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mint tins

hi i have some mint tins (not altoids) smint ones and similar smaller ones, and starbucks mint tins.. but not a lot to do with them.. any ideas?

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Caffeinated mint candies

Okay so my latest project is making caffeinated hard mint candies. I finished the first batch the other day (pictured below). I worked out a safe and easy way to remove the binders and fillers from the caffeine tablets I picked up, and the stuff tastes pretty good too. The candies apparently work pretty well too; they kept me awake through two early morning chemistry classes on Friday. Unfortunately, there's a couple of problems I'm having that I'd appreciate a bit of help with, if there are any candy-makers out there. First, the mint and vanilla extracts I'm using seem to vaporize out of the candy too quickly, and the blue colouring decomposes when the candy gets to the correct temperature. Does anyone know if it would work to take the pot off the stove and leave it a few minutes before adding flavourings and colour? Second, to make the actual candy pieces, I stretched the candy mass into a long rod and chopped pieces off with a cleaver, but the pieces vary wildly in size (and therefore caffeine dosage). Does anyone know of a way to make more uniform pieces, or do I just need more practice? Thanks, with any luck, I'll be able to make an instructable of the second batch.

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Who actually likes the Altoids Mints?

Who actually likes the Altoids Mints? I just get them for the tins...

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how to get mint extract?

Im in ireland and findin it hard to get it. any ideas?

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*MINT* LG EnV3 for sale!!!!

 I am selling a perfect condition gently used EnV3 with all original packaging on eBay with a starting price of only $160 on eBay!! Bid soon!!! HERE IS A LINK. This is an actual picture of the item below. The auction ends on the 24th around 9:30 at night.

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Minting My Own Geocoin

I've been Geocaching for a while now and I wish to make my own Geocoin. I looked around all the "official" sites, only to have my head explode at the prices. $1,507.38! That's more than my high speed camera!Three for $27 with the fine print stating that you will more than likely end up paying $360-$540! Is it too much to ask for one or two custom coins at a cost in the lower double digits?! Why would I want to pay so much for something that will travel around in caches subject to anyone's whim? My question is, how can I make my own custom coin? The tracking code will be provided by one of the Travel Bug Dog Tags I own (at least those are cheap). Any help or advice will be useful, just let it be known that I am absolutely terrible at molding.The desired end result should look something like these rough sketches, front and back (followed by an example coin that I picked up and moved. No tracking numbers, no cheating!).

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Cool boxes, no idea what to make with them.

So awhile ago I bought these mints because the box was cool. Now I've got two boxes and no idea what to use/make with them. Does anybody have any ideas?Cool Boxes

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$ altoids amp (penguin mints amp) $

Hey guys, i was wanting to make an altoids amp however i noticed the instructable up at the moment isnt the most descriptive or has the best photos. so i am asking for someone to make an instructable so that even me, can make one. i am ok with simple electronics and will persevere until i get the desired result . the poster should have a decent camera (for macro images) and describe the components and what they do. i will offer a cash reward for the poster (a whole $10!). thanks alot Cew27

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Cutting Tin - Candy & Mint Containers

Greetings all,   I have an interest in cutting patterns in the smooth tops of tin candy & mint containers but am a complete noob to this sort of fabricating, would appreciate any helpful offboard links or posted Instructables here. What I'm wanting to achieve is a 'finished' item that looks plasma-cut but since the item itself is quite fragile as well as small in general size I have no clue other than the very time-consuming process of 'routing' out such with a mini-Dremel.     Fairly tight budget here too so a dedicated C-N-C setup is a bit unlikely but no impossible. Thanks in advance !

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Ultimate mint tin mod thing ideas

I recently got some Penguin mints from the US (I live in South Africa) and I had an idea, I want to make the ultimate mint tin mod/kit. Basically I'd like to get some ideas for various things to include or ways to modify the tin so it'll be useful in the most number of situations.

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How to clone tomatoes, sweet basil, and mint?

I live in a small town and I am a newbie to cloning and I don't know if weather or area make a difference but I've tried a couple of times with the mint but, no luck. my product is Brand: gardentech Product: RootOne rooting hormone with fungicide. please help im lost.            oh and by the way my basil is starting to blooming.

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Solar Rechargeable USB Mint Tin Power Pack

I have seen many variations on this site of power/battery packs in mint tins to charge various personal electronic projects, or solar/wind powered set ups to achieve the same purpose. However, I haven't seen anything on making a solar or wind (preferably solar right now) rechargeable pack. My project I want to build is a mint tin containing rechargeable 9v or AA batteries with USB power connection. The tin would be able to power the personal electronic device from the batteries or the solar; and when not being used to power the device, the solar panels would recharge the batteries within so that it can be used even when the external power source isn't capable of producing power. I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could tell me how to achieve this, or of course preferably make an instructable that I could then follow. FYI, I am brand spanking new to all of this. This site is singularly responsible for my foray into electronics. I have experience in many other hands on craft type fields. I have been studying the projects on this site, all information that I think could help me in my new found hobby and even been salvaging and in limited amounts buying things like breadboards, and misc. electronic component kits so that when I figure out how to build the projects I have in mind (the above mentioned project first) I will have the necessary parts to do so. Although I am still trying to figure out what all the parts I have are. lol Please feel free to message me privately with any information you deem helpful or whatever. You can also message me through my private e-mail. And if any of you are in the Colorado Springs or Denver area I would love to get together and learn whatever you are willing to teach. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read this, and hopefully assist me. James Willard  Colorado Springs, CO

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What can I use these tins for?

I have these two tins- One, a Jones Soda Carbonated Candy Tin with a removable cap that says " I'm out like granny panties in low-rise jeans." The other tin is a Caribou Coffee Sugar-Free Peppermint Mints with a slide-off top that I currently use for guitar picks. Please help me think of an idea to use these for.

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Removing Aphids? Answered

My indoor Mint garden has aphids!!! I pulled 10 -20 off (all I could find) but I'm sure there are more!  Also, I am worried that Ladybugs would die because it is a small plant (pot is 6x18 inches)  and indoors.  Furthermore, it is winter and freezes so the mint will die outside. How can I kill the aphids but still be able to use the mint?

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How can I extract Peppermint (or another mint plant)'s oil?

I hear oil from algae is extracted by drying it, then soaking it in alcohol to dissolve the extract, then straining it and evaporating the alcohol. I might start experimenting with that, but any suggestions?

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why does the software manager not give the latest updated packages?

I have finally made my computer dual-boot.  last few times, i erased windows, then i was stuck with mint, then when i tried to install Ubuntu next to the mint, it corrupted mint. well, now i managed to get mint 11, downloaded supertuxkart, and realized it had been updated. well, i booted in mint 10, and opened software manager, it does not offer the updated version. can anyone explain this? ps. update manager seems to only update certain pakages.

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Miricle berry pills, energey spray and other misc? Answered

Can I make Miricle barry pills/ or energy mouthspray/mints. Without the mint?

Question by Warlrosity    |  last reply

where do i log in?

Question by mawmaw14    |  last reply

How does one dual boot windows 7 and linux mint with windows 7 installed first? Answered

So I recently upgraded my laptop, i swapped out the old 80GB HDD for a shiny new 120GB SSD, and I installed windows 7, I would like to know how to dual boot windows 7 and linux mint.  I've searched google, but all i find are forums where I dont understand the terminology that the users use.  I was wondering If anybody knows of a site that/could tell(s) me in simple terms how to do this.  I've done this before with windows vista and windows XP, so I know how to shrink volumes and all that type of stuff. 

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BBC plays steampunk band's wax record with fuse wire and mint tin.

Steampunk band The men That Will Not be Blamed for Nothing have released a new single. On wax. The BBC heard about this, and built a machine to play it.  For techies, their build is not exactly... good. The cylinder was recorded by Poppy Records with a mixture of digital computer techno-wizardry and a machine cobbled together from a video recorder and old arcade games. Played on a properly-built machine, the recordings are surprisingly pleasant to listen to.

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How do i install windows programs to linux? Answered

How do i install windows programs to Linux mint? i have tryed to use "wine" but i just cant figure it out! the program i want to install is Microsoft-Paint. i have tryed GNOME paint but it isn't as powerful as Mspaint and "Gimp image editor" in is just plan confusing.  Also, i want to know how to make the UI of mint look i little more advanced than something similar to windows 98. i figured how to chang themes but I'm not crazy about any of them. can in download more themes? and, how to i flip between home-screens without draging a window/program around?

Question by -max-    |  last reply

lets trade kits

I will trade for your random parts i mostly very big LED's or LED displays or any electronics you dont need that are in OK or acceptable condition for upcoming school science fair (don't live near radio shack) i will trade my electronics kit to you it includes.2-POSITION ROTARY SWITCH condition=mint about the size=of the tip of your thumb to the middle joint.3 pin stereo jack 2 peices condition=mintsize= of a nickel.mono and disk capacitor condition=OK (sightly scratched leads)1 film capacitor condition=mint1 resistor 260 Ohms condition=good1 toroid with copper wire 1 without condition=mintsize= 2cm in circumferencesize=a dimeIR RECEIVER FOR REMOTE CONTROL condition=okand 5 other unknown peices (sensors and capacitors)

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What are some good herbs/leaves/blossoms to use in herbal to to reduce arthritis effects?

How do you make herbal tea? What other herbs/leaves/blossoms can you use? What are the effects of different herbs/leaves/blossoms? Mint? raspberry? oregano? ginseng? sassafrass? honey? -PKT

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Your contributions...

I thank you for your contributions to this group. The altoids can (and mints) hold the possibility of endless projects! I'll try and post some to!

Topic by jackrackam    |  last reply

Linux is corrupt! please help [answered]

Linux got corrupt on me when i booted up please help... all i did was originally; try to make a live DVD (openSuS linux) but all my computer did was boot up in Linux mint like normal. i restarted it again, same thing, it started to boot up in mint. but a blank screen came up and it looked like some sort of recovery mode and then tells me I'm missing a file "init= bootary" no init found. try passing init= bootary Busybox v1.15.3 (unbuntu 1:1.15.3-1ubuntu5) built in shell (ash) enter 'help' for a list of commands eventually,after trying out almost every command, i resort to placing the original mint live CD in it, it works, until I try to install the live cd to the hard-drive. i get to a certain point in the install wizard, then it freezes up. PLEASE HELP this is the second time my computer truly upset me!

Question by -max-    |  last reply

what should i do with this car battery powered spark plug cleaner? Ideas?

Its a black and decker in mint condition

Question by Zaphod Beeblebrox    |  last reply

what is a film capacitatior used for ? Answered

Its a yellow little box the size of a ice breakers mint (the square ones) it has the writing on it GMF MPX/DIAN

Question by albylovesscience    |  last reply

Buying Altoids in the U.K.? Answered

Whereabouts can I buy Altoids mints in the High Street? The only tin I've had was from a motorway services (at motorway services prices). So many projects . . . so few tins.

Question by AndyGadget    |  last reply

My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor

Hey, I've tried all 5 Gum flavors and my favorite honestly is SOLSTICE. I like all the flavors but I want to complement on some: COBALT-Peppermint is an old school flavor (but delicious) RAIN-Most Spearmint Gums don't taste as good as RAIN (Probably my 2nd best) FLARE-I'm chewing it now and I give it my lowest rating LUSH-Very fruity but SOLSTICE is a better mint flavor ELIXIR-Strong smell but very fruity (but SOLSTICE has a better mint flavor) SOLSTICE-Favorite flavor because it goes from cool to hot mint. It's like two peppermints in one! ZING-Weird name. Just like COBALT, Bubble Gum is old school. But, ZING does taste good in the beginning, but when it wears off it has no taste Both REACT flavors are just peppermint and a combined fruit flavor. There's nothing really good about them. It's a regular flavor.

Topic by bwb12  

question/comment, i was nice!

Kept getting a "be nice" warning for this line - 'i could never destroy a tokidoki mint tin =p [i'm wearing tokidoki right now actually]'are the square brackets a problem here?

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Coin Press Want to Make

Do any of you have plans or the know-how to build a homemade coin press that can stamp 1 1/2" aluminum coin blanks?  Any help is appreciated.

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will a motorola lapdock 100 work with the raspberry pi?


Question by nerd7473    |  last reply

Pressure and containment

How much pressure(Psi or atm) can this container hold? Its a mentos mint container I dont know what it is made of, Im just assuming is like aluminum or some sort. The dimensions are in the image. 

Topic by TechnoGeek026  

whats price of altoids in countries around the word?

The price of classic altiods around the world you know the mints just post it here. i know in canada the cost 2.99 i think thats overpried

Question by mman1506    |  last reply

What can I do with this? Answered

 I found an odd looking metal container. According to the label it's supposed to contain mints, but it's not altoids. What can I do with it? The picture is a bit fuzzy, but it should do.

Question by nutsandbolts_64    |  last reply

I cant install libraries for eagle

I'm running mint 10 and having trouble installing the sparkfun library in eagle 5.10, the latest version (5.11) doesn't even install properly. Does anybody have a solution for this?

Question by The Ideanator  

Is is risky to move lots of files around on a flash drive?

I have a large solid-state external drive and a 128G flash drive I use as backups for my computer, and I need to do some organizing with the files on them.  When I started storing data on them I was using Windows 7, but I've been using Linux Mint for over a year now and would like to reorganize my backups around the Mint Home folder rather than My Documents.  The drives contain a mountain of old files from the Windows machine (60+ gigs), and I'm worried that if I start rearranging massive groups of files that I could lose some of the old data. The machine I'm using now is Linux Mint.  The drives are setup as NTFS and Fat32.  Is there any risk on moving so much around, or does the computer simply change the address path and leave the data sitting where it is?  Is there some kind of best-practice for this kind of procedure to minimize any risk of loss? Thanks.

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Pressure Container

How much Psi or atm can this mentos mint container hold if i seal it then put a vavle on it? I dont know what material it is made of, Im assuming its thin aluminum. Can anyone help me with this please.

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My Favorite 5 Gum Flavor Ratings

These are the ratings of the 5 Gum Flavors by my opinion. 1-SOLSTICE 2-RAIN 3-LUSH 4-ZING 5-REACT FRUIT 6-ELIXIR 7-REACT MINT 8-COBALT 9-FLARE

Topic by bwb12  

What comes after sick?

Spiffing, top-hole, wizard, hip, cool, groovy, fab, smashing, killer, bad, kewl, mint, sick  -  plus all the ones I've left out . . . What comes after 'sick', or am I already behind the times again?

Topic by AndyGadget    |  last reply

hi.. please help i want t build a die for a token or coin ( metal )?

Hi..again i need help i want to mint a coin,how do i build a die or mold? what do i need, how do i do it ? which is best the Roland RX-50 or MDX-15 ? i want to scan it and engrave it. what is a collar die how does it work, do i need it ? when i mint do i use oil? i know i'll need a press how do i build one? i want to do all this at home, i'm looking for small things..the engraver must b a desktop..   please help Best regards Best friend 

Question by Golozinha    |  last reply

Altoids University Survival Kit Suggestions

Evening everybody, I am working on a altoid survival kit to send to a friend who just started university. I was thinking things like condoms, mints, pencil & pen. But Im kind of stuck now. What else should I throw into it do you think?

Topic by Stuartisnotsocool    |  last reply

Linux on a gaming PC? Answered

If I were to build a gaming PC and put Linux on it (probably Ubuntu or Mint) Could I play decent games on it? such as First person shooters, strategy, and RPGs? I'm hoping for more like main-line games (COD, Halo, Age of Empires, Civilization....), not shady, third party download type games.

Question by dkop1    |  last reply

can i make a ant shocker transformer that shocks ants every 3 minutes in bowl with sugarwater?

I have a transformer step down from 250 to 100v... want to make a bowl of sugarwater for ants and then every 3 mintes or so i should shock all the ants that are drinking...poisen doesnt work..ants can smell it....grrr what should i do now.. thanks

Question by stuckbullet    |  last reply

Why is my portable charger doing this. Answered

Okay so everything is solderded correctly with the right amount of voltage on the data lines. When i check the voltage it says 6.54 but when i plug my usb up to my phone it drops to 2.89 why is this? I used this

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I'm back!

As a few of you may know, I haven't been on for a few days (*caugh* over a week *caugh*) due to hardware troubles switching to linux. Being sick of windows tendency to slow down with age and the inability to make that better without a full re-install, I decided that linux mint was the way to go. Long story short, it seems that the standard hardware i've had for a few years didn't like mint or ubuntu much and refused to install correctly, so I did my homework and built my own system which turned out to be about half the price of comparable brand name systems, although I did manage to use the same case from my old system and skimped on hard drives and extra cards. My new hardware consists of an Asus M4A88T-M motherboard, an AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055T processor, 8gb of cheap ram, various hard drives and various dvd drives all stuffed into an old tower. The Ideanator is back, and this time minty fresh!

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