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Microsoft or Mac?

Are you a Microsoft or a mac? Post your preferences, and vote! Closing date: 30th December 2008!

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Microsoft's Vista Replacement

Apparently Microsoft has found that Vista was a bad idea and so is producing a replacement which is said to be coming out in 2009.So if we put in Microsoft's usual lateness with release it will be 2010 before anything appears.Edit: Its called Windows 7 and wikipedia has an article on it.

Topic by davidturner666    |  last reply

Microsoft Office for Linux

I heard last week that Microsoft will be porting their popular Office suite to Linux this year. As an avid Linux user, and a firm believer in the free software movement, I must say that this has a certain odor to it. Do we honestly think that a company that has used phrases like "a cancer that infects everything it touches," to describe Linux will just start waving the olive branch and cater to the "cancer" as a valued customer? This peace offering calls to mind a certain wooden horse I think we all know. "either the Greeks are hiding, shut inside those beams, or the horse is a battle-engine, geared to breach our walls, spy on our homes, come down on our city, overwhelm us- or some other deception's lurking deep inside it. Trojans, never trust that horse. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks, especially bearing gifts." One thing is for sure, considering how Microsoft constantly violates the privacy of their customers, rest assured that this horse WILL spy on our homes.

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microsoft's 235 patents ...

Microsoft claims the opensource community (mainly Linux) violates up to 235 of their patents. Though, as Microsoft don't provide any list of these patents, some says it's just a campaign of fear and destabilization ... Do you know some examples of Microsoft's patents that are actually violated by Linux ?

Topic by chooseausername    |  last reply

new microsoft office panel !

School installed office 2007 with the new panels i really like it ! i want the same thng on my linux boxes at home ! are there any applications like power point and word which are for linux and free and with panels as in microsoft office ?

Topic by 11010010110    |  last reply

Outlook email connection error.How to stop it? Answered

I have an account that normally works with my Outlook 360 account. All of a sudden I started getting the attached error message whenever I try to send an email. I went into Outlook Account Settings to confirm that the password hadn't been changed or corrupted, and when I hit "OK" the email goes through just fine. So my settings seem OK. What is causing this and what can I do to fix it?

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excel file doesn't open?

Today I opened MS Excel and the file didnt open correctly. Any ideas

Question by zlatanlex    |  last reply

how to make a usb read as a cd or dvd on windows 7. Please help?

I want the help because i want a few things to work on my PC but i need a CD or DVD. and using a usb is easier to carry around

Question by northernmagnet    |  last reply

Help with repairing a Microsoft Sidewinder X4?

Hello all! I recently moved in my recently made desk, only mu keyboard sustained some damage in transit, from a lamp falling upon it. Neither a re-plug in nor a reboot would et it working again. It wasn't being detected by the computer at all. I opened it up, (off warranty anyway) to check for anything obvious. I checked all the connections, and re-seated them. Then examined all the wiring for any defects. I reassembled everything, and checked it to see if it would work. Alas, ir did not. I swapped back in my old keyboard, but after some jostling, the Sidewinder was re-detected. It remained functional for only around five minutes, after which the space-bar seemed to be repeatedly being pressed multiple times a second, then it stopped cold. I redid all my software fixes, including a reboot, but it did not regain any functionality. Any help would be appreciated, and I'm hopeful. Reference pics can be borrowed from here: Personal thanks to electron_plumber

Question by FullMJacket    |  last reply

Does anyone think that a Windows Xp Parody made in microsoft power point would be a good idea? Answered

I have been working on a microsoft powerpoint windows parody and i thought it would be an alright idea but i'm just getting someone elses opinion. It's not finished yet but it alright so far. I may make a second to refine it. I will take ideas or resources or opinions on the matter

Question by pk_excel    |  last reply

Is Arial a proprietary font?

Is Arial a proprietary font? Is it owned/copyrighted by Microsoft? Does the use of it's '.tff' file (such as in software source) require a license?

Question by action_owl    |  last reply

pasting from MS Word does weird things

I had an article i had written in MS word.  i pasted chunks into the instructables 'pro' editor.  formatting very strange.  clicking 'source' shows tons of microsoft html garbage.  then instructables editor seems to ignore most of the microsoft html, but it still is there.  hopefully not causing any big problems with this.

Topic by dan    |  last reply

What does Windows Embedded Standard 7 do?

Hi, I have DreamSpark and I was wondering what Windows ES7 does. It looks like it turns your computer into a developer's version of Windows 7. I have Windows XP, though. Could I switch between the two using Microsoft Virtual PC? Thanks, NM

Question by NatNoBrains    |  last reply

One of my presentations?

Several days ago, I created .ppt file. After next opening presentation didn't open without any messages.

Question by MaridAllouache    |  last reply

Complicated issue in ms excel

I have a problem in Excel 2007 on my pc in office. It happened only 2 days ago. I forgot to prepare backup. I’ve no any great idea how to solve it.

Question by MaddisonGallagher    |  last reply

even opening file is a problem?

I made a powerpoint presentation using a lot effects, one moment when I was saving .pptx file, the program hung. After, I opened it and got - The Presentation GorF09.pptx is incomplete. Please reload.

Question by Compan89    |  last reply

Why is my webcam not working for MSN?

I have a Microsoft Lifecam which used to work brilliantly for MSN, until recently. I haven't actually done anything to the settings, to my knowledge, but my problem is with only MSN. I can see myself in my webcam when i open up the lifecam programme (allows you to take videos and photos). But when I try to use it on MSN, I can see it but the person to whom I am talking doesn't recieve a webcam invitation. When I try to make a video call, it works fine bar the fact that they see a picture of a webcam with a red cross on it. I can see myself but they can't.

Question by The Jamalam    |  last reply

what should i do with my broken xbox?

My friend gave me his broken xbox, anyone know of any cool projects i can do with a broken xbox besides just using the parts?

Question by William930    |  last reply

Messages are in trouble?

You know, when people say bad day. That's my case today. I've opened my email client some hours ago and I saw only some old email messages in Inbox. I am on MS Outlook 2003, quite old, but it is suitable for me.

Question by KarawekKosaisook  

where can i buy a new xbox 360 for cheap?

 i asked my nephew what he wanted and he wanted an xbox 360 so i want to get him a new 360 elite but i only want to spend like $250 can anyone help?

Question by GianniMora    |  last reply Rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update List

Update: BUSTED!Microsoft has stated that there will be no Spring Update this year. BUT they are releasing a tool that will enable you to attach content you downloaded to any Xbox 360 (only one at a time). This is for people who bought something on Xbox Live Marketplace and their Xbox 360 got the three red lights of death, and got a different Xbox 360 back from repair.This is currently a (busted) RUMOUR. Don't hold your breath. Rumored Xbox 360 Spring Update Touts "Motion Sensor" Features, Game InstallsI personally don't really care about the motion sensing thing; the Wii sucks ass, and I already have Guitar Hero. I don't need another peripheral.There is a list of all of the supposed new features on the Kotaku page; check that out for an in-depth look.

Topic by Aeshir  

Are you sick and tired of Windows Vista? Answered

Like I said I am frustrated with Windows Vista. I am to the point of formatting the whole drive and just run Linux on it. Windows Vista can't find updates. It is too slow. It freezes constantly. Never finds drivers for the hardware that I have. It asks for your permission for almost everything it does. I can't install the software that I want. Do they think that I am another gullible fool that it is going to run to upgrade to Windows 7? No way! What do you think?

Question by blkhawk    |  last reply

Open-Source Kinect coming on market.

Remember Adafruit's bounty for cracking the Kinect? They might have been a bit hasty paying out for the hacks, since the Israeli developers of the technology within the Kinect have decided to sell similar devices themselves, called PrimeSensor, and release their code on an open license. One of the first licensees has been computer maker Asus which has paired the PrimeSensor with two devices that stream data from a PC to a TV via wireless. This lets owners get at the media on that PC using gestures rather than a mouse. Lithium Rain will be delighted... PrimeSense website Asus. BBC story.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Has anyone found a way to modify an external drive to utilize more than the allotted 16GB for the Xbox 360?

The question basically sums up what I'm looking for; however, because sometimes things get lost in translation, here we go: Explanation of what I want: I have a 1TB external drive. It is currently formatted in FAT32 for use with the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. For modified PS3s, the drive simply works with the FAT32 formatting. For modified Wiis, the result is the same. However, for Xbox 360, the result is slightly more annoying: I have an option to "edit" a partition to create 16GB worth of storage space or format the partition, which formats the drive and still only lets me have 16GB worth of storage space. I would like to be able to use more of the external drive for storage. Suggestions to any that may decide to help: I've noticed that the Xbox 360 is locked down in all kinds of ways if it isn't modified. I was thinking that it could be possible to take the special 250GB .bin file, create the 3 partitions for the Xbox 360 on the external drive (I would need instructions on this step, as I no longer have a SATA connection available to me to see the partition setup on my 20GB Xbox 360 drive), and finally create the final FAT32 drive for use with the other systems. Has anyone tried this? I figure it has to be possible because Microsoft is currently doing it somehow. I thank you for your time in advance.

Question by Toddimyre    |  last reply

Xbox 360 Slim Hard drive issues?

The family XBOX 360 Slim is no longer detecting the built in 250GB Hard Drive. When booted the console asks for an update and when we attempt to apply the update the console responds with a message saying "You don't have enough storage space to take this update. Please connect an Xbox 360 storage device with at least 190 MB fee space."  The hard disc is not full as no profiles are detecting and when the storage tab under settings is viewed the XBOX shows a non-configured hard drive which I am loath to re-format in the case of losing everything. Does anyone know a way to retrieve the data successfully and without permanent damage to the XBOX? We have already tried disconnecting and reconnecting the hard disc physically with a powered down unplugged XBOX.

Question by willywoozle    |  last reply

Does anybody want these?

So heres the deal, Jack In The Box was having a GameStop sweepstake which I entered and won the following items from: Gears of War 3 free in-game weapon skin 5-pack Assassin's Creed Revelations outfit Gears of War 3 free in-game weapon skin 5-pack (I won this twice  which is why it is listed twice) Now seeing as to how I don't play those games and further more do not have an Xbox I was wondering if anyone wants them. If you do write a number in a comment in the next few days. I will randomly choose three numbers and send the link and the code that I was sent by Jack in the box to the three people who wrote those numbers. I will not be held responsible under any circumstances if including but not limited to: the code does not work for you they charge you shipping you do not have the games they arrive damaged etc. etc. etc.

Question by ElvenChild    |  last reply

What did I just do?

If any of you out there who know lots about how the inside of my computer works could tell me what in the world I just did, that would be wonderful! Here's what I did: I clicked Start, clicked run, and typed 'CMD'. Command prompt opened up and I typed 'At (I put the time it would be 1 minute from when I typed it) /interactive "cmd.exe" After the minute went by a new command prompt opened up. I typed 'exit' in the old one. I did ctrl-alt-delete and ended the process 'explorer.exe'. After I killed that I typed 'cd ..' in the command prompt window, then I typed 'explorer.exe' and it opened back up. On my home computer I was signed in as SYSTEM at this point and on the computers in the computer labs at the community college I was logged in as the same user name as before except with a '$' on the end. At this point I appear to have privileges above an admin profile and I can access and edit all sorts of files and things I know an admin can't normally access. I can also do things to profiles, like give them admin privileges. I haven't figured out how to do this without setting the time I want it to start a minute ahead of the time it was when I typed it.... Is it possible? And I know the 'cd ..' brings me up a directory, why am I able to do this with explorer.exe closed? It appears to be a large security hole... I just want to know how/what just happened! Thanks! -DMC

Topic by drinkmorecoffee    |  last reply

Can you buy xbox live gold using microsoft points?

Is it possible to buy xbox live gold using microsoft points?

Question by chimp022    |  last reply

Can you use a xbox 360 live messenger kit on a computer? Answered

Its made by microsoft so it should

Question by animan1    |  last reply

How do I make vista run in 256 color mode for a game I want to play? Answered

 I was trying to get an old candyland game to run on vista and it said I needed to be in 256 color mode. I have no idea how to run 256 color mode and I've already searched goggle on it and checked the microsoft help site so I am pretty annoyed with this problem. Can anyone help me?

Question by nbagf    |  last reply

Windows User Account Setting? Help? Answered

Does anybody know how to set a timer for log on hours/limited time on windows XP? If so could make very detailed instruction so I can set it up on my cpu? Thanks

Question by pagosapig    |  last reply

my new instructable.

Although i didnt know it was done until i searched, i did this and it uses some pretty nice software to get the look and feel.

Topic by Yerboogieman    |  last reply

is there a way to install windows 8 on an external hdd? Answered

I want to try out windows 8 but I don't have enough disk-space on my laptop to install it. So I want to install it on an external harddisk(USB) but those mean people from microsoft won't allow me to: when I try to install windows 8 in windows from "sources/install.exe" I get an notification that I can't install windows 8 on a usb device. Does anyone know whether this notification is bypassable or not? Thanks in advance

Question by selujtje    |  last reply

No search

Following the re-design, I can't see the search box.  Clicks on the orange bar all go to 'Submit a new Instructable'.   This is using IE6 (my employer hasn't moved on).   I haven't yet tried any other browsers.  Is this a browser issue? John

Topic by Cusqueno    |  last reply

Do you own Windows XP if you have a product key? Answered

I have a used laptop with a Windows XP product key on the bottom.  I would like to format and start fresh, but don't have the install disks.  Is it legal to use a downloaded version of XP and use my key?  Is this even possible?  Thanks in advance.

Question by salomon1996    |  last reply

Will a flash drive play my game: Xbox 360 Slim?

I Own an Xbox 360 slim with only 4gbs. i have recently acquired a newer game and cant play it due to hard drive space.(I searched the game up and it says i need like 8gbs hard drive space: Wolfenstein New order If i add a 32gb flash drive into my xbox 360 will the game download there if i select it as storage. Thanks guys

Question by KoolCatz    |  last reply

Any recommendations for/against PDF to Word converters?

I need to convert an existing PDF (LaTeX source) document into MS Word format. A simple Google search (;=convert+pdf+to+word) brings up a number of options, both Web based and installable. Having never done this before, I have no sense of good, bad, dangerous, crappy, whatever.I'd very much appreciate input from any experts who have done this before (Jake?), especially Macophiles.

Topic by kelseymh    |  last reply

Xbox 360 Spring Showcase 2008 - GOW2, Fable 2, Banjo Kazooie 3 and more! - Press InfoCrapload of new information and screenshots for...+ Gears of War 2+ Fable 2+ Ninja Gaiden 2+ Too Human+ Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise + Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts+ Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode OneThe links on the left are videos inside of ZIP archives, the links on the right are normal pages with info and screenshots.I can't get any of the videos because I'm on dial-up, can someone tell me what happens in the Banjo Kazooie one? That's the only one I care about anyway.

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply

Zune HD! It's finally here!

The Zune HD! It's finally here!And I got one! :-DIntroducing Zune HD.Zune HD is the next iteration of the Zune device family and brings a new level of listening and viewing experiences to the portable media player category.Zune HD comes with a built-in HD Radio receiver so users can listen to higher-quality sound than traditional radio on the go. Users also will have access to the additional song and artist data broadcast by HD Radio stations as well as additional channels from their favorite stations multicasting in HD. If you don����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¢����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¬����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¢t like the song playing on your station����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¢����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¬����¯�¿�½������¢������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½������¢s HD channel, switch to its HD2 or HD3 channels for additional programming.The bright OLED touch screen interface allows users to flip through music, movies and other content with ease, and the 16:9 widescreen format display (480x272 resolution) offers a premium viewing experience on the go.The HD-compatible output lets Zune HD customers playback supported HD video files from the device through a premium high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) audiovisual docking station (sold separately) direct to an HD TV in 720p.*Zune HD will include a full-screen Internet browser optimized for multitouch functionality.Zune HD is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for instant streaming to the device from the more than 5 million-track Zune music store.So.. Are you going to get one? What do you think about it? Please comment and rate! - OwenUnboxing video! (By me! :-D)

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Microsoft Office Small Business edition; Differences? Answered

I had a question about MS Office XP Small Business Edition 2002 edition. I recently came across the first picture (my Uncle gave it to me).I don't know what the difference is between Small Biz edition or normal.So I guess I'm asking...What's the Difference between Small Business and Home?Do I get multiple installs with a single key with SBE?If so, How many / Unlimited?And what does the second image mean?

Question by xACIDITYx    |  last reply

how to fix a cut microsoft keyboard wire?

So i came back one day and my keybord wire was cut how do i fix it

Question by aizenz    |  last reply

Interactive floor using Microsoft Kinect? How?

Hi, I am searching for a solution on how to make an interactive floor projection. I saw some DIY projects using the Microsoft Kinect for detecting motion, but so far I have not found anything to start with. Does anyone managed to do something similar using the Kinect sensor?? Regards! vedtam

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Some questions about Microsoft Small Basic

Hi there. I have been a user of the Microsoft Small basic programming language for a few weeks now, and i'm really bewildered by how amazingly easy and powerful it is. But I have a few questions about the more advanced features that the PDF tutorial didn't cover. 1) How do I use the File class? I know that it is used for saving progress and such, and would really like to add this to my programs, but the tutorial didn't say how to use it. (use example code, please). 2) What exactly is the Network class, and how do I use it? My best guess is that it creates some sort of telnet connection, (If so I can imagine a whole slew of Small Basic MUDs) 3) How do I use OnMouseClick events to make an image move to where the user clicks, Like in adventure games? This isn't probably something i'll be using for a while, but it's nice to know in case. 4) Are there any tutorials out there for the more advanced uses of Small Basic? The PDF Intro is very nice, but is pretty limited. P.S: I'm thinking of doing an instructable on Small Basic, on learning the language and such. What do you think of this idea? And please don't flame me saying "Dud u Shud just lern C++" because I am not interested. Thank you.

Question by dungeon runner    |  last reply

Microsoft Office Border does not show when printed

When I try to print a Microsoft office word document the border line at the bottom does not print it is shown on the document before I print but when the final product comes through its just not there. OS: Windows 7 Printer: HP Deskjet F380 All in-one Text Editor: Microsoft Office Word 2007

Question by vorlock    |  last reply

How do you attach an envelope to a letter in MicroSoft Word 2007?

I want to figure out how to edit an envelope for printing that is attached to a letter. In other words, I want to print out the envelope with the letter. This was possible in the earlier versions of Word. Any advice on how to do this?

Question by AlternateLives  

how do i put a microsoft word document on an instructable? Answered

I uploaded it, but it wont show up on the actual instructable, is there a way to make it show as a link like a pdf file?

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How do you rip DVDs onto Zune so you can put them on your Zune?

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