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Mach3 not following code? Answered

I am trying to mill PCBs, but when i do so, some traces vanish because the cnc moves along the same y-coordinate twice instead of leaving a trace. its always the same traces and only some of them. Does anyone know what's going on?

Question by jg156    |  last reply

MACH3 help. motor turns 1way only? Answered

Hey, I'm Building a 3axis CNC milling machine. I've made a test setup with one motor, driver, controller, computer. Got the motor turning, but only one way, no matter if I press arrow (on keyboard) up or down. I've connected: Step P2 DIR P3 and have setup the ports/ pin config menu to that. I've connected an external 5V power supply to the driver board. The motor is connected as instructed by the seller. please help me...

Question by lordl9999    |  last reply

PCB Milling: Eagle, Visolate, Lazycam, Mach3?

Has anyone figured this out? I make a gcode file using visolate for traces and pcbgcode plugin for holes. I then load the gcode from Mach3 to LCam to adjust the two gcode files so they are "matching." Problem is, the drill file (or holes) don't show up on lazycam. Also tried doing this using a dxf from eagle to lcam, but it puts the holes as big circles (I need points) and the "drill selected circles" command doesn't work... Anyone know what to do?  I feel like I've been hitting my head against the wall for hours...

Question by jg156    |  last reply

Can i fix this error directly from the cnc softwars (GRBL / LINUXCNC / MACH3 )? or i should make a new table

Hello, friends, I have some questions. I hope you will help me in answering them. Yesterday I finished making my CNC machine table but there are some mistakes in the measurements because the iron bar I used was not 100% straight. This simple diagram shows the place of simple curvature in iron bar. My question is whether can i fix this directly from the cnc softwars (GRBL / LINUXCNC / MACH3 ) or i should make a new table . and thank you for help

Question by abdelkrim30  

Can I use the same CNC control software on Ubuntu and on WinXP? Answered

I would like to be able to run the same software on both so that I don't have to switch between the two all the time. I have Mach3 running on the XP machine, and I know of EMC2 for Ubuntu. Is it possible to run either of these on both platforms? A la running Mach3 on Ubuntu using Wine, or EMC2 on XP using something else? Or is there other free CNC control software out there that will work on both "out of the box"?

Question by CameronSS    |  last reply

Help on stepper motor types and related driver chips?

I have a pair of stepper motors, one with 4 wires(brown, black, yellow, orange) and the other with 5(black, brown, yellow red, orange) they are both from a printer and I want to be able to use them with Mach3 via the parallel port, what chips might I need to use to do this?

Question by The Ideanator    |  last reply

Bipolar Stepper motor drivers...

Can someone please give me a schematic for controlling a BIPOLAR stepper motor (12V/2.5A) using L293D and L298 with parallel port (LPT) with Mach3

Question by mnaveed    |  last reply


I have the mach3 raster vect and cut 2d all with licenses ,looking for an exchange of one of my programs for v carve pro .with license also looking for any free to download art type dxf drawings ,you do get about 50 in the free to download power draw church rabbets cow ect contact at

Question by rumsey    |  last reply

looking for design software? Answered

Hello, just finished a CNC router, im new to this, looking for some easy to use design software, doesnt have to do anything fancy, just needs to be compatible with mach3/kcam, im still a noob at all this, just looking to start out with making a few rough parts to try it out.

Question by kalboon    |  last reply

Make a CNC with Camera

Hi my friends.I want to make my own CNC Router,but i want to add an Camera for point positions and cutting through black lines using mach3.\I will send an youtube link from one CNC that has this function.If anyone has an idea how can make something like this please write to me.

Topic by elami123    |  last reply

stepper motor calibration issue?

Hi, I am building a CNC using Mach3 to control it. the steppers were running fine, but then i tried to calibrate one axis. After calibration the motor no longer hauls, and instead issues a beeping sound for the duration of the run. Does anyone know what happened? Any fixes?

Question by jg156    |  last reply

Stepper motor missing steps?

Hi, I'm running a CNC machine using Mach3. After running some GCode, a stepper motor appears to have missed some steps. The Z-axis has shifted (a reference point has changed coordinates.) No apparent visible changes, so I assume the stepper has skipped. What can I do?

Question by jg156    |  last reply

where to get FREE CNC software (for XP)?

Hey, I'm building a 3-axis CNC milling machine. right now I'm looking for a FREE ( or VERY CHEAP) CNC software... I would like something "common" since that'll be the easiest for getting help later on... I'm thinking of MACH3 (since that's what I've seen that diy'ers use mostly) ... anyone knows where to get it? (I'm using XP, because I've got a computer for free, since my usual computer is a laptop and doesn't have a parrallel port, and i wish to use a computer ONLY for CNC)

Question by lordl9999    |  last reply

help please. I have just built a small cnc machine frame. this for an engraving machine

This is a small machine for engraving pens and tool/cutlery handles . It has a z axis to raise and lower the tool/cutter. the z axis tranverses in the usual manner. The third axis is ratary spinning the workpieces. I need good accurancy so what is best in terms of motors I have many motors liberated from printers scanners etc and access to new motors at reasonable price including 200 and 400 step per rotation . Is an arduino suitable for this or should i go for more mainstream breakout driver boards? I have mach3 Cad std Inkscape image to cad  etc

Question by trapper23    |  last reply