Male or Female Instructables, which are more looked at?

I need to know if I should cater more to male or female viewers?  I think more men are on this website than females but I was woundering if anyone could tell me the truth.  I would also like to know the adv age of people on this web site so I can cater to those ages better???  Thanks Denae :)

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Chinchilla hair ring?

Hiyas i  read that male chinchillas get hair rings , could i get my vet to check for hair rings , our would i check at home??

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Male and Female ports/adapters

I just realized why computer or plumbing parts are called male and female. The female one is the one you stick something into right? The male one is the one you stick into something. I'm just saying who ever named them must have a weird mind. I realized this when one of my friends made a joke, so please don't say I am perverted.

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USB Male end replacement.. What is the order of the wires? Answered

I have bought the male replacement end, to fix the broken part of a USB plug.. What is the order of the wires, when i solder them together?? Does any have any suggestions? They would be very helpful. Thanks

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Ibook adapter male plug part

Howdy, does anyone know where I could get the male plug that goes at the end of of an ibook, g4 power adapter? Mine is bent.

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Wedding Cake Toppers

Since samesex marriages became legal here in Sweden two days ago it is becomming clear that no one is making those little figures that go on top of the cake in more than one theme (guess wich one). There is the usual pair but they're often plastic molded as one piece and needs a LOT of work to mod. We need an instructable showing how to make, mod, mold, sculpt, massproduce or even bake toppers for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals and Transvestites (I've probably forgotten someone).

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How do i make a DB9 to USB cable adapter? Answered

I need a DB9 (male) to USB 2.0 (male) male cable adapter because i don't really want to buy one when i have every thing i need to make one.

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How much do male llamas cost?

Baby ones.

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USB mini female to USB mini Male?

Hey, does anyone know where I can find a USB mini Female to USB mini Male cable? I looked all over the internet and I can't seem to find it. I tried making my own, but my soldering skills aren't great, and I ruined a USB mini female port. (pins were too small) Does anyone here know where I find one? or Can make one for me? Thanks!

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How to Make Speakers With a 3.5mm FEMALE jack instead of a Male 1? Answered

I'm makeing some speakers for my iphone and i want to know how to make the speakers with a female 3.5mm jack (from computer) instead of a male one

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How could I add a USB male cable to my 3.5" Hard Disk Drive so I could access the files on my hdd easier with my pc? Answered

I use the hdd with my PS2 and I would like to transfer ISO's to it without having to take apart my computer. Is there a way to add a USB male cable directly to the hdd?

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i'm thinking of building myself an over sized pinky finger

Like: got any suggestions?

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Is there a two ended female garden hose connector? Answered

I'm making a new water rocket and I bought a garden hose quick disconnect. My nearby hardware stores don't sell gardena quick disconnects. The one I got is brass? and has a male threaded adapter. This means that I have no way to attach it to a soda bottle. Any ideas?

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RJ45 to DB9 Male Pin-outs for Pos Printer

Hi All I have a Point of Sale workstation that doesn't have a serial port. It has com ports that uses RJ45 connectors. The only option is to make a cable that has RJ45 on one end and DB9 Male connector on the other end. I want to know the pin-outs, so that i get it to work.

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This male cat adopted us; our cat freaking!!! Answered

Anyone know how to acclimate two cats to each other? One is male (aggressive); the other is an older female (timid). Pulling hair out (mine). this has been goiing on for almost 2 years. Juggling cats not easy for two seniors; however, we love the little boy too. I have put up a barrier in one room that the male doesn't seem to know how to jump, and we let them see each other. Fem cat hisses, spits and runs unless I am there to put my hand on her; someone has to be holding him at the same time. We have cat windows, crates, and a kitty walk, and we utilize all of them. Aaarrghhh!

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What makes a voice male or female, besides pitch?

I am making an animated film, and I plan to voice the whole thing. thanks to my wizardly powers of audio editing (aided by Soundtrack Pro, no less) I can make it sound like anything I want! but, what exactly makes a female voice sound female? I know pitch is a part of it, but just raising the pitch on a deep-voiced male (read: Me) does not girly voice make. Audio and/or music terms? suggestions? thoughts?  feel free to post any of the above.  Ciao!

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Growing Facial Hair

growing facial hair has concerned me, i want it faster. i have decided to grow a goatee, and it isn't coming along so far. If anyone is going to help me they are going to need some facts about my hairy abilities so here they are. 1 I have never shaved, but i have enough facial hair to do so 2 im Sicilian,(italy jackass) 3 im 14 4 I have a mustache going on thats about 1/2 centimeter in length 5 i do have beard hairs but not enough to call it a beard. all over my lower cheeks and chin i have rough but not very visible hair. My goal is to grow a nice beard(goatee) and or mustache is there any way to speed this up? Every forum i have seen on this most people say shavings a bitch but i don't really care. so anyone with advice id love to get it and probabaly alot of the teens here on instructables so thanks.

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help 2 male usb to 1 female usb (the extra 1 male usb is for additional power)?

Can someone help me how to make usb with 2 male and 1 female usb. i can't run my alpha network adapter coz it is for a desktop computer not for a laptop so it needs more power to work. 

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usb network?

Usb male - male cable to connect 2 computer without a 'bride'

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Splicing a micro usb wire with a male 3 jack RCA?

I want to know if its possible to solder these 2 wires together, since there is one on ebay for a yellow and white, but not a red. Or should I just buy the cable?

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Can anyone think of names for an all white male cat? Answered

Well, we are getting a new kitten and this one is all white and we can't agree on a name. P.S. Don't say Snowball, that's way too generic.

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3,5mm male stereo mini plug source and quality query

hello folks, my son keeps bending the wires of all his headphones, causing them to start cutting out in either one or both channels (and now he has done it on one of my nice sets of headphones).  i was wondering if anyone could recommend a place where i can buy them in quantity.  my other question is whether there have been any improvements made in the ease of soldering.  i would think that so many headphones go bad at the jack, probably by pulling, that someone would have invented an "easy-solder" jack.  given that isn't the case, maybe a recommendation could be made on at least a sturdy plug with some sort of stress relief built in?  the large quarter inch stereo plugs used to come with spring coils. thanks for any suggestion, recommendations, comments, etc!

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I need to know how to make a dc male jack with battery clip

I have a dc male jack and a battery clip.separately.i need to know how to connect .this is from a project i saw in instructables.please help.

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How do you make a 3.5mm male to a rca video cable?

I have a spy gear atv 360 and i want to make a cable for it to play the video on my tv is therer a website or an instructable that tells you how to do that clearly?

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How do womens brains and minds work ? Help....can any man work out this "only women know the answer to this" question.? Answered

I am a simple genious of a man, How do i ever stand a chance alone. But by the power of " Male Merging" ( The collection of many fine male minds) we must work out the answer to this age old question for the preservation of the future male generations. Forget trying to work out Pi to the zilionth decimal. That is childs play THIS is the real puzzle, So calling male brainpower accross the W.W.W Your gender needs YOU !!!

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How do I get my male cat to quit spraying on the furniture?

We have tried everything. He is neutered. We have used the spray feliway, feliway diffusers and we have 2 in our living room where he sprays, he even has a feliway cat collar he wears. He is one of 4 cats we have. He has also been checked by the vet and he is perfectly healthy. He is 12 years old.

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Is it safe for me to connect two different size male phono jacks together? Answered

I know this sounds like a stupid question but it involves the risk of losing 2 expensive pieces of equipment. By Connecting the 3 wires from one jack to the corresponding wires on the other jack, am i putting my camera to risk in any way?

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Can I just cut off a 3.55mm broken earbud jack and replace it with any other 3.55mm jack from some other old earbuds?

I have a broken 3.55mm cable that has a snapped off male end. Could I take my old earbuds with a 3.55mm male jack and cut that off and swap it with the jack on the cable? Would the wiring/connections be the same? Would it work?

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Hello all!

Hello there! I am Evil Homer! Pleased to meet you!A little about muhself: Favorite TV shows:The SimpsonsMonkNarutoFamily GuyAmerican dadBleachMythBustersSonic The HedgehogSpongebob Squarepants ( LOL )and most of all............... THE SIMPSONS!Pets:5 wonderful dogs named:Evil Homer ( Doberman, male ), Favorite ( mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Evil Homer.......... )Good Homer ( Doberman, male ), LESS favorite ( Evil Homer hates Good Homer! )Original Homer ( Doberman, male ) Second favorite ( Without him, evil Homer wont exist )Suigetsu ( Chihuahua, female ) Meh ( Good enough. Likes to swim and pees very much )Sasori ( Chihuahua, male ) Meh ( Not bad )I LIKE NUNCHUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well, That's it! Nice too meet you!

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Are Stickle Bricks androgynous? Answered

Meccano has good old-fashioned engineering male/female anatomy in it's nuts and bolts. Lego has male/female anatomy, where standard bricks have both. K'NEX tends to have single-gender parts with multiple connectivity. But are Stickle Bricks androgynous? L

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Where can I find patterns/instructions for making Steampunk clothing (male, preferably)?

I have been trying to get into the Steampunk style for a long time, and I cannot find any patterns for a time-period-esque vest, interesting cane ideas, or any miscellaneous items everyone in their, respective, pictures have. Where can I find instructions for creating my own Zeppelin Captain "Get-Up."

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Does anyone have a diagram for a male headphone jack to dual female RCA (red and black) connector? Answered

I have one male stereo headphone jack (tip, band, ground band), and two RCA connectors (red and black) and I need to solder them with speaker wire so I can get RCA output from a headphone jack. The speaker wire also has one copper wire and one silver looking metal wire so if it matters which metal to use on which lead I also need to know that. Thanks in advance.

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barebones car charger

Hey guys and gals. this is my first post and i'm thinking you can really help me out. i'm working on a project for which i need a basic car charger. i'm trying to install a male and a female on opposite ends of some tubing and have sections be stackable one on top of another. for now i can take an old male phone charger and dremel it down and gut it but i'd like to eventually have a place that i can purchase a (preferably) vacant male car charger and an unattached female sleeve. if anyone has seen something out on the interwebs that is anything close to barebones please let me know! Thanks, Abraxas

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can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? Answered

Can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? what i mean is, can i plug the female end into the male charging port,and the male end into the female port in the Wiimote?

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What should I get?

Hey I need help what should I get a female or male puppy I am ten and I kinda need help so if you can help me it'd be awesome, Cause I am going by spaying and nurturing ( don't know if I spelled that right ) Thanks a lot bye!

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dead rock

I had 2 rocks i tried breeding a hematite and a geode they were both males apparently and the geode didnt make it :'(

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do both the betta fish have to be the same breed to breed them? Answered

I bought a betta fish(male) and a female both of them were the cheap ones and i would like to breed them so help! oh and one thing my male betta is very nice because i put him in my tank with guppies,tetras.loaches,algea eaters,ect. and he never chased any of them i put my female in there and he never chased her and she never chased anyone.but now iset up a breeding tank so i would like to know if they have to be the same breed to breed them cause i dont know what breed they are.                                                                                                              THE PIC SHOWN IS THE KIND OF MALE I HAVE

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How many Volts come out of a USB plug, i mean the female part not male? Answered

Need to know soon, it's for a project

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microphone wiring?

Ok i was wondering if i took a microphone that was real cheap from walmart and take the male part off the end of it and put a female part so that way i can plug in a dual male sided cord to it and then to my computer, more or less im wondering, can it work like that? and then i was wondering if there is a program that when i plug the mic in that it works like plugging a guitar into an amp, as in it plays the input to the computer outloud without being in playback from a recording

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am building a tent frame 3/4 steel tubes. need help locating locking device?

The male and female ends on the tubing slide together, inside one tube there is a device that has a little ball shape pushed downinside the end that pops through a drilled hole which then pops into a drilled hole on the other tube..I need to locate this device and find where i can get that tubing ( male and female ends that fit together.

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I'd like to replace a male USB with a female mini USB in an mp3 player.. Can anyone help?

I have a Coby MP200-1G that i got to put in an NES controller for a gift for my cousin.. I found an Instructable that helped but they replaced the stock USB with a female and I would like a female mini USB instead.. I'm not sure though which tabs should be soldered onto which points or how to find out what each tabs purpose is so that i can match it with the corresponding solder point..

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how to build a portable speaker (for ipod) with a 10w speaker, 9v battery and a male adaptor, plz help!! :(?

I am attempting (but failing) to build y own portable speakers im trying to use a 4ohms / 10 watt speaker with a 9 volt battery and a male jack for my ipod i have assembled it all to the best of my knowledge but when i put the battery on the bare wires (testing if it works), ipod says music is playing but the speaker has other ideas.   this is my first build of my own and i can't get past this problem :'( any help would be much apreciated :)

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Can the male end of an iPod dock connector be adapted or spliced to take in plain 3.5mm audio input? Answered

I'm aware that this might not work on the technical level but I'm willing to try it. I've got a car stereo that I've used for about 8 years and it works fine. It uses a proprietary cable (Alpine), kind of like this ( It plugs into my iPod that closes up in the glove compartment and then it allows me to select artists and change tracks through the knob / buttons on the face. Since this stereo deck doesn't have any other inputs, I was wondering if I could build a cable to accept audio coming out of my cell phone or any other device. I know that the 30-pin iPod dock connector has various lines for power, data, audio, etc. and I was wondering if anyone has experience with this. Maybe I could split the wire in half or get an adaptor with a female iPod plug to a male 3.5mm adaptor. I've tried Googling these things but it's too hard to describe what I want in keywords.

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How do I get my one year old male cat to stop peeing on my husbands side of the bed?

He has been fixed but as soon as he enters our bedroom he goes pee on my husbands side only. I love him too much to find him a different home and I cannot afford vet visits due to no job. If it is a dominance thing my husband thinks that if he pees on the cat then it might make him stop. Could this work?

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Pin or pin header

Hi,I'm no native speaker. I was wondering, what exactly is the difference between >>pin<< and >>pin header<<.Is a >>pin<< just a male pin header, so, an abbreviation for pin header?tiadoris

Question by dorisbehrendt 

What is the purpose of this female jack behind my CPU? Answered

Hello, can anyone tell me for purpose  this port is used ? the image is given below . A 3.5mm male jack is going in to it easily .

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