Mepain's Shotgun Video

YO 8 barrel shotgun turret up in this.

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I'm back, what has changed and where are we now?

Would just like to know, does anyone remember me? I'm the guy who posted ALOT back when knex guns hit the internet for the first time which was six years ago! :O is there anyone still here from then? Like Mepain or Killerk? and has anyone made a full auto gun which isn't a rotary gun that doesn't use a chain?

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Boxes in bigger boxes

HELP! how do you know what the boxes in the bigg ones say?=

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Michigan Knex war

Sorry for the late notice, but a Michigan Knex war has been planned.Here's the link to all the info.;=840&p;=11730#p11730oodammo will be supplied for you.

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How Do Mepain and Killerk and I_AM_CANADIAN come up with these gun ideas?

Do they just begin building randomly, or do they begin with an idea?

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K'nex Podcast

So some of us decided to make a podcast talking about K'nex guns and the K'nex community.Listen to it here:Episode OneLink to original thread.

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Where can i find some pictures of mepains sergant gumdrops? Answered

I need some pictures of it for my upcoming gun.

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Can you make a crossbow out of newspapers?

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Instructables = crack

Click here for an interesting forum topic

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K'nex Combination Lock

I got bored and decided to show off my combination lock here at Ibles. It's not done yet, but here it is:;=SMOV0022.flv

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Random Knex Contest #1 -CLOSED-


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New Transformers

I though I'd share my new buddies.

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my knex builder awards

Best replicators: trauts,the dunkis, ironman 69 best rifle builders: benfoxg,mepain viccie,the jamalam, darth gecko man,dsman best pistol builders: Iac, viccie,trauts, oblitivius best cannon builders: Iac, winchester shotgun, viccie best shotgun builder: oblitivius best builders overall: viccie, Iac ,mepain,dsman, oblitivius and dath gecko man most innovative builders: mepain, viccie ,IAC ,ironman 69.

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K'nex Innovation is BACK.

No need to worry anymore. We are back.

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Pandemonium '09

Reminder:;=670This weekend. Yeah.

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new knex gun/rifle with movabled stock

My very best knex rifle or assult rifle tell me what yout think

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Which ones better: Mezak or Oodasault(any version)? Answered

I like the way they both load, and fire, but which one is better in range, accuracy, power, and all that other stuff?

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Knexer ratings

I would like to find out how everyone thinks of the knexers here.Rate form 1 to 101= Horrible2= Very Bad3= Bad4= Not Good5= Getting there6= Okay7= Good8= Really Good9= Awesome10= Knex GodNow just rate these Knexers1.Mepain2.Oodalumps3.Perfect Duck4.Mykhailo5.Dsman1952766.I_Am_Canadian7.Jollex8.TheDunkis9.J-Chode10.PineapplebobTheGreatYou cannot rate your selfExample Post:1. 102. 103. 104. 105. 96. 87.8. 79. 810. 7

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Your knex armory

What are the guns in your knex armory? I have: Knex Hater Hater's M4. KillerK'S Pistol. My Crossbow** My Shotgun* Tomboyrme's shotgun* His 9mm pistol* Knex chain Knex Tranformer* Mepain's Sniper rifle Thats it. *Will post pictures and info **Broken up for pieces for Mepains Sniper rifle

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Check It Out NOW

Zak inspired KILLERK approved! basically Mepain's Trigger Zaks idea my redesign super strong super comfortable handle with an unbreakable trigger whats not to like?

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Transformers + )

I think that the transformer speaks for itself. In case you don't understand it's language, it's saying, "I am AWESOME!!!!!"

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Updated Weapon Board

I have a quick-made picture of my updated weapon collection.

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knex coaster "Iron Eye"

Iron eye pictures.1.this is a brake.2.this is what will hold the rubber bands back and I can shoot the car when ever I want.Its a seer system! new ok now you can see the latest pictures

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why is KILLERK's gun still so popular?

Why do you think KILLERK's gun is still so popular?

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New transformer.

Here's the new transformer that I am making with only one set. Sorry for bad pictures (webcam), I have no batteries for my real camera.

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big guns

What do you think of big guns? how big does a knex gun have to be before it is too big? these are the questions that haunt me... -not really.

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Knex Update: 10/11/09

Comments? Ideas? Haikus?   

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Aluminum Cans

What can I do with 55 aluminum cans? I was thinking of makings something with then that my mom wouldn't throw out. Any ideas? Maybe a wallet? lol

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Knex Roller Coaster Booster

Hey guys, I made a roller coaster booster.Instructions are here.;=

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My Awesome Transformer

I made a transformer after seeing mepain's. Its probably not as good as his, but i still thought i would share it with you. The last Pic is the open guns.

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close ups of the inferno (very high quality pics)

Ok, here they are! However i need mepain to say they are right before i can say they are accurate

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Lego Transformers: Aerojet Now With Video

Remember that jet I posted a while ago? Get ready to see it again! Here's a video of it's transformation.

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Let out the kid inside you

I was browsing around Youtube for some knex things and came across this video. It appears that knex aren't something that only kids can play with!

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My Brute

I found a fun internet game through another forum, and I thought I'd share for internet reputations!It's called My Brute, where you make a character out of randomly selected body parts and accessories, and then battle. It's not a hard game, just something to do in your spare time when you've got nothing better to do. IF you win a battle, you level up. If you lose, you lose, then try again. There are a few other factors and variables, but you'll find out.My Brute:Mepain's Brute

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Knex gun bullets

These are my knex gun bullets,one looks like bullet bill, the other is a mini splodie.

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what is the best overall type of gun? Answered

I need to build one and want to know the best overall

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Pandemonium '10

It's time for Pandemonium 2010. Who's coming? Date: June 26th. Location: Fremont, OH I'll post more information later. Rules for the games may be found on KI. Have any questions? Come ask them in #KIchat.

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Lego Transformers G1 Megatron

Another sweet Lego transformer that I made. This one is really small and really complicated, and the fact that it's really fragile doesn't help lower the skill level.EDIT: Instructable posted!!!

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You don't need a back ball joint connector!!!

On KILLERK's k'nex pistol, there is a black ball joint connector to hold the ammo in place. If you don't have a ball joint connector, simply use a light gray connector. Refer to pictures for help.

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Stop Motion Pro + Transformers

Here's a short video I made to test the difference between two different stop motion techniques and software.You can download the special trial version of Stop Motion Pro here. Here's another vid that I just made.

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How do you get customized avatars?

I have seen alot of customized avatars for people such as mepain and killerk I myself want to know (and i'm sure others do to) how you get one.

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popsicle sticks

How many things can be created with popsickle sticks? can you make animals? weapons? chairs? cars? big structures like bridges? id like to get some inspiration on what to make out of popsicle sticks i might want to start by learning how to spell it first!

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What's your veiw on the problem?

Recently I've been observing some comments on the knex instructables that need not be there. If you have a comment about how much you love or hate knex gun instructables, please post a comment here rather than posting mindless nonsense on other peoples' instructables.

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KI is down.

I have been trying to get to K'nex Innovation, but it doesn't allow me to go to the site. It just says, "Oops! Google Chrome could not find". Can some of the people who manage the site (oodalumps, mepain, and crestind) please help?

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Pandemonium 2011

Hello ibbelz, would anybody like to stop by Pandemonium 2011 this year? Provided you can make it, it'd be fun to have some people other than the regulars stop by for once. Here's a video of last year's war if you are wondering what's going on:

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my newest arsenal

This is my newestr arsenal not much but good the sexbow from zak the mezak celebration of zak and mepain the FSSG from logic boy you can see i really like oodammo and just post your newest arsenal i really like to see what's your war kit thanks

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Hey everybody, as you may know from the title, this topic is about AIM. If you ever have any questions, or just want to talk, I'm almost always at my computer, and online. My AIM screen name is Knexinnovation. And of course, we can talk knex! (Maybe find out about some projects in the making + D)

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How many K'nex do you have?

Well the title pretty much explains it all. As for me, I made a rough count and I have approximately 16,000 K'nex. I also have a picture of all the sets I still have instructions for.

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Should I post?

This is a new gun I made after finding about Ipod Killer's "innovative" trigger system. It uses Mepain's ram and part of the Burito Master's clip for his scar gun. The clip pushes up the ammo by itself, so all ya gotta do is pull the ram then trigger. It also uses a spring to absorb the shock of the ram.

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I've got 3 knex gun questions.?

1: is there a pump-action Spas-12 made out of knex? 2: what is the smallest mag-fed oodammo pistol made? 3:What is the best pump-action gun with a good range?

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