Why was The Chamberlain's men changed to the Kings Men? Answered

You know how Shakespeares company was called the Chamberlain's men, and until Queen Elizabeth 1st, and then they changed it to The Kings men. Why is that, wouldnt they change it to the Queen's Men if Queen Elizabeth had just started ruling?!?!?!?!?

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An ode to bald men

When I was a child, in a galaxy far, far away, during the turbulent times of the 70's, my brother and I watched our little black and white Zenith® TV. I remember watching shows like Kojak, Columbo, The Streets of San Francisco, The Six Million Dollar Man, Police Woman, and many others. I also watched late night movies like Yul Brynner in The Magnificent Seven. Watching Telly Savalas and Yul Brynner with their manly bald look. Years later when I lost my mane I became inspired by these two actors that shaved their heads during those years. One day I decided to shave whatever little hair I had left and started to proudly show my shiny head. The first day my wife took a good look at me, told me that I looked "sexy". That is when I took her to the eye doctor for a new pair of glasses. I have been showing my baldness proudly for a number of years and I wonder if more of my Instructables brethren share my views. Remember: God made a few perfect heads and the rest He put hair on them.

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I went to toysrus looking for a present for a cousin and OH my gosh! Knex has Lego men, I knew they had lego like pieces but this is a step to far, I dont even recognize  knex anymore, years ago there was a whole isle to the stuff and it had a tall feris wheel on display, now its reduced to the section in between mega blocks and all the lego recycled idea (power miner < rock raiders, atlantis, they did an underwater one before) with only half a shelf and NO tubs other then the cheap filled with tons of bricks What has happend????? 

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Men's Suit Pattern?

I'm looking to make my own men's suit - i.e. jacket and pants. Does any have, or have a link to, patterns for a suit? I can't find anything using google, but not having looked for patterns before, there may be an awesome resource out there that I don't know about. We are hosting a Zoolander-theme party, and I want to make an awesome suit out of animal/snakeskin print material. As a side note, how much effort would it be to make a suit? I'm not talking something that you could display as art, just something that looks the part, and wont fall apart on the night. Thanks! Alex

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Why can't I find any instructables on how to make men's clothing? Answered

There are more women's clothing options than you can shake a stick at but I can't find one tutorial on men's clothing options. Are guys so afraid of coming off as gay or something? I would love it if someone could point me to tutorials on how to design and make pants(jeans, slacks,etc.). In addition, I would like to know if there are any on shirts, and jackets.

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Ideas for Men's beaded jewellery. Answered

Anyone got ideas for Men's jewellery. For example, what kind of beads, style, etc. I am kinda of bored making just plain cord necklaces. Thank you

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Fellow country men - Norwegian

Is there any Norwegian accept me on this website? And maybe in the city off Levanger? Let me know;)

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Geeky mens winter coat? Answered

Im looking for a mens Medium winter coat to wear skiing and i cant find one... I'm wearing some burton pixelated pants (I think they are the pixel waterfall pants, possibly with more white). I would like them to match those pants (just look good with them). I like the color blue, if that helps any (aquamarine blue) Thanks in advance, -A907

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What is the best multivitamin for men to take?

Hello community, I am banging my head against the wall trying to figure out which men's multivitamin is the best for me to take. The more research I do , the more complicated things get. I read that multivitamins in pill form are the worst because of extremely low absorption rates (As low as 10%). Do capsules offer a high enough absorption rate or should I go with a liquid or spray? Spray multivitamins seem to be all the rage right now claiming an absorption rate of 90% and higher. The next problem is finding something with natural ingredients. I keep hearing about how synthetic vitamins can cause more harm to your body than good. One article said that natural vitamin A fights cancer while synthetic vitamin A isn't even suitable for a dog. To complicate things further, there are 20 other similar factors that make finding the best multivitamin very difficult. How do I tell if all the ingredients are in natural form? I just want to make sure that I am taking something that is healthy and good for my body. Does anyone have a good multivitamin recommendation for men (age 32)?

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You might have seen Adrian Monk's Superheroes are real thread, which was about people who don half of a superheroes arsenal- "The costumes", and go off to take crime in with their own mortal hands.Now, that's nice and all, normal people doing extraordinary things. But, wouldn't you rather see Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things? I mean, they are really better suited for such things.....Well then, here are 7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers .Some language might be NSFW, so be cautious. This is an extremely funny article.Also, I found out that #3, Yves Rossi a.k.a. Jet-man, (Who you just might have heard of.... ) has his own website: Jet-man.com!!

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How can I expand a men's pork pie hat? Answered

I just bought a men's pork pie hat that according to the website should fit my head. I ordered the XL which should be 60-61cm and should fit my head, but it didn't. Having spent $70 already on shipping, taxes and fees I would rather not spend $20 more on returning the shipping cost of returning it. The company I bought it from does not have a larger size either... What should I do to expand the size?

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Does anybody know where i can buy pyros lighter (from X2) or the decal?

Im looking for the zippo pyro used in the movie x-men 2 with the shark design on it . i really want to purchase one so thanks

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Any way to make a working real life rorschach mask? Answered

Okay i have been trying to think of a way for a while now, but i can't really. Not some CG one. Heat reactive glue won't garente the mask looks even and a mini projector is just outright silly. Any Ideals? Thank you?

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Does anyone have homemade gift ideas for men? Answered

  I am looking for homemade gift ideas for men (and 1 teenager) that like music (metal rock), golf, and football. I want to make them something they will actually use. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks!

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Yes Men talk at MIT - 10/26/09

The Yes Men are speaking at MIT next Monday, October 26th, in the Bartos Theater in the Media Lab (E15, on Ames St).  Wish I could pop over, but it's a long trip - if you get to go, share your thoughts. Why do you want to see this talk?  From the posting: The Yes Men have an unusual hobby: posing as top executives of corporations they hate. Armed with nothing but thriftstore suits, The Yes Men lie their way into business conferences and parody their corporate targets in ever more extreme ways – basically doing everything that they can to wake up their audiences to the danger of letting greed run our world. The Yes Men were featured in the documentary, The Yes Men Fix the World, which won the Panorama Audience Award at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival. 

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Mens Dress Shirt into womans fitted dress?

I want to make a mens dress shirt into a fitted dress...i want the style to stay the same! how would i go about taking it in...with out ruining it??

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June 6th, 1944

As Represented by Army Men

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Time Travel? Answered

Is time travel theoretically possible? (I just watched Minute Men) :P

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Where do I buy Lego men parts like the legs,torso etc.?? Answered

I been wondering where do you buy customized Lego men parts??,so if you know where please leave url or tell me.

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School Project Update.

We got a B+ on the assignment for not having much to do with mice and men, because the project was racism in the 1930's relating to mice and men.

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why does men always think about sex!!!!!?

When they are on a date ...the main thing they think about is when am I getting the chance to sleep with her!!!!

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hoping to be in a polyamorous relationship wondering how much people will judge me for it?

I want to date two men. in a non cheating way both men would know and be ok with it

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robots for war!!! stop send ing our men!

this is a fake(not really,but really) formal rally to protest sending our troops and to substitute them with robots( doesn't have to be terminator style but needs to be affective, swift and... disposable unlike the LIVES OF OUR MEN!!! i mean most of them probable have families) so......... any thoughts?

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what do you think of human evolution ?

You may thing  this sounds weird or stupid but i think we can evolve  like if your falling of a building if you concentrate and focuse on evolving like fly it will trigger and make you a mutant it just all a trick of the mind you control it doesn't control you.     

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What percentage of men have baritone speaking voices?

As opposed to bass or tenor ones? It's gotta be at least 60%. I ask because I'm a bass talker, and supposedly we're even rarer than tenor talkers.

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How do you add leather sent to men's cologne? Answered

 I saw a cologne, Vertical, by Victoria's Secret, and saw one of the ingredients was suede, how do you add 'sued' to a cologne. Preferably using Kiteman's method.   

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Ninjabread Men Cutters, Bent Plywood Bicycle, Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain

Ninjabread Men Cutters Bent Plywood Bicycle Six-Cheese Nacho Fountain Caramel Dumplings Armored Messenger Bag 10 Uses for Old Toothbrushes Arduino to Nokia LCD Build a Stylophone DIY Portable Photo Booth The Magic Propeller Plant Cell Cake High-Gain Parabolic Mic Camcorder Shoulder Rig Air Freshener Sensor Hack Long Cargo Bike

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Growing Facial Hair

growing facial hair has concerned me, i want it faster. i have decided to grow a goatee, and it isn't coming along so far. If anyone is going to help me they are going to need some facts about my hairy abilities so here they are. 1 I have never shaved, but i have enough facial hair to do so 2 im Sicilian,(italy jackass) 3 im 14 4 I have a mustache going on thats about 1/2 centimeter in length 5 i do have beard hairs but not enough to call it a beard. all over my lower cheeks and chin i have rough but not very visible hair. My goal is to grow a nice beard(goatee) and or mustache is there any way to speed this up? Every forum i have seen on this most people say shavings a bitch but i don't really care. so anyone with advice id love to get it and probabaly alot of the teens here on instructables so thanks.

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Mind Puzzler

All right everybody so I'm going tp post a little brain puzzle. The first one to get it will get followed by me. (NOTICE: PM me the answer,if you leave a comment it has a chance to be stolen.)  Puzzle: 3 men enter a steam room at a gyn. One of the men is carrying a thermos,the other a towel,and the third a water bottle. After 10 minutes later and the steam clearing away two of the men find that the other is dead. WHO KILLED THE MAN. After somebody has given me the answer I will post the correct answer in a edit of this forum. Good luck.  

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Homemade Wolverine Claws

These DIY Wolverine claws let you get a little more into the popular X-Men character. These claws release by flexing a muscle and can totally take on an army of mutant cardboard boxes. Homemade Real Wolverine Like Claws X-Men - The best home videos are herevia Gizmodo

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Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men

Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men We have a beautiful Farm in upstate New York. Looking for hard working, good, drug-free people to come work with us. In exchange for your labor we will share the harvest with you and your family! Work for natural ORGANIC food and meat. This is a LIFESTYLE opportunity. A way for you and your loved ones to benefit directly from the fruits of your labor. Eat what you grow! A new, clean, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle is just around the corner! Serious Inquiries Only. This is not a monetarily paid job. Email for more. 

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High fashion functional commuter wear men, women, or unisex!?

Hi everyone, I am a fourth year design student researching a niche in the cycling market. I am researching womens males or unisex commuter wear that is both high end and functional. I am marketing for the vancouver market. Heres a questionaire I'd love to hear some answers on!! 1) Would you wear high end stylish functional cycling wear? 2) Would you wear it to and from the office? 3) What if it suit your business attire? 4) What if it didn't look like cycling wear, but it fuctioned great on a bike ( mesh areas for breathing, liners for sweat, natural fibers for breathing)? 5) What would you like to see for chic funtional commuter wear? 6) What if it was water proof... or had water proof layers?

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Has anyone ever created a wargame using toy army men post rules if you can.

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Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof Jackets -Outdoor Scene specializes in some premium quality waterproof clothing. Our waterproofs are 100% waterproof, so don’t pay over the odds. Our products do the job perfectly well and look great. We offer a good range of men’s waterproof jackets, women’s waterproof jackets, boy’s waterproof jacket and girl’s waterproof jackets. Look no further than Outdoor scene waterproof clothing.

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Safety, Electricity and Death

I came across this AC safety info and found it useful enough to share. Link: www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/98-131/overview.html FTA: 1 mA Barely perceptible 16 mA Max current an average person can grasp and let go 20 mA Paralysis of respitory muscles 100 mA Ventricular fibrillation threshold 2 Amps Cardiac standstill and internal organ damage 15/20 Common fuse or breaker opens circuit I later found this DC info... Link: www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_1/chpt_3/4.html FTA: "AC ... is 3 to 5 more dangerous than DC of the same voltage and amperage." Slight sensation felt at hands DC Men: 1.0mA, Women: 0.6mA 60 Hz AC Men: 0.4mA, Women: 0.3mA  ... Painful, but voluntary muscle control maintained DC Men: 62mA, Women: 41mA 60 Hz AC Men: 9mA, Women: 6mA ... "In industry, 30 volts is generally considered to be a conservative threshold value for dangerous voltage. The cautious person should regard any voltage above 30 as theratening, not relying on normal body resistance for protection against shock."

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Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men ect.

Attention Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Farmers and Handy-Men We have a beautiful Farm in upstate New York. Looking for hard working, good, drug-free people to come work with us. In exchange for your labor we will share the harvest with you and your family! Work for natural ORGANIC food and meat. This is a LIFESTYLE opportunity. A way for you and your loved ones to benefit directly from the fruits of your labor. Eat what you grow! A new, clean, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle is just around the corner! Serious Inquiries Only. This is not a monetarily paid job. Email for more. 

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What do Woman really want?

A question that has been asked from the beginning of time, Do they realy know what they want? If they don't even know how should men know?

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Light Years aka Gandahar man of metal costume

I've bin wanting to do this project for awhile but I don't have the skills to do it. There is a movie called "Light Years or Gandahar". In this movie I want to make light weight costume of the "Men Of Metal". I'd like if someone would give me tips on costume making, like in, foam armor. I would even except commissions if someone would like to take the task. I will supply screencap's of the Men Of Metal.

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Does anyone know about testosterone replacement therapy? Answered

Once I read in a magazine about studies being done with male patients over 40 complaining of feeling tired most of the time and reduced libido. These men received testosterone replacement therapy under physician's supervision and they reported feeling more energetic, increased sexual energy and more muscle with less exercise. I think that it is similar to women receiving estrogen to reduced their menopause symptoms. Why isn't this therapy recommended to more men? Any side effects?

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re-usable coffee filter

Men's socks (the  long black ones they wear to the office) make good reusable coffee filters and a good cup of coffee. Just be sure to wash them in plain water or something that isn't made with detergent or soap.

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making molded toys from silicone?

Does anyone know how to 'melt'/liquify silicone. I want to to this to Foley catheters(yellow urine tubes used in hospitals) then pour the silicone into molds of M.U.S.C.L.E men toys. Any advice

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Skin Care Products

Hi this is John, every men and women wants to be beautiful.For this there are some techniques by using some skin care products we can use those products then we get benifited for this you want more information please with site.=======================JohnSkin Care Products

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Robotic Girlfriend

Japanese marketers are targeting "lonely adult men" with their newest development: a robotic girlfriend. Reminds me of this, a product from a few years back.[http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25209226//wid/11915829?GT1=40006 Link] via Neatorama

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glazed or unglazed terra cotta for smoking? Answered

Looking to make a terra cotta smoker. have found pots at home depot but they have a light clear glaze all around it. will this make any difference? sales men said it was "fired' on not painted. any help would be great thanks!?

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How do I commit to ONE person?/?

I love him with all my heart and he has all the (well most) of the qualities I want in a man, but I just cant seem to commit my body and soul to him. My eyes and mind wander towards other men.

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K'nex war log entry 2.

Here it is. 10/4/09 (continued) The SR-v2 men were ready to attack, but the KI army was still laying ammo like rain. I shot my sniper ( O.S.S.R ) at the army. I took out one guy. The leader of the group of IN ( KILLERK )shouted a FIRE and all 34 SR-v2 men pulled the trigger. It was amazing. The WHOLE frontline was severely damaged and the medics took them out. Our guys didn't have a big loss of people, just a couple of newcomers. Then a weird thing happened. The youtube guns came out. You can imagine how well they fared. The outside world laughed at our conflict. They don't even know how hard it was. Some guys took one in the eye and got blinded. To be continued...

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Cool site of Wholesale Watches

Discount Wholesale Watches, Cheap Watches, Sports Watches, Fashion Watches and Clocks from China factory, no minimum order sizes or volume requirements.http://www.sourcingmap.com/watches-c-1359.html

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See this - ancient IBM video (although it's probably film...)

This is so... It's back then, it's like teaching cave-men how to arrive at 42... What did typing-pools make of this? Punch-cards, magnetic- ah such good old stuff Retro', very retro', and in parts quite profound. And it's ... Cholmondley-Warner?

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Movember Ends Soon...

And so it begins... To raise awareness of mens' health, particularly prostate cancer, thousands of men around the world are growing moustaches through the month of Movember. If you would like to donate to this important cause, then, please, donate here.  Don't forget, if you're a UK taxpayer, you can gift-aid your donation and increase its value by 30% with no extra cost to you. (And thanks to Canucksgirl for the new avatar) EDIT: (11th November) I was tidying the 'tache for Rememberance Parade, so I thought it was time to share progress here. Don't forget, you can still donate all through November. Further Edit: Movember ends on Friday, and you can still donate [click here]. I am under strict instructions that the end of Movember will be celebrated with a fresh razor, so I plan to document the removal "live" on Twitter, posting pictures during the shave.

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