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Mice or mouses?

I was going to go off topic on an I'ble, but thought the question would be better asked in the forums. I have always wondered if the plural of mouse (as in the one connected to your PC) is the same as the plural of mouse as in the rodent (or favourite cartoon character). I think that the PC mouse is named after the rodent because of the physical similarity, but does that mean that they are the same? Plural of mouse (rodent), is mice. Plural of mouse (PC), mice or mouses? What are your thoughts? N.B. I have been drinking.

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mice in motorhome

We have a Motorhome istored in a shed and are forever getting Mice in it. We have searched many times trying to find any hole they could be getting in , but without success.   If we could fill the vehicle with water & then see where it leaked out it would work but destroy the vehicle!!! Is there any coloured gas for example, we could put in & put it under pressure to see where it leaked out, or light a smoky fire underneath it & put the interior under vacuum.   Any ideas greatly appreciated. Lyn  

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getting rid of mice?

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A revolution in laptop mice?

A company called Simtrix has had a go at restyling computer mice to make them more laptop and tablet friendly.The Slider curls around the thumb, with buttons handy for the forefinger, and uses the laptop's keyboard as the mouse mat.The Triped is similar, but aimed at tablet users - instead of a flat base, it has three points that can work together as a base for the mouse, or individually as styli with different functions.They look good, but do you reckon they will catch on?Video of mice in use (BBC)

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Anyone know how to make a mouse restrainer?

The purpose is to immobilized the mouse so that tail vein injection can be done. My senior made one of this before he retired. made from plexi glass/ plastic. So basically, it consist of 2 parts. The first part is like a base/ platform which the 2nd part rest on it. The 2nd part is made of a tube which a mouse can go inside just nicely. Thank you

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how to have two mice?

Hi is it possible to have two mice running at the same time on the same pointer. On my vista computer?

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Working on Mice At Instructables HQ

It's just a normal work day here at Instructables HQ with mice parts strewn all over the work table.

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Momentary switches used in mice

I'm going to make a custom guitar hero controller for myself, and i want to mod the buttons so that they don't requite so much travel, and they're more.. snappy, if you get what I'm saying. The switches in mice are perfect, but I don't have enough mice to dissect to get enough buttons. I also found that some of the switches are DPDT, which are perfect for throwing in some LEDs... Anyways, my question is where can I get some DPDT switches from mice, without bulk ordering on ebay? And are there specific names for those switches?

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Bad mice gone good

I originally posted this as a collaboration. Turns out it's better as a forum item, which may eventually evolve into a collaboration. I'll try to put up at least one image this weekend. Meanwhile, settle in for a bit of a read, and let me know what you think.. . . . . . . Ingredients:- About 2 dozen half dead or completely dead Apple USB mice, mostly black, some white, bundled and hung to age.- 8-10 Apple keyboards, some flavored with cola or hot chocolate, mostly black, some white.(Randofo may contribute more, we'll see what comes of this caper. See his keyboard hack.Optional additives:- Dead hard drives, also part of the job. I've been wanting to figure out how to hack the controllers and drive arms to make a sculpture that waves the arms vertically, in controllable ways. I don't know yet if this is a separate project or not.- Glue, solder, etc.- Other junk, hopefully minimal, unless it adds a whole new level to the project.StatusI gathered them by their USB connectors and hung them as sculpture, (photo coming soon) awaiting further inspiration.The ProjectFirst idea:Wire, (or rewire, in this case) the LEDs inside the mice, and make a decorative chandelier.Minimalist that I am, my first impulse is to leave the mice as original and intact as possible, while transforming an everyday object into something delightful and interesting.Current questions:- How to wire them all together, without making it a life's work?- Static or dynamic? Dimmable? Random "flickering/fading" like the new smarter Christmas lights, only more interesting?- Interactive? Respond to sound, temperature or other environmental changes? I like the idea of cause and effect resulting in some new information the observer can come away with, something that actually makes sense, rather than, "That's kind of interesting, but what for?"- Networkable?? So other Bad mice gone Good can influence behaviors?- Some sort of reference or action to the original intended function, i.e., input device, man-machine interface, 21st century worker harness, pixel pushing device, etc.- Hack a keyboard to control the mice? Force them to spell?? I like the idea of subverting/reversing the input/output direction.- use the reflective sensor in the mouse to provide input/output.- Influence Jonathan Ive and his brilliant staff at Apple to put some effective strain relief on all new mice!RulesAnd I use that term fairly loosely. Yet I find that good parameters, even if arbitrary (an affordable luxury with art and fooling around projects) help define the project, keep it manageable, and hence more likely to be completed. Sometimes it's just more fun too. I'll refrain from an essay on that for now. (hm, maybe an essay section would be good Instructables feature request?)- simple- can be made in 24 or fewer work hours.- cheap, with minimal non-salvaged parts.- repeatable, so others can create their own, in the fine, albeit young, Instructables tradition.- finished product is fun and delightful to most people, old or young, geek or non-geek.FeedbackPlease let me know what you think of this idea so far.New ideas, spinoffs, etc. are welcome. Please link or keyword all of them so we can see the connection between projects.Enough for now, I need to overhaul my resume so I can find a more interesting and creative job. SF Bay Area queries are encouraged!

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what can i do to keep mice out of my apt.?

It's an old place and i've blocked every hole i find but still they are coming in -- does mint really work or those high pitch sound things? this week i caught 4 mice (i have a reusable trap that electrocutes them and it's great, but I just wish they weren't here!!!).  two weeks ago i caught 3 others ... it's insanity

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What is plural for a computer mouse? Meece? Mousen? Mouses? Moos? Or just plain old mouse? Answered

This has been bugging me for a long time... Help?

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I need help rewiring an optical mouse

Hello, I started a project I don't have the tech know-how to finish. I'm trying to rewire a wireless mouse to an arcade style interface. Is there a way I can rewire an optical mouse so as to accept input from an arcade joystick?  Thanks!

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what voltage do wired mice run at (the mice you use for your computer)?

I have been wondering what voltage that mice run at so i can make a hover mouse

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mice research HELP!!!

I am really interested in science research and I want to come up with a research project, but I'm having a hard time putting something together. I want to include aspects like... - PCR (polymerase chain reaction) - RFLP (restriction fragment length polymorphism) - ICC (immunocytochemistry) - e-gel/ gel electrophoresis I know I will be working with mice brains whose vagus nerves have been surgically cut or whose leptin intake has been significantly increased. (By the way, the leptin and vagus nerve are totally different experiments) In this case the vagus nerve serves as a connection from the brain to the stomach. Therefore if it has been cut, mice would show a reduction in food anticipation. The leptin, I believe is a hormone that deals with energy regulation (food intake). Mice with leptin intake grow obese because lack of leptin usually tells the body to stop eating so when the mice with too much leptin are introduced to food, they cannot stop eating. In either case, mice brains would be sacrificed for experimentation. (All experiments are done in a research facility) I'm not sure how to incorporate these procedural methods to the mice brains. My objective is to somehow determine the mechanisms within the nervous system, which can hopefully aid in developing methods to ameliorate neurological problems. I am open to any other methods or protocols.

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Humane Trap Ideas? Answered

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in ! They're smart .... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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Humane Trap Ideas

Okay, so we've got critters in our attic...Probably Wolf Rats or something....I've tried using a large bucket with a board ramp. On top of the bucket I've got a towel laid across the top. For bait, I've used bread with peanut butter. My trap idea just doesn't seem to work.... The animals steal the bread without fallin' in! They're smart.... Any other ideas? Thanks! :)

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School Project Update.

We got a B+ on the assignment for not having much to do with mice and men, because the project was racism in the 1930's relating to mice and men.

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How do you get rid of Iowan Mice?

They eat decon like candy and still run wild like they own my Trailer! We destroyed their nests in the storage room. Sticky glue traps work but get expensive since you can't really catch more than one unless they cross that spot at the same time. These mice are running wild like they own my house! what do I do?

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can i make a drawing pen out of 2 old mice ir sensors?

I do graphics. so i need a drawing pen and buying one is outta my reach.

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how can I make a workable mouse trap?

My sister is plagued by mice.  She says the mice are very tricky and elude all mousetraps she set up. They eat through the plastic containers to get at the food.  They are even in their beds.

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Live mice grown from stem cells (iPS)

According to a news article on Nature's Web site, two different research groups have grown live mouse clones using "induced pluripotent stem cells" (iPS). These are initially normal adult cells which are treated such that they revert to the same state as embryonic cells.

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i would like to know how to get free GOOD stuff Answered

Stuff like flash drives, computer parts, headphones, joysticks, mice (For computers) keyboards, gamepads, XBOX 360 controllers, etc...

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How should I adjust my computer's mouse sensitivity/speed?

I have a razer deathadder mouse and was wondering, what should I use to adjust sensitivity/ speed of my mouse? Should I adjust the sensitivity in windows xp control panel, the razer drivers or in-game settings? And what should I set the ones I shouldn't adjust to? To the middle setting, the highest, or the lowest setting? Thanks

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Why is there no catfood with mouse flavour? Answered

Why is there no catfood with mouse flavour? I know for fact that cats eat mice :).

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how do i keep pests away from my vermicompost pile? Ex: mice,snakes,racoons?

Im young and trying to start vermiomposting at school and at home. i have to garantee all the adults that they wont have any problems with pests. it an be indoors or out doors. i get their support only when i have ways to prevent mice and other pests. i really want to do this because i know it makes soil faster and our school goes through a lot of scraps.

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How to connect a battery to a switch to two separate LEDs?

I'm trying to do a project involving recycling optical mice. so i was thinking of sculpting a robot out of these mice. and so far so good. it looks okay. but my point in doing this is i wanna recycle. and i was thinking, what's the point of recycling old mice that just lie there when you made it into a robot that, well, just lies there also. i want to make some use out of it. so i decided i want to integrate LED lights to it as its eyes to maybe serve as my nightlight or something. it would preferably be battery powered and would have a switch. the problem is. i have no idea how to connect the battery to the switch to the LED. i took apart one of the optical mice and i plugged it in my computer while it was bare of its external case to try to figure out connections of it. i noticed it has a sensor at the bottom that when i place something close to it, the LED's light becomes stronger. and when the object is pulled further from the sensor. the LED dims abit. just putting that out there. it could be used but i don't know how . could anybody teach me or point me to a tutorial on how these connections work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Rhed

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can I go to Indian store and buy mung beans and Sprout them, Answered

 will I get sick because it may be contacted by mice etc and can I just wash them for it?

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how can i buy or make finely chopped glass

How can i buy or make finely chopped glass to mix with plaster of paris to plug holes & cracks around the house to repel mice?

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Where can I find the file "WProgram.h"?

Whenever the PS/2 library for mice and keyboards ("ps2") is used right out of the box, it is missing the file "WProgram.h". Where can that file be found?

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Ideas to keep the cat out at night when she has a victim?

Hi my name is Robin and i have a cat problem. My cat has a cat door so she can walk in and out as she want, but she is bringing mice and rats and its not fun the hear her killing the victim in the middle of the night and its almost every night. So i was thinking about building something so she cant enter the house when she has her victims. I think im going to use my arduino somehow. like scann her or somthing and if she has a mice the door is locked. Im open to any ideas except collar with bell, she dont like to were collar. thanks in advance

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I may have selected a username that not only represents me as a poor speller, but also someone who is unfamiliar with the relative intelligence of the gnu. It's certainly no raven, magpie, or blackbird. (Though cartoons have taught me that laboratory mice and platypi are unusually bright as well.) Warning: this video contains graphic cuteness and an unsurprising ending.

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Can i partially melt a CD cover?

I cut a hole in my computer mouse to put a window in with a colour changing LED. I want to know if i can put a cd cover in the oven and melt it to make it conform to the mouses contours. I don't have a heat gun so can i just use an oven to do it. Has anyone tried this? if so what temperature.

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joystick to mouse

I don't like computer mice and touch pads, so I've bought a joystick. What's the best software to make it do a mouse's job? It's a "Thrustmaster" joystick, and my laptop is running Firefox in Ubuntu, because my dad won't pay for Windows to go on my laptop. Thanks, Conker-x.

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Has anyone made an electric mousetrap...where the mouse gets electrocuted? ?

 My shop is located in my horse barn and am bombarded with mice.  I saw the electric mouse trap in our local hardware store, and found it fascinating...really a guy's deal.  I am unsure as to the specifics of what is needed from a technical/electrical perspective.  

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extract skeleton from smal (dead) animal

I want to dissolve the flesh & preserve the skeleton of a small snake - i have consulted this site re: skinning the snake, & was wondering what was the easiest/best way to be rid of the flesh - perhaps simply boiling it away? any help here appreciated - also interested in skulls & skeletons of mice/rats. -thanks

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How can I make a wireless USB hub? Answered

I want a USB hub that can be used kind of like the USB mice with the micro receivers. It doesn't need to be a tiny receiver though. I want it to be able to reach through a floor to a place directly below it. I don't want it to be over $50, preferably using scrap parts and less than $10

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Victor mouse Traps?

I am using the good old VICTOR spring mouse traps. I caught the first two bang with good old peanut butter. The next one i baited with peanut butter. They licked it clean! Not even a speck of peanut butter any where. Tried another victor trap. I thought the 3rd one might be defective? NO! The 4th trap, same thing> My son said I wasn't using enough peanut butter. So I crammed as much inside of it as normal. Then I added a bit more on top and sides. Again they cleaned it all off. Not even a speck left on the trap. Does anyone have a better idea? I feel like i am just feeding the mice. Maybe the first two were baby'sher975383@aol.coms?? And these are cunning adults? I am going to use mouse poison if I can't figure this out. My husband doesn't want poison because they can get in the wall an stink for ever. I do not have a better solution. I would be grateful if anyone has an answer for this!!!  I don't want filthy mice in my house! Thank-You, sugarbear

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Crawlspace Buddy

A robot to navigate crawlspaces and show video. A boon to pest control or plumbing estimators. Rather than dry suiting and taking pictures (homeowners usually have at least three estimates), one could show live video of pipe leaks, festerring sewage, carpenter ants, termites, racoons or mice nesting. Perhaps the robot could carry a stun gun to drive out raccons. It has to be able to navigate the "wild" underside of homes or buildings and be waterproof. It could have an articulated arm to mount the camera and poke holes to search for termites.

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Laptop travel bag?

I was wondering if it would easy and cheap too make a travel bag for my laptop like have a battery with inverter to run a external moniter and holders for all my keyboards mice webcams neat scanner headsets etc.  how hard would this be and could you give some ideas/help/instructions To sum this all up it is basically my home workstation miniaturized to a backpack type thing and i need some ideas to do it if you give some ideas i should be able to pull this off easily Thanks, Kaden

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How should I emulate an RS232 mouse using the programming port on an Arduino Due?

I tried to make a USB mouse to RS232 mouse adapter with my Arduino Due, but I couldn't. I used the right protocol and even tried to have the program send a capital M when it started, which is what real RS232 mice do when the DTR line is toggled (I was guessing that the DTR line was used to reset the Arduino). Can it be done, or will I need a separate adapter?

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More than one computer on a single CPU? Answered

Ok, at this place I go, there is a set of 4 monitors all connected to one "Computer" but they are all seperate computers. There is 4 seperate keyboards, mice, and speakers. They are all connected to the computer by network cables. It is interesting, I was wondering if anybody has ever heard of this before, b/c I want a program like this. Actually what I was looking at was a ncomputing thin client, but If anybody could help me think of a cheaper option because these cost about 1100 per terminal box (i need 3-4)

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Freecycyle Website...

This website is a collection of groups that lists free stuff of all kinds. look for the groups in your area. you can sign up for multiple groups. there are always some computer or electronic things that you can pick up from peoples homes for free, and you can list stuff that you want to give away as well. lists can be sent to you in your email. i am going to a house near me tomorrow to pick up a working inkjet printer and 2 working laserjet printers. they should yield some mice motors and stuff. cheers all.

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How could I cord a wireless five-button laser mouse? Answered

I have a wireless five-button laser mouse for my lappy and the receiver keeps getting bent, I've gone through four mice with this and it finally occurred to me that a corded mouse would solve my problem (since the plug is smaller). But I can't find a tutorial anywhere on how to do this and I'm not good enough with electronic to figure it out myself. I'm sure something can be done, or would I be better off buying a $20 corded replacement? Thanks

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what form is data inputted to the wireless section of a USB wireless bluetooth mouse/leyboard?

It is well known and common to be able to buy wireless keyboards and mice. These often plug into the computer via USB in the following way:Mouse/keyboard data ->bluetooth wireless->USB.My question, is: in what form is the data which goes into the bluetooth wireless transmitter. and by that i mean does it go:mouse/keyboard data->USB->bluetooth wireless->USB.or is it as mentioned further up? if the data is in the form of USB before being transmitted, does that mean that some other USB device (for example a memory stick or similar) could also be transmitted (even if the feed is slow etc) cheers

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On a 3 button mouse...

Is it possible to replace the IR receivers from the xy axis's, with a rotary encoder from the scroll wheel? Is it just a matter of removing the IR receivers and putting in scroll encoder dials from other mouses? Now on top of that same idea, can you use pots instead of the rotary scrollers? I cannot find a pinout from a scroll wheel or a IR receiver of these would be nice also. The mice I'm speaking of are the early type non lit underneath. However a workup of both types wouldn't hurt as this will help with the newer stuff. End result being able to use 3 separate dial axis and buttons from one HID mouse board.?

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Mouse IR detector Challenge

Anybody know how to determine which legs are which on the IR detector (double transistor) in old-school mice? One leg is common and the other two legs are emitters. Is there a test I can perform with a needle type VOM that could identify the leads? These three legged components are very common and can be used to build really simple and cheap data acquisition of rpm using the microphone jack and 5 volts from a USB port. One leg has extra metal and is likely the common. Still I would like to know if anyone has a test procedure. Thanks to all and keep repurposing everything in your path. It just feels good.

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Gone! (60 Free mousetraps. San Francisco Bay Area)

Given away to the Instructables HQ - can't think of a better place for it. I originally bought these to create mousetrap-powered cars, but I decided to scrap the project because preparing the mousetraps is too difficult for my students. I thought about selling them over craigslist, but in the end I decided that I do not want them to be used to kill mice. So if you would like these (and you live in the SF bay area) please message me and I'll be happy to give them away for creative purposes. I hope someone out there can use it! Lance

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project idea: "Laser" hair regrowth comb

(I apologize if this is not the right place to post this) Long time Instructables fan. Anyway, I had been reading about those laser hair combs that claim to regrow hair and realized, this is a perfect opportunity to DIY. For reference, this is the device in question: I don't know anyone personally who's used it, so I don't know if the thing actually works or not, but I'm not going to spend $450 to find out. Does anyone have any advice for proceeding? Take about a dozen computer mice, remove the LEDs and lasers, place on comb? Where would one go about purchasing the right parts?

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