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"Meow", the joke that never gets noticed!

    Okay, the joke I am going to be showing you is called "Meow".  It was invented by my brother in 8th grade, and it is absolutely hilarious! Oh, and by the by, you need to be able to keep a straight face for this joke, or it will not work.     So, the joke is very simple. You just insert a subtle "meow" into your sentence when you are talking to someone.  Example:     "Hey, man! How are you doing?"  "Oh, pretty good, meow."  "That's great."  "So, meow, umm, have you heard of the concert coming to town? meow."  "Yeah, I've heard of it."  "Are you going? meow."  "No, I can't."  "meow. Well, that sucks. meow. Well, I'm going to the concert. meow."  "Well, see you later, I have a bus to catch."  "Okay, meow. See you later!"      It really helps to make the pitch of the "meow"s to be the same as the sentence before or after.  My brother had to do a speech in front of the class, and he said "meow" FIFTY-TWO times in the the speech, and nobody noticed!

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Cats meowing all night, please help!? Answered

I am having issues with my cats meowing all night.  They are definitely indoor cats, and won't even go out a wide open door.  I have made them a spare bedroom up with all their needs and toys.  When I used to let them run the house at night, my female would keep me up all night jumping on the bed and me.  I tried closing the door to keep her out, and she just cried all night and clawed at the bottom of the door.  I made up the room and put them to bed at night, and she screams and keeps the neighbors and me up.  I have not had a decent sleep in too long!  Worse, she has taught the other cat to scream all night, and the neighbors are complaining.  I have tried to stop spoiling her so much, and I think she has separation anxiety.  I am gone at work all day, and my husband even longer.  I do play with her in the evenings, but it never seems to be enough.  If I have to get rid of them both, it's unfair to the calmer cat, and then most shelters will put them to sleep, besides the stress they will go through first!  I am out of options and nearly out of time... Please advise!

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photo editing while publishing instructables

This isnt really directed at anyone, but i think when your making an instructable you should be able to edit a photo you have already uploaded. nothing major, maybe rotate, flip, crop, contrast, sharpen stuff like that. i was just thinking out loud.....

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The Green Glass Door game!!

This is a forum based game in which players (YOU) are trying to get objects through the mysterious Green Glass Door! The keeper's (ME) job is to make sure only the right things get through the wonderous Green Glass Door. So here is what you do... you say a random item, then I tell you whether or not it can go through. Pretty simple right?? forum rules apply and if you already know how to play or the discover the secret, DON'T RUIN IT!!!!

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Producing sound through electronics.

Hi, I want make something that produces a 'meow' sound. Like, for example a beeper produces a 'beep' sound for an alarm, but I wanted to make something that produces a 'meow' sound. I have broken many cars and have found that a magnet produces the sound. How is the magnet actually programmed to produce the sound. What is the circuitry involved? Can I make something like that? Thanks.

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How do I know if a MySpace account is really run by the person that the account is named?

Ok, so I want to message my favorite singer on Myspace. I want his autograph so I am going to ask him if I can message him me address to receive an autograph. But I fear one thing, what if it is not the singer? What if it is some creep who will stalk me and murder me? I want his autograph but I do not want to get killed. Is there any way to tell if this guy is the real deal?

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what would you do for a cat?

I went to save a cat but i heard a long meow but that was the last one so i stopped but i couldve gone through the dog to make sure but i didnt want to get attacked again.

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Calling all VBScripters!

I am trying to create a vbs script that will use vocabulary databases to randomly choose words according to sentence structure, then using a large database (that tells what words are relevant to the random word chosen) it creates a basic sentence. With more complicated sentence structures there are more complicated. I need some other vbscripters to help. Here is how it works The program chose a statement sentence. The basic structure is noun verb Then the program choses a word Cats verb Finally using the matching database it creates a realisitic sentence Cats meowed. A more complex sentence would be article noun verb preposition pronoun noun article cat verb preposition pronoun noun article cat called preposition her kittens article cat called to her kittens The cat called to her kittens 

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