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Good Manners

There has been a shift to much younger children on this great site,  kids who think that we who provide answers to their impossible dreams, are free site service robots  just for them.  ( Not leaving out a great many grateful individuals ! ) A lot of these kids believe we are clairvoyant about their specifics, some behave with poor street manners. My grand kids are being raised with good manners including respect. I hope you, with your children, here and other countries can avoid the,  throw_away_attitude mindset. Speaking for myself, I would happily welcome being recognized a living human resource more often... A Thank you is as pleasing a response as a BA... I even get along with Violators of thermodynamic laws.. There are individuals cutting your text, Keep your Guard-Up ! Regards and Thank You for reading my rant, ICeng...

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It's me or have someone else noticed people demanding answers to their questions in this forum? Answered

I am noticing a trend of people in this great forum that are asking questions that they could have found the answer with a simple internet search, people that demand answers to their questions, and want others to come up with ideas when they should be the ones brainstorming. I am not against asking for help but asking others to do the work for them is lazy. Also some people should be more respectful when asking questions instead of demanding answers. Anybody think like me?

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How to Make a skin whitening cream in a professional manner?

Details of the chemical compounds that help to make a good cream, adding the  hydrokenon

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Make Magazine: Copyright infringement? Or just bad manners?

I just got my copy of Make magazine through the door, issue 11.I had a quick flick through, and I saw something remarkably familiar on page 141 - a spherical speaker array based on a pair of red Ikea salad bowls. Just like this Instructable, posted here over four months ago and a finalist in the laser-cutter contest. In fact, it's the same thing.Is there any mention of Instructables? Not a jot. I'm assuming that the author of the article, Michael F. Zbyyszynski, is our own mzed, but wouldn't it have been nice to mention that the make isn't a Make magazine original? That we had it first?I'm not getting at mzed here, I place the blame firmly on the editors of Make.But, without shelling out for eight back copies of Make, how many other articles in Make have been lifted directly from this site, without credit to the site?

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slow voltage current builder: how to increase voltage,current in ramp manner upto the desired value?

Let us assume a system requires 230V ac, 6 amp. When we switch it on, the voltage and current instantly shoots up from zero to 230V,6amp. I want the system to receive the voltage,current slowly ,i.e, when it is  switched on, the voltage,current should increase from zero in a ramp manner ,and when it reaches 230V,6amp, it should remain there till  the system is switched off.

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Eating ants?

This is a topic with a special thanks to goodhart. What is the best way to prepare and eat ants, or other insects and in what manner?

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Want to hide cords in living areas

Live in old house few outlets. Wish to hide cords in attractive manner

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Impressive but Easy

Hey people, me and my friends are going to make a video and i was just wondering if you had any ideas i could easily do to put into it. eg. explosions (controlled of course in a safe manner) and anything that will impress Cheers

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building of a mobile controlled robo wid camera

i wanted to have some idea about the circuits related to build mobile controlled robo. can u plz send me the circuit n as well as the way to implement it in a descriptive manner

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What type of energy are our thoughts?

After reading lemonies instructable on frequently asked questions ( i really enjoyed the chapter on energy ) ive been thinking about what our thoughts are.The brain works in a bio chemical manner but what exactly are the actual thoughts? Are they energy at all?

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How can I punch holes in a coke can?

I want to punch holes into a coke can - 1 hole each alphabet. I do not have any power tools and I want the holes in a manner so that the can is not crushed. Any suggestions?

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whats the most accurate low piece count sniper ? Answered

Guys im new here but i would just like to know what the most accurate low piece count sniper thanks knex cannon every one who answers in a helpful manner wins them self a free subscribion

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Weed whacker into a water wheel generator?

I have a weed whacker (that works great) that runs off of an extension cord from a house. What i want to know is can i spin the motor (in the manner of doing that to a drill) to generate a charge? And if so, how do i figure out what the amperage would be from it?

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Tree house book

Hello everyone!!I'm looking for a book on tree house construction. I'm not interested in looking at images of various tree houses that have been built but I would really like to find clever details that deal with the construction of a tree house in a ''tree friendly'' manner. Does anybody have any ideas?Thank you in advance,

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Help with a Blinky Light Cirucit.

I need a circuit that will act in the following manner when a button is pressed: Press -1:  Turn on  LEDs so that they flash. Press -2:  LEDs on,solid, no flash. Press- 3: Turn off the LEDs. In addition if the LEDs are on for 5 min, the circuit should turn off automatically. Any help or pointers would be really appreciated.

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if one of the supply wires to a hall sensor is seperated , Will it imitate the symptoms of a damaged Hall sensor?

Power supply wires to my hub motor damaged due to spinning,  motor does'nt start from standstill. when it starts it works in a stuttering manner.  When allowed to run without load it runs without hesitation.  I read that this is one of the systoms of a failed hall sensor Doogg1

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Mariko Kusumoto

I have been trying to create color stripes in the same manner as Mariko Kusumoto. Cotton and silk thread have not worked. I think I need a different tool to apply polyester dye or different thread. The second image is messy but it was to test the strength of the dye on the bubbles. I think my problem now is how to draw the lines using polyester dye before steaming. 

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IKEA Furniture

It would be interesting to hear about peoples experiences of IKEA and the furniture they sell. I live in Spain and regularly visit and buy from the IKEA Murcia store. I was reading the reviews on a website I stumbled across the other day which made me think. The site is and they review all manner of IKEA stuff and the stores as well. What do people think?

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Camera Surveillance Design-Microcontroller Selection

I am doing a surveillance camera project. I need ARM7 TDMI based microcontroller that supports 1) UART, SPI, USB Interface 2) Ethernet, External Memory Interface – 16 MB SDRAM, 2MB Flash 3) Packaging option other than BGA type Please recommend a suitable microcontroller or a combination to implement this project in a cost effective manner.

Topic by GEORGE NEIL  

i ve 3 old black and white dead mobiles can i make use of them by modification?

I ve 3 mobiles nokia 1600 sony ericssion w830i nokia (basic b/w model) they are not working. but i dont want to throw them in dustbin. plz suggest me how can i make use of them (in any manner)

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Setting up Indoor Soldering Iron Station

I'm interested in having a place to work on electronics projects inside, and was thinking about building a workstation in my room. I would be soldering, and doing all other electronic-related activities at this workstation. I was wondering what I would need to do to make this happen in a safe, productive manner. Any suggestions?

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Microcontroller Selection for Camera Project

I am doing a surveillance camera project. I need ARM7 TDMI based microcontroller that supports 1) UART, SPI, USB Interface 2) Ethernet, External Memory Interface – 16 MB SDRAM, 2MB Flash 3) Packaging option other than BGA type Please recommend a suitable microcontroller or a combination to implement this project in a cost effective manner.

Topic by GEORGE NEIL  

Title in Primary Images

Dear Instructables Authors, Does anyone find the current trend of putting the title of an ible in the primary image as visually offending as I do? The format of the site puts the title right below the image in a concise and legible manner that doesn't interfere with the image of the project. Why clutter your image with unnecessary (often poorly chosen) typography? Please stop. Sincerely, Aesthetically Repulsed

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I would like to know if anyone here at this site has created or seen or heard of using sensors inside or outside the house to warn you of intruders? If you have any information/site/idea on how to go a bouts using sensors in that manner please let me know. Only serious responses welcomed. I am not trying to be funny/sarcastic/ignorant etc , just had this idea that someone somewhere has done this project before. Thanks. AL.

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second laptop webcam ideas Answered

I have a dell 1545 with built in web cam i go to college and i want to record what my professor puts on the board in a reasonably discrete manner ? i have no cash and very little electrical knowledge would simply buying a second web cam be the best thing to do or what any hep is greatly appreciated thankyou fidgety

Question by fidgety2    |  last reply

More efficient bike charger for USB devices?

I' been inspired by these bike lights from I have a set of these for my bicycle for reliable and very effective lighting. It's stated they are powered by "pure induction". There's got to be a way to harness the energy from both wheels to charge a USB device (5 volt) in the same manner. Instead of using a friction generation mechanism bike charger or bike generator.Any thoughts?

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3 LED light question

I am just curious as to what I might need, if any for a resistor. I plan to run 3 white LED's, using a single 9v. I jumped ahead and hooked up one set to see how it works, and it seems to work great, each LED is packaged as running at 3.2v, so I figured 3 would be alright on a 9v battery. Is a resistor required or necessary if I multiply in this manner?

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Not receiving notifications when comments are made

Today I noticed that there were a few comments to my instructables that were made some time ago and I never knew existed.  In my settings I had made the choice to send me an email when comments are made so that I can respond in a timely manner. Looks like it is not happening.....can you help?  Thanks in advance.   V/R ElmarM

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Heating a winter garden pond with a car pre-heater!?

Anybody thought about heating a winter garden pond with a car pre- heater!? Here in the UK garden pond fish get really cold and more often than not ponds freeze up. Would you budding geniuses give this topic a little thought - would it work in a controllable manner?Thank you.

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Is there an easy and cheap way to make a portable freezer? Answered

I'm in need of a portable freezer to freeze ice in an ice vest to allow usage when I don't have access to a conventional freezer.  I know that there are retail portable freezer that run up to the hundreds. I had the thought of using dry ice in some manner. However, I'm not familiar enough with freezers or dry ice to even know where to start on this kind of thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Can I use "borrowed" satellite internet over a distances? Answered

My sister has satellite internet. Is their anyway that I can use her access if she gives me her PW and all that info in a manner to where she and I can both use her access I live approximately 5 miles from her and it's not flat land! If so what would i need  and how would I do this please?

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water pump idea

I hypothesise that when is heat applied to a suitable sealed vessel, filled with water, and having a pipe into the base of the container below the water level, that when the water gets hot enough, it will exit the pipe under pressure. if anyone has any input or had experiance with this kind of a thing or knows of a device which works in the same or similar manner, i would like to hear from you.  i though it could be a way of moving water with no moving parts or access to electricity, motors etc. thank Kim.C.S.B

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How could one finish off a paper construct? Answered

I require some method of covering and finishing geometric paper constructs in a durable (can survive the average jean pocket's wear and tear) and aesthetically pleasing manner. Some work with wide sticky tape can produce a fair finish, but the look is not necessarily desirable. I'm thinking melt on contacts, dipping in glue, cutting up book covering paper... that sort of thing. Any ideas? Thanks, ~K

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Wiring two 9v devices to batteries...

I want to run a motor attached to a motion sensor in such a manner that the motion sensor triggers the motor. The motor is run by 6 1.5v D cell batteries, thus I imagine requires a 9v draw. The battery operated motion sensor also requires 9v. If I wire them in series, which I (hopefully correctly) understand would require 18v total and thus would require some number of batteries wired in series to achieve that total. Correct?

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OPEN CALL: eTextile and wearable computing fashion show

OPEN CALL: Maker Faire eTextile and wearable computing fashion show location: Hall of Science NYC date of show: 25/26 September deadline: 15 September 2010 requirements: item must be wearable and utilize a computer in some manner submit entries: website: video of eTextile show from Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 Bring it on!

Topic by Lynne Bruning  

Violet Voltage?

Every so often, I see "violet ray" electrotherapy devices come up on ebay. They often sell for silly money, but occasionally one will sell for only a few pounds.Originally quack medical devices, they seem to operate in a similar manner to a plasma globe (gas discharges, high voltages). Does anybody know how they work? Is it worth getting hold of one to rip the innards out to get at the high-voltage supply?(Yes, I know they have "adult uses", but, really, it is the innards I'm talking about)

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Which book can teach me the practical significance of calculus? Answered

Hi. I've learnt calculus in my high school in a very perfunctory manner, not having really understood the concepts behind why we actually do a particular calculus operation. It has always been reading the question, putting in the formulas and grinding out an answer. The books also were'nt very helpful in making me understand calculus. Is there any book which teaches this branch of mathematics from the application point of view?

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What is the most effect way of removing hardened duct tape adhesive from car paint and glass without causing damage?

My car window regulator broke so I had to hold up my window with thick black duct tape. It baked in the sun and the adhesive hardened on the car paint and glass. What is the most effective and safe manner in which to remove this hardened duct tape adhesive without damaging the car paint or window?

Question by nisvara    |  last reply

How to make a direct microphone to speaker circuit?

Hello all, I recently wanted to develop a circuit which picks up voice signals from a microphone and outputs it to a speaker. As I recently started learning to build circuits, I was hoping to get a few inputs and tutorials on how to build one in a step by step manner. Please help by giving instructions and not a circuit diagram as I am still learning. Thanks for all your help! Regards, Microtest

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I receintly received a message from a member claiming to be Savanah Eboni, a.k.a. seboni. The message was suggestive in a manner I didn't expect from this site. On further inspection I have seen that messages of this nature have been sent to others and they have also complained about it. However, it seems that this person is still an active member and continues to solicit and harass the members of this site uninhibited. Are measures being taken to protect the integrity of this online community, or are you, like so many others, profiting from or just ignoring these people peddling scams and pornography?

Topic by notjustsomeone  

how to rig a static trapeze?

I've built a sturdy static trapeze (welded bar, spliced rope) and would like to know how to rig it in a cost effective but safe manner. My mounting point is a steel beam, and the two ropes of the trapeze end spliced around 24mm galvanised steel thimbles which I need to fix to the bar. It would be great if methods could be provided that utilise materials found at local hardware stores - I know you can use crane slings but the only supplier I can find is a prohibitively distant one :)

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bipods for rifles

Well, im in the planning phase of making a new air rifle, i rly want to put a bipod on it this time. i have been looking all around the interwebs, but no success on finding plans/instructions/ideas on how to make one. so my question is, dose any 1 know how to make a bipod, or dose any 1 have any ideas/info or any contributions at all? My preferences are that it be made from something easy to get my hands on. And that it has some manner of folding away. Also, 1 request, no k'nex plz :)

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Worlds Smallest Saltwater Reef Aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

Topic by brandon429  

Help me with insurance 101?

I'm a first time auto insurance buyer. Let me pose this question in an interesting manner: You're an insurance agent. You just quoted me at $500 every six months for bare-bones/state minimum coverage (just for example's sake). Do you ask me for $500 upfront, then $500 six months later? Or do you issue me an insurance card and expect the first lump sum of $500 six months from now?

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Autonomous Robot Cars drive in real traffic!

The latest DARPA challenge has just happened - 11 robotic cars driving round 60 miles of simulated urban highway with real humans driving in amongst them.Amazingly impressive - if you check the videos, the robots' road manners are better than most humans'!BBC News article & videos: Challenge page: and

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Reef Globes, worlds smallest balanced reef aquarium

These are aged systems that keep myriad coral reef organisms alive using a delicate balance of natural materials and very reduced manmade gear. They are like ecospheres, but to the 20th power. Compared to an advanced reef aquarium they are just as stable due to design features, and they bring marine science study into the home in a practical manner. There are no others in the world like these designs and they are easy to build but expensive to build as well. I hope you enjoy my invention now posted as an instructible

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Best two man tent for approx £100? Answered

 I am looking into buying a two-manner after my old (and rubbish) Coleman ripped. I've had a little look on the Vango website and I am drawn two the Banshee 200 and the Spectre 200. I want there to be enough room for me, a BIG backpack and perhaps a human being or extra gear. If you own these tents or have any advice/ideas please, let me now. I am doing my DofE soon!! YAYAYYA!11!1!!1!!!!

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Arduino Home Theater Screen Design

Hello Makers! I have been designing a home theater retractable screen housing that is arduino based. I want to use stepper motors for the added precision and will be playing with some minor resin/fiberoptics to decorate the front in a movie theater-esq manner. My concern is with the stepper motors. I would love to know if anyone has attempted a similar project. The speed of the descent/retraction is not all that important but consistency is another story. I also have some power concerns. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I am sorry....Coming soon, a very GEEKY ornament (if I can get it to look nicer then it now does....)

It seems I have, once again, failed to finish what I wanted to in a timely manner.  I do hope I can "clean it up" enough for it to look "good enough" to warrant the wait.... Someone will easily be able to make improvements on this project, since I haven't the type of tools available to make it look SUPER, still I do want it to look presentable befofre publishing it. Coming soon to an ibles near you....

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anonymous Internet harassment is now a federal crime.

The Communications Act of 1934 criminalizes anonymous harassment by a telecommunications device. Congress recently amended the law to criminalize anonymous harassment via the Internet. Some argue that the law curtails freedom of speech. Perhaps. If someone is blogging or commenting anonymously about a private citizen in an obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent manner with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass, it is actionable, according to the new law. But should someone have the freedom to do that? Apparently Congress doesnt think so. What do you think?

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