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MIDI Interface

Does any one know of a way to make a usb to midi out .its like this computer >> Usb to Midi >> and to a device which can accept midi like the Arduino MIDI Drum. i want to make a simple circuit that i can build that is easy to make and requires minimal partshere is the link to the Arduino MIDI Drum

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mp3 to midi

I have been looking very hard around the web and have not yet found a free (or a trial version) mp3 converter that can make it midi or (mid) type music file. Also some step by step instructions on how to do it would be nice. UPDATE I don't want to put it on my ipod I need it for my phone and it handles only midis.:( Thanks in advance:)

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Ps360 Midi Drummer ?!

Hi, I can't find the program Ps360 Midi Drummer, does anybody know where I can download it? I need the program in order to connect my Guitar hero drumset to my computer. 

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What midi instrument do you suggest that I can record my songs on and that I can transfer to computer software?

I'd like to get a midi keyboard to be able to hook up to my computer so that I can play music and have it record in software which allows me to edit my piece and add other instruments to it. Can you recommend some good keyboards for this and the accompanying software? Steve Olson

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how to download MIDI Jam?

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Dust shield for midi-lathe?

I recently snagged a midi lathe to teach myself how to lathe. However, I live in a studio apartment. My landlord has approved the lathe and use of it, however, I did not realize just how much dust this produces. As such, I was wondering if anyone has made or knows of someone who has made a dust shield for a midi lathe. Preferable, collapsible. 

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How can you build a midi switch that responds to a pure data banger?

How can you build a midi switch that responds to a pure data banger? I am not techy and i have basically no clue what I am doing otherwise.

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I m trying to control Logic with miduino s proximity sensors but the midi input goes mad. Answered

 I m trying to control Logic with miduinos proximity sensors but when i connect with my mac with the miduino, the midi input goes mad with random numbers, I connected all the unused inputs on miduino with grnd but still.... any ideas?

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how to connect a sensor to act as a potentiometer?

 I deed to connect distance measuring sensors with my keyboards potentiometers so they become midi volume controls

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How do you add MIDI to a Casio DG-10?

I have an old Casio DG-10 and was seeing if you could add midi to it or can build an adapter to go from the 1/4" to midi. or is that not even possible?

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Midi interface using the Breakout Board for MIDI Decoder

I was wondering where it went because I cant find it anymore? I almost had all the parts.

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midi organ type thing

Hello. love this site - have done for years but this is my first, hello! um, i would like to hear from anyone who might be willing to talk with me about building an odd midi organ (?) based instrument. I had the idea for this years ago and it has become clear to me that I will never get around to making it. Of course I would pay good money for anyone willing to make it. To find out more / start a discussion, please email me - sam AT uncoolsam DOT net. thanks, sam.

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Midi coding, hack apc40

Looking to get my apc40 midi controller to work properly in freestyler dmx lighting software. OK here is my issue the apc has lights that illuminate when you push a button or twist a knob etc, in freestyler the midi signal does not come back and keep the button lit as long as whatever you have it assigned to is on, and off respectively. I know there are 3rd party programs out there like midi ox, and bomes midi translator that will allow you to change the incoming and outgoing midi messages. But frankly I have no idea what they mean or do. I guess I want the apc to work like it does in abelton, in freestyler.    I'm adding a link to the freestyler forum this has been started ideas of how the program sends and receives midi;=2958&p;=11976&hilit;=AKAI#p11968   also I have attached a pdf of how the apc sends and receives signal. thanks 

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converting a Saitek P2500 game pad into a midi controller?

Wondering if anyone has toyed around with converting a USB joystick, (perferrably, the Saitek model P2500) into any type of HID MIDI controller for PC?

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Run Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold (DOS MIDI sequencer) on Virtual PC 2007 or a modern PC with a USB MIDI interface?

Is it possible to run Sequencer Plus Gold on a modern PC, or under Virtual PC 2007 (and somehow "virtualize" the computer's USB MIDI interface to be an old Soundblaster AWE32 or some MIDI interface compatible with SPG) ?

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Help with Arduino-Midi CC out? Answered

I've never done a project with Arduino and midi-out yet, but I have an idea: I have to volume and tone pots (potentiometers) that I don't use, and are disconnected. I also use the amp simulation software Guitar Rig 4, which allows midi mapping to various parameters. What I'd like to do is this: Wire up the two knobs to the Arduino, and have them send out 2 different midi cc messages just like a control knob on a midi controller, so I can map them to different things with midi learn. The midi out can either be an actual midi out, or if possible output the messages through the usb cable. I'd like to make an instructable of this too, and all credit would be given to any help I've received. Help?

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Receive arduino midi controller notes with android

Hi, I've made a midi controller follow this: works fine on my computer and all of my DAW like Cubase, Mixcraft and...But when i connect my Arduino Usb cable to my computer (Only for power cause i'm not using batteries) and my Usb to midi cable to my phone, My midi keyboard does not produce any sound, I use many different apps like Midikeyboard, Perfect piano, Midiscope, Walk band and etc... But it doesn't works...What is the mistake?Note: When i connect my midi cable to my computer the red led on the midi-to-usb cable switch On only when i play a note but when i connect it to my phone the red led always stays On! [See attached image]Note: My phone supports midi keyboard and running on android 6.0.1.Thanks.

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MIDI Drum set using keyboard?

Im wondering if I could make some piezo drum triggers, run them through and Arduino or other device, and then send MIDI signals from the Arduino to a Casio keyboard I have.  The keyboard would play the drum sounds.  So basically the triggers send a signal to the arduino and the arduino sends a signal to the keyboard.  Is this possible?

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How can I compose midi music for a video game of mine?

I recently started a video game company to my some money and have a reason to design video games. I've used the resources that came with the creation program, but there is only one background music file. The program uses midi files background music, and I can't find a FREE midi composition program. Anyone have some recomendations. By the way the software I use is GameMaker 8.

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Is it legal to use a midi file for backing and sell the recording on my own album?

I want to sing, improv, and add a guitar (keytar) solo to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" for my upcoming album, but I don't want to learn all the instruments in it.

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DIY Drum Pad that Controls MIDI Device (Korg nanopad)

Hi all, I'm working on a project which involves a pipe like structure with something like a DIY electronic drum pad on top. (like a stand alone drum) When the pad is hit it, triggers a key on a MIDI device such as the KORG nanopad under the actual drum itself. This nanopad acts as a remote control for tracks created using music software on my laptop. So when the pad is hit, it starts a track. Problem is, I have no idea how I will make the connection from the pad to the MIDI device. I was thinking about using a Peizo signal but am lost as to how to wire it up or if thats possible. If I use this instructable should I be able to simply solder the Peizo wires into the nano keypad relatively easily?  Long shot but if anyone has even the slightest idea what I'm getting at here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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How to do an MIDI to frequency conversation without a microcontroller? Answered

Hello! I want to build up an MIDI synthesizer. My main problem is the conversation of the MIDI signal to a frequency. I know it could be done with a microcontroller, but I want to realize it just with resistors, coils, capacitors and non-programmable ICs, because it should be a real only-hardware synthesizer. I do not to interpret all the MIDI control signals, just note on/off. So does anyone has a idea how to realize this conversation just by hardware? Thank you in advance!

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Can two MIDI devices be on the same output?

I'm making a keytar and was planning on finding a keyboard with  the number of keys that I want and a MIDI output, but I'm thinking that if I do find a keyboard, it won't have the pitch-bend functionality. Could I have an Arduino read a membrane potentiometer and send that out the same MIDI port that the keyboard is sending the note data out of and have the pitch bend affect the note?

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Is it possible to make a bass drum kick pedal that runs on usb and would be compatible with midi? Answered

I've got a midi drum controller that I like using [and would rather not destroy for the project], but I would much rather use a kick pedal for bass than my fingers. I was wondering if there was a way to make a bass drum kick pedal that was compatible with midi live (for example usb or something), as opposed to having to convert the audio to midi and all that mess.

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can i plug drum trigger pads directly into an audio interface and translate those signal to midi internally? Answered

Instead of buying a trigger to midi converter?   i can translate most signals (like that of a piezo mic) into a midi signal within ableton live, but im just not sure itll work with drum pads.

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Can i Convert a 5 DIN ( MIDI Cable ) to PS/2 Port ?

Hi Guyz ,  i've tried many ways to get this done but ended up with the same result .... no connection what so ever to the computer ... 1 - i went all over the country for a MIDI to USB converter but they are all expensive and hard to find 2 - i tried making a MIDI to Serial/MIDI Port cable which exists in a sound card i have ,, also didnt work because am not so into the electronic stuff and making my own DIY electronics ... 3 - now i have an idea that came to my mind 2 days ago ... PS/2 cables are some how ( Mini Midi ) .. if i may say .. i bought a 5 DIN to PS/2 Extension which looks like this ( ) and i bought a MIDI Cable that Looks like this  ( ) then i bought a PS/2 to USB Converter !!!!! which looks like this .. ( ) i connected the MIDI Cable to my Piano Keyboard " MIDI OUT " port and plugged the other end of the cable to the MIDI to PS/2 Extension .... then i connected the PS/2 end of the extension to the ( PS/2 to USB converter ....  i plugged the usb end of the converter to my computer and started a software called FL STUDIO which can receive MIDI input from external devices such as midi controllers .. the whole thing didnt work ... and i still need help on what to do with this issue and how can i convert a MIDI cable to PS/2 ..... is it possible ??? thank you in advance :)   

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I would like a solution for MIDI-to-USB-to-CV for analog synths.

It would be great to playback MIDI files as Control Voltages via the USB port. Any suggestions or possibly any already viable solution? I know there is a similar arduino project, as well as several MIDI-to-CV converters, but it would seem to be pretty straightforward to convert MIDI to Control Voltages output through USB. Any thoughts on the subject? Any existing solution? I seem to remember seeing a commercial product for this, but a homebrew version would certainly be welcome.


Does anyone know how to convert an old keyboard into an MIDI controller?

I have an old electric organ and an '80s-'90s keyboard that I'd like to convert into MIDI controllers.  Can anyone help me, or at least send me in the right direction?

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Sound from computer TO midi w/ speakers?

I picked up guitar again, and found that my MIDI keyboard has a good set of speakers. I have a MIDI to USB cable currently, as well as some 1/4" and 3.5 mm jack cables. The ports on the back of the keyboard are Sustain, Headphones in,  Midi In/Out, and power supply. Computer has USB of course, mic in, and headphone out. This is my last resort, as there are no other good speakers that I can use. I want the sound live if possible, too. I'm totally stumped. Even vague answers will help.

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Is there a way to turn a computer keyboard into a MIDI controller?

I've seen this question before, but what i'd like to know if there is a way to use a USB computer keyboard as a MIDI controller while still having other keyboard connected at the same time which I'd use as a regular computer keyboard

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Is there a way to use a Guitar Hero guitar as a MIDI controller or synth-strument?

Specifically, it's a wireless Kramer for PS2 that I've got. I've looked around, and the guides I've seen here and elsewhere seem to be a bit lacking in information, or are a bit old. Also, I'm using Linux, and all the stuff I've seen has been for Windows (in the case of use as a MIDI controller).

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Build me - Nintendo Game Cube controller that outputs midi at the same time

I need this for an art project. I want a Nintendo GC controller that can simultaneously output regular game control, but also have the buttons output a midi signal. The objective being that I want to capture game input and have it controlling synths, effects, etc.  But I can;t figure out the hardware component of a controller that can do both things at the same time. I would pay and credit someone who could help me do an art installation with this. Budget is small, but I'd be happy to communicate further.  The ultimate result would be would be playing a game (like Smash) on the Nintendo, and at the same time hearing synth output driven by the midi output reflecting the buttons pushed on the game controller Thanks for any help or direction or even ideas on this. x

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Help with trying to make an Arduino-powered MIDI keyboard-controlled ferrofluid pattern-making exhibit!

Hi guys, apologies for the long title. As it says, I'm trying to create a science exhibit that best explains a scientific phenomenon, while being fun and user-friendly. In this case, electromagnetism. Essentially, I want to hook a MIDI keyboard to a USB host shield on a Duemilanove I have lying around. The arduino reads those inputs, and outputs a designated pattern or single pin current to some electromagnets strapped under a tank of ferrofluid. When someone comes by and plonks on the keyboard, pretty patterns SHOULD HOPEFULLY rise and fall in the tank. Attached is a diagram for easier explanation. I have a couple of issues, though. 1. The arduino coding, which I haven't started with. A quick google search returned a post from Circuits@Home, where Colin from MAKE uses a modified PS3 script to recognise USB MIDI inputs. This is my first real Arduino project. I've only tinkered with the I/O before this, nothing major. 2. A Duemilanove can only output 0.2 watts from a single pin (correct me if I'm wrong). Is this enough to drive a reasonably strong electromagnet? Are there some conditions I need to fulfil? Number of coils, materials for the core, etc. 3. I plan to make the ferrofluid with vegetable oil and toner. Will any old oil and toner do? Most websites come up with a specific variety, but that model usually isn't available in my area. I don't understand toner nomenclature at all lol. 4. Is it possible to wire/program the Arduino to allow a small speaker/synth to output sound, while having the current to power a set of electromagnets? I expect there to be about 12. That's all for now. I'll update if I make any discoveries/progress! Thanks so much!

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My music playing Floppy drive!(Sound included)

After about 3 days, 2 days worth of Emails exchanged, And one day worth on setting up an OS, I finally got my floppy drive to play MIDI's! How i did it was, I saw this program called floppymidi, it was for BeOS, So i downloaded and installed BeOS(on an old 3GB HDD) now i got BeOS running and i installed floppyMIDI, After about 5 Confirmation messages i got it installed. Now i had to go on a hunt for a MIDI player that works for what i need, I found KMidPlay, But the links where broken, I contacted the site owner, he fixed the links, now i downloaded it and it could not run! After exchanging a few Emails he gave me another version of the program, It worked at last! I got it to play some of my favorite MIDI's, Onestop.mid, And Another. Here are the Original MIDI's and the recordings.(note: the first 2 are .MIDI's and the Last 2 are .wav files) Anyone got any midis that i can play?

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How do I determine the scan matrix of my piano keyboard?

Hi, I am trying to convert my old shitty keyboard into a midi controller by following the instructable by Evan Kale; but when connecting two wires of the ribbon to my multimeter, which is set to continuity mode (as seen at 1:30 of the video in link above), there is no response from the multimeter when pressing the keys in order to determine the scan matrix. Am I doing something wrong? Please help!!!

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My Arduino Uno is not showing up as a USB port!!! Please Help!

I am currently trying to convert my old shitty keyboard into a MIDI controller and have everything hooked up to a breadboard and Arduino Uno but the Arduino will not show up as 'USB Serial Port" as the website says it will. It is showing up in the device manager under "Ports" named "Arduino Uno (COM4)' and I am able to program it to run the blink program successfully, but it just is not showing up as a USB device in order to use it as a MIDI device. The drivers seem to have all been installed, and the usb cable is working perfectly. Also when it is plugged in and out of the computer, the computer will make the USB sound but no new USB drive will appear. Please Help someone!!!! This keyboard is driving me nuts!!!

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How do I change this code to account for only 1 shift register?

Hi, I am trying to make a midi keyboard as shown But I am not sure how to change this section of code to account for only one shift register (as seen at 5:35 of the video above): void scanColumn(int colNum) {   digitalWrite(latchPin, LOW);   if(0 <= colNum && colNum <= 7)   {     shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, B11111111); //right sr     shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, bits[colNum]); //left sr   }   else   {     shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, bits[colNum-8]); //right sr     shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, B11111111); //left sr   }   digitalWrite(latchPin, HIGH); } Can someone help please?!

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How to properly setup an undefined numbers of piezos for drumming ?

Hello everybody ! I'm currently into a really cool project which gives me quite hard times. To begin, I'm a big noob in electronics, but I'm decent in programming. So i'm able to understand, learn or correct myself easily when it's about code, but I'm really in the dark for everything concerning electronics despite the fact that I read so much about it recently... My projet ------------ My goal is to make my own MIDI drum kit. Not a new idea, but the difference is that I want to use lot of pads. I bought some WII, XBOX and PS drum kits that I disassembled to get just de pads. Then I bought an Arduino Uno, not a mega because I'm a beginner and I can totally start with a small amount of pads, also I wanted the perfect solution in terms of compatibility etc. STEP ONE : 1 pad -------------------- So, I first made a prototype with 1 pad, which was very easy to do, since there is billion of officials and unofficials tutorials about how to connect a piezo to the Arduino. So basically, on my breadboard its like that (except im on A0 not A2) : So I connected my pad to the Arduino with a 1 Mohm resistor in parallel and I made a program which function very very well. You can read it the : The only challenge here was to set proper threshold and delay so the signal is clean when I hit the pad with a drumstick, to integrate the MIDI library and finally to find a software that makes the informations i send available in any of my favourites music softwares (Ableton Live, Maschine, ...), this software is Hairless Serial to MIDI, btw. STEP TWO : X pads --------------------------- It's when I'm getting troubles. At first I believed that all I needed to do was to reproduce the same schematic but "duplicate it" x times. So I tried with 4 pads. I used the same strategy on my breadboard : each pad is connected in parallel with a 1 M ohm resistor, but all are connected to ground. You can see it there : The code, take the old one, but just loop on the 4 pins : So here are the 2 issues : - The pad on the left is OK, like with my 1st program, the second one is still ok, the third one I have to hit a bit hard, the fourth one I have to hit VERY hard. - When I hit a pad, it seems it send electricity in others pins, I say that because when i connect the Arduino to a music software, hiting a pad = having multiples notes at the same time. For the hitting force issue, I'vre tried to play with resistances, puting higher or lower values and I got totally lost with that : nothing seemed to be better. About that "leaking" issue, I thought it could be useful to put some diodes, as i heard diodes are usefull when you want to make the current going in one way only, but when i watch some others schematics, i see no diodes and only 1 Mohms resistors everywhere, so I really don't know what is wrong and what to do. Here is the MIDI xylophone someone made and posted on instructables : I have no idea why this is working and why there is ground directly linked to these analog pins, and many other things i cannot understand. Any help would be really appreciated ! :)

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61 Key Keybed to PC help?

Hey there guys, really need some help with my M Audio Key Station 61 I purchased it on eBay as Spares or Repairs but unfortunately the PCB is just totally fried and I don't see a way around that (Seller clearly knew the keyboard was totally ruined) But, it does have a really nice 61 key keybed and the case is is really good condition, everything else works bar the motherboard    I was wondering if there's a dev board or an Arduino or something I can hook the keybed up to so I can use it on my computer  Any help would be great with suggestions/links ect, quite lost!  

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EL wire, Xbee, Midi help?

We are trying to make EL wire dance suits for a project. Does anybody know how to make a midi file, run it through an arduino, transmit it through xbee and have it sequence on a El sequencer all in time with music? We are trying to make 1 suits like the dance team I Luminate. 

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DIY MIDI converter for drum signals?

Hello, I am trying to build a Electric drum set, I have an acoustic kit right now, And piezo buzzers. I would like to know how to convert the voltage coming out of the piezos to a MIDI signal, To run into a synth with drum sets on board. Is there any DIY way or cheap little box to convert it to any selected channel? So, if you have any experience or knowledge on this subject? If so please answer!! Thank you!!!            

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converting a mixer into a usb control mixer?

Right now I have an old Gemini MX 02 mixer that I would like to convert to a usb MIDI. is this possible?

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Any suggestions for turning a MIDI file into a dog barking? Answered

I know the Casio SK-5 keyboard had a dog bark sampling, but I can't find any other keyboard that does, nor do I still have my Casio SK-5... I'm open to ideas/suggestions.  The easist way would be using a program like Garage Band to switch the instrument, and to have a sampling of a dog bark, but I don't know if this is possible or not.

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Hi, i'm making my own midi controller

Hi, i'm making my own midi controller and I want to put some led on each of the controller button. What sort and model do I have use of led and resitors?? Am pretty sure that the resistor is a 220ohm 1/4, 5% tolerance but how many volt the led must be..? verry confuse

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PCB Soldering Help Needed!

Hey Instructables, I am going to be starting a project soon and need some help. I have very limited electronics skill and need to learn how to solder a certain connection. I don't have the board yet so I can't get good pictures of the board besides these. It is for a usb midi controller, but that isn't really important because the board is already set up for what I need. This is the board I will be working with. My plan is to replace the buttons on here with old school arcade buttons. This means I will need to solder a positive wire and a negative wire to the connection under the rubber button. Theese are what the connections look like on a different part of the board, so I assume this is what the ones I will be using look like. My questions are: How can I tell where to solder the pos and neg wires? How would I go about soldering this? Thanks a ton for any help you can give :)

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I want to make a drum machine or a MIDI interface.

I want some sort electronic device to control sound. example: i download a few sound clips upload the in to the device then i can play it with the device. I know such device exist all ready(MIDI) but I'm not the most wealthy person (I'm a low budget kid of guy). And I'm looking to make it instead of buying it. My main concern is the storing and programing the sound to a button.

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