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knex automatic gun

Hey guys, i was looking around and found out that people have been trying to develope a knex automatic weapon, so meanwhile i was lloking around on airsoftmegastore for a gun and any info on what type of gun i should get. anywho, i looked in the player resource center and under what gun is right for me. What does this have to do with knex? well i found this gif. diagram and thought i would share it with everybody to get a possible idea of how a real automatic gun works to develop a knex version. i figured it wouldnt be to hard to convert almost a similar version to knex, if some one more experienced could make it with this info. i would be highly appriciated, if not i would only be able to try this in the summer cause of school. heres a link to see the gif. mech move: hit ctrl+ a couple times to see the pic better, and ctrl- to zoom out. you will have to scroll down a bit to see it. 

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Latest version of my MG. Unable to complete due to not having 18 black rods...

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what do you think of my NEW gun?My old on is the knex M4 Carbine [prototype]. Answered

I built this knex weapon [i call it a laser rifle/machinegun]

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chain gun trigger system

I am sooo tired of stupid mg's that only work when you turn the motor, i've made a trigger system which works like this: first you load a chain into the gun. second, you turn the motor on. third you squeeze the trigger.bang bang bang aaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeessssssssoooooommmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!no pics yet, will be be soon though

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how can i make a homemade airsoft rifle?

How can i make a homemade airsoft rifle easily, cheaply, quickly and it has to be fairly powerful, i mean theres no point making an airsoft rifle that only works indoors. it can be bolt action but it has to have a magazine, semi of fully auto is better. it doesnt matter if it is compressed air or spring.

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knex uzi with stock

Well there are two uzis out there that are pretty good but most uzis that i have seen have this wierd pointed stock but nobody make the stock so here is this new uzi with true trigger removable clip and the stock. SO COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO POST IT!!

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What Is Your Favorite Shotgun , Rifle , and Pistol?

What are Your Favorite Shotgun , Rifle , and Pistol? my favorite pistol is the 460. Smith & Wesson, My Favorite Rifle is the Weatherby Mark 5 460. Weatherby Magnum, my favorite sniper rifle is the edm arms windrunner in 408 cheytac, my favorite assault rifle is the sturmgewehr 44, my favorite machinegun is the mg 42, and my favorite shotgun is the AA-12. So what are yours?

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