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macbook screen

So I recently disassembled a macbook and I was able to salvage the LCD screen. Having done this I would like to use it for a project but I do not know how, or what to do with it; does anyone have any ideas as to what i should do with this? 

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Camera or MacBook?

Ok. So my birthday is coming up, and I want to get either a Nikon D3100 or a MacBook Air/Pro. I really can't decide which one I want more. I love photography and I don't have a DSLR, but I would also love a MacBook and I would probably use it quite a lot. I do already have a desktop, but I also have a point-and-shoot. I really need your help on which one I should get. Thank you in advance.

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MacBook Pro/MacBook Pro 2010?

OK, I am in the market for my first laptop.        My family has been on a Gateway running Windows XP Home Edition since 2002. I have two siblings and a mother who is a pre-k teacher (uses this computer 24/7 for lesson plans). I hardly get anytime on this thing. I am looking at a 15" MacBook Pro. I am very cautious with my money and with college around the corner, I want a computer that will last. If anyone who happens to own one could tell me the pros and cons of the unit it would be greatly appreciated.      Another question: does anyone know anything about an early 2010 MacBook Pro release? If so would waiting for the next update be worth the wait?

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Security concerns for a macbook? Answered

I'm concerned about the security of my macbook while I'm in a public network, even though I'm pretty sure I'm reasonably secure: Can someone just clarify this for me? If no one else can physically get a hold of my macbook, and I've got remote login, remote desktop, remote management, (etc) all turned off, is there still much of a chance that my data could be stolen and/or my macbook messed up? I still need access to the internet, and bluetooth at times, however... 

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15" Macbook Pro

Hello everyone,          I am in the market for my first laptop. Ive been researching for about two years now and Im ready to make a purchase. My research has lead me to the 15" MacBook Pro. I am very cautious with my money and I want to make sure my hard earned money goes into a good investment. I really like it just from looking at it online. Im a pretty hardcore computer nerd and have taken up the title of the  IT manager of my house. I need a good computer.  From the few people ive talked to Ive only heard good things about the unit. Is there anyone out there, who owns one, tell me its Pros and Cons? It would be greatly appreciated!

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OPINION: White macbook upgraded ram or Uni-body Macbook. Answered

I am almost 15....i have 700$ and am saving for a Macbook. I am torn between the 999$ White and the 1299$ Aluminum... The specs are almost identical now that apple has upgraded the white ones and i am pushing toward the white. What upgrades do you recommend if i got the white macbook? Here are the specs: White( Aluminum( help and be nice

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Firefox and Ebay etched MacBook

Check out this laser-etched MacBook that was auctioned for charity. Tetranitrate used our new Versa Laser to etch the Firefox and Ebay logos (as requested by the auction winner). More here on the Spread Firefox blog.

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Re-anodizing a macbook pro? Answered

I am getting an old macbook pro in the mail soon and am going to have to pretty much tear it down completely to repair it. I have seen a few guides on anodizing aluminum, and was wondering if maybe, possibly I would be able to anodize my macbook to a different color! Would this require de-anodizing the aluminum? (the model is a late 08 macbook, so I dont know if that is a powder coated one).  It would be awesome If I could color it a nice matte black (my preferred color) Has anyone attempted doing something like this before? I have some scrap brushed aluminum to practice on.. would that work? I know this could be easily accomplished with a black case... but I kind of want to go a bit further than that... 

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Buying a new macbook next week, shall i get the Macbook 13" or the Macbook Pro 13"? Answered

Hello guys! So i'm buying a new macbook coming next week (next week just in case apple wants to upgrade the core to an i5, in the pro, or add an anti-glare or hi-res upgrade...they've upgraded before mid-cycle, and i dont mind waiting till monday :) ). just so you know my background: i'll be entering the physics carreer later this year at the university.  I'm torn between buying a white macbook, or a macbook pro 13". Money is not a problem, but the most i can get is the macbook pro with a 500GB hdd, 2,4GHz, 4GB RAM. Should i get the cheaper or the pro? i mean, seeing how they're so much alike, same core 2 duo, same graphics card, is shelling out the extra cash worth it? Thanks for your help :)

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How To Get MW3 On A Macbook?

I Love Playing My Most Loved Game MW3 But I Just Wish someone Just Knew How to Bring It Mobile. On A Macbook Pro. I Could Play It Anywhere.

Question by Zanderskywalker  

Fusion 360 on Apple MacBook

Hello - I've recently been having troubles running Fusion 360 on my Windows 10.1 laptop. I've seen that most people use Apple MacBooks with Fusion 360 CAD software, and it runs quite fast and reliably too! So, I was wondering which MacBook would be the bet for this application? I am thinking about getting the new MacBook. Let me know what you think, and past experiences you have had. Thank, Dylan

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Macbook or laptop on Windows 8?

I'm a writer and I need new computer. I heard that macbooks are great for writing. I don't care about a price and I use computer only for work and internet. I need good battery and low weight. You have any advices?

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Macbook 2005 battery circuitry?

My macbook 2005 battery was holding its charge so i went to buy a new one and they are over 100$ so i found a website from china selling them for 50$ (yes i know it was going to be fake) When i put the fake battery in the mac it isn't detected or work. So i thought okay they sent me a dead battery but when i press the button on the back of it, it blinks green. So i thought to take the circuitry from the dead one and solder it to the Li-ion battery in new one. They are both 10.8v but the fake one is 59Wh and the original is 55Wh will this make a difference or should it be okay?

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Macbook Pro and Following Heartbreak

I have a problem and the people on Instructables are so smart I am hoping someone can advise me.   A year ago I used my Macbook Pro in my kitchen and happened to leave it on the kitchen table over night. I never did this before.  We had a huge storm that night and my roof leaked.  I had it repaired following Hurricane Ike and it had been fine but then something happened (I got it fixed - kind of like locking the gate after the cows get out)  and that one night was the only time I ever left my computer there or had a roof leak that was pretty bad and covered my entire table with water. When I saw my table and computer I thought I would fall out!  I picked up the computer and water ran out of it!  I didn't know then to take the battery out and let it dry out completely and I don't know if it would have worked anyway.  I whined for a day or two and then bought a new Macbook Pro.  Now I can get it to power up and it seems like it is working but there is no display. First I wonder is there a way to get that computer to work again.....Second - Is there a way to recover my videos and pictures even if that computer never works again so I can have the pictures of my best friend who recently passed away and have the pictures and videos of the wildlife I love to photograph? I am a principal so I take a lot of pictures and videos at school and make videos for students and staff.  Previously I was the assistant principal and my best friend was my principal and I have a lot of video and pictures of all the fun stuff we used to do just on off time or at school.  My best friend and principal ended up with a brain tumor and passed away a few months ago. She was young and vibrant and larger than life. The staff I inherited from her would love to see some of our videos and pictures from the days when she was healthy and our principal.  It really bothers me that I can't get my videos and pictures for both reasons, the loss of the videos that would remind me and my staff of fun times with my friend at school and because of the animal videos I feel I have lost that I would love to be able to see and use again.I spend my free time making videos and doing animal photography. I have 10 game cameras set up on my property in East Texas and I love to watch the animals.  All of my previous pictures, video, on that hard drive. I removed it and I can save to it but I can not open up the picture and videos on it. The new Macbook has updated software and I have not been able to open up iPhoto, IMovie, or IDVD and get my my pictures and videos from it.    I really wish I could get those images and videos back.   I now have that hard drive in a hard case to be used as an external hard drive.   If you read all of this, Thank you! If you have any helpful ideas I would love to hear them.  If you have any interest in the type of videos I make feel free to visit my Youtube channel at  Foxy was my first great dane and I was crazy in love with that dog hence the username!   Thank you! Amy

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macbook pro wont power up?

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Re-locate macbook power button

I am working on converting my macbook into a tablet computer, but I need to relocate the power button and remove the keyboard. Does anyone know how to remove the keyboard but still have the ability to power on/off the computer. Thanks in advance

Topic by mbarndt  

how to log someone off on a macbook? Answered

Im at school and i want to know how to log someone off

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Apple MacBook Laptop with lots of Softwares

I am selling my Macbook with softwares such as the Adobe Creative Suite - Outlook 2007 - Microsoft Software 2011 - Skype - ichat and more. Here is the link -;=item43b4ba5231

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MacBook Pro Case fix-up

So, I made this case last year in July-ish, It used to be a Speck(™) Fitted Case. The old fabric was white plaid but it was getting discolored, so I decided to be creative and take an old shirt of mine that didn't fit and cut it to the shape of the MacBook Pro case. I then peeled off the old fabric and placed the shirt on the case, and I bought Fabric Spray Glue from Michaels and sprayed the shirt till it stayed immobile and flat to the case. I then used a razor to cut off tattered pieces but now the glue wears off on the edges and the fabric isn't as stretchy anymore because I cut so much off the shirt.  I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for a nice "guy-styled" trim to put around the case to cover up the annoying saggy fabric? The material on this case already has black studs all over. 

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Do something w/ MacBook Air w/ broken display?

I am new to this site and I've found a lot of the ideas and guides very interesting. i have a late 2010 MacBook Air with a broken display. The most anyone has offered me for it is $100. After visiting this site I was wondering if there could be any possible uses for it? It works with external monitor. Any ideas? I'm supposed to meet someone later today to sell it to but am now having second thoughts thanks to this (and a similar site) here it is

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can i use 500 GB hard drive or more in my macbook 3,1 (Late 2007)?

I just wanna upgrade my hard drive. So, help me out!! I am afraid 320 GB or 500 GB is not suitable for macbook or able to cause macbook freezed. Thanx guys! ;) P.S : Now, my macbook is using 80 GB (Hitachi 2,5 inch).

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Good dead Macbook Pro Instructable ideas? Answered

Look, I am just not handy and practical minded but I am looking for good ideas? I have an old Macbook Pro that I am using for spares and one thing I would like to do is to make use of the the casing, (base and broken screen) and it would be great to use it for something practical and stylish, so any ideas? I wondered about the practicality of somehow making it into a speaker system for starters, but no idea how to do it! So come on folks, get your creative minds round it and come up with some fantastic ideas.

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is it possible to make a remote or something to control the built in isight on macbooks?

Maybe to zoom or pan while im far away or something

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Messed up my GF Macbook Air 2012 MotherBoard

Hey guys! Hope someone can help me, I got carried away unsoldering a usb port on my gf´s macbook air mb. Some IC's got knocked off, i still have them but dont know which way to solder them back on. Please some kind soul that has a mb at hand. The model is "661-6625" macbook air 2012 i've found some pics on google but nowhere near as high def or macro as required to observe the necessary detail. I post two pics regarding the area where the photo is required. Help!

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why is there to shift keys on my laptop? Answered

I have a macbook and there is two shift keys 

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Any tips for winning contests? Answered

I REALLY want to win a macbook air, because working a fifteen hour day, at one dollar an hour just isn't going to pay for it. (I work at a cub scout day camp, plus half of the money goes into savings :p)  So, what should I do to get/win one?

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Mcbook LCD swap for 12inch

I am working on converting my macbook into a tablet PC, and I have everything pretty much figured out but...I was wondering if there is a way, or better yet, how i could swap the 13inch LCD with a smaller LCD.I have the LCD from a 12inch powerbook g4 on hand, and would like to use it instead of the standard 13inch screen.This will allow me more room to relocate things inside the tablet, as well as allow better fitting for everything.It will also help with the purchase of the touch screen as most touch panels I find are 12 or 15 inch.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How to upgrade an Intel Macbook pro 2.16 Ghz RAM from 2G to 4G?

How to upgrade an Intel Macbook pro 2.16 Ghz RAM from 2G to 4G

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Duplicate laptop? Answered

I just had an idea- I have 2 pretty much identical macbooks (in terms of hardware):  Can I copy the complete contents of one of the Macbook's hard drives to the other Macbook's hard drive (by using a hard drive dock and another computer) and end up with 2 identical (for all intents and purposes) macbooks? Would this be illegal in any way? Thanks

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***HELP, should i get a macbook, or Dell mini 10!!!???*** Answered

I want to get a macbook, but i have other things i want to buy, should i get a macbook or Dell mini 10?macbook>>;=04&l;=en&s;=bsd

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can i put a newer apple laptop (powerbook g4,macbook,macbook pro) into the body of a powerbook 5300?

 basically i would like to use a powerbook 5300 (easy enough), but i would like to upgrade it to a level where i can do my research and use wireless internet on it, i.e change out the entire insides. 

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My Macbook won't boot "missing operating system" is what comes up on the screen...

I installed Windows 7 over a year ago. Didn't have any problems with running that operating system. The screen ended up getting broken on my laptop. Finally i replaced the screen, Went to power up my mac and it wont boot . All i get is "missing operating system ".. Anyone know how to fix that?

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how to install new operating system in macbook pro

My problem is i tryed to install not knowing 10.6.3 on a macbook pro 10.4.11 and now it shows a white screen. and then was told that I could not jump from a 10.4.11 to 10.6.3

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Would it be possible to make the mac logo on a Macbook into a flashlight?

Would it be possible to mod a Macbook to have an ultra-bright mac logo on the back that you could use as a flashlight? Is the backlight to the screen the same light that illuminates the logo?

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Which product should I buy: Pc or Macbook? Answered

Hello everyone, I am lately very interested in a Pc or a Macbook. The only problem is that I don't have any idea for which one I should go for. I'm looking for a great working product that can handle alot of games like one of my favorite games: Five Nights At Freddys 1, 2 and 3, and that I can use for making great videos for Youtube. Like a movie maker or something. Can anyone help me with this dilemma ;). Each answer will be read with care. Thanks for reading.

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What to do with my old working Macbook White?

I have a working Macbook White (battery dead and keyboard have certain keys not working) and have nothing to do with it. I can't sell it because of these faults and thus would be willing to do anything to it. My first thought was, build it into my Toyota Yaris as a in-car entertainment system using iTunes for music etc. Since I don't use my car that much it would probably be better if I find a more "useful" purpose for it - something I'll use more often. The best bet would be something to do with entertainment, such as music and movies. Do you have any idea what I can do with this computer?

Question by louwhopley  

builtin iSight Camera, I have the camera board and wires. I want to do something cool with it.

The Macbook broke. and now I have the built in camera and I want to do something cool with it. If anyone can help I'd be a happy happy man-child. Mainly I want to hook it up to a monitor and/or wireless monitor. Both is better though. You know, if possible I'd appreciate it, thank you. I also have the mic.

Topic by tongpu  

how to build a solar powered macbook pro charger?

Please can someone tell me how to wire up a circuit board for this project.

Question by knoxy1122  

My macbook pro mouse pointer is freezing up? Answered

I do not use the trackpad. I use an external mouse. Whenever I log in to the computer, the mouse pointer is freezing up. When this happens, I can only use the trackpad to move the mouse. I found a temporary fix: Unplugging the usb and replugging it. It is still quite annoying though. Is there a permanent fix to this?

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Potential Instructable - Automatic Security Cam for your Macbook

I saw this on the Make blog and thought it would make a good Instructable. Anyone up for the challenge? It seems like most of the information is there in the comments:"This came out a few months ago, but I just found this on Flickr while researching the upcoming weekend project. It's a way of automating your isight to take a picture 60 seconds after you, or anyone, open it up. Flickr member omegastation set this up before sending off his macbook for fixing. In a worst case scenario, if someone stole your macbook, you could have your macbook send you pictures of them.I set this up and I made this little automator program that takes and sends the pictures, but I don't have a lot of experience programming from a terminal and I got hung up on step 5. If someone could make a little screencast of how to set this up, that would be awesome. This seems like it would be a simple first programming project!Update: Check the comments for super explicit instructions... with these instructions, anyone can program this now! Thanks Omegastation! "

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Stream to speakers?

Is there anyway to make it so my macbook wirelessley streams whatever music im playing to the speaker set in my room. I have a macbook and a fairley new speaker set, i think the kind of thing id be looking for is a slingbox. any suggestions?

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How can I cover a built in Macbook iSight camera? Answered

I don't want people spying on me is there a cheap and clean solution?

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Broken prize link

On the Halloween Contest page, the link to the MacBook Air in the prizes section is broken. It just links to "macbook%20air", which is not a URL.

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