Beer Mat Collectors?

Does anyone else on instructables collect beer mats? I just started as I love ale and have seen loads of cool designs. I thought I'd post to see if anyone else on here collects and would like to swap some of their duplicates for some of mine?

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Touch Sensitive Floor Mats

I have one of those Halloween floor mats that when you step on them, it triggers a sensor that has it make a screaming noise. Is there anyway to hack this? It's annoying and I want to make use out of it.

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Where can i buy a cutting mat? Answered

You know those green/blue/black grid mats in lots of instrutables? i need one. where can i buy it?

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How do I remove a heat mat so I can reuse it on a different tank.?

I started to remove the mat and decided I better ask someone before I ruin it. K

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How do I make a support that can absorb as much noise as possible from playing with the DDR dance mat?

I live in a multi-story apartment complex which makes it extremely difficult not to disturb the neighbors.

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Picture Frame Mat DIY

I'm trying to frame a 6" square picture with a frame and mat. i cant find a nice frame or mat for a good price so I thought to glue a couple of sheets of cardstock together and cut out a custom mat shape. Do you guys think that will work? I'm at a loss for the frame. I haven't thought of how to make the frame but i know i want something simple and modern looking. Any ideas/help? Thanks!

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Nankin Tamasudare

I would like to know how to make the traditional Japanese Storytelling Mat known as Nankin Tamasudare. I wanted one for myself but for some reason they are priced at hundreds of dollars here in the USA. They can only be found at sellers of "magic supplies". Here is a link to what I am talking about Can anyone help? Ed

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Welcome Mat weight scales

I would like a welcome mat that would display the persons weight on an eye level digital readout [large].  I have people over a lot and I think this would a great way to start the ladies party.  I have  scales in small hallway and have beeen surprised at  how many people get on it. I love this web page and marlvel at the things ya'll make.  I am so envious. Gail

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Laser cutting photo mats

I would like to know if a laser cutter will cut a beveled edge on picture frame mats. (like regular mats are cut). I want to cut out specialty letters in mats for photos to frame. Please help!

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Cool gel mats for pets

Hi, all! I foster dogs and cats in Baton Rouge for several non-profit agencies.  Lately, I've had more than a few feral cats needing a temporary home.  I had an idea (inspired by something I saw online) to use the trunk from the crepe myrtle tree my boyfriend chopped down to "catify" the carport where they like to seek shelter at night.  Considering that I've never owned a power tool until now, I think it's coming together nicely so far (pics attached).  Please keep in mind that I'm no carpenter....   This is south Louisiana where the Summer temps are high and the humidity is even higher.  I can only imagine how awful that must be when you are sporting a full fur coat outside!  Here's where I need your help:  I want to make cool gel mats to fit the odd shaped green shelves you see attached to the walls.  I have been sewing for many decades, so making these "cool" cushions to fit is not a problem.  The problem is how to make the GEL that goes inside the mats that keeps the pet cool.  I'd rather not use any toxic chemicals, just in case one of them punctures the gel mat causing it to leak and then decides to drink the gel.  So, maybe there's a chemist out there, or just some intelligent individuals that  might have the answer to my problem?  Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated! Thank you, Linda

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What are camping roll mats made of? Answered

Does anybody know what kind of foam those cheap roll-up camping mats are made from?  The most detail I've found on a label is "foam construction".

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Creating a custom TCG playing mat

Hi guys.  I have access to a 48" inkjet printer, sheets of vinyl, and I can order or buy (within reason) anything else.  A friend came up to me with an unusual request: she often plays trading card games, and has a design for a custom mat.  I personally don't own a mat, but could get my hands on one of hers to see the material setup.  AFAIK, and based off Google searches, there is a thin foam base (1/16" to 1/8"), followed by a print of the design on vinyl (24x14).  My goal is to keep costs low.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and an Instructable would be even better, if you have the know-how. Someone has a thread of images of mats, if it would help:

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spray or paint, rubber car mat? Answered

Im looking for some type of a rubber spray or "paint" that i can use to coat the inside of a car instead of using the traditional floor mat. I would like to coat the floor "buckets" with this rubber so i dont ever have to worry about spills, stains exct. something that i could spray down with a regular hosehold cleaner and wham-o cleans any mess there is. any idea of what I might be looking for?? *waterproof *handles house hold chems good *does not melt in summer time! *does not crack *does not stink (if its temp because of "fresh paint" then thats okay) *relatively cheap *able to paint over carpet *thick

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how to groom a dog with matted fur?

An elderly person gave me a dog because they could not keep it any longer. This dog has long hair and it is very matted in places. There is no way I could comb the mats out. Does anyone know how to groom a dog like this? A local groomer wants to charge me $125.00 and I cannot afford to pay that much right now because I was recently laid off from my job. Thanks!

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DIY Card Game Playmat?

I have recently started playing Magic: The Gathering, and was looking to get a Playmat, I would like to make one because I don't want to spend a ton on a mat, I was wondering if anyone had any links to a tutorial on how to make a portable one from scratch for under $5? In case you don't know what they are, here is a link to some (;=5090 ) Thanks.

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sheet foam shock absorber

Im making a trailer for a longboard (skateboard) with a speaker setup on it weighing around 20kg, the speaker im using for it is a fairly durable plastic mobile DJ style speaker but even so i'll be pulling it around over potentially rough tarmac/asphalt surfaces on a trailer made from skateboard parts so could a couple of small sections of foam sheet sandwiched between skateboard truck baseplates and the deck offer adequate shock absorption? i have squishy 1.5cm thick yoga mat foam or firmer 1cm thick sound proofing foam to choose from...

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Cheap DIY exact fitting car mats? Answered

I have car mats that slip and slide everywhere and I don't want to pay 70+ dollar for exact fitting car mats. Can anyone create an instructible on how to create your own exact fitting door mat for cheap? My friend's father done it with some material from homedepot, but my friend doesn't know how to do it! help please~

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carbon fiber felt, carbon fiber matting

Seeking a source for remnants carbon fiber felt, will use as combination wind screen chimney internal liner to prevent loss of heat to the environment can use piece sized 4 x 24 inches-minimum. thickness 5 mm, 7mm or better if possible. carbon fiber is usually sold by the sq. yd./meter- i know that carbon fiber felt exists but can't seem to locate same, free or cheap is best, thats why i'm looking for remnant material. thanking you for your help big al

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How can I make my own scat mat?

I foster rescue cats, and have successfully trained them all to keep off of counters and shelves, until this recent batch. I can't afford the $60 and up it costs for these mats, but voice commands and squirt bottles just aren't cutting it as deterrents.

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Which glue to create massage roller? How to do the seam?

In order to create a firm massage roller, I'd like to glue a piece of (foam) yoga mat around a short pvc drainage pipe. Would love advice on - 1. Which glue to use between mat and pipe? and between the mat ends? 2. How to not have a bump where the mat ends meet? Thanks!

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Can glass WOOL be used instead of a glass MAT in combination with resin to make a cast from something? Answered

I'm planning to make a chair model, which I would then cover in glass mats and resin to make a cast. But I was wondering whether glass wool could be used instead. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, what resin should be applied?

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How do I make this leather belt floor mat?

Below is a link to an example of an expensive floor mat made from recycled leather belts. I want to know is how do you think they are attached? Is there another mat underneath that they are glued to? What type of backing is involved? What type of adhesive would be durable enough for this type of application? What is the best way to cut the leather to make a precise edge? Should the leather be treated to make it last longer? There must be an inexpensive solution. Please help me out. Thanks.

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Scat-Mat for a cat, made from scratch -- suggestions? Answered

I'm looking to make one of these myself. Any suggestions as to the power supplied to the conductive surface?Obviously, I want low enough power to not hurt my cat, but enough for her to choose not to sleep on the couch anymore!Thanks!

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can fiberglass insulation be used to make a bow and arrow? Answered

I know they sell fiberglass mats that u use with epoxy for making things out of fiberglass but im wondering if i can use fiberglass insulation in place of the mats because i can get insulation for free and the mats r too expensive for me. and also, please dont answer my question by telling me where i can buy the mats or other ways of making a bow, instead, just answer the freakin question or dont reply to this question at all. thanks :)

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Using a power mat as a charging station for internet controlled robots???

I've been wanting to make a robot with video and audio capabilities to play with the dogs while I'm at work or otherwise out. My question is this. Has anyone tried using the mat chargers to "park" their robots on when not in use and recharge? I was going to use one of my roombas but have found that sometimes they don't park in the charging base properly. Also I though this would be a good idea for a flying robot using one of those quadcopters as the base. Any thoughts? Marcel

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Putting a design on a metal plate/button. [Custom DDR mat]

So I have a metal Dance Pad for the once popular dance games that plagued the world. The buttons are like square plates made of metal. The top half is a chromed metal that is essentially hugging a wooden flat. Each button is about 11 inches x 11 inches- they're about two centimeters shy of 11. I believe they're about 10mm thick and they sit in the dance mat held down by the frame of it as well as metal washers in the corners. The back of each button has a bit of foam surrounding the sensor that is used to click down on the contact within the mat and register a button press so you can play the game. This is important because it can not be tampered with or the gameplay could be jeopardized. What I want to do is put a skin, if you will, over each plate. There are nine in total. The middle one has no button and the back corners that have no button allocated are also useless. So these can be covered entirely. Now- I want to make a fully colored design to cover each and every plate. But I want them to still be able to fit in the system and be able to take hits by feet with socks or even shoes on. So what I am thinking is some sort of clear coating that I can place a printing beneath and just laminate the top part. I also want to color the bolts and washers whatever color the designs will be. But I have no idea how I should do this. Any advice?

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Anyone know how to get a bubble out of cardboard matting? Answered

I had a roof leak that dripped onto a matte I was preparing for a photo project. It has created a little bubble.  I am wondering if anyone knows an easy way to fix this little trouble spot? I'd rather not have to get a whole new matte.

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woven bamboo subsititute for fiberglass cloth

I spent a lot of time in the Philippines and saw that they use woven bamboo mats to make the walls of houses. While at the hardware store I saw fiberglass resin and remembered the article about the guy and the bambo bike. This got me to thinking if there was a way to use woven bamboo mats as a subsitute for fiberglass cloth. Mainly because I am cheap and not for environmental concerns. maybe hand woven bamboo mats laminated together for plywood, or use as a boat hull? maybe housing material?

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cat running out the door

I'm looking for a device to stop my mom's cat from darting out the door.  My mom is 78 yo. and doesn't react especially fast.  I'm wanting some sort of electric mat that will only be activated when the one cat is on or near it.  The door is used constantly by humans and the dog uses the door also.  Therefore, it can't be activated by stepping on the mat.  I'm thinking of a collar device that the cat would wear that activates the mat or activates a air burst or sprayer, etc. Any ideas?

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Want to make a mat that discharges small volts to cats to keep them off counters. Ideas?

My cats are beasts and will NOT stay off the counter. The only thing I haven't tried yet is electricity. I basically need a DIY for something called a Scatmat. Don't want to hurt the furry kids, but they're MY counters!

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What adhesive would allow paper to release when lifted but not stick to the paper

I use reusable tacky plastic sheets (mats) with the paper-backed vinyl material for making stickers and such. After quite a few cutting jobs, the very tacky substance eventually is lost to the point of failing to hold the paper in place.I would like to be able to recoat the backing board material when this happens rather than discard the mat and purchase a replacment.

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Magnetic or rfid music box

Hi, i was there any possibility to make something like this: you all know the sound mats for kids, where they step on it and it has a sound box in it and plays a sound..i was wondering if those mats can be modified like this: instead of playing sound when you step on it, it should play sound when you put an object over it ( magnetic or rfid). any idea if it works and how and what is needed? Thanks!

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generate electricity on application of wt without piezoelectric materials?

A mat which generates electricity when people walk over it. it should be of normal ground leb=vel with no extra height and no smart materials being used.

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Best type of batteries for solar panel use? Answered

I'm looking for something with a long lifetime that needs little maintenance, and is recyclable. Currently leaning towards "Absorbed Glass Mat" batteries. Has anyone had any issues using those, is there something better out there?

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how to detect sensor position with arduino uno

Hi Guys recently i started use arduino UNO and with simple programs to read from analogue pins wasn't hard. now i'm facing a challenge, as i have a sensor mat 16x16 (rows and columns) i want to read 4 rows and 4 columns i'm trying to use the analogue pins as input for rows and digital pins from (8 to 11) as output i want the program to detect the position of the sensing area such as (row1 colum 4, for example) and give me the number that measured over this area. my code is very bad but i'm trying, specially my background wasn't programming or science. any ideas will be great.

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How to convert bit map files to JPG files.?

My Digital Picture Frame will only accept .JPG files. Many of my pictures are in bit mat (and some other) formats. I need software that will convert the pictures to JPG. Thanks, Bill

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Sweet parkour video

Damien Walters shows off once again that he can run and jump over and above practically anything. If you have any interest in watching someone showing off some gymnastic skills both on the mat and off, check it out. via Neatorama

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How do I create useful fiber from lemongrass? Answered

I have a big crop of lemongrass i planted to chase off pests. i use parts of it for tea/herbs.  i would like to process the fibery stalks to weave them for mats and/or kumihimo.  

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i have to sleep like outside !

Today winter showed its presence here. nights with lightnings and thunders i want to get a glass roof and sleep under it outside ! or atleast to stick my head to the window of my room *tries to set up the computer desk next to the window and throw a mat over it*

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How to make a batch file that temporary changes the system date?

Hi, Im looking to make a batch file that will change the system date back to the 1st march 2007, open up a program and then revert it back after say 10 seconds. Would anyone be able to help me on this? Thanks in advance, Mat

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can you replace wakeboard shoes with rubber mating to create a wake skate?

Rather than buying a new set of shoes for a wakeboard would you be able to use the existing holes in the board that bind the shoes to the deck to fasten two seperate mattings to imatate a wakeskate? cheers, bill

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Does anyone know how to make "tie-dyed" looking paper using paint, word, publisher or some other free graphic program?

I want to create a tie-dyed mat and/or background for some pics I am framing without having to buy some "specialty" papers or using dyes, inks or shaving cream.

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What natural substance can I use that has a tacky feel to put on my dogs paws that is non toxic to dogs?

My dog had a spinal op,and was recovering nicely. I have polished floorboards that are an absolute nightmare for him to walk around on. The list of remedies I have tried are endless. Dog socks,boots,shoes,mats,balloons etc.I have spent a small fortune with no luck. We have non slip mats around but I can't cover the whole house in rubber mats. I've trimmed his nails short,and the fur between his toes,but I've noticed his paw pads are really dry. I'm trying to formulate something that I can put on his paws that has a tacky feel. I'm no scientist but I've wracked my brain to come up with a solution that is easy to make and not toxic. It has to be something that doesn't taste fantastic because he'll lick it off. As a sample I tried some tacky hair wax..which just gave him a little grip,but it's not what I'm looking for. I know beeswax is sticky,but i think it needs to be mixed with something.I had a feel of surfboard wax,but it didn't have enough tackiness for what I want.I know honey is sticky but don't think I want that all over my floor.Also pine sap is sticky too. I guess i'm looking for something that feels like those silicone non slip dots you can buy that is safe for animals? Any suggestions?

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Uber Futon

I am making plans to make a futon mat and my only delemma is that I can not figure out what to fill it with. I want to use organic cotton bating and possibly have some kind of comfy foam in one layer. Its gotta be roll-up-able and such. With the foam, I'm not sure what it is... where to get it... or if i should get it in tiny little squares that act as filler or as a pad. Any suggestions?

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