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Manual no more?

Well, I'm looking to find a cost effective way to alter my manual wheelchair (9000 xt) to make it electric. I don't need to go super fast, I just want a project to keep me busy, as I am a disabled vet with nothing better to do. They say I don't qualify for a big electric wheelchair due to my mobility currently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt

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Manual air compressor

I had this idea just drop on me a few minutes ago and I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on if something like this would be feasible or not. Also if anyone thinks it's a good idea just go ahead and build it because I dont have the tools or space for something like this in any case. The idea is to have some sort of tank with a large internal volume, cut it of at the top and arrange a sort of secured piston with a heavy weight on top, attach it all to a frame so that the piston stays level and secure. The piston with the weight on can then be connected to a multi-stage pulley system to allow one to lift the  heavy weigth, sure it would take a long time but for a manual air compressor it should be feasible Then at the bottom of the tank one would have a high pressure release valve with some sort of standard connector for transfering the compressed air to a sort of pressure tank for use. I never saw anything like this before, although I'm sure someone must have done it at one point or another. So what do you all think? Any input?

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Manual Water Pump

I am trying to build a manual water pump in my house. We are digging a well of about 320 feet (about 100m) and are hoping to pump water into an overhead tank that is about 13ft (4m) above the ground. Can anyone help me figure out how to build such a pump. Electricity is and expensive commodity in my area and that is why were looking to use a manual pump. Any input will be appreciated.

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manual gear oil?

Hi why i have to change my "hyundai elantra" 1500cc 1995 model, manual gear oil. mileage of car is 230000 km. car shape is good. and what recommended for this car if i have to?? many thanks

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Manually controlling keyboard?

I am looking to control a keyboard using output from another computer. The output must control the other computer by the keyboard. or send keyboard strokes through the wireless keyboard adapter. I can not control second computer by a program, ethernet, or usb direct cable. I might be able to use usb if the imput show as if its a keyboard. I can use old style keyboard ps/2 or usb. I,m trying to control a computer that is on a VPN and it wont allow and connection or programs running like I mentioned. I could get by only controlling the mouse of the other computer from the frist.  

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Help with service/repair manuals

Anyone got any idea where I could find free service manuals on the net? I'm trying to repair my car audio system (Alpine CDA 7998R) but im stuck without much information. If anyone could help, what I'm looking at is a green pcb with D301-313 written on it, and it has a part named Q701 which looks like a very small ic with three legs at the bottom, and one at top, its surface mount and is blown up. It also has a delta sign on it with some design within, I cant read the rest of it cause its blown. Please help anyone, if you can... Whatever you may tell....

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To find user manual MP3

 Dear All...  If you have  the user manual this MP3 player.Please give me a copy.,for to know what is function this small button.Thank you in advance for your time.                                                   Kind regards

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Manual satellite dish positioner.

I'd like to switch the position of my sky satellite dish between two satellites positions from the ground.?

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Access 2010 database manual Answered

Today I had one client with the damaged .mdb file. I asked him about the backup, but he said that he were not made these settings and, accordingly, the backup was not done. The base was created in Access 2010 on the operating system Windows 7. What do I do to restore it?

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Shaving: Electric vs. Manual

Alright so here goes the argument: Which method of cleansing your face from unwarranted hair and stubble is better? The age old shaving with a disposable razor and your favorite cream, or perhaps using a more expensive but quicker and safer electric, even if you get a not as close shave. Let's see what you have to say...

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Manual for craftsman drill grinding attatchment

I was looking for a manual for a craftsman drill grinding attachment can anyone help?

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Manual flattening a washer with rolling mill

I’m trying to use washers for a project but the largest I found is 1”. Ideally I’d like them to be 1 1/2 or 2 with at least a 1/4 space between out and inside. I thought of using a manual flat rolling manual mill but will it distort the shape?

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is their a repair manual for KIA Sportage for free?

Id like to try and repair my car myself for the crises nowadays is rampart if any body can give a site or whatever to help me avail this manual. this badly needed in my behalf thanks a lot

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Digital cameras with manual shutter lock?

Can anyone (here in Photography) recommend a good quality digital camera that has a manual shutter lock? Or even one where you can set the exposure time to minutes or longer? I'm putting together an Instructable that involves single-photon counting (few Hz rate), so I need a device that can accumulate hits for the order of an hour to get a recognizable image.

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2003 Tacoma Manual Transmission Problem

I have a 2003 Tacoma 4x4 manual transmission with a shifting problem.  With the clutch depressed it will not go into any gear...if I let up on the clutch, and press/release the brake, it will go into gear.  Other times, when in gear and approaching a stop sign, depressing the clutch will not allow me to slow/stop and it lurches ahead; the same is true when backing up...can't stop.  Either way it is disturbing....any ideas?

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Looking for a DIY Manual for a Tiny House

Hi everyone :), I am a fan of Tiny Houses. And I would love to built one customized based on our basic needs and personality. Well it is okay to have a contractor do it, but on the other hand, I want to be hands on to have on. Do you know a site or a vid link that could be helpful. I would super appreciate your take in on this. Thanks!

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Kelly's controller slowing down manually

Greetings, I'm looking for a while now but no solution, so wanted to post this question in here. Got a e-bike that can do 90km/u but I need to keep it 45km/u for road legality. But on private property on my job and stuff, don't need the 45km/u so I wish without to connect the controller to my laptop and stuff to make it go faster and slower, twice a day, it would be handy I could let it go with a simple push of a button go slow/fast. It's about this controller: There is software for to download: Manual aswell: Also, there is a configurable boost switch if I wanted, so maybe through that ... Or an economy function... If only that could be programmed, so I can set my engine power to 100% and the economy to what ever makes it run legal speed. Hope I gave some info, to make things up for what I ment ...

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How can I create a manually controlled rgb led controller?

I have a 4 lead common cathode led.  Would it be as simple as building an led driver circuit and placing a potentiometer between supply and each anode?

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Why has my 2001 toyota manual transmission become hard to shift into 3rd and 4th?

It is a 5 speed. 1st, 2nd, and 5th shift normally. It feels like 3rd and 4th are going into gear shallow; some times they will pop out imediately after engaging. This condition just started.

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How is the piston on an old manual vac. pump repacked using leather sealant(packing) for which it was designed?

I have several antique manual piston vacuum pumps all of which need the pistons "repacked" with leather gaskets. The leather sealing gasket is specific for this type of antique pump and allows the lubricated piston and leather sealant to provide an airtight seal between the piston and the internal cylinder walls into which it inserts. The piston rod is pushed inward by way of handle which is attached to the piston rod in the cylinder. On manually pulling the handle or lever outward, and thus the piston, air is evacuated from a bell jar via tubing and a valve, the bell jar resting on a round metal plate or stage (sealed with vacuum grease) to which the tubung communicates and subsequently communicates with the pump. Upon pushing the pump lever inward (and thus the piston), air pulled into the pump cylinder on the evacuation stroke is vented to the exterior by means of a one way communication between the fore side of the piston and the aft side of the piston and to the atmosphere by way of a hole in the closed end of the piston cylinder. The cycle is repeated as necessary. Does anyone know how to repack the pistons with the required leather seals, or have a source for the leather seals, or know of a craftsman who knows how to accomplish repacking of these historical pumps (antique scientific instruments). Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Wanted: info book

I have 2 1997 NEC XG1101C auditorium projectors. I haven't the faintest idea where to begin and an owner's manual would probably be a good start. Except I have not found any resources online and the company has never heard of this particular projector. If anyone can help me find something to help me use these gigantic paperweights for home theater, I would be enormously grateful.

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is there any way to make a cnc-type thing, but you turn cranks to move the tool?

I want to make a machine to cut parts using my Dremel, which is positioned by turning cranks. Like a cnc, but you are the controller and computer. :)

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KODAK Model 3500 Photo Copier?

I recently came by an old KODAK 3500 photo copier. It is a monster but it has three good stepper motors and main control board including drivers. MY PROBLEM IS THAT I DO NOT HAVE A SCHEMATIC FOR THE MAIN BOARD AND NO WIRING  TO TRACE.  CAN ANYONE HELP. THANKS, Liftfan

Question by liftfan  


Could any body help me with the operation manual of power express inverter?

Question by austinbby    |  last reply

US Navy Shop Manuals and other books

I also found a source of shop manuals courtesy of the US Navy site. HOOYAH! Download aweigh my boys! Downloads aweigh!

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RTC manual time set with relay projct

Hello,I want to make RTC ds1307 manual time set with LCD and relay Arduino project. then how to make funtions and C codes?pleas help me.thank you.I want to make RTC module with relay project, so relay will switching at 6 morning for 2 hours duration after off, and switching at 6 evening for 2 hours duration after off. There tow type situation for switching (morning and evening). but when power failure so RTC time error then it's not working real time, so I want to RTC manual set with buttons. please help me

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Black & Decker Bandsaw, Model DN330-H2 Manual.

Hi Folks. I have posted this in questions but that was two days ago & it still has not appeared so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try in the forums as well. The following appeared on the Cafe pages of my local FreeGle group this morning & I wondered if anyone in the wonderful world of Instructables could help. Ladies & Gentlemen I've acquired a Black & Decker Bandsaw, Model DN330-H2. It would be very helpful to have a copy of the instruction manual and I should be most grateful if anybody who has the manual for a similar model would allow me to have a copy. I've used bandsaws in the past but it would be really useful to know how the manufacturer suggests that blades are fitted and tensioned. I've tried the B&D; website and all I can find is an "exploded" diagram and a parts list. If anyone has a copy of the manual for this or any other bandsaw in the Black & Decker DN330 range in a format they could email me or perhaps a link to a web site it would be truly appreciated. All the best. N.G.

Topic by Nostalgic Guy  

is there an easy way to manually operate a cd tray?

Im in the middle of automating my trash can (i know i can just buy one, but what's the fun in that?) and i got the proximity sensor part to work, but i cant think of a way to turn a short burst (in the sensor test circuit i had the led on the output blinked once when my hand got close yay!) into a signal that would power an old cd motor until it opened, pushing the trash can lid open, wait about 10sec or so, then apply reverse polarity for 2sec or so until it closed. i might be able to use a microcontroller to do this, but im just getting into that and i don't want to use one for this unless there isn't another way. if it's relevant im using a 555 to generate a 38khz pulse to an ir led picked up by rpm7138. any ideas?

Question by the judge    |  last reply

How can I convert my car manual window to power window ?

How can I convert my car manual window to power window using the existing mechanism just using a motor instead of the crank handle ??? I want to use less component as possible and also cheaper . just one motor connected to the gear of the crank handle . but I don't know how can I do that ???

Question by ahwaheed  

I need a manual transmission drive unit - that works like an egg beater or butter churn

I design micro - and slightly bigger - biodiesel units.  I want to mix the methoxide with a non-electric mixer.  Slow and steady is all that is needed.   I have the idea of using a mixer that works like an egg beater or butter churn.   The mixing container will be of 100-200 litre capacity with a closed lid to avoid chemical fumes. Can anyone directly me to where I can source something like this?  I have been to a couple of companies in the food processing industry - to no avail (yet) - as most equipment is electric. I work from Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa  -  so local will be lekker (excellent) !!

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Rice planter

Can someone please help me in making a manual rice planter. thank you.

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LT Spice Switches?

I have a simple question... If anyone here knows about the program LTSpice, is it possible to create switches that are manual, like pushbutton switches, spdt/dpst/etc., not automatic switches?

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Do you need a manual for an old power tool? Try this site!

I inherited a circa 1980 Craftsman router and circa 1985 Craftsman router table from my Dad, who died last September. Since Sears seems to be on life support and I think the plug might get pulled on them, I had a look on their support pages for these manuals, while I still can. They sell parts for these models but don't have the original manuals. For a possibly similar router Sears wanted $8 for the manual. Ummm, no. This site has an awesome collection of old power tool manuals, free, and you don't have to register.  

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How do I remove the rear lens cap from a Canon manual focus FD lens.? Answered

 This is a 50mm lens from a Canon manual focus A1 camera.  The knurled metal ring on the rear of the lens will not turn. I could have installed a cap from one of the newer style FD lenses.

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Where is the hand crank located for a 94 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper to lift it my hand?

We need to lift the top with the manual crank but cannot locate where to crank it . Does anyone know where it is?

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How do we build a Manual water pump

Our kids and  I want to build a water pump, for a water science project / play exercise. i want to provide them with lots of pipes and things to build water "contraption " We need a manual  / foot pump - ....How do we build a water pump and with what items do we need? We have access to a certain amount of junk, but happy to by new items and have access (shops) to almost anything that would be needed. I do not want to use electrficity , batteries or compressed air to drive the pump - but foot power....Any idea's thx Irfaan in Riyadh and Cape Town

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trying to find a repair manual for a lawson paper drill?

Need a repair manual for a 1965 model paper drill, mainly need for the drive of the electric brake for engaging the up and down motion.

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Can't find a library or manual for my rfid reader?

So I recently got one of these  and it mentions I should download the manual for insturction on the commands, but I can't find the manual or any libraries for the life of me! So i was wondering if the good people of instructables might be able to help me out on locating this manual/library so that i can pop it into my arduino projects :P

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Black & Decker Bandsaw, Model DN330-H2 Manual?

Hi Folks. The following appeared on the Cafe pages of my local FreeGle group this morning & I wondered if anyone in the wonderful world of Instructables could help. Ladies & Gentlemen I've acquired a Black & Decker Bandsaw, Model DN330-H2. It would be very helpful to have a copy of the instruction manual and I should be most grateful if anybody who has the manual for a similar model would allow me to have a copy. I've used bandsaws in the past but it would be really useful to know how the manufacturer suggests that blades are fitted and tensioned. I've tried the B&D; website and all I can find is an "exploded" diagram and a parts list. If anyone has a copy of the manual for this or any other bandsaw in the Black & Decker DN330 range in a format they could email me or perhaps a link to a web site it would be truly appreciated. All the best. N.G.

Question by Nostalgic Guy  

How do I manually turn on a computer powersupply??

I want to turn my old 480 watt computer power supply into a bench power supply, but I have no idea how to turn the thing on without connecting to the computer. The power supply is a 480 watt Reactor. I heard there is a standby 5v, and will turn on full power when you give it some logic input. Please post. Thx

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can an automatic washing machine be made into a manual one.?

I would like to be able to run an automatic washing machine the same as one does  TWIN TUB washing machine. like adding the water myself via a bucket instead of the machine connected to a tap. as i intend to live out in the bush with only generator power and no water pump on the tank. can an automatic washing machine be made to operate as a manual one.?? thanks everyone.!!

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Best Answers Count Running In Manual Mode For A While

.  A recent update to the site broke my script for checking how many Best Answers ppl have. Robot is looking into the problem, but I have no idea how long it may take (I'm sure Robot has higher priorities than this project). .  Until Robot can fix the problem, please check your profile page every now and then and let me know if you hit a milestone. TIA.

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Will this RGB LED manual color changer circuit work? Answered

I am working on making a lighted banjo head, and thought to use an RGB LED strip ( so i can change the colors. I am new to electronics, and have no real programming experience. As such I designed this curcuit to work with basic parts i can find easily at hobby stores. I reasoned that if i increased the resistance of the circuit with a potentiometer, I could dim the LED's. The led strip takes 0.02 amps at 12 volts and is common anode (it has built in resistors for each LED). I cant find low resistance potentiometers so i thought to put 5k ohm pot in parallel with 680 ohm resistor to get the required  resistance of 600 ohms to shut off the LED.   I have looked around the internet and haven't seen anyone use this method, so im wondering if it will work. Any help is appreciated as i hope to make an instructable of this project! Thanks, Pie Here is a circuit diagram:

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I would like to purchase a manual on how to braid paracord. Can you give me the price on a manual of this type ?

I am interested in making different key holder, and other items out of paracord.

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Hyundai FHSM-702PLU249739 sewing machine (66 stitch) user manual

There are loads of messages on the net from people who've lost or never had the instructions for the Hyundai FHSM-702PLU249739 sewing machine. They are not downloadable anywhere that I've found. So here's a copy (pdf attached). Hope it helps.

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Sams Citizen Band Radio Manuals (1961) Free to download

My mate Gerry and myself are members of the Internet Archive, a vast depositary of out-of-copy-right texts, videos and audio. Volunteers like us, are constantly uploading new materiel, its all free to download, with some restrictions, like, "for non-commercial-use only". There are books like old telephone manuals, Bell Labs monthly journals, same for Kodak, books on building televisions from the 1940s, Radio, Electricity etc a book from Popular Mechanics, called "The Boy Mechanic", training manuals, and fiction. At last count, volunteers had uploaded 1.5 million text items. In the movie archive, there are training movies, and videos from the USA Government, on things like Nuclear Power and Subs, Power stations, ships,  a lot of stuff produced to screen in schools but still useful. Plus old movies, there is 22 episodes of the old Western Bonanza, for which the copyright owner forgot to renew the copyright on. Plus more like all of Edison made movies, 1900 and before, up to maybe 1905, then stuff like his gramophone, etc. Any material uploaded, that is under copyright, is quickly spotted by volunteers and reported for deletion. Gerry in New York, collects a lot of old books from library dumpsters, all of which he scans, and uploads to the Archive. and of cause most members upload, as you dont need to registrar at all, to download. Gerry just advised me, he is uploading some CB Radio manuals, I just checked, and its 5 volumes at least, of the following, on the following link. The 922Mb PDF is an archival version, so only download the 31Mb PDF, thats all you need to use the book. To review on-line, it the Read Online link, and the Text Only, has had OCR run over it by the Archive, so you can copy and paste the text, but beware, you need to proof read it for OCR errors. Gerry uploads a wide range of items, so he uses a keyword coding, to tie all similar items together on the archive, so when you reach the URL above, there is a listing of keys words, the one to click on is SP-000-001 which gets the other volumes as the other ones keywords are for linking to other members uploads to the archive. To see his other stuff, click on his name as publisher. (Publisher to the archive) or SP-000-001 for his similar stuff to the book below The following is Gerry's standard book description. BTW, Gerry works for a library, is a copyright expert, and even has a copy of a letter from Sams, saying the material is in the public domain, seems 5 years ago, somebody uploaded similar material to other website, was reported to Sams, the letter coming back, was then placed on the same website. Sams Photofact Series; Citizen Band Radio Manual, Volume 1; published in 1961. Published originally by Howard W. Sams & Co., of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was published under the Photofact folder series and is was copyrighted in 1961. There is no copyright renewal for this document so it is Public Domain under Rule 6 of the U.S. Copyright Statutes. The document is 160 pages; Dimensions are 8 1/2" width by 11" height and weight 383grams. Ebook created by Gerard Arthus. This item was from the collection of the Suffolk County Library System (SCLS), 627 North Sunrise Service Road, Bellport, New York 11713.

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how do car clutch work?

How does the car or automobile mechanisms work? How does a Car or automobile clutch work in motion?

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