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flow meter?

How to construct a flow meter to measure the flow of water(or any fluid) at home? what materials and construction steps are required??

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vu meter?

I have just been volunteered to run the sound board in our church which is small.I had never seen one before,but as I keep working with it,I noticed that only one side of the vu meter lights up,and the lights move up and down as the volume goes up and down,but the other side does nothing.Any help. It looks like the one in step one.

Question by jimmywilkins    |  last reply

vu meter?

The soundboard I am learning to run is similar to the one in Learning to run a Mixer(Soundboard). It is the one in step #2.The thing I was wondering about was why the lights only light up on one side of the vu meter.Thanks

Question by jimmywilkins  

water meter?

Hello everyone, I have the water meter (it's just having piston and analog meter). I want to connect this meter to msp430g2553 chip. In this the output of the water meter should be A(low)  A(low)B(low) B(low), i.e. when one input is connected to chip the output will be 2 pulse. I am doing code in IAR embedded workbench. can anyone help me with the code. #include void main( void) {     P1DIR = 0XFF;P1OUT = 0X00;                      // Clear port 1     P2DIR = 0XFF;P2OUT = 0X00;                      // Clear port 2     P3DIR = 0XFF;P3OUT = 0X00;                      // Clear port 3       WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;                                            // Stop watchdog timer                               if (CALBC1_1MHZ == 0xFF || CALDCO_1MHZ == 0xFF)                                       {      while(1);                                                                                         // If calibration constants erased   }   DCOCTL = CALDCO_16MHZ;                                                      // Set MCU to run at approximately 16 Mhz   BCSCTL1 = CALBC1_16MHZ; /*****Initialize Port 1 & 2******/   P1DIR = 0x01;                                                                                   // Set P1.1 input (C)   P1SEL = 0x01;                                                                                  // Set as I/O port   P1SEL2 &=~ 0x01;   P1SEL &= ~0x10;   P1SEL2 &= ~0x10;   P1DIR |= 0x10;                                                                                  // Set P1.4 output   P1OUT |= 0x10; /************flash********/ void write_SegC (char value) {   char *Flash_ptr;                                 // Flash pointer   unsigned int i;   Flash_ptr = (char *) 0x1040;                     // Initialize Flash pointer   FCTL1 = FWKEY + ERASE;                           // Set Erase bit   FCTL3 = FWKEY;                                   // Clear Lock bit   *Flash_ptr = 0;                                  // Dummy write to erase Flash segment   FCTL1 = FWKEY + WRT;                             // Set WRT bit for write operation   for (i=0; i<64; i++)   {     *Flash_ptr++ = value;                          // Write value to flash   }   FCTL1 = FWKEY;                                   // Clear WRT bit   FCTL3 = FWKEY + LOCK;                            // Set LOCK bit } /********prog******//////// int i; while(1) {   e=getdata() i have written till here. suggest me how i will take the data from meter and i will produce the 2 pulse at the output? thank you

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Sound level meter?

Does anyone know how I can build a simple sound level meter with a light that will come on at a certain sound level?

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Wireless Weather Meters

I recently completed my wireless weather meters project and thought you guys might be interested in it. It uses and Arduino, analog panel meters and XBee to be able to wirelessly display weather forecast information in any room in the house. Check it out at . Schematics and source included.

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VU Meter help

I'm trying to build a VU meter and am having trouble finding a schematic that actually works.  I having tried using the LM3915 and LM3916 both seem to act the same way.  I've tried 5v 9v and 12v sources along with every schematic I can find with no luck.  Either all the lights flicker a very fast. These are the schematics I have tried:;=ACTIVE&limit;=40 Nothing seems to work.  I have added two 1uf caps across the source and a variety of resistor combinations but always end up with nothing or flickering lights.  What have I done wrong? 

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VU Meter Help?

I can only find an LM324 for a U meter. and the only schematic i could find was confusing....;=;=__JKJHEVkfZz92hhYo8rDxJaU9Roc=&h;=401&w;=407&sz;=10&hl;=en&start;=0&zoom;=1&tbnid;=BowIq_ZQanGTBM:&tbnh;=134&tbnw;=138&prev;=/images%3Fq%3Dlm324%2Bvu%2Bmeter%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26biw%3D1440%26bih%3D807%26tbs%3Disch:1&um;=1&itbs;=1&iact;=hc&vpx;=124&vpy;=167&dur;=818&hovh;=223&hovw;=226&tx;=139&ty;=123&ei;=mrB9TLTbDYSClAffhOjrCw&oei;=mrB9TLTbDYSClAffhOjrCw&esq;=1&page;=1&ndsp;=28&ved;=1t:429,r:0,s:0..... So if someone could either explain that circuit or help me with a new one, I'd much appreciate it! THANKS!

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Digital Capacitance Meter? Answered

Can a digital capacitance meter measure the capacitance of an inductor?

Question by The MadScientist    |  last reply

Multimeter Capacitance Meter? Answered

Can a multimeter with a capacitance meter measure capacitance of a home made high voltage capacitor?

Question by The MadScientist    |  last reply

Build a Glucose Meter

Hello I am trying to build a glucose meter but have no idea where to start. I will use an arduino mega 1280. Does anyone know where I can find instructions to build a glucose meter ? So far I have been able to get a very high level idea from : Any information, even if its just information on how to achieve a particular module from the design listed above will greatly be appreciated ! Thanks !

Topic by urzur    |  last reply

water conductivity meter

Hi does any one know how to build a water conductivity meter which measures in Microsiemens. as an added bonus i would like it to be able to measure other features of water quality such as the Ph value

Topic by tawcnysc    |  last reply

Help on VU meter?

Well I want to make a stereo Vu meter for my computer. I want it to be stereo but dont know how to do that. Im planning to cut a headphone to get the audio jack and thats stereo so how will that go into the scematic. (excuse the spelling its late)

Question by sunny342  

Vu meter input? Answered

Well I want to make a stereo Vu meter for my computer. I want it to be stereo but dont know how to do that. Im planning to cut a headphone to get the audio jack and thats stereo so how will that go into the scematic. (excuse the spelling its late)And does anyone know if i can find the ic at radio shack

Question by sunny342    |  last reply

Engine Hour Meter

Hi, I'm trying to bodge up an engine hour meter for my motorbike (single cylinder) and I'm hoping to find a circuit diagram somewhere. I know you can buy these ready to go but apart from the fact that I have several motorbikes and they are about $NZ90 each, well it just isn't the point, is it? Why spend money when for the sake of a few hours cursing at dodgy connections and burning myself with asoldering iron I can play creator!! Any info would be appreciated, thanks. Nick

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Multimeter inductance meter? Answered

I am building a Tesla coil with a fairly poor primary coil. The primary coil is a conical 12.5mH (theoretically) but when I measured it with my multimeter the inductance kept jumping and was only doing so within the range of .05mH - 2mH why is this can it not measure conical coils?

Question by The MadScientist    |  last reply

Christmas Spirit -O-Meter (Bah humbug meter)

I'm a school teacher and every year we have a door decorating competition...and we always lose.  Last year, I tried working on an interactive door display that shows the users holiday/Christmas spirit level, ranging from jolly to bah humbug.  My idea was the user would put one or both hands on a metal plate(s) and lights would show up showing their level of holiday spirit.  Essentially, it's a skin conductivity meter that uses a row of led lights indicating the amount of resistance/conductivity. Does anyone have plans available or can direct me to a site where I can find them.  Preferably nothing too elaborate where I can just use a breadboard and electronic parts from Radio Shack. Thanks, Dwight

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Printing scale for repurposed meter

I am doing a project to repurpose a Westinghouse KX-241 switchboard meter as a CPU process meter for my PC.  To to this I will have to make a new scale for the meter.  Here is the type of meter in question: The scale on the meter I have does not match the scale I need, which is 0 to 100 (percent).  This is a simple task: Just remove the scale from the meter, scan it, and modify the image as necessary with Corel Draw.  Then print the new scale on glossy paper and adhere it to the top of the meter scale.  Simple.  Except, if you notice in the picture, the scale of the meter is not all flat.  The outer edge of the scale where the lines are is angled outward.  If I try to apply a printed scale to this, the printed scale will have creases where the paper negotiates the angled portion.  Any ideas of how I can manage this without creases?

Topic by LesB    |  last reply

LED VU meter effect

Does anybody know how can I make a LED VU meter in which only a single light in the row shines at a time? That is the desired result:

Topic by blixt139    |  last reply

Cycling Power Meter Details? Answered

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the specific electronic components of a typical cycling power meter are and how they work together?  The picture is of one by Power Tap that is located in the rear wheel hub.  I'd like to try to build something similar.  All I know is that it uses strain gauges.  I have zero electronics experience but I'm hoping to learn by working the problem backwards. Thanks in advance.

Question by Starbuckaneer    |  last reply

Ultra sonic flow meters

We have 4 independent ultra sonic flow meters and they give us ghost readings at random times. We are sure it’s not emi from an outside source. It’s a frequency signal that our flow computer picks up without product ever running through the pipe system. It only happened at random times like 3 or 4 weeks apart. And are happening more often. Does anyone know best way to troubleshoot.

Question by Kirbyotw    |  last reply

Hows this circuit as mileage meter? Answered

I recently got permission from my parents to hack the car,so I thought,what mod is most suitable in I came up with an idea of milage meter My dad told me that the amount of petrol used in each cycle of engine is the same,adjusted to optimum level. So I thought that if i can divide the rpm value with speed,i'll get rounds per distance,ie fuel consumption per distance. and i devised the following circuit for it-

Question by Suraj Grewal    |  last reply

What different frequency meter and counter? Answered

Dear all.. Please help me to know : what is difference frequency meter  and  counter between 2 devices  (please see photo) Thank you so much.

Question by lam    |  last reply

I want to make a power factor meter using arduino which can also show Real,Apparent and reactive power.

I want to make a power factor meter using arduino which can also show Real,Apparent and reactive power.

Topic by KaroonjharN  

How can I make a vu meter from an 100ma panel meter?

I want to build an vu meter from my 100ma panel meter but I don't know how to. I am a beginner and it must be cheap . Please help me whit this problem!  I have a panel meter like this

Question by Gernerakos    |  last reply

Is there an Instructable on the proper use of a volt meter?

Got a volt meter. It came with no instructions and have no idea how to use it.

Question by mainfig    |  last reply

Wiring analogue VU meters to headphones

I'm trying to wire two VU meters to some headphones so that there is a meter for each channel(one for the right, and one for the left). How would I hook them up? Do I need any special circuitry so that they work correctly? Attached are the meters I have still attached to the board I've salvaged them with.

Topic by Ora    |  last reply

LED VU Meter Coffee Table

I'm working on building a VU meter that will respond to ambient noise into a coffee table that I am making, and I'm stuck on working out how to build the VU Meter circuit, and how to power all the LEDs. I planned on using a 10 LED VU meter kit, and somehow powering more than one LED for each subsequent step. The thing is, each level doesn't have the same amount of steps. The first four levels have 8 LEDs each, the next three have 16 LEDs each, and the last three have 24 LEDs each. The LEDs I'm using have a forward voltage of 2.0 volts, and a Max Power Dissipation of 105 mW. I don't know how to go about powering the LEDs or wiring the circuit. Any help would be much appreciated.

Topic by Ora    |  last reply

variable load DC volt meter?

I would like to build my own one of these with more settings and variable load and input voltages. Maybe someone has a more elegant solution? Something that would fit in a small box or maybe even a something to put in between the DC source and my multimeter Voltmeters

Topic by Menthol    |  last reply

75 LED VU Sound Meter

Hiya, i want to put 75 leds either side of my sub woofer which act as a sound level meter.  there's a picture shown on how it would look like. 40 Green LEDs 20 Yellow LEDs 15 Red LEDs im have difficulties trying to find the perfect circuit right for this project. any ideas? thanks in advance. 

Topic by Major_M    |  last reply

Signal amp for vu meter- help!

Hi, I am creating a VU meter with my arduino board soon. I would like the vu meter to output the same amount of light even if the input audio is lower or giher (if i change the volume, I dont want the vu meters range to fluctuate). Does anyone know of a device that will maintain a constant signal voltage regardless of whether the inout signal is high or low? I'm not fussed if this amplifying circuit distorts the signal a bit as I am not actually using it to listen to afterwards. Thanks, Joe

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Use LED VU meter as Tachometer?

Hi, i want to share and ask something.   Somedays back i bought a digital tachometer with dial and needle. I wanted to test it, so i connected its power terminals (12V) and connected the Tach input wire to audio speakers output (+ve) terminal and played a loud song.  I saw Tach needle going up at certain frequencies. I want to ask that if tach can detect audio signals SAME AS a VU audio meter does. So, CAN A LED VU METER BE CONNECTED SAME IN PLACE OF TACHOMETER  to detect car RPM signals.? Plz help and guide.

Question by waqasjamil    |  last reply

Arduino Vu meter/Mood light?

Hello There :) I have this concept: A wall to ceiling light that consists of several segments that are lit with rgb leds. I want it to have two modes - VU meter mode and rgb mode (goes through rainbow of colours) I know how to do each separately: -VU meter - There is an instructable I can follow -RGB mode -Using shift registers etc.. But I don't know how to incorporate them together. Can I use a shift register and an arduino (through PWM) to give functionality of both settings I would like? Thanks, Joe

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Do cheap pH meters work?

I have seen $10-20 pH meters for testing soil in garden stores, home improvement/hardware stores. I was wondering do these give accurate readings? I am looking for a cheap and accurate way to test pH. Any suggestions even for other ph testing methods are appreciated. Thanks!

Question by rendermatt    |  last reply

Diabetes glucose meter used with android?

Is there any way to connect my blood glucose meter (accu chek aviva nano) with my android device? My glucose meter already supports connecting wirelessly with a device called accu-chek smart pix( wich transfers data from device to pc.

Question by arv_christos    |  last reply

how to make an electric meter model?

I have to make a 3D model of an electric meter and explain what each part is.

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How to make a LED VU-METER ? Answered

Hello guys, I would make a led VU-meter but I don't understand anything of the circuits, can someone make an easy instructable of it ? IT MUST BE EASY AND CHEAP !! click here for the circuit

Question by anres321    |  last reply

1958 Walz Direct F:Stop Meter

I just thought I would share this cool '58 F:Stop meter I bought at a second-hand store for 50 cents. If anyone has information about this, (value maybe...) it would be nice.

Topic by ItsTheHobbs  

Household Appliance Efficiency (Slowing the meter)

Hello, Does anyone have an idea how I can build a device or circuit board that I can hook up a computer  to monitor the efficiency of Appliance and hopefully write a computer programe to maximize the efficiency of the appliance and minimize the power drawn from the power grid. Basically slowing down the meter while the appliances still operate at their full potential? Thanks 

Topic by derf1973    |  last reply

how to build a smart power meter ?

Hi , can i build a device that can measure the power usage in my house by using arduino or Raspberry PI ?

Question by MohammedT1    |  last reply

LED based VU meter schematic.

I've recently bought a new pair of headphones, and would like to add a semicircle of LEDs (Green->Yellow->Red) to each can, LEDs that would light to the music playing through headphones. As a result, I've been looking for a VU meter schematic that incorporates LEDs and a 1/8" jack. Any link to such a schematic or ideas for my potential project would be greatly appreciated!

Topic by dmfunk    |  last reply

Test meter for wind turbine output

Is there an inexpensive meter I can hook up to my 300W 12VDC wind turbine ?I want to see the output power in watts increase as it spins faster. I know it needs a load to test that.I know I can use 1 or more 12v bulbs to see them get brights. But I'd like to see the output in watts.Thanks

Question by maxrep99    |  last reply

Smart board Using distance meters.

Hello! My name is Muneer. I was wondering whether this concept of making a smart board would work(shown in image). The idea is to use two distance meters to measure distance ‘a’ and distance ‘b’ from the transmitter in the pen to the top corners. Distance c is fixed and known. Using the distances, the x and y distance should be workable from the formulas(shown in image) I guess. I have a few concerns and require your expert opinion, a. How can we construct the distance meter (IR? Ultrasonic? Any available schematic...etc) b. Converting the x and y distances to pixel information c. Interfacing the board to a computer, possibly giving the input from the smart board directly as a mouse input. or if you could suggest other practical ways. Could you please help me with this? Thanks.

Topic by muneersn    |  last reply

LM386, LM3916 VU Meter Trouble?

Hey, i have built a VU meter according to an instuctable circuit diagram ( but no matter what, my bar graph stays at 7 bars lit. The LM3916 does not appear to be reponding to the microphone output from the LM386. any suggestions would be very, VERY much appreciated and my apologies in advance if I have missed any important informaiton. Thanks EDIT: the 1uF caps i have on my circuit are polarised, unlike the non-polarised in the circuit diagram, but I am assured by a good friend that it shouldn't make a difference. I am also using the LM386N-3 in case anyone asks!

Question by LED Maestro    |  last reply

how to make a shaft power meter?

I need to measure the shaft power output of a small motor. How to do that? Most machine on the market are to measure large shaf power output, such as of a car or motorcycle engine. My power output is estimated to be about 2kW. Any suggestion would be of help to me. Thank you. Regards, Wan

Question by wanzaidi    |  last reply

Reading Electric Meter with Raspberry Pi

We have a meter outside of a building which displays how much energy the building produces (Solar Power) and pumps back onto the grid, how much the building uses from the grid, and the difference. Every day we record these numbers, and enter them into an excel spreadsheet, so we know exactly what the efficiency is of said building. The issue is, is that this building is empty for most of the week, and driving to and from the building costs time and money. So, the idea is that we have a Raspberry Pi connected to a camera photograph these numbers, and send them to us via email. How would you have the Pi take pictures? Specifically, what camera would you use? The screen is a ~3cm x 12cm LCD display (Similar to an alarm clock display, no colors) The clearance inside the box is about 10-15cm from the screen. The box itself is transparent, but we'd like to keep the camera inside the box, as the plastic isn't 100% clear (weathering), and it would also look more professional.  The box is waterproof, but not moisture proof, so it would need to be outdoor rated. Or is there some type of device we can put over the screen, and then have it copy what the screen displays? The screen/meter itself cannot be tampered with, as it belongs to the electric company.  This camera/device needs to be able to be sourced in Europe, and would be nice if it wasn't too expensive. Semi off topic: Would it be possible for the Pi to somehow analyse the images, and convert the numbers in the pictures to text?  Taking it one step further, would it be possible to have it automatically enter these numbers into a spreadsheet? This display cycles through about 10 different "screens", of which only 3 are needed. Could the camera be used as a motion detector, and when the numbers change, it takes a picture? This would be repeated 10 times, so that every screen would be captured, and then the needed images would then be sorted out, manually or automatically. If any more information is needed, just ask. Thanks!

Topic by RocketPenguin    |  last reply

how to make a current meter with microcontrollel PIC 16f877?

I want to make a current meter with microcontroller and LCD 16x2 as display. what components do i need? and what is CT?

Question by starda    |  last reply

How to get a bandwidth meter that caclulates accurate bandwidth usage?

I recently got a cable modem and took a limited 2 month plan. The bandwidth is limited so I tried to install two bandwidth meters - the free NetVue and another one called DU Meter which I had used long ago.But the problem is that even when I am not doing any downloading or even browsing, both these meters show that I'm downloading at 5 - 7 kBps, constantly. This way, they show a much higher value than the actual bandwidth usage. I wish to know my daily and  weekly usage, but I cannot know using these two.Can anyone tell me what is the problem with these meters or if I need any other kind of meter for use with cable modem? Very appreciated, if anyone can help. Regards, RS?

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Question : Can you build a cheap Moisture meter for grain

Hello I'm a Peace Corps volunteer working with coffee. I'm helping farmers improve the quality of their coffee. To do this they need to dry their coffee very well. It is hard to tell if the coffee is dried enough without a moisture meter, and a moisture is very expensive. Does anyone know of how to build a moisture meter? this tells what percentage of the weight of the coffee bean is water, I believe. Or if anyone knows where to get one inexpensively, that would also help. Many thanks

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Trying to locate

I am looking for a Center zeroed meter (just the analog gauge, not a complete meter), or at least an idea on what I might find that my dumpster diving become more precise :-) like the one contained herein:

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