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1995 Mazda familia

Krazybfamboi have a Mazda familia 1995 with suspected blown outer CV needing information on how to remove it safely as it will b my 1st time doing a CV in my life only have general motor skills and need to know what tools r needed as I might have to buy them any instructions will b appreciated

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My right brake light isn't working unless I have my lights on. Why won't it work w/o the lights?

My right brake lights only work when the daytime running lights or head lights are turned on. I checked the fuses and everything is fine, nothing blown. Why won't the brake lights work without the lights turned on? Its a 2005 Mazda 6 if that helps.

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How do I make an illuminated perspex sheet for a Mazda MX5 Mk1 (Uk)?

Basically I want to replace the windblocker with clear perspex sheet with a word cut out and when I brake the letters are illuminated in red but also have the option to leave the light on but illuminated blue. Any Ideas? I'm a newbie re wiring and leds, not stupid but as simple as possible please. TIA

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How do you tell when a spark plug needs to be replaced? Answered

I Purchased a 1990 Mazda Protege and I am not sure when the last time the spark plugs were replaced. What are some easy ways to figure this out?

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How to Destroy 4700 Brand New Cars

As someone who feels that given enough time I can fix anything, this is one of those stories that really pains me. In 2006, a car freighter transporting 4,700 new cars from Japan to the US listed to its side as the crew was adjusting the ship's ballast. The ship leaned over to approximately 60 degrees, but was eventually righted in an operation that cost the life of one of the team members. Wired has the best coverage of how the ship was saved: High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas: The Race to Save the Cougar Ace. Having saved the cars, Mazda was now faced with the dilemma of what to do with them. Turning down options to donate, or in some cases even sell, the cars to fire extrication trainers, auto repair schools, or even Hollywood for stunts, Mazda has decided to carefully render each part inoperable -- cutting all four wheels in half, for example! -- shred the cars, and recycle the steal -- probably into new cars. They even created a purpose-built machine to detonate all six airbags at once. Be amazed and a little disgusted all at the same time by checking out the Wall Street Journal's coverage A Crushing Issue: How to Destroy Brand-New Cars and video:

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98 mazda protege tranny will not engage

1998 mazda protege. manual tranny. 1.5 motor. i can push in the clutch, put the shifter into any gear, let out the clutch, and go nowhere???? also, with either the clutch pushed in or let out, i can move the shifter in and out of all the gears and nothing happens. what would be your guess on the problem? thx, ray

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What does determine an engine top speed? Answered

I was asking myself what does determine the top speed on a gas motor like on a car( E.i why a lamborghini motor is faster than a normal mazda) so do you know what does determine an engine top speed?

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Does your vehicle have to be a deisel to be converted to run on used cannola oil?About how much does it cost to convert?

I have a 1990 mazda protege and i was wondering if it could be converted to run on used cannola oil. can that be done. how much would it cost? how easy is that stuff to find?

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I have a slight speaker problem. help? Answered

I got some new speakers for my side doors of my mazda protege. I got it all connected and such and sounded good but when i went to screw it in and realized that the speaker doesnt fit in the speaker hole. I was thinking i could use a dremel to open it up a bit... any suggestions?

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My speakers only work on one side. Both speakers are good but the right side doesnt seem to work. any suggestions?

I have a mazda protege and was changing the speakers when i noticed that the right side speaker doesnt work. I tried both speakers on the left and it wasnt the speaker that was the problem. I figure it is the wiring, but i am not sure how to fix this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can some one assist me for my car?

I have mazda 6 Model 2006. The problem is that it is showing engine check, brake and ABS indicator in the dashboard. odometer also not working? can someone help?

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What is the choke for on an gas motor ? Answered

You may think im noob but heres my question, What is the choke for on an gas motor ? Like on the lawn mower, you put on choke to start it, but what it is actually doing? Thanks!!

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How might one put a larger pipe where a small is?

I have a mazda protege and my buddy has a old pipe that was kicking around put its quite a bit larger how might I go about hooking that bad boy up?

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Is your Bottom made out of Iron? Ever taken a Serious motorbike trip? Daytona? Sturgis? The Big Easy?

Ok, a friend (one of our church members) has asked me to come visit. He's got a contract flying Choppers and Cropdusters for the next two months. We used to eat breakfast together about three times a week when he was in town, and he said if I'll ride up there, he's buying. Problem is, he's 500 miles away. I can't afford to drive the Tahoe, and I don't trust my crackerbox (18 year old Mazda). I think I'm going to take the Goldwing. I've never really ridden more than about 200 miles in a day, but I'll only have about 3 days to make this voyage (1000 miles round trip). What do you think? Is it do-able for a sleep deprived, rapidly-aging, and slightly-overweight desk-jockey?

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Could an O2 sensor from an automobile be used inside the combustion chamber of a potato gun?

So I was shooting my potato gun after talking about car repair today, when I got the idea. Could an O2 sensor from an automobile be used inside the combustion chamber of a potato gun to achieve optimal fuel/air ratio? Finding the chemistry of the aerosol fuel would be difficult, and I wouldn't know where to start with the computer stuff, but could it be done? If so, has anyone done it? I searched instructables and no one has even mentioned it. I found on a mazda forum that a wideband O2 sensor may detect the air/fuel ration when using propane, but what about aerosol? Propane in a plastic gun is just begging for injury. I use Right Guard sport deodorant (Without antiperspirant) as the fuel, I think it works the best. The primary ingredient is Denatured Alcohol.

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Is there an easy way to find a short or open circuit in a car?

I am trying to find a open or short circuit that is on a wire which is in a harness with other wires, on a 1986 Mazda B2000 truck. With so many of you having expertise in electronics, I thought here would be a good place to post my question. Does anyone have any suggestions how to find this open or short-circuit?I am open to the idea of getting a short-circuit-finder. Though I am not sure what features I should look for if I decide to get one. Does anyone have any suggestions?a) Does anyone know if these work well?b) What features should I look for If I get one?c) Do you have any other on a short circuit finder? type, manufacturer, model etcBelow is a link to a site that uses a short circuit finder to find a short circuit, and has information on using one: is a link to a site that tells about how a tone generator is used to find a short circuit, in a home environment (I think this is how most short circuit finders work): found some links that seem to show that it is possible to make a signal generator and tracer, but the pages with the schematics would not load. A list of tools with links to tools and their schematics tracer (neither of these would not load 4-3-09 kept getting message "the Connection was reset."):should have schematic: the signal generator: little paranoid voice thinks this Instructable has some clues to the solution: How to prevent thefts steal your motorcycle for less than US$ 2 Thank-you in advance,

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