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Unable to upgrade to Pro Membership

Hello, I want to be able to download PDF versions of instructions as such i decided to upgrade my membership to PRO but on the payment page NIGERIA is not listed on the list of countries. i have sent a number of mail and left a message on Facebook but i have not received any response from the folks at instructables. How do i get around this? Nuhu M

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I'm having troubles logging in and downloading PDF files

I've already payed for a "Pro member" but I can not log in nor download any PDF files. I've tried the "right clicking my mouse and choosing 'Save Link As...' " but nothing happens! I already sent a couple of e-mails to 2 days ago but I got no response from them. Any advice? Thanks in advance, Gildardo

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3 Month Pro

Klick here... good luck 2 b the 1st 1

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[FIXED] Bought new 2-Year-Pro yesterday, Today it tells me: Expired --> Basic

I renewed / bought a new 2-year pro memebership yesterday. I did that over the official channels with PayPal. All went good and i have the receipt. However, today i get a eMail, that my pro membership is expired. Hm... May be the OLD pro. But it is weird the system doesnt see that i bought a seamless extension of my pro. Checkin on the page here, it doesnt see my pro-status and deals me like a basic member. To whom can i send the PayPal-recepit to get my pro activated again?? Troy? Yours. Orngrimm

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Disable Atuto Renewal Pro Account

Hello,  I got a pro Account for 3 Months and didnt want to auto renewal but today my pro memebership has been renewed! I cant turn this off! Please turn off my pro Memebership, i cant disable it!

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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? Answered

Hi everyone! Are you ready for a new piece contest? I hope so, because it has arrived! Here is my only question for you: How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Paradox? You can only enter one answer, that’s the only important rule. Prizes: 1st place: 1 year pro memebership and a patch 2nd place: 6 months pro membership and a patch 3rd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch 4th place: a patch 5th place: a patch The contest closes Thursday, 8 August 2013. Good luck! ~Sandroknexmaster~ ___________________________________________ Results! Here are the official results: Grand Total: 30674 pieces! Ranking: 1st gargamel602 (29467)                 1 year pro memebership and a patch! 2nd hunter999 (28500)                      6 months pro membership and a patch! 3rd iceng (28374)                                3 months pro membership and a patch! 4th iloveknexforever (27562)             a patch! 5th collinjo12 (27000)                        a patch! 6th knexknexknexknex (26750) 7th coolananias101 (35000) 8th Blue Mullet 2 (25000) 9th Sorunome (24000) 10th Shadowman39 (22342) 11th KneXtreme (18002) Thanks for participating, if not thanks for watching! ~Sandroknexmaster~

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