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Iron Man

Hello. No one seems to have done anything in this group at all since inception. That honestly sucks, as I was hoping that someone would have put in some time and at least come out with some sketches, or put their thoughts down on paper. Well I am not one to complain without doing something about the problem. First up is the issue of powered movement. That is the core of Iron Man's super strength. You have 3 real options here. Hydraulic, Stepper Motor, or Servo Motor. I have filtered out hydraulic simply because it is not as easy to work with as the other electrical motors. I found a comparison chart, and a link to it is posted below. Based on the information it contained, I would say that a stepper motor is the most efficient way to go. It takes more power to run, and generates more heat, but neither of those problems is difficult to deal with. Heat syncs, and a propane/natural gas generator will solve both of those problems readily. The next problem is the exoskeleton, the armored body of Iron Man. I have looked into materials, and the difficulty in casting them, or machining them. ZA, or Zinc Aluminum alloys seem to be the way to go. They are relatively easy to make, requiring only about 900F to melt them, they cast extremely well, and they make extremely fine detailed castings. When they set up, they have hardness equivalent to that of Cast Iron. They also lend themselves readily to sand casting, mold casting, and to graphite casting. Alright, I have put my 2 cents in. Lets hear from the rest of you.

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I would like to request an iron man costume instructable. somebody should at least find out how to make the mask

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When i tried to reset my password on my old account, Get to da parakeet, It Somehow Got Quientiened!(i have no clue how to spell it)

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The man in the hat...

I just had a sort out, and collected all my Pratchett books into one place. I got a shock.I have seventy-six Pratchett books, most hardback (Except for Faust Eric, which never came in a hardback), many first editions, and forty-nine of them signed by Terry!.Yet I don't consider myself a Pratchett-nerd, or even particularly a collector, since I don't collect the stamps, I only have a couple of tee-shirts, and I haven't been in any of his books*.Anybody else got similarly famous non-collections?*I have a friend who paid several thousand pounds to charity for his partner to appear as a character in Night Watch.

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Tin man costume?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make an affordable tin man costume from wizard of oz? :)

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Half tree man

Someone said that they were just warts and he just had a bad immune system.What do you think?BTW this is real.

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The Overly Manly Man

You are probably familiar with the Overly Manly Man, but you may not know that he is a photograph of a guy by the name of John L. Sullivan, who went 75 bare-knuckle rounds before winning. Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to leave some other Overly Manly Man memes, too.

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Iron Man's Repulsors

How would you build iron mans repulsors? I have some already...     You could use a transducer for particle displacement, you might be able to send an ion beam through a "tunnel" of a heavier particle, since it can't travel fast in air. I need ideas! Thanks, Laserbeamtoast.

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Pac-Man Shelves

Let the analog books attack your digital media with this set of Pac-Man shelves. This is a real product that you can buy, but should be dead simple to redo on your own. Link

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knex iron man

please sent me pictures and instruction on iron man projects because i am making a suit and i wanted know what other people build and please no small shiity things because they piss me off so  if you are making any things like arm suit please sent them in and this iron man out

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"walking man" measurements

I see this beautiful lamp on aliexpress. now i want to make these myself and am looking for these there anyone who has already made these?

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Slender man Comics

Hey guys! So you've probably heard of the Sender Man, recently became famous on the internet, but hes been out a while (infact, hes behind you) So me and my friends started to make a Slender Man comic series, some will be realistic-ly drawn, some hand drawn and then the most common one, MS paint drawn (But now like the badly animated Memes though ;)) Were non profit and so we have problems building an audience, so if you interested check out our Facebook page ( alot of work went into writing them and if you liked them then like our page please. Also for the record I got permission off Mikeasaurus before writing this

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Shaving like a man.

So I put this indestructable up in another forum, but I don't think it was the right place. Either way, tell me what you think.

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Man Vs. Cartoon !

Did anyone catch this episode of Man Vs. Cartoon, on Tru TV ? Watch as a team of the country's brightest minds takes on the devices and techniques used by Wile E. Coyote in his vain attempts to snare his arch-enemy the Road Runner. See if expertise, years of training and the best equipment that money can buy will be enough to actually make Coyote's flawed Acme Company machines work.let's make some of the Wile E.'s stuff WORK !AND some character Bio'sSome of the future TESTS

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One mans garbage...

Really is another mans gold! I'm the type of person who, when seeing something internesting, picks it up. For instance, I have found: @ A working VCR (and I use it) @ A small TV (not broken, just REALLY old) @ Microwave ovens (several, not a single one broken) @ Old computers (the joys of Harddrive magnets) @ A 27 inch Panasonic TV (it's working perfectly, i use it daily) UPDATE 10 July 2010 @ A working DVD player (slot jammed, fixed it) @ A PlayStation 1 (not tested, I'll report back) (tested it with the AV cable I also found, it works!) There's no shame in taking "trash" off the streets! I got some funny looks having a small TV strapped to my bike, I take them as compliments! What I'm trying to say here is basically Save the planet, finders keepers!

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what if a man fall in love in a same man also?what is that ?

What if a man fall in love in a same man also?what is that?

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What a handsome cosplay man

To share you this Assassin creed cos photo… what a handsome man…photo here:   

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I'm having a man child!

Have two girls, and now there'll be a boy in 20 weeks. :) He's an instructables baby. Just followed the steps and *poof*. Anyhow, this proves I've not been damaged by exposure to X-rays at work. I'm glad about that. :) Yeah.

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Wanted: Kool-Aid Man

A smashed brick wall is a tragedy just begging to be turned into comedy. Here's how to do it. Linkvia Neatorama

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Half Man Half Biscuit

Has anyone heard these guys (except me)? 99% of gargoyles look like Bob Todd Paintball's coming home (listen) L

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Blue Man Group Pies

Hi folks, just wondering if anyone had seen any instructables (or similar) on making something similar to any of the pvc pipe instruments that The Blue Man Group use?If you haven't seen anything they've done yet, have a look at a couple of these;YouTube 01YouTube 02

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DIY Working Iron man

Here's an idea that someone can use for the robot contest if they want, I would but I just don't have the money.You buy 4 linear actuators (such as the ones here:;_id=7)And you attach one to each limb, giving you super strength.I just don't have like 500 dollars to spend

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link for man vs. wild

Heres a link;

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I know I am known for my knex transformers but to change things up a little. After watching Ironman I wanted to recreate something from the move out of knex so here is the Mark 01 the first iron man suit . It can stand on its own with no supports or non knex pieces.

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Dude... dude are you freeking kidding me heres the link, I can't embed it

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who is the richest man in the world?

I dont know

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A Man's Meal for Sunday night.

A perfectly mixed sunday night dinner reading engadget.

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favorite redneck comedy man

Hoos your favorit redneck comedian... im fer larry the cable guy!!!

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Iron man- is he possible?

Hi. I was watching the iron man movie recently when I wondered if it really was possible to construct a suit of Armour like that. All technology behind the Armour welcome to be discussed. Any attempts made to make any of the technology would be nice to know about. thank you

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Army man halloween costume????????????? Answered

I was thinking, "should i be an army man for halloween?" When I realized I could. With your help, fellow instuctablers, I shall Make an UBER army man costume! I already have camo pants, so I need a camo shirt/top/sweatshirt, and a noise making(no airsoft please!) rifle. Preferably a m-16, m-4, ak47, or g36c. ANY help will be appreciated!!!! I will gladly SUBSCRIBE to you if you help!!!!! AND, as a BONUS, I will rate ALL your ibles a 5 STAR RATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!

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Who is the man behind KipKay

Http:// was wondering who was the man behind the name KipKay and the voiceovers, I guess we won't know who does the voiceovers for awhile.This guy makes over 50K from his videos on metacafe videos!That is crazy,What do you guys think of him?

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Man-Powered Flashlight Help

For anyone good with electronics and motors, I'm tasked with building a flashlight powered by man and I'm in need of assistance. I've decided to make it crank powered. Now what I really need help with is this- Can I make a crank that powers an electric motor that charges a battery to power the LED lights? What would be the best way to go about this?

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The No-Named Man Must Change!

Who cares about our very own robot?  Clearly we don't care enough to give him a name! Please post your name suggestions for the old No-Named Robot!

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Coming soon :) The Man Cave

Most of my instructables have been a couple of hours from start to finish because I'm absolutely useless at finishing something off once I've started it.  Well this has taken about six weeks so far... My friends and I are doing something hush hush since I moved into a new house - outside we had an old outbuilding - a dilapidated recording studio.  I got permission from my wife to turn it into a man cave  What is contained in a man cave... you'll have to wait - electrician and plasterer coming soon and I've ordered all the equipment! Very excited! But it does explain why I've been quiet on the posting front till just now!

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Poor man's slow cooker?

Hello all, I tried to search an instructable down but I haven't so far.  Has anyone done something on doing a poor man's slow cooker?  I don't really want to buy a slow cooker cause they are mostly used for cooking meats, and the last thing me or probably anyone needs to do is eat more meat.  I just have a few recipes that call for a slow cooker and would like to try them out.  I'm thinking I could just cook in a regular pot and keep the temp or flame really low.  Is it really that easy?  Inquiring cat would like to know!

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The Man Who Unboiled The Egg...

Hervé This, a French chemist, loves experimenting with food and the science of cooking. His mission in life is to reveal the science that lies behind the mystery of cooking. This has world-wide acclaim and his experiments just rock. He's unboiled an egg using sodium borohydride, and you can even try this at home using Vitamin C.I particularly like this segment of the article:"There is a quail's egg that has been standing in vinegar for three years. The acid has attacked its shell and made it translucent. By osmosis, it has swelled up to about four times its original size. Hervé says that it has the same consistency as a hard-boiled egg and could be eaten in a salad."Intrigued? Read on...

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iron man suit ideas

Hey Guys I am thinking About to build à suite likje THE picture  but i am thinking à lot of people is making à suite like ironman but is made of foam but do you want to make it from any kind of metal i do. i am thinking à lot of à Helmet first with à screen inside.... we must thinking of cooperate share picture or something Lets start with THE real stuff  Greetings from Holland  Marijn 

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What do you think the laughing mans main intentions were? and could the same interference or ideals exist and work in todays society? yea. i know is offbeat..

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Arm Ironman ? Answered

Hello everyone , I know somebody help on building a mechanism for the arm of Iron Man Mark 7 which comes out a small rocket ? quakcuno or it sells the mechanism ?

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how to make arc reactor in home?

How to make arc reactor at home & what are its uses

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How do you de-shell sunflower seeds for mass quanities?

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Can you see the strings? ("Yes")

You may have seen on the news that a Dutch chap claims to have flown under his own power from a standing start. Watch the video... I don't buy it - I think that... those wings beat too quickly to generate enough lift (compare to the beat-rate of much smaller swans, eagles and condors) the wing membranes don't show enough sign of being under load - they're too loose and flappy. the wings look the same on the down- and up-strokes the upstroke should push him down, because the membrane doesn't close up like a bat's wing, or let air through like a bird's wing. In fact, I reckon he's on strings. What do you think? UPDATE Thanks to those comments from The Usual Suspects - so it's a fake after all. I ought to point out, as well, that the BBC had been reporting this on their website as well, but the story has mysteriously disappeared in the last few minutes (I didn't provide the BBC link, since most non-UK readers are able to see video on their site).

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Man's greatest accomplishment? Any thoughts?

I've always wondered what people think the best thing ever done is.  Maybe now ill know.

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What is the origin of the "Weenie Man" song? Answered

There are several versions of this popular campfire song, but this is the one I'm most interested in. Weenie Man Lyrics: I know a weenie man He owns a weenie stand He sells most anything From hotdogs on down One day I'll join his life I'll be his weenie-wife HOT DOG! I love that weenie man Does anyone know the origin, and whether the song would be under copyright protection?

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Mega Man 9 - Going Classic

Mega Man 9 is back! A classic nintendo game is back on the wii. This great game has been going through some rough times with newer versions going 3D and ruining the game play. What ever happened to side scrolling video games? These platform games may be something that many people haven't seen in years, but it's hard to deny their appeal with The original Mario leading the way in game sales with over 40 million sold. If you haven't seen it yet check out this trailer for this awesome game yet, here it is: `-fan tattoo via: mega tattoo

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Iron Man 2 Kinetic Sculpture?

For those who have seen Iron Man 2: In that one scene where Tony is in an office with Pepper on the desk there's that sculpture on her desk. I did some research (A.K.A googling it) and found that it's called the Swinging Stick Sculpture. Do you think its possible to construct one out of wood? It would be so awesome :P

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Spider Man Web Slingers Idea

This is the first idea that I have worked up the courage to post and I would like some help getting my ducks in a row. I don't have anything written down yet so here is a verbal breakdown of its function: A retractable tape measure mechanism is attached to a length of cord. This mechanism is, in turn, placed in a sealed chamber with a barrel wide enough to accommodate smooth movement of the cord. The free end of the chord is attached to a dart/wadding that is used to block the chamber from the outside. Pressurized CO2 or equivalent gas is pumped into the chamber using a pressure nozzle with a emergency release valve. CO2 is pumped into the chamber, dart/wadding is fired, dart/wadding and cord pass through the barrel till loss of velocity or reaching the end of the chord, the mechanism pulls the cord and dart/wadding back to start and the process repeats. this is just an idea and I would like some help getting it functional, and an equation for thrust vs drag would be nice :D

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