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4G (LTE) Home Repeater With LimeSDR

I am making a "4G (LTE) Home Repeater With LimeSDR " product . i read it at : i don't find file repeater.ini or 4G_Vpeater.ini . . Can you help me ?

Question by HUYL31  

How to make 4G/LTE signal booster ?

Hello,I need your advice regarding making 4G/LTE signal booster or some small antenna that would contribute 4 - 5 db boost for 4G if you can suggest what I can do, but it needs to work.because on google you can find a lot diy projects that are not working...Thank you

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How To Download SD card from camera to LG 8.3 LTE Tablet?

I have a digital camera with an SD card and can't get the pictures to download onto the tablet. When I connect the camera, it takes the table to the photo gallery but no option to download. I also tried the file manager and can't navigate to get the software to give me the option to download the pictures from the camera.  THe SD card is full size and doesn't have the option of removing the smaller card and inserting directly into the tablet.

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Creating a Cell Phone (Kangaroo PC + 4G LTE module + LCD Touchscreen)

Good afternoon, all! As the title sums up, I am looking at the Kangaroo PC [1], which is a $99 battery-powered pocket PC, about the size of a cell-phone, with a tablet processor and a full Windows 10 OS, and I'm asking myself one question. Why is this not a cell phone yet?! Basically, I want to install an LCD touchscreen, a 4G LTE module, and some software. This project is similar to Raspberry Pi cell phones, in the sense that it will be DIY, and the new Microsoft Lumia, in the sense that it hooks up to a monitor for desktop. Does anybody have any advice, or know what direction to point me in? I am specifically asking for help with the 4G LTE module and maybe the LCD Touchscreen. I'm not sure what to get, where to get them, or how to install them. (I've searched and found miniPCIe and m.2 modules, so far.) Thank you!! [1]: (Newegg)

Topic by jrs91