Desktops of March

We all use computers to access this website, which means were all most probably sat infront of a computer.Many other forums do a monthly 'show off your desktop' thread, so i intend to bring the same to here.Some of us are more than happy strolling along with the default windows xp skin, and a few icons on our desktops, others want and need to customize it as much as possible. Some of us, like myself, appreciate the extra efficiency with some of the tools available.This is a place for people to share their desktops, and to ask questions about other peoples, so if you see someone else with a kick ass wallpaper, ask them where they got it!I do not want any flaming. We accept ALL operating systems as equal.So, on with the show, here is my march desktop features include - Running Mac OS X LeopardiStat Menus for temp, and memory usage in menu bariPulse for further activity usage in the desktop.Adium, with a custom black text transparent backgroundGeektool, displaying RSS feed of recent Ibles comments, and the timeMy own home made wallpaper, featuring a snail picture i found.I look forward to seeing yours!- gmjhowe

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Marching Band Geekery

This is pretty awesome. How many games can you recognize by music alone? -via GeekDad

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(newsletter) Gummi Shot Glasses, Powerthief, Glowing Coffee Table...

Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } The brand new Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest is officially open to any rubber band-powered contraption! Enter now to win cool books from Klutz!Burning Questions is back with a vengeance with Burning Questions 7. Answer our questions and win the love of thousands, or at least a spiffy new t-shirt!Enjoy modifying the things you buy? Then check out the ThinkGeek Hacks Contest. Hack or modify any ThinkGeek item and win a $250 gift certificate to ThinkGeek!And of course, you definitely want to win a laser cutter!Enter any awesome project with a green twist in the Epilog Challenge and win an Epilog Zing laser cutter or gift certificates from Ponoko! Wave Laptop Stand How to Keep a House Plant Alive Make an Ikea-style Instruction Manual Homemade Annoy-a-thing (Annoy-a-tron) Win a laser cutter! Stretch, twist, and power something cool! Gummi Shot Glasses Musical Bra Make a Chainmail Shirt Powerthief Make A Tesla Turbine Fancy Desk with an in-built PC Hydraulic Ram Pump Plastic Smithing Let your geekiness shine! Get connected! Drill Press Laser Pointer Motion Sensor Cat Toy Glow Tank Coffee Table Paper Airplane Walkalong Glider Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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(newsletter) Confetti Cannon, Medieval Gauntlets, Cardboard Furniture...

Mar 5, 2009 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! Enjoy modifying the things you buy? Then check out the new ThinkGeek Hacks Contest. Hack or modify any ThinkGeek item and win a $250 gift certificate to ThinkGeek! Want to win a laser cutter?Enter any awesome project with a green twist in the Epilog Challenge and win an Epilog Zing laser cutter or gift certificates from Ponoko!The Valentine's Day: Sweet Treats Contest winners have been announced. See who won!We're in the running for best Classic website in the SXSW People's Choice Awards! Vote for us!New contest next week:The Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest will be open to any rubber band-powered contraption! Start tinkering now for the chance to win cool books from Klutz! Use Your Cell Phone on a Land Line Build a Medieval Gauntlet Pin Clock Exploding Confetti Cannon Win a laser cutter! Let your geekiness shine! Homemade Ranch Dressing Cheap Office or Room Divider Duct Tape Corsage and Flowers How to Propose - (Time Travel Edition) Featured question from the new Answers section: Does anyone know how to make a 3-phase wind power generator interface with a home's electric system? One-Touch Keypad Key Homemade Lox at 1/4 the Cost Cheap, Easy and Recycled Jewelry! Build Working Gears from Junkmail Coming Soon! See who won! Variable Soldering Iron Controller Chocolate Bowl Offline Mechanical Steampunkers' Blog Design Your Own Cardboard Furniture Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

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Year-to-Data, March 2014

Tl;dr: Check out this pie chart that shows the distribution of projects published in 2014 by category. The outer ring shows the channel within the category that had the highest volume of entries, along with the year to date project count. Do you ever wonder how the projects on Instructables are distributed across categories? I did, too. In a tenuous-at-best connection to the Pi Day Pie Contest, we made a pie chart showing where all the newly-published projects have been categorized since the start of 2014. That outside ring shows the most popular channels within the category, along with a project count for each. Some quick observations: (1) There isn’t as much food as I would have thought. It seems like people are posting food ALL THE TIME, but apparently the overall project volume is coming in via other channels. I guess we’re just getting a lot of good food entries that are being featured more often. The quality of authors’ food photography is getting very good, and the featuring team may be featuring projects under the influence of hunger. (2) Contests drive some (but not all) project builds. Since the start of the year, we’ve run paracord, organization, electronics, and crafting contests. And, wouldn’t you know it, those are the channels receiving the bulk of new projects. Even without a special contest, the Toys channel received an outsized number of projects, so we’ll see what happens later this year when we run a few contests around toys. (Pro-tip: Start stockpiling LEGO and KNEX pieces.) (3) Technology and Living make up just over half of the site’s new content. Sure, the robot has a strong preference for electronics projects, but we’re seeing a lot of great craft projects coming in as well. Either way, an army of hot-tool wielding* makers are creating some really cool stuff. (4) This community may be a little paranoid, but we’re prepared. Paracord and survival projects account for almost all of the outdoor projects we’ve seen so far this year. If I’m stuck in a rural farmhouse surrounded by zombies, I want some of you all right there with me. If you’re worried about the imminent collapse of civilization and are concerned that Instructables won't be around to help with the power out, you can buy a book of some of our best homesteading projects. You’ll be sitting pretty with a chicken coop and some rain barrels while everyone else gets punched over a can of soup. (Don't get punched over a can of soup.) (5) Did you notice anything interesting? Sound off in the comments. I've got some 3 month pro memberships to give away to insightful commenters. :D *or hot, tool-wielding authors.

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March is Craft Month. How does a month get a special designation?

Is there a government office in charge of approving and denying special themes for months? Who is in charge here? Is March Craft month just because someone repeated "march is craft month" until it became true?

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(newsletter) Chalkboard Table, Dead PC Aquarium, iPhone Macro Photography

  Chalkboard Table Dead PC Aquarium iPhone Macro Photography Fakeaccino Hybrid Pipe Bed LED Jellies Hard Drive Light Switches Free Motion Cycling Rollers Reuse Nespresso Capsules Hard Drive Instrument Steampunk Shutter Shades Modify a Mandrel Guides Solar Panels Desserts Arduino

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(newsletter) Screen Print for $10, Cargo Scarf, Mad Hatter Hat

  Screen Printing for Under $10 Cargo Scarf Mad Hatter Hat Recycled Paper Notebooks How to Make Candles Keyboard Wallet Fabric Pressure Sensor Spinning Yarn Felted Bag Zombie Friend Wavy Cut Paper Beads Easy Homemade Soap Guides Alice in Wonderland Cake Decorating Domo Kun

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(newsletter) DIY Book Scanner, $50 Laser Cutter, The Eyewriter

  DIY Book Scanner How to Solder The Eyewriter High Power Head Lamp Make a NES PC Word Clock Typewriter Computer Keyboard $50 Laser Cutter Wifi Range Extender Make Your Own Lightning Globe RC Nerf Tank Guitar Tube Amp Guides LED USB DIY CNC

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(newsletter) Toddler Guitar Hero, Homemade Pizza Recipes, Printer Shredder

Toddler Guitar Hero Controller Homemade Pizza Recipes Printer Shredder Dystopic Lamp Easy Compression Bookshelf Glass Beads from Broken Bottles Money Origami Collapsible Bed Frame Wristband Light Writer Ball Bearing Rollercoaster Handmade Rings Position Sensitive MIDI Drum Pad Birch and Aluminum Desk Waterproof Camera Case DIY Disc Golf Target

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(newsletter) Wooly Willy Table, Self-Balancing Skateboard, Platypus Inaction Figure

  Wooly Willy Table Dead Computer Contest Winners Platypus Inaction Figure Sew Warm Contest Winners Coffee Can Alarm Clock Self-Balancing Skateboard Grout Portrait Busts Paracord Playing Card Safe Explosion Box Rear Pocket Camera Mount View Radioactive Particle Vapor Color Changing Deck Lights Ultimate Phillips Guide Cup Prank - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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(newsletter) Run OS X on 1984 Mac, Baby Care Bear Costume, Compass Table

  Baby Care Bear Costume 1984 Mac to Run OSX Compass Table DIY Scratch Off Business Cards Mini Yorkshire Puddings Voluptuous Pillow Chairs Runaway Mouse Prank Recumbent Trike DJ Turntable from Old Computer Parts Emergency Breakfast Cake Computer Monitor Cat Bed Custom Fit Gloves Guides Giant Pi Day Easy Vegan Recipes - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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One Year Anniversary of the Instructables Chatroom. (Be-lated of course :P)

Well, I was trying to remind myself to post a topic about the one year anniversary of the -ibles chatroom, and, I just remembered, a little late..March 9th of last year, the Instructables Robot published a forum topic, debuting the new chatroom for the website. It was a great hit with the community, and made the interaction with other members more 'fun', for lack of a better term. Although, a few of us know that it kinda went downhill for a while, so bad infact, that Moderators were assigned, and rules were set. Since then, we've had a few mix-ups, and whoopses..Anyway, how about an anniversary party for the chatroom?Any ideas?Could we establish a date for such an occasion?Regular Chatroom LinkThe Uber Chatroom LinkI pardon myself for forgetting to remember the date sooner.. :/

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Next Month: Pets

Tool Tips Month will be wrapping up in a couple days and with a new month we're having a new theme: pets. We want to see your pet-based Instructables. Cat people, dog people, snake people, rodent people, all of you pet owners are invited to show us something cool that relates to a pet. Pet housing, pet maintenance, pet toys, and whatever else you can think of will be eligible. So get ready to show us what you've got!

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The Puppet Contest is starting on March 25!

The Puppet Contest is open to Instructables that demonstrate puppet making, puppeteering and animatronic techniques. Whether you are working with sock puppets, shadow puppets, Muppet-style puppets, or animatronics, we want to see it. Anything and everything and anything puppet-related is fair game! We are particularly looking for well-documented instructables that show off your creativity, and talent. Participants will have the chance to win a number of cool prizes including a Canon Rebel T4I, and a custom Muppet Whatnot. The Puppet Contest is open March 25 - May 20! Make sure not to publish your puppet instructables before March 25 or they'll be ineligible.

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Awesome display of military precision and percussion.

Awesome display of military precision, percussion and pyrotechnics at the 2009 Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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Maker Fair, March 2009, Glasgow Scotland

I am hereby launching what I believe will be the UK's first ever maker fair. National Science and Emgineering Week is in March and the Glasgow Science centre has agreed to give space to the event over a weekend then. I now need to recruit makers to come along. I am looking for people who will convey the spirit of the Instructables community to a public who have never heard of it. Are you willing to share your skills and sense of fun? I would ideally like a few big things for the outdoor area (between the Glasgow Science Centre and BBC Glasgow building, beside the River Clyde). Messy, big and/or mobile are ideal for this space. There is indoor space for about 10-15 table based activities and there are two shallow pools for anything that needs to float. we cant use the river. We should aim for a variety from wood technology, electronics, mechanicals, aero, watery, construction kits (lego, knex etc), structural and just sheer mad engineering loopiness. If you, or someone you know of, would be good for this, please contact me, so plans can start.

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Problems downloading a PDF - March 2014 **FIXED!**

Mar 21, 2014 - UPDATE We had a small release last night and it looks like this problem was solved! Your browser will require a new cookie for our site; clear your browser cache and refresh the page, then try downloading again. You may have to use the 'custom PDF' on some projects. Thanks for bearing with us while we sorted this out. Please leave your comments below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mar 14, 2014 One of the Pro Membership benefits is the ability to download a PDF of an Instructable for offline viewing. Something has happened in the last week which has caused the PDF generation to not work correctly, preventing projects from being converted into PDFs and being downloaded. This is a known bug and we are investigating the cause and a fix. You may notice this happening to a few Instructables, but not all. There are still many projects that work fine when you request a PDF generation for download. Currently we can recreate this issue across all browsers and operating systems. While we figure out what is going on and working on a fix, please use this Forum topic to provide us with any feedback you may have or links to projects where you're experiencing this problem. Updates to this post when there's more details. Sorry for the delay.

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as of today March 10th pick your winners for each question

If the contest were to close around now about March 10th who would you pick as a winner for each category?

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I'm going to play "Turkish March" by W.A. Mozart Answered

So basically I just took up the challenge presented by my friend by playing "Turkish March" or... Rondo Alla Turca The 3rd movement from Sonata K.331 Allegretto ... on the violin, which is pretty challenging, considering my age. So here are my statistics of my experience on this: Age: 13 Playing since: 6 or 7 But then: stopped for 2-3 years, therefore forgot everything Continued: age 10-11 Determination: substantial... nah, more than enough Experience with this kind of stuff: I am familiar and can do the 2 little 1/16th notes before the multitude of chords of which I can't do (yet). There are about 5 pages worth of  sheet music, but only 50% is really for the violin as obviously I can't reach the bass clef part of the grand staff, therefore putting the number of measures at 132 with a time signature of 2/4. Question: Anyone have any suggestions aside from the "no quick way of doing it" comment and the "practice + time" comments, which I see in almost all of my questions involving learning a skill / related. I just know that there is something else to this, aside from the practice, determination, stuff like that. Oh yeah, side note, how do you do those weird chords? They don't even look like chords (I think). Notes (6th measure) are F# and A on the E string, then E-G, and lastly F-A (no sharps or flats).

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What should I make over the march break?

I don't mind to make anything but it just can't be too complicated. 

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NIMBY 5 Year Birthday Party - March 28th

Who can believe we have been doing it wrong at NIMBY for 5 years? Come see the Bay Area's largest and most prolific industrial art/ DIY space in it's new 64,000 square foot location. NIMBY 5 year anniversary party featuring: The Life Sized Mouse Trap, Esmerelda Strange, art by Ryon Gesink, Wink and Yoni, The Disgusting Spectacle, DJ Zeljko, Fatwater, live art by Jordan Fillers, art by the Museum of Unnatural Selection, therm's robots, art by Janine Miller, art by Orion Fredericks, Brian Kenny Fresno, Glen Meadmore, DJ Big Daddy March 28th 9 pm $10 to enter 8410 Amelia Street, Oakland

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March 2015 Build Night with Brown Dog Gadgets

#BUILDNIGHT 20 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: Friday, February 6. Accepted spaces will be notified by Monday, February 9th. Read our FAQ to learn more about the Build Night program rules and how to make the most out of this event for your space. MARCH BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with Brown Dog Gadgets, maker of DIY kits and products, for our March 2015 build night. Sign up to participate in the build night and we will ship you a package that includes the following: (4) 5W Folding USB Solar Cells HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Host a Build Night: pick a time in March to host a project build night using the Brown Dog Gadgets solar panel . You can host multiple build nights during March to work on your projects. Post 2 Instructables: post 2 Instructables using the solar panels. Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights. Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from past build nights: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photos on the homepage. REWARDS: If your submitted Instructable for this event gets featured by one of our editors we will send you an Instructables Prize Pack which includes: Instructables t-shirt, stickers, and patches. This forum post has guidelines for posting feature worthy projects. Be sure to let people at your event know so they can win a prize pack! Limit 3 per makerspace. RESOURCES: iOS and Android REACH OUT TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA #BUILDNIGHT #INSTRUCTABLES #BROWNDOGGADGETS Twitter: @Instructables, @BrownDogGadgets Instagram: @Instructables SIGN UP: Fill out this google form

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HOW TO ENTER:  i want you to show me zeba print themed nails that have bright rezillient colers and really stand out. give me a how to, on how to do the desighn,without it you are not eligible to win. RULES: have fun,and do your best! WINNERS: there will be a 1st and 2nd winner. PRIZES: the first prize winner will recive a one year membership code. yet the second winner will recive nothing but a pat on the back,sorry......but who knows maby you will win ! if you enter send me a private message saying (im in).

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March 2014 Build Night with Voltaic Systems at Virtuabotix

Here at Virtuabotix we had to hold 4 build nights, each about 12-15 hours (after all there is only 2 of us).  We were provided the Voltaic 6W Solar Charging Kit and we already had tons of coffee, Monster energy drinks, a shop full of parts, and a stack of acrylic for the laser cutter.  We incidentally ran out of acrylic and had to buy more but that is neither here nor there.  Well the team at Virtuabotix hopes you will come by the instructable(which will be completed soon) and check out our project.

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NASA Contest update, updated 2nd March 09

I thought I'd update you all on the NASA contest.Since I'd almost forgotten I'd even entered, it probably means you've forgotten as well.Thor's Shotgun is currently in 57th position, with 243 views.The Cuttlefish Drive is currently 18th place, with 942 views.More views from you, dear readers, will of course improve my results.(You may consider this to be an invitation to spam people...)UPDATEI received an email today:Is your entry to the Create the Future Design Contest among the top winners? Find out on Tuesday, March 10 at 11:00 am Eastern.Join Tech Briefs Media Group and SolidWorks Corp. for a live Webcast announcing the Grand Prize, Category, and Popular Vote winners of the seventh annual contest.Speakers will include Jeff Ray, CEO of SolidWorks, and Linda Bell, Editorial Director of NASA Tech Briefs. Register today for this complimentary Webinar at: Good luck and thanks for participating!Unfortunately, I will be in a parents' meeting during the "webinar", so you might find out before me...(Crosses fingers)

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What do these symbols mean on the music staff? Answered

I am wondering what the five flat signs mean, I think it means b-flat minor, but i don't know what to do. Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

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(newsletter) Geiger Lamp, Homemade Paper, Viking Shoes...

Sign-up for this newsletter: Earthjustice United States of Efficiency Contest - Create an energy-saving Instructable and you could win a MacBook Pro! April Fools Contest - Share your best pranks, tricks, and practical jokes! Klutz Rubber Band-Powered Contest - Open to any rubber band-powered contraption. Win cool books from Klutz!Burning Questions 7 - Answer our questions and win the love of thousands, or at least a spiffy new t-shirt! ThinkGeek Hacks Contest - Hack or modify any ThinkGeek item and win a $250 gift certificate! Epilog Challenge - Enter any awesome project with a green twist for the chance to win an Epilog Zing laser cutter or gift certificates from Ponoko! Viking Shoes JB Weld Casting Build Your Own Earth Box VHS Cassette Clock Win a laser cutter! Stretch, twist, and power something cool Ultimate DeskSquid / Helping Hand Get Your Two Year old to Spell Her Name Homemade Paper Baked Brie Featured questions from our new Answers section: What's the best poison oak treatment? Is there an easy way to run a computer/laptop from a car battery? Unclog Sink Pipes Geiger Lamp Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Build a Simple Security Camera Safe Let your geekiness shine! Share your best tricks! Key Ring Hex Bit Use Spaghetti to Paint Like Jackson Pollock Layered Glass Art Make a Quick Knife from a Clutch Finger Sign-up for this newsletter:

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Did you see Instructables in the Australian press on March 24?

On March 24th, we had a huge increase in direct traffic to the homepage from Australia and New Zealand. Was Instructables mentioned on Australian television or a print publication? I haven't been able to figure it out.

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general hunting question? "gun" !! UPDATED MARCH 23 2008 !!

Who here acctually hunts? and who owns guns?Does anyone have a license? Sunday, March 23, 2008 9:44 am There was recently a comment left on this thread asking if paintballing counts, (headshots) and then i thought all of you people come on here and say that it's not right to shoot animals when people get joy out of shooting each other!! Now i know that it is not fatal to one but i must say at least if we are killing animals it is not just for the sake of killing them, at least it if for food or for selling etc. What does shooting other people show obviously not respect. What is the real point behind it.Truthfully i Dont care i am trying to make a point. What do you think?

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March 2014 Build Night - Voltaic Systems Solar Panels

15 SPACES AVAILABLE Deadline to sign up: Tuesday, February 11 This is NOT first come first serve. We will be reviewing your application + past build night participation (does not apply if you’re new to build night program) to determine eligibility. We will follow up with you by February 13 to let you know if your space has been accepted. You must be associated with a makerspace, hackerspace, or university to participate. MARCH BUILD NIGHT We are partnering with Voltaic Systems, products that store their own power to run your electronics anywhere, for our March 2014 build night. Sign up and we will ship you a package that includes: (1) 6-watt Solar Charger Kit HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Host a Build Night: pick a night in March (any night) to host a project build night using Voltaic Systems 6W solar charger kit. You can host multiple build nights during March and April to work on your projects. Post 1 Instructables: post 1 step-by-step Instructable using the solar panel kit. (Not posting these Instructables will affect your chances to participate in future build nights). Brownie Points (not required): after the build night post a forum topic on Instructables about your event. Include pictures, stories, etc... Here are two examples from the May build night: Noisebridge and Makers Local 256. We may even feature your photos on the homepage. CHALLENGE We are offering a copy of the Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate to the makerspace that submits the best Instructable featuring the 6W solar panel from Voltaic Systems. That space will also receive 20 Instructables t-shirts for their makerspace. SIGN UP - Please only sign up if you are able to complete the requirements listed above This is a 2-step sign up process.  YOU MUST COMPLETE BOTH TO FULLY SIGN UP. Fill out this google form. You will then receive a private message in your Instructables inbox by February 13 asking for your shipping information. You cannot receive the Voltaic Systems materials without completing this step. Selection Process: We look at past build night participation, past project quality, and project proposals for the current build night. If you haven't participated in a build night OR haven't submitted Instructables for build nights you signed up for we suggest your space create Instructables over the next few months and submit them in future applications. RESOURCES: Voltaic Systems DIY Projects Using Arduino with Voltaic Systems Solar Panels Instructables App (for documentation during the build night): iOS and Android JOIN OUR ANNOUNCEMENT LIST If you are interested in being directly notified about future build nights fill out this form. You will receive an e-mail when the events are announced in the forums. If you have signed up for a past build night or this build night you are already on our announcement list. ABOUT BUILD NIGHTS Instructables is sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world. Each month is a different theme and we will send you materials to run a workshop at your space. In return your space posts Instructables from your build night.

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Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday March 9th, 2008

A story about online DIY culture including Instructables and an interview with me aired Sunday morning on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. It was right after the puzzle. Instructables CEO Eric Wilhelm: The DIY aesthetic, at least sometimes, is about the subversive joy of making a prefab product "do something that it wasn't intended to."If you missed it, the web edition complete with archived audio, is here:Digital DIY: Web Helps Do-It-Yourselfers Share EthicMore news articles about Instructables here.

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Maker City & Maker Festival in Mechelen, Belgium, March 19 to 22

The site is Dutch only, sadly enough:

Topic by masynmachien 

Join me at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA - March 21-24

  Have y'all heard of this? I heard about the Craftcation Conference last year and wanted to go so badly, but I had just moved to California and was still getting settled. But this year I'll be there, along with some other fancy Instructables ladies! (Scoochmaroo is presenting three different times over the weekend, and angelabchua will be there too!)  If you're near California and you love to craft or if you own a small business you should make the trip. :D It's going to be held in Ventura, CA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Click here to check out ticket prices and find out more about all the awesome things your tickets will cover! Registration closes March 1st so you better get on it! Tickets are available for the whole weekend, and you can even get a daily ticket for just Friday or Saturday. You should check out the schedule - there are so many amazing workshops and speakers I can't handle it. I have no idea how I'll choose where to go each day! The 2013 schedule includes: SMALL BUSINESS: starting a creative business, social media & PR, wholesale, retail, craft fairs, ETSY, legal & financial, publishing and more! DIY CRAFT WORKSHOPS: sewing, knitting, soap from scratch, photography, letterpress, terrariums, bookbinding and more! DIY FOOD WORKSHOPS: pickling & fermentation, artisan ice cream, salted caramels, farm to fork meals, seasonal jams, rustic italian cooking and more! COMMUNITY EVENTS: happy hour networking, bbq opening celebration, pop-up shop, yoga, dance party and more! (link to Still not sold? Check out this video from last year's Craftcation:   Craftcation 2012 from Letter Box Films on Vimeo.   You know you need to come. It's going to be so much fun! :D

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Maker Faire UK!

Maker Faire is crossing the pond and will be landing in the UK! It will be happening on March 14-15 during the Newcastle ScienceFest which runs from March 6-15. After three years Maker Faire is going international!No word on whether there's an open call for makers to go and demonstrate their own creations just yet. Maker Faire UK

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Why didn't my entry show up in the contest?

On March 1, 2010, I received the following from the "" " Hi yrrep73,Your entry 'UNISEX WINTER ROBE' for the 'Sew Warm Contest' has been accepted. The contest closes on Mar 7, 2010. 12:00 AM.Congratulations, your Instructable has met the requirements to enter the Sew Warm Contest and has been accepted!After the contest closes for entries on the night of January 3, it will be up for user voting from March 8 - March 14.Good luck,Instructables Robot" My entry, "UNISEX WINTER ROBE" hasn't shown up in the panels for voting. Perry L Humphrey

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The Serious Eats Pi Day Pie Contest is launching soon!

We've partnered with Serious Eats again for our yearly Pi Day contest. It'll be open for entries March 4th through 18th, but we wanted to give you guys a heads up before it launches! Get brainstorming! You could win a new iPad or a fantastic baking prize package from King Arthur Flour. Click here to get a sneak peek of the contest before it opens! P.S. - Make sure not to publish your awesome pies before before March 4th! They have to be published March 4th or after to be eligible. :D

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I need help to make a car air horn that plays the Imperial March?

 I don't want an electric mp3 horn, I want it to be similar to the horn on the General Lee.  Is there a way I can modify an already existing air horn set up?  Thanks in advance

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Pier 9 in the Media

Video Tour Through the Pier 9 Workshop  TechCrunch - May 2014 Approachable Fabrication Fabrication and Forming Journal - May 2014 Anouk Wipprecht Creates Smart Textiles in SF 7x7 - May 2014 Most Amazing Office Spaces on the Planet Business Insider - April 2014 What Happens When you Turn Artists Loose on Autodesk's 3D Printers Fast Company - April 2014 Andreas Bastian Creates Incredible Bendable 3D Printed Mesostructured Material - April 2014 Dutch artist Wipprecht to speak at Codame Art+Tech event SF Chronicle - April 2014 Carl Bass in the Pier 9 Workshop Discovery Channel - March 2014 Autodesk Pier 9 Design and Motion - March 2014 AutoCAD 2015 Blogger Day CAD Setter Out - March 2014 Inside Autodesk's 3D Printing and Creativity Workshop on Pier 9 Curbed SF - March 2014 Creating Joy in Technology CCA News - October 2013 Ribbon Cutting at Pier 9 GigaOm - September 2013

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The Raspberry Pi contest says it's still open for votes

It says that the Raspberry Pi contest is still open for votes, even though it also says that voting ends midnight March 17 2016.  Midnight March 17 has already happened.  Why is this so?  Is it a bug?  Or is someone on the Instructables crew misinformed(about what day it is when it becomes midnight)?

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welcome to the alliance!

ATTENTION members: there will be a contest held on march 24 please enter your instructables by putting a link on your comment, and please no oragami or knitting :)

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DJ Radio- celebrating 14 years of pure awesome. (Aka my birthday) -UPDATE

Yes, today is my birthday.  I am 14.  I have a cake and everything.  I was gonna post a gun to concide with this event but unfortunately I couldn't finish it in time.  Oh well. *Update* To coincide with my birthday, I will not read any PM unless it has "To his majesty, the Honorable DJ Radio" in the subject line until March 15, 2010, 14 days from now.  The only exceptions are staff and replies to PM's I have made before March 1.  I'm serious, if you want your PM's read, you have to use that subject line until March 15.

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Watch Manchester United vs Fulham Online Free 26 March 2012

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It was twenty years ago today...

On 24th March, 1990, Kitewife and I were married. The church has since burned down.

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Email links not working

All of the emails I have recieved since March 1st come through without the pictures, and without any working links.

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Instructables Show & Tell- in our town, and yours

Come to the first Instructables Show & Tell this March! We've scheduled a few to get you started, but need volunteers to host Show & Tells in your town! Check out the Forum post for more details, then get in touch with me.LOCATIONS: Bay Area Instructables, Friday 9 March, 7pm2175 Monarch St, Alameda, CA directionsRSVP: canida(*at*) Boston Area MITERS, Saturday 10 March, 7pm265 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA directionsMost of the Instructables & Squid Labs founders built things at MITERS when they were in school; it's a neat clubhouse full of people who love to make fun things. They've got an Instructables group to show some of them off. NOTE: Please don't bring beer or wine as this event is on the MIT campus. Austin dorkbot Saturday, 10 March, 6-8pmBrush Square Park at 5th and Neches map(electronic art) Come to a special dorkbot during the SXSW Interactive Festival! We'll have a carnival style presentation of mad science fun spread across stations around the tent. Between scheduled presentations, show off your own project and get 30 seconds on the mike to tell the crowd about your demented electronic pursuits before being unceremoniously buzzed off the stage by 20,000 volts of raw power! Enormously raw POWER! Brush Square Park is adjacent to the Austin Convention Center, host of SXSW.Mandatory RSVP here or email New York Etsy Labs Thursday, 22 March, 7pm325 Gold St., 6th Floor, Brooklyn, NY mapHosted by Etsy, MAKE, & Create Digital Music Atlanta Taco Mac Perimeter Friday, 30 March 8pm1211 Ashford Crossing, Atlanta, GA mapRSVP: jenny (*at*) Orlando Panera Friday, 23 March 6pm11472 University Blvd., Orlando, FL mapRSVP: PM trebuchet03 or or send him email Savannah Thursday, 22 March, 7pmLocation TBARSVP: PM royalestelYour City Here?Volunteer to host now! Libraries, schools, and other community venues will often let you reserve space. Just send me a personal message or an email and we'll coordinate.

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I need a music festival name, anyone have any ideas?

Event will be in UAE some were in Feb or March...............

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Vote for Instructables!

Instructables is a Webware 100 finalist in the Search & Reference category.Vote for us! Click here for an auto-populated ballot. Voting closes March 31.

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HERE IS HOW TO ENTER show me your best nail desighn you posted on instructables....i need a how to on how to do it or your not eligible to win. videos are welcome. prizes: there will be a first and second prize winner....first prize is a one year membership code...second winner will recive nothing,but your nail desighn will be advertized next to the winners. the contest ends march 28th at 12:00 midnight. the winners will be shown on march 30th. every one who enters will recive a message that shows them were to look to see the winners so dont worry. the prize for the winner will be given in about a week or sooner after the 30th of march.  IF YOU ENTER SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE SAYING( IM IN !) if you have any questions just send the question through a private message to me  

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circuit imprime

Bonjour ,j'ai un ecran plat qui marche 5 s et apres plus l'ai demonte .allimente plus rien ,ni image ni voyant power.

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