

Im thinking about making a longboard out of ply wood.Multiple layers on top of eachother that will be glued and clamped in place,what will be the best glue for holding multiple layers of ply woood together?

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Does someone have a flexdex longboard? i am getting the classic 29. has any one ridden the classic 29?Also my bro has the pro 40. the pro 40 is amazing! please tell me if you have ridden the flexdex classic 29

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I need your help you guys!

Hey i had a cool idea about a shoe. Ok so here is my problem... i longboard and skateboard alot long distances, and my ankle and foot get tired from constant pushing down on the ground and then back up again. So i came up with a neat idea, what if i made a shoe or boot that i stick on my foot just when i am "pumping" or riding long distances and then it could come off. it would somehow have to have a spring system so that when i push down and then back it would coil up and then when i puched forward it would release hopefully cutting down the load on my ankle by a certain percent. any ideas? i have drawn a rough sketch...

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Surfboard question

Need the advice of experienced surfers, please. I've taken four lessons on a 9' foam board and just bought a used board that is 9'2" x 22.5" at the widest section. I'm wondering if it is going to be OK for me or too much work for me at my beginning level. I'm 6'1, 185 lbs, and in pretty OK shape. Advice? Pointers? Also, any longboarding movies you recommend? Thanks!

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does anyone know how to make a way to turn a mountain board im gunna use it for windskating?

Altright i have one windskate or landsurf board or dirt windsurfer or whateevr you want to call it but i want to make another one, could i use longboard trucks or is there a better way

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Hub motorized 4 wheel drive wireless electric skateboard kit  

Landwheel drive is the newest drive system for skateboards that can be mounted under any deck. Just unscrew your rear truck and replace it with the landwheel Drive .    Specification of Landwheel Skateboard Drive:   Model Landwheel Drive( Dual Brushless in-wheel motors) Distance 20km Power 2 X 1100W Max load: 120kg Max Grade 20% Waterproof Water and dust proof (IP65) Frame Material Aluminum alloy + ABS Battery Li-Poly batteries Range 12-15km Weight 3.2kg (Include Battery) Size: 313 x 174 x 41 mm Certificate CE, FCC, RoHs, MSDS, UN38.3     Details of electric skateboard drive : 1. The Motors Two in-wheel motors Power 2* 1100w  Topspeed  35km/h Maximum Grade 20% Water and dust proof (IP65) Freewheeling when you push Exchangeable wheels 2.The Frame Solid magnesium single frame Click-in mechanism for the battery   3. The Battery Pack Range 12-15km Charge 2-4hours Weight 700g        Energy 94.08Wh    Capacity 3200mah Swappable via click-in mechanism Certified for airtravel Water and dust proof (IP54)   4. The Remote One button device Switch between 2 riding modes LED displaying state of charge Rubber coated for better grip Safety wrist strap

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USB Typewriter, Vacuum Former, Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

USB Typewriter Vacuum Former Steampunk Mr. Potato Head Pipe Lamp LED Table Cards Best Ever Cookie Recipe Easy Lumber Bed Frame Orange and Coffee Liqueur Toe Socks for Toe Shoes Watermelon Deseeding Tricks Motorized Longboard Brickoven-Style Pizza At Home Underwater Video Housing Wooden Rubik's Cube Lego 3D printer

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I want to build a cruiser board, but what type of wood should I use?

I want to make a homemade cruiser board about 10" x 36". I don't want much flex in the board, so what type of wood should I use. I do want to bend the wood before I cut out the initial design. Birch wood or just standard plywood? How many ply s should I use? It will be used for more cruising and not tricks.

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sheet foam shock absorber

Im making a trailer for a longboard (skateboard) with a speaker setup on it weighing around 20kg, the speaker im using for it is a fairly durable plastic mobile DJ style speaker but even so i'll be pulling it around over potentially rough tarmac/asphalt surfaces on a trailer made from skateboard parts so could a couple of small sections of foam sheet sandwiched between skateboard truck baseplates and the deck offer adequate shock absorption? i have squishy 1.5cm thick yoga mat foam or firmer 1cm thick sound proofing foam to choose from...

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Is this idea for a skateboard kite attachment practical or even a good idea? Answered

I was looking at some of the kite Ible's and had this random idea pop into my head about a way to attach a sail to a longboard to reduce arm fatigue and put more of the force directly on the board. I really don't know much about the physics or anything involved, but i would like to try this.  the image is a two minute MS paint picture to get my point across. shown is a two-tether design, but i assume this could easily be done with a multiple tether set up, and that might be better. Just throwing this out for ideas/comments/criticism.

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is there some reason i can't use electric skateboard parts to make a micro kart?

I want to build a micro kart. i have assorted skateboard/longboard parts left over from my hobby of longboarding including several full sets of wheels, it makes sense to me to use these wheels on my kart rather than buy entirely new wheels but i don't want to drill holes into them for drive sprockets as i want to be able to use them for boarding too and perhaps sell them on later. I've looked about and found 1 company that make adapter sprockets in a variety of tooth counts that fit through the existing holes in the cores of some of my wheels but they only fit their own mounting kits for electric skateboards using the same motors and ESC's as i want to use for my kart . iv emailed them about my idea but they seem to think that it won't work because i want to accelerate from a standing start instead of pushing off like on a conventional skateboard. im confused by this because while i understand their concern i can't find a single video of their product in use on a board that requires a push start, every demo video i can find involves the rider standing on a stationary board and then accelerating from a standing start using a remote control trigger. Assuming i manage to build a kart with the same weight as a fairly chunky electric skateboard, surely my being in a sitting instead of standing position shouldn't make a difference to the operation of a vehicle which doesn't require the push start they seem to think it does...?

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Setting up a Led light strip with 44key IR remote to a powerbank battery pack?

I am wanting to set up a 1M long RGB led light strip with a 44key IR remote with a working input voltage of 12V DC, working power of 36W/5M and 5A/5M, there are 60 LEDs/M. I would like to try to use my Duracell Power bank, that has an input and output of 5V dc and is a 2200mah batter pack. If I need to I can buy another battery pack, it needs to be smaller as its for a longboard for lights underneath, My main question is, Is this possible to set up? and what is the easiest Way to do it? Any help would be great, Thanks.

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Light up skateboard risers

So i found this instructable on making light up skateboard risers : and i have a slight issue with following it to the letter. My risers are not slim hard plastic wedges but instead are 1/2" solid rubber flats, so i want to know if anyone thinks there could be an issue with 'dremeling' a bit deeper than is neccessary for the electronics and taking advantage of the soft rubber by letting the exposed side seal itself against the bottom of my board when i bolt it into place so i dont have to glue the batteries as well as the electronics to weatherproof it? To clarify, i intend to hot glue the LEDs, wiring and switch but not the batteries so that they're easy to replace...

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quick release tripod plates

So for a few years now i've been using a small speaker setup strapped onto the tail of a longboard skateboard to provide music at skate meets and fun bike rides etc, and it's worked well enough, however at 13kg on the highest point of the board it has a tendancy to flop into corners and mess with the handling. Recently the amplifier broke so i want to use this opportunity to redesign the whole setup... for a start im hoping to reduce the weight by about 5kg i found this video ( on youtube of a skateboard sidecar for a child which i intend to modify for the speakers but i don't want it permanently attached to my board, would 1 or 2 quick release tripod plates have the strength to keep the mechanism attached to the board until i wished to remove it? i know you can get plates to support some particularly heavy cameras so would there be one that would be up to my task?

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